San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco
City Directory
A to C

Abarta, P., clerk, cor. Kearney and Sacramento sts
Accolty, Rev. Michael, Rom. Cath. Church, Vallejo b Stockton and Dupont
Acker, James, Refreshment Stand, Kearny b Clay and Washington
Acker, R. W., New York Bakery, Kearny b California and Pine
Ackley & Morrison, GenStage Pro., Empire House
Ackley, J. T., of Rutledge & Co., Clay b K & M
Adams House, John Adams, K b P and Jackson
Adams, & Co. Express to U.S., Mont b Sac and Cal
Adams, Capt J., weigheran gauger, Mont b P and c
Adams, J. H., of Blood & Co., Mont b Jackson and Washington
Adams, J. J., laborer, Kearny b Pac and Jackson
Adams, James, policeman, Broadway b M and P
Adams, Joel, grocer, Cal b Kearny and Dupont
Adams, John, Adams House, K b P and Jackson
Adams, Paul, fruit store, Jackson b M and San
Adams, Samuel, druggist, c Kearney and Jackson
Adams, Wm., trader,  Virginia, b J and Wash
Addams, Capt. John, mariner, Green b Powell and Stockton
Addelsdofer & Schwarz, dry goods, c Sac and Kearny
Addison, J. E., Clerk District Court, City Hall
Adelsdorfer & Neustalter, dry goods, Sacramento st
Adelsdorfer, F. jr., of Adelsdorfer & Neustalter, Sacramento st
Adlam, Henry, M.D., Physician, c Dupont and Pacific
Adrain, Wm., of Wm. A. Mosher & Co., corner Sansome and Pacific
Agate, Wm., at J Sharps, Sac b Mont and Ky
Aiken, J. M., at Tontine House, c Mont and Central wharf
Albert, Pedro, clerk, Empire House
Albion House, Barnet Keesing, c Jackson and Dupont sts
Albion House, Croxton & Ward, Bdway b Mont and Sans
Albirge, Nicolet, at Beaudry & Co., Mont b Pine and Bush
Alborner, Ira, plasterer, Spofford b Clay and Wash
Alden & Co., painters, Kearny b California and Sac
Alden S.H. & Co., painters, Richmond b Webb and Kearny
Alden, S. H., of S.H. Alden & Co., Richmond b Webb and Kearny
Aldersey, John, & Co., merchant ship broker, 248 Montgomery st
Allen, Edward H., clerk, at S.H. Williams & Co., Cal b Sans and Mont
Allen, John K., sporting man, Central wharf
Allen, Tilly, of F. Argenti & Co., Clay St. on the Plaza
Almy, B. D., at Pacific News office, Kearny b Pacific and Jackson
Alsop & Co., com. merchants, Cal b S & M
Alta California, E. Gilbert & Co., Washington st on the Plaza
Ambrose, Goodhue, of Hoff & Ambrose, c Central wharf and Battery st
American Hotel, Stockton b B and V
Ames, Daniel, cabinet maker, Sacramento b J and Kearney
Ames, J. Judson, Journal of Commerce office
Ames, Orville T., of Haight & Ames, c Mont and Jackson sts
Anderson, Geo., lighterman, Mont b P and B
Anderson, James & Co., brokers, c Mont and Cal
Anderson, James R., clerk, Washington b S and P
Anderson, Samuel, Illinois House, c Broadway and Battery
Andrews, Stebbins, of Moore & Andrews, Mont b Sac and Commercial
Angel, J. C., at Hort, Brothers & Co., California st b Mont and Kearny
Angel, J. F., of Eddy & Co., Stockton b P and J
Angel, Panelte, sporting, Pacific b K and D
Annan, Lord & Co., general jobbing, 275 Mont
Annan, Wm. C., of Annan, Lord & Co. 275 Mont
Ansalin, Merandol & Co., importers, c Sac and Kearny Sts
Anthony, Capt G. W., shipmaster, Sac b Kearny and Dupont sts
Anthony, Edward N., clerk, at Adams & Co., Mont b Sac and Cal
Apollo Saloon, Wise & Leonard, c Batter and Sac
Appleton, J. N., trader, Pike b Sac and Cal
Appleton, Wm. R., salesman, Sansome b Central wharf and Sac st
Archer, Isacc H., of Laroni, Archer & Co., Jackson st wharf
Arfmris, J. R., printer, Stockton b P and J
Argenti, F & Co., bankers, Clay st on the Plaza
Armstrong, woodcut engraver, Mont near Bush
Arnold & Winter, hair dressers, Wash b K and M
Arnold, A., com. merchant, foot Pine St.
Arnold, C. S., carpenter, Stockton b P and J
Arnold, Jacob, of Arnold & Winter, W b K & M
Arrington, Wm., of Coghill and Arrington, Jackson st wharf
Arthur, J. F., Gothic Hall, c Mont and Jackson
Ashford, Capt. M. J., iron ship, Antelope, Com Wh Clark’s Point
Ashley, Sim., carpenter, Mont b Pine and Bush
Ashton, Hugh, carpenter, Bowman’s alley b Powell and Stockton
Aspel, S., Courier office, Mont b Sac and Cal
Aspinall & Brothers, com. merchants, 260 Mont
Aspinall, Jos., of Aspinall & Brothers, 260 Mont
Aspinall, Philip, of Aspinall & Brothers, 260 Mont
Assessor’s Office, county, 43 City Hall
Assing, N., Macoa and Wonsung Restaurant, c Kearny and Com st
Astor, J. J., boatman, wharf foot Sac st
Atherton, F. D., c Montgomery and Cal
Atkinson, John H., clerk, Broadway b P and S
Atter & Carter, grocers, Kearny b Cal and Pine
Aubrey, Arthur, at Custom House, c Cal and M
Auld, Edward H., carpenter, Stockton b P and J
Aull, J. M., saddler, c Pacific and Mont
Austin & Prag, stove and tin ware dealers, 246 M
Austin, A., of Austin & Button, c M and Cent wharf
Austin, Henry, of Austin & Prag, 246 Mont
Austin, J. W., of Finley, Johnson & Co., c W and M
Babcock, D., druggist, Broadway Clark’s Point
Bach, Mayer, of Simonsfield, Bach & Co. ,Sac b K and M
Backus, Geo., tin smith, Pacific, b K and Mont
Backus, Wm., tin smith, Pacific b K and Mont
Bacon & Mahony, shipping and com merchants, cor Clay and Mont
Bacon, Robert H., of Boardman, Bacon & Co., Sac b M and Sans
Badger, L. ,of Badger & Jacobs, Leidsdorff Place
Badkins, J., grocer, Com wharf Clark’s Point
Bailey, J. K., of McDonald & Co., Kearny b Sac and C
Bailey, Orrin, scrivener, Sac b K and Dupont
Baily, Hiram, carpenter, Half Way House
Baird, John H., c Pacific and Mont
Baker & Robinson, counsellors, adobe building on the Plaza
Baker, Frank, paper hanger, Leidsdorff Place b Clay and Sac
Baker, G. W., of Baker and Robins
Baker, J. P., of Crocker & Baker, Mont b P and Bush
Baker, John E., of Nelson & Baker, Webb b Sac and C
Baker, L. L., merchant, Clay n Montgomery
Baker, Robert S., of Cooke, Baker & Co., Cal b M and Sans
Baker, Wm. jr., of S. H. Williams & Co., Cal b M and Sans
Baldwin & Co., jewelers and watchmakers, Clay st on the Plaza
Baldwin, Geo. C., of Baldwin & Co., Clay st on the Plaza
Ball, James, com. merchant, Cal b M and Sans
Ball, Leverett, carpenter at Am Hotel, Stockton b V and B
Ballas, Charles, Burdo Restaurant, Dupont b J and Wash
Balley, W. J., of Harrison, Balley & Hooper
Bandman, Neilson, of Neilson & Co., Mont b P & B
Baptiste, Jean, cabinetmaker, Pike b Sac and Clay
Bargin, Thos., chandler, c Green and Powell
Barlow, David, Broadway b B and San
Barmore, John, upholsterer, Pacific b Virginia and Stockton
Barnes, John P., tin smith, Pacific b S and Powell
Barnes, John, upholsterer, Clay b P and Stockton
Barnes, Robert, mariner, brig Malek Adhel
Barnum, Samuel W., blacksmith, Webb b Sac and Cal
Barrett, H., mariner, Broadway b M and San
Barrigo, W. A., Pacific rear Am bakery
Barron & Co., com. merchants, c Mont and Mcht
Barron, William E., of Barron & Co.
Barry, Wm. T., Sac b P and Stockton
Barstow, Dr. Wm., physician, c Stockton and Jackson
Barter, Michael, sheriff officer, Leidsdorff Place
Bartlett, Erastus, of Butler & Bartlett, Sac b M and Sans
Bartlett, F. A., of Bingham, Reynolds & B., cor Broadway and Sansome
Bartlett, J. F., carpenter, Prospect b Cal and Sac
Bartlett, W. A., of Bingham Reynolds & B., cor B and S
Bartlett, W., proprietor, Journal Commerce, Mont b Clay and Wash
Bartling, Edward, lighterman, c Sac and Stockton
Bassett & Guild, Kearny St. Restaurant, Kearny b Pacific and Jackson
Bassett, Henry, laborer, Clay b D and K
Bassett, P. V., of Bassett & Guild, K b P and J
Batchelder, J. M., contractor, Pike b Clay and W
Bates, Chas. S., chemist and druggist, Wash opposite Pike st
Bates, T. G., painter, Webb b Cal and Sac
Batters, E. T. of Morgan & Batters, c Pacific and Dupont
Baugher, J. Constantine, of Speck and Baugher, Sac b K and M
Baush, Jacob, of Fitzgerald, Baush and Brewster, Sac b M and K
Baxter, Harvey, Elephant House, Cal b M and K
Bay Hotel, Peter Guevil, Battery b B W and V
Bazin, V., tailor, c Mont and Bush
Beach & Forrey, com. merchants, rear 271 M
Beach & Lockhart, Apollo warehouse, c Bat and San
Beach, Asael, of Beach & Lockhart, c Bat and San
Beach, G. H., com. merchant, Sac b K & M
Beach, Jno. W., of Beach & Forrey, rear 271 M
Beadixon, G., of Larco & Co., Jackson b M and San
Beal, Thos., of Worthing Beal & Bunting, Mont b J and W
Beals, H. Channing, com. merchant, Clay b M and San
Beatty, Edward, carpenter, Green b S and Du
Beatty, Samuel G., boarding house, Gibb off K
Beatty, Wm., com. merchant, Jackson b M and P
Beaudry & Co., syrup manufacturers, Mont b Pine and Bush
Beaudry, P. , of Beaudry & Co., Mont b Pine and Bush
Beaudry, V., of Beaudry & Co., Mont b Pine and Bush
Beck & Palmer, shipping and com merchants, Wf foot Sac
Beck, David L., of Beck, Elain & Co., Jackson b M and San
Beck, Elain & Co., com merchants, Jackson b M and San
Beck, G., of Beck & Palmer, c W and D
Beck, Miss Helen, dress maker, c S and Sac
Becket, James, trader, Kearny b P and Bush
Beecher, Wm. A., of Ellis, Crosby & Co., Sansome b P and J
Beede, Joseph, beer man, Sac b P and S
Beers, Henry J., restaurant, head Cunningham’s wharf
Begin, Jos., Lafayette Market, K b C and Sac
Behreus, J., wholesale com. merchants, Mont b P and Jackson
Beidaman & Co., clothing store, Jackson b M and San
Beidaman, J. C., of Beidaman & Co., Jack b M and San
Belden, E., of Joseph & Belden, Pacific b P and S
Belden, Josiah, mcht., c Clay and Mont
Belknap & White, San b J and W
Belknap, Augustus, of Belknap & White, San b J and W
Bell, Jos., cook, San b Cal and Pine
Bell, William, steward, c Broadway and Bat
Benelon, J., French store, Jack b D and K
Benham, Calhoun, of Wilson, Benham & Rice, Laffan’s B. on the Square
Bennett & Hallock, gen merchants, Mont b J and Wash
Bennett & Kirby, hardware, Clay b K and M
Bennett, Jessee, caulker, Wash b P and Stock
Bennett, Matthew, laborer, Pacific b D and K
Bennett, Nath., Associate Justice Supreme Court, City Hall
Bennett, Robert H., of Bennet and Kirby, Clay b K and M
Benson, John, merchant, Pacific b M and P
Benson, W. J., roller, Courier office, Mont b S and Cal
Benson, Wm. J., at C. Courier’s office, B W b S and D
Benson, Wm., laborer, c Broadway and Bat
Benton, H. P., tin smith, Kearney b W and J
Benton, John, clerk, C. S and P
Beohm, J. W., tin smith, Bat b Broad and Vellejo
Berger, G., of Lacombe & Co., Clay b K and M
Berger, Geo., clothing, Clay b K and M
Berghauser, John, boarding house, Bdway, b S and Dupont
Bergo, Geo., clothing and dry goods, Clay b K and M
Bernard, R. O., painter, Mont b Sac and Cal
Berrian, Angustus, clerk, No. 45, City Hall
Berry, A. M., printer, Courier office, Mont b S and Cal
Berton, Francis, mcht., c Mont and Pacific
Bertrand, C. A., shipping office, c Broadway and B
Beston, Thos., provision store, Pacific b S and P
Bevans, T. P., apothecary, Bdway b P and Stock
Biden, C. S., com. merchant, Long wharf
Bidleman, Joseph, com. merchant, Mont b J and Wash
Billings, F., of Halleck, Peachy & Billings, Sac b D and K
Billings, Franklin B., clerk, S Huckings & Co., C Street wharf
Bilton, Geo., merchant, Vallejo b S and Powell
Bingham, Jas. W., of Bingham, Reynolds & Bartlett, c Broadway and San
Bingham, Reynolds & Bartlett, com. merchants, c Broadway and San
Bird, Horatio F., builder, Kearney b Cal and Pine
Bispham, John B., counsellor, Sac b D and K
Bissell, G. W. P. B.,  of Robinson, Bissell & Co., wharf foot Sac
Black, Geo., clerk, c Pine and Sansome
Blackman, A., tin smith, Jackson b K and Mont
Blackwell, J., at Courier office, Mont b Sac and Cal
Blackwood, William, clerk, Clay n Mont
Blair, David, boatman, Sac st wharf
Blair, James P., agent Aspinall S T co., Com. wharf Clark’s Point
Blake, Capt. N., mariner, California House
Blake, Geo. H., jeweller, Clay b D and K
Blake, Geo. W., of Quimby, Harmond & Co., Central wharf
Blakely, J. S. & Co., grocers, c Mont and Pacific sts
Blanchard, J. B., of Blanchard & Carpenter, c J and Virginia
Blanding, Thos. J., carpenter, Buena Vista Avenue off Sac St.
Blatner & Smith, Kearny st Market, Kearny b Cal and Pine
Blatner, H., of Blatner & Smith, K b Cal and Pine
Blood, Chas., tin smith, Stockton b P and J
Blood, L. L. & Co., com. merchants, Mont b J and W
Blum, L. & J. Oregon clothing store, Wash b K and Mont
Blumenthals, Moses, shoemaker, Clay b D and K
Blumenthals, Samuel, shoemaker, Clay b D and K
Bluxom & Co., com. merchants, Sac st wharf
Bluxom, Isaac jr., of Bluxom & Co., Sac st wharf
Bluxom, J. D. C., of Bluxom & Co., Sac st wharf
Bluxom, Joseph, of Bluxom & Co., Sac st wharf
Blythe, F. D., hardware, 244 Mont St.
Boardman, Bacon & Co., com. merchants, Sac b Mont and Sonsome
Boardman, E. S., of Boardman, Bacon & Co., Sac b M and Sans
Boatman’s House, Norton & Co., foot Broadway
Bochm, M., cigar dealer, Spofford b W and Clay
Bock, Lewis, com. merchant, Cal b K and Mont
Bodenheim & Sharf, Wash b K and Mont
Bodenheim, Henry, firm Bodenheim & Sharf, Wash b K and Mont
Bogardus, J. B., gen agent at Cooks, c Clay and M
Bohen, Geo. T., mason, Bdway n Stockton
Bond, James B., firm Hussey, Bond & Hale, Sac wharf
Bonesteel, Lewis, carpenter, c Mason and Jackson
Bonvalot, L., Bonvalot, Roux & Co., Central wharf
Bonvalot, Roux & Co., variety store, Central wharf
Book, Lewis, merchant, Cal b Spring and Mont
Booth, George, carpenter, Pacific b S and P
Booth, John F., carpenter, Jackson b M and San
Boschulse & Muller, Pacific b M and Kearney
Boschultz & Miller, gen. merchants, Pacific b M and K
Boschultz, Theo., firm Boschultz & Miller, Pacific b M and K
Bossenbery, Louis, Stradt Hamburg, Pacific b K and Dupont
Boston Notion, David L. Morrill, 271 Mont
Bottcher, Eugene, com. merchant, c Cal & Kearny
Botts, Campbell & Emmet, counsellors, c Com and Mont
Botts, Charles T., of Botts, Campbell & Emmet, c Com and Mont
Bouch, Mrs. Cath., crockery ware store, Kearney b Sac and Cal
Bougher, J. C., firm Speck & Bougher, Sac b K and M st
Bouquet, Joseph, clerk, Clay b Mont and K
Bourder, Mrs. E., boarding house, cor. Broadway and Powell
Bourguignon, A., laborer, Broadway b Stockton and Dupont sts
Bourn, Russell, firm Chipman, Bourn & Co., Mont b P and Broadway
Bourne, E. W., clerk, Clay st whf
Bourne, J. B., clerk, Sac b M and K
Bowen, Geo. M., accountant, Adobe building on the Plaza
Bowen, W. H., merchant, California House
Bowie, Dr. A. J., physician, Clay b Mont and K
Bowles, J. D., L.W. Jones & Co., Central wharf
Bowles, Joseph, merchant, c Stockton and Sac
Bown, James, merchant, San b Cal and P
Boyd & McKune, bakers, Broadway b Sansome and Ohio
Boyd, Chas., mariner, c Broadway and Sansome
Boyd, John J., Agent for Empire Line Sch’rs, foot Washington Street
Boyd, Wm., firm Boyd & McKaine, Broadway b Sansome and Ohio
Boyer, Wm., shoemaker, cor. of Powell and Mason sts
Brackett, John, Teamster, c Green & Stockton
Bradbury, Andrew, City Hospital, c Clay and Powell
Bradbury, John, man. miner’s tools, No. 8 &10 Newburyport Av.
Bradford, G. B., com. merchant, Cen wharf
Bradford, J. Hoppin, jeweller, Kearney b Cal and Pine
Bradford, Thos. G., clerk, San b Cal and Pine
Bradley, G. W., carpenter, Pine b K and Mont
Bradley, H. W., artist, 271 Mont st upstairs
Brady, J. B., draughtsman, City Hall
Branch, Byron, Leidsdorff Place b C and Sac
Branch, Tibbets F., of Branch & Lucas, Leidsdorff Place b C and Sac
Branks, R., Thistle House, Bdway b M and San
Brannan, S., real estate broker, M. b Sac and Cal
Braut, Alfred, carpenter, Sac b M and Kearny
Brave, Lucid, Boarding House, Pacific b D & K
Breeze, Thos., clerk, Clay st wharf
Brent, J. L., counsellor, Clay b K and Mont
Brewer, Geo. W., c Clay and Pike st
Brewster, Benj., of Fitzgerald, Baush & B., Sac b M and K
Brewster, R. E., of Plummer & Brewster, Sac Whf
Briant, Edward, Custom House, Powell b Bdway and Pac
Briant, Wolfred D., Powell b Bdway & Pacific
Bridgeman, J. B., of E.L. Woodford & Co., Jackson b San and Bat
Brier, Gaspard, of Huffman & Brier, Cen wharf
Briggs, H., at Bee Hive, Bdway b San and Bat
Brions, Edward, laborer, Powell b Bdway and Vallejo
Brisbane, Wm., Custom House officer for Steamer, c Cal and Mont
Britnell, John, New Bedford House, San. B Pacific and Battery
Broadhead, Robert, carpenter, Vallejo b Stockton & Powell
Broadway Exchange, A.J. Gladding, Broadway b M and Sansome
Broadway House, Wm. M. Bruner, Broadway b Sans and Battery
Brockhurst, Samuel, gardener, Jackson b P and Mont
Bronson, Geo., grocery, P b K and M
Brooks & Friel,  tin plate workers, Battery b Br and P
Brooks, Benj. S., of B. Shephard & McCrackan, cor Mont and Jacks
Brooks, Geo. A., paper ware house, Clay b P and Stockton
Brooks, Henry B., at Leonard & Tays, foot Wash
Brooks, J. W., of Brooks and Friel, Battery b Br and P
Brooks, Sheppard & McCrackan, counsellor, cor Mont and Jackson
Brooks, Wm. H., Kearney b B and Sutter
Brown’s Hotel, Philip Brown, Kearney c Pine and Bush
Brown & Phillips, merchants, Pacific b K and Mont
Brown, Charles, Boarding House, Stockton b P & Jackson
Brown, Chas., clerk, Clay b D and K
Brown, Chester, carpenter, Prospect b Cal and Sacramento
Brown, D. W. C., of Ebbets & Co., c Cal and Sans
Brown, E., merchant, Pine b M and K
Brown, Ezekiel, of Ottinger & Brown, Cen wharf
Brown, G., clerk, Mont b P and J
Brown, Geo., com. merchant, Mont b Pacific and Jacks
Brown, Geo., cook, Duxbury House
Brown, Geo., Lovejoy’s Hotel, Br b Sans and Bat
Brown, Henry, boatman, Battery b Br and Val
Brown, Henry, clerk, Commercial st b K and Mont
Brown, J., Boston Eating House, Stockton b Ballejo & Green
Brown, James H., hatter, Wash b Dupont and K
Brown, James, sporting, c Mont and Cen wharf
Brown, L. D., counsellor, 271 Mont st upstairs
Brown, Mrs. Mary, Boarding House, Stockton b P & Jackson
Brown, Samuel, blacksmith, Kearney b Pine and Bush
Brown, V., painter, Wash c Cottage Place
Brown, W., carpenter, rear N. Bedford Coffee House
Brown, Wm. E., tinsmith, San b Pacific & Bdway
Brown, Wm. H., clerk, Bdway b Sans and Bat
Brown, Wm. H., gunsmith, Clay b D and K
Brown, Wm. H., trader, Wash c P and Stockton
Brownell, Charles, carpenter, Bdway b Powell & Mason
Bruch, Louis, com. merchant, Spring near Cal
Brunegan, Michael, taylor, Pacific b D & K
Bruner, Wm. M., Broadway House, b Sans and Battery
Bryant, Geo. W., of Mygatt & Bryant, Wash b K and Mont
Bryant, Henry, grocer, Pacific b D & Stockton
Bryant, Mrs. J., dressmaker, c Wash and Virginia
Bryant, Samuel, shoemaker, Stockton b Clay and Wash
Bryant, Wm. A., of W.H. Mosher, c Sansome and Pacific
Brydges, Edward, clerk, c Stockton & Vallejo
Buckelew, B. R. & Co., gen. merchants, Buckelew’s wharf Clark’s Point
Buckley & Morse, blacksmiths, Clay b Mont and Sansome
Buckley, B. S., of Buckley & Morse, Clay Street wharf
Buckley, Edward P., of White, Graves & Buckley, Bdway b and San
Buckley, Francis, carpenter, Prospect b Clay and Sac
Buckley, J. B., painter, Wash b P and Mason
Buckley, Wm. N., blacksmith, Cal rear of Duxbury House
Buckley, Wm., blacksmith, Clay St. wharf
Bucklin & Dodge, Empire House, Kearny on the square
Bucklin, John F., of Bucklin & Dodge, Kearny on the square
Bucklin, John W., of Bucklin & Dodge, Empire House
Bucklin, John, of Dodge and Bucklin, Kearney on the Plaza
Buckman, Franklin, tin smith, Jackson b M and Sansome
Bucknell, B. F., Waverly House, P b M and K
Budd, Geo., silversmith, near the upper end Green
Buer, Michael, Cafe d Paris, c Wash and Pike
Buffum, J. C., beer manufacturer, Spofford b Wash and Clay
Bullet, Wm., of Bullet & Patrick, c Sansome and Jackson
Bunham, Louis, barber, c Bdway and Battery
Bunker, Andrew, carpenter, Jackson b P and Stockton
Buntin, Wm. C., teamster, Cal b K and Mont
Bunting, Thos., of Worthing, Beals & Bunting, Mont b J and Wash
Burdell, Dr. G., dentist, Clay b Dupont and K
Burdich, Wm. P., jeweller, Jackson b M and San
Burgber, N. & Co. merchants, c Central whf and Mont
Burger, W., pilot for Sac and San Joaquin rivers, S.T. Saloon, Clark’s point
Burgess, Noah, carpenter, Emmerson’s Arcade
Burgoyne & Co., bankers, c Wash and Mont
Burgoyne, Benj., clerk, c Wash and Mont
Burgoyne, Wm. W., of Burgoyne & Co., c Wash and Mont
Burkhead, Wm. R., city police, City Hall
Burkmer, S. E., marble cutter, Belden b P and B
Burleigh, N. O., trader, c Mason and Jackson
Burlin, Wm., merchant, P b M and San
Burlingame, A. L., bookkeeper, 247 Mont
Burnham, Allen M., laborer, India stores
Burnham, G. W., lumber dealer, San b Cal and Pine
Burns, Edward H., custom house inspector, c Battery and Bdway
Burns, Edward, shoemaker, Stockton b Clay and Wash
Burnside, W. J., agent for Pilot Association, Cal b M and Sansome
Burr, Henry A., clerk, Cal b S and M
Burrow, G. W., carpenter, c Stockton and Wash
Burrows, Chas. H., barkeeper, Eldorado
Burrows, O. H., merchants, c Gold and Sansome
Burthey, Louis, of Marniess & Burthey, Wash b K and Mont
Burtin, Andre, grocery, Kearny head Com
Burton, C. H., of C.H. Burton and B., Virginia c Jackson and Wash
Burton, Henry, tailor, Jackson b M and San
Burton, J. B., of C.H. Burton and B., Virginia b Jackson and Wash
Burton, Thos. L., foot of Wash St.
Bush, Henry, Bush House, c Clay and Pike
Bush, Henry, of Crocker & Bush, San b Cal and Pine
Bush, O. N., Bush House, c Clay and Pike
Busher, Herman, clerk refreshment stand, Crescent City
Bushnell, Geo. W., of Muscott & Bushnell, Central wharf
Butler & Bartlett, com. merchants, Sac b M and Sansome
Butler, Jos. T., carpenter, Kearney b P and Broadway
Butler, Rafael jr., of Butler and Barlett, Sac b
Butler, W. F., architect, No. 45 City Hall
Butnar, Francie, tin smith, Stockton b C and Sac
Buttenop, Henry, carpenter, Pacific b Dupont and K
Butterfield, Chas. H., clerk, c Bdway and Bat
Button, Royal, of Austin and Button, c Mont and Central whf
Butts, Charles B., Jackson b M and Sansome
Butts, Chas., refreshment table, c Central wharf and Mont
Buzby & Brothers, c Jackson and Sansome
Byeington, Horace, measurer, City Hall
Byram, printer Alta Office, Wash on the Plaza
Byron House, Bailey & Smith, Sac b M and K
Cacetta, Vincent, boarding house, Bdway b San & Ohio
Cade, Jonathan, merchant, c Stockton and Sac
Cader, James, laborer, Langley opposite K
Cady, D. W., measurer, County Surveyor’s office
Cagan, Wm., builder, Pacific b K and Dupont
Cairns, John, clerk, whf. foot Sac st
Calderwood, David, carpenter, head Sac. above Stockton
Caldwell, Chas., boarding house, Bdway b Mont & Sansome
Caldwell, Henry M., clerk, San b P & Bdway
Caldwell, John jr., of Davis & Caldwell, San b P & California
Caldwell, W. W., depot for preserved meats, San b P and Bdway
California Guards, room, c Dupont and Jackson
California House, John Cotter & Co., J b K & Mont
California Restaurant, Glassen Tinteman, Wash on the Plaza
Call, Mango, laundry, Bdway b M and Powell
Callets, S. C., at H. M. Naglee’s, 280 Mont
Camden, O. T., book keeper, San. b Cal & Pine
Camerden, Michael, Quincy Market, Jackson b S and Dupont
Cameron, Duncan, waiter, c Clay & Pike sts
Cameron, J. C., grocer, Bdway b P and Stockton
Cameron, John, laborer, Stockton, b P and Jacks
Campbell, Albion, carpenter, Bdway b S and P
Campbell, Alex., of Botts, Campbell & Emmet, c Com & Mont
Campbell, C. J., pilot, Cal b M and San
Campbell, J., boot & shoe store, Jac b M & K
Campbell, James, blacksmith, Pine b San & Mont
Cannard, O. C., machinist, Stockton, b P and J
Cannon, J. B. & Co., auc. & com. merchants, Mont b Cal and Sac
Canterberry, Chas. J., painter, Mont b Cal and Sac
Canton Restaurant, c K & Jackson
Cape Cod House, Crocker, Evans Taylor, Mont. b Cal & Pine
Cape Foy restaurant, boarding house, K b Cal. and Pine
Capron, John F., carpenter, c Green and Stockton
Card, Wm. M., carpenter, Bowman’s, San b S and P
Carlisle, Robert, carpenter, Stock b Clay and Wash
Carlyle, William B., mission house, Kearny b P and Bush
Carmet, J., of Buffum & Co., Safford b C and Wash
Carner, Ambrose, beer manfr, Sac b Stock & P
Carnes, Nath W., Bunker Hill House, c Pacific and Mason sts
Carpenter, And. J., clerk, Kearny st
Carpenter, Jacob, carpenter, New Bedford house
Carpenter, James, painter, Stockton, b C and Wash
Carpenter, W. B., of Blanchard & Carpenter, c Jackson & Virginia
Carr, J. D., custom house, Stockton r Mar Hos.
Carrigan, James, secretary of pilot com., Com. whf Clark’s Point
Carrigon, Thos., Assist. State Marine Hospital, Stockton b Bdway and V
Carroll, Thos. W., clerk, Baltimore Restaurant
Carter, Chas. D., of Reed & Carter, 271 Mont St.
Carter, James M., bookkeeper, 247 Mont St.
Carter, W. D., printer, P. N. office, K b J & Pac
Cartland, N. B., clerk, Simmons H & Co., N. Bay
Carty, Daniel, beer merchant, Cal b M & San
Carty, Jeremiah, grocer, Bdway b Ohio & Mason
Cary, David, boarding house, Jackson b S & Du
Casaforth, Michael, merchant, Dupont b W & Jackson
Caspary, Michael, of Markwald C. & Co., Kearny b Pac and J
Castell, John, laundry, Mason b J and Wash
Castellena, A. T., restaurant, near the upper end Green St.
Castle, Edward, H., merchant, c Bdway & Battery
Caswell, Elliott, carpenter, Broadway b K and Dupont
Catchlove, Chas., boarding house, Ohio b P & Bdway
Cating, M., baker, Jackson b S and Dupont
Cattermole, Geo., clerk, 260 Mont
Catton, J. C., com. merchant, Jack b M and San
Caughey & Bromley, com. merchants, wharf foot Sacramento st
Caughlin, John M., gen’l dealer, Sac b M and K
Cavert, M. L., merchant, Mont b Sac and Cal
Celte, Eugene D., physician, Vir c J & Wash
Center, John, gardner, cor Centre and Folsom
Cessin, F., of Fry & Cessin, Mont B Cal & Pine
Chadderdon, A. M., carpenter, Sto b Bdway & V
Chadwick, blacksmith, Newburyport Avenue
Chaffee, H., clerk, Pac News, Kearny b J & Pac
Chambers & Co., Eldorado, c Wash & Kearny
Chambers, David, of Page, Bacon & Co., Mont b Clay & Washington
Chandler, D. W., butcher, c Jack & Kearny
Chandler, Dennison, Clark’s Point market, Bdway Clark’s Point
Chapin, C. E., of F. M. Warren & Co., c Jk & San
Chapin, S. A., of Chapin & Sawyer, c Jack & San
Chapman, Amos, painter, Pac b Mont & San
Chapman, J., merchant, Wash Place b J & W
Chapman, Jos., paints, oils & glass dealers, 275 Montgomery st
Chard, Capt. W., com. merchant, J b Dupont & K
Chard, Jaohnson & Co., general imports, No. 1 Gold St.
Charles, T. C., French master, c Pac & Dupont
Charlick O., agent Law’s line steamers, J st wharf
Chase, B. T., carpenter, Stock b Pac & Jack
Chase, D., laborer, c Clay and Dupont
Chase, Frederick D., tin smith, Pac b Stock & K
Chase, James, lighterman, Pac b Stock & K
Chase, Wm. H., of Thompson & Co., c Wash and Cottage Place
Chaser, L. T., gold scale manufacturer, Pike b S and Clay
Chauncey, David M., county assessor, 43 C Hall
Chauviteau, H., at J. J. Chauviteau & Co., Clay st wharf
Chauviteau, J. J. & Co., general bankers & com. merchants, Clay st Whf
Chelter, S. W., of F. M. Warren & Co., c Jk & San
Chenery, Richard, Clark’s Point
Cherry, John W., painter, Wash Place b J & W
Cheshire, Alfred B., com. merchant, 248 Mont
Chetham, carpenter, head Sac above Stock
Chetwood & Edwards, counsellors, c W & Mont
Chichester, James H., com. merchant, Clay b Mont and Sansome
Chick, A. C., clerk, San b Pine & Cal
Child, George, trader, c Mont & Bdway
Child, J. A., laborer, Kearny b Pine & B
Chipchase, John, carpenter, Jac b Pac & Stock
Chipman & Woodman, Clay st reading room, moved to Sacramento City
Chipman, Brown & Co., grocers, Mont b B & P
Chipman, N., of Chipman & Brown, Mont b B & P
Chipman, W. W., of Chipman & Woodman, Sac st
Chiron, B., clerk, c Sacramento & Kearny
Chistianson, Christian, importer, Pine b San & Battery
Chittenden, H. W., Eureka Hotel, Mont b S & Cal
Choat, John, tin smith, Kearny b W & Jack
Christal, Cornan & Co., wholesale merchants, J b M and Sansome
Christal, Michael, of Christal, Cornan & Co., Jack b M & Sansome
Christie, Henry, McIntire House, Pac b K & M
Chrystal, Francis, carpenter, Va b Jack & W
Cima, Juan, dealer in foreign goods, Wash b K & Montgomery
Cipnani, C. F., of Henrickson, Remick & Co., Mont b Sac & Cal
City Hall, c Pacific & Kearny
Clane, Peter, restaurant, Pike b Wash & Clay
Clapp, James, real estate broker, c Bush & San
Clapp, Michael, carpenter, Stock b Bdway & Pac
Claresy, J., c Pine & Sansome
Clark & Wheeler, counsellors, Clay b M & K
Clark, C., pilot on the rivers, Cal b Mont & San
Clark, E. G., clerk, San b Pine & Cal
Clark, J. H., druggist, Stock b Wash & Clay
Clark, James, merchant, 244 Mont
Clark, Jeremiah, counsellor, c Pacific & Kearny
Clark, John A., merchant, Mont b Sac & Cal
Clark, Jos. E., clerk, foot Pine
Clark, Jos., c Pacific & Sansome
Clark, Lyman, clerk, Sacramento House
Clark, Reuben, builder, c Clay & Spofford
Clark, Samuel J. jr., counsellor, Clay b M & K
Clark, Thomas, mason, head Sacramento st
Clark, W. H., of Clark & Wheeler, Clay b M & K
Clark, W. S., broker, Dupont b Bdway & V
Clark, W. Squire, C., Clark’s Point foot Bdway
Clark, Wm. Q., merchant, Bdway b San & Battery
Clary, John, Venetian H., Dupont b J & W
Claughley, James A., Empire House
Clauson, Mrs. Susan, boarding house, K b Bush & Sutter sts
Clay st Reading Room, Chipman & Woodman, Clay b K & Mont
Clayton, H. J., Jack b M & Sansome
Cleary, Thos. W., clerk, Baltimore Restaurant
Clement, Augusta, of Van Damm & Clement, 242 Montgomery st
Clevelan, Thos. P., dentist, Pacific b Sa & Powell
Climax, Roy & Brennen, c Pacific & Kearny
Clinch, Geo., master mariner, Gold b Sac & Mont
Clinkard, M. S., confectioner, Prosp’t b Clay & Sac
Clinton, James, market man, K b J & Wash
Coburn, Thos., tailor, Jackson b M and San
Cockran ,Chas. W., blacksmith, San b P & B
Cockran, J. R., carpenter, Mont b Cal & P
Coffee, G. W., inspector steam boilers, San b P & Bdway
Coffee, Patrick, teamster, Pike b W & C
Coffin, Coffin boarding house, Battery b Br and V
Coffin, L. B., city assessor, No. 52 City Hall
Coghill & Arrington, com. merchants, c San and Jack
Coghill, H. J., of Coghill & Arrington, c San and Jackson
Cohen, H. M., clothing, Mont b J and W
Cohen, H., of Heller Lehman & Co., Clay b M and Kearny
Cohn, Kaufman & Co., clothing, Clay b M & K
Cohn, Louis, merchant, Jackson b M and San
Cohn, M., of Cohn, Kaufman & Co., Clay b M and Kearny
Cohn, M., of F. Cauffman & Co., dry goods, Pac b D & S
Coit, B., M. D., physician, Wash opp Pike
Coit, Wm. H., com. merchant, Clay b M & S
Cole, Cornelius, of Pratt & Cole, c Mont & Jack
Cole, G. H. T., of R.J. Stevens & Co., c Mont & Clay
Cole, J., of Mace & Cole, 247 Montgomery
Cole, R. E., of Cole & Pearsons, dentist, Clay b K & D
Coleman, Chas. F., carpenter, Cal near P
Coleman, James, foreman Herald, Mont b W & C
Coleman, John, Green c K & Stockton
Coleman, John, laborer, Union Place b G & M
Coleman, Joseph, carpenter, c Bdway & Powell
Coleman, Mrs. Martha M., boarding, c Bdway & Powell
Coleman, W. T. & Co., com. merchant, Sac  b Jack & Wash
Colgan, Edward P., at Central House
Colgar, Wm. J., c Pine & Mont
Collier, Col. Jas., collector of customs, c Mont and California
Collier, E. D., at custom house, c Mont and Cal
Collier, F., Law’s line Steamers, Jackson st wharf
Collier, James, clerk, Mont b Sac and Cal
Collier, John A., at custom house, c Mont and Cal
Collins, C. J., hatter, Sansome b Pacific & Bdwy
Collins, C., mission H., Kearny b P & B
Collins, Cushman & Co., importers, Battery b Sac & Cal
Collins, David, of C. Cushman & Co. , Battery b Sac & Cal
Collins, J., carpenter, c Virginia & Wash
Collins, Mrs. Ellen, dressmaker, Polk Sanc b S & D
Collins, S. M., mission H., Kearny b P & B
Colton, Dr. James, physician, c Batt & Bdway
Colver, H. W., rear Odd Fellow’s Hall
Commach, Edward, restaurant, Pike b W & C
Commercial Hotel, J. Ford & Co., Jackson b M and San
Commercial Street House, P. S. Gordon, Com b M and K
Comptroller’s Office, 74 & 75 City Hall
Congden, Capt. H. B., master schr., Gen. Lane
Congress Hall, Logan & Hudson, c San & Pacific
Conklin, Mrs. M., Virginia b P & J
Conklin, Richard, painter, c Wash & Cottage Place
Connell, Thos., boatman, Central wharf
Conner E., publisher, Alta California, W In Plaza
Conner, Alex., clerk C. C. Richmont’s, Jackson b M and San
Conner, Daniel, McIntire House, Pacific b M and K
Conner, J. W., of Sill & Conner, cheap publication depot, c Clay & Dupont
Conrad, Christopher, refreshment stand, Kearny b W and C
Conroy & O’Conner, hardware, Mont b J and W
Conroy, J. C., of Conroy & O’ Conner, Mont b J and Wash
Converse, A. T., brass founder, Bdway b S & B
Cook, C. H. H., com. merchant, Jack b P & M
Cook, Charles, of Palmer C & Co., Adobe B Plaza
Cook, E., blacksmith, Bdway b S & P
Cook, Elisha, counsellor, c Wash & Mont
Cook, Frederick, lighterman, Mont b P & M
Cook, Henry D., Herald Building, Mont b C & W
Cook, John, of Palmer C & Co., Adobe B Plaza
Cooke, Baker & Co., com. merchants, Cal b M & S
Cooke, Geo. Lewis, of C. Baker & Co. , Cal b M & S
Cooke, George, painter, Battery Bdway & V
Cooke, Joseph J., of C. Baker & Co. , Cal b M & S
Cooke, Wm. B. & Co., periodical depot, c C & M
Cool, A. T., of McDonald & Co., Ky b S & Cal
Coombs, Fred., daguerreotype artist, c Sac and Mont
Coombs, John T., S. T. Saloon, Bdway b B and Front
Cooper & Co., dry goods, Sac b M and K
Cooper & Co., Jobbing, Kearney b W & J
Cooper, G. H., painter, Sac b K & D
Cooper, J., of Cooper & Co., Sac b M and K
Cooper, T., of Cooper & Co., Sac b M and K
Coorammo, F., laborer, near up. end Green st
Copelo, Dr. Juan, Italian physician, Mont b P and J
Corbett, Wm., asst alderman, Mission Dolores
Corbin, Able, blacksmith, San b W and J
Cordes, Steffens & Co., c Clay & Mont
Corliss, John, carpenter, c K and Bdway
Cornan, P. P., of Christal, Cornan & Co., Jackson b M and San
Cornell, Chas. W., Washington House, Sac b K & D
Cornell, J. H., pilot steamer Erastus Corning
Cornin & Markley, boots, shoes and clothing, Mont b C and W
Cornin, Daniel, of Cornin & Markley, Mont b C & W
Corrigan, J. B., com. merchant, Clay st whf
Cost & Verplanck, com. merchants, Herald building M st
Cost, A. J., of Cost & Verplanck, Herald building M st
Cotter, J. & Co., California House, Jackson b M and K
Cottrell, Joseph, gorcery, foot Bdway and Clark’s Point
Coughlin, Wm. M., merchant, Sac b K and Mont
Count, Francis, laborer, Bdway b P & S
County Surveyor’s Office, City Hall
Courtois, B., dry goods dealers, c S & Kear
Couvert & Digrol, fancy goods dealers, Sac b K & D
Cowell, John, merchant, c San & Jackson
Cox, Edward, tailor, Wash b S & P
Cox, Geo. W., clerk, c Battery & Bdway
Cox, M. B., Supt. P. M. S. S. Co. office, Mont
Cox, Sully, drinking house, K b P and Jackson
Coxeter, L., pilot outer bar
Coxton, Richard, Albion House, Bdway b San and M
Coyle, Rev. Francis, R. C. Church, Val b S & D
Cozzens, Davenport, of Hedley & Cozzens, 253 Mont
Craig, Charles M., clerk, Pac b K and D
Craigmiles, John, merchant at Dalton House
Crains, W., architect, Cal b K and D
Cramer, Ranback & Co., inporters, Sac b M & K
Crandall, mason, Jackson b P and S
Crane & Rice, prop. “Cal. Courier,” M b S & C
Crane, James N., of Crane and Rice, M b Sac & C
Cranska, Capt. Wm. H., ch. inspector, c Bdway & Bat
Crawford, George, agent, Cal b K and D
Crawley, Daniel, clerk, c Wash & Kearney
Creeley, Chas. W., of Underwood, McKnight & Co., San b P and J
Crescent City House, Winley & Lear, Kearny b W and C
Crescent House, Samuel Harding, Pac b M and K
Cressy, Richard, sporting, Empire House
Crittenden & Randolph, counsellors, 280 Mont
Crittenden, A. P., of Crittenden & Randolph, 280 Mont
Crocker & Bush, restaurant, Sansome b C and P
Crocker, Allen, S., fo J. W. Jones & Co., Central wharf n Mont
Crocker, Baker & Co., water works, Mont b C and P
Crocker, Chas., carpenter, Mont b C and P
Crocker, Evans & Taylor, Cape Cod House, M b Cal and P
Crocker, G. F., of Crocker & Bush, Sans b C and P
Crocker, S. S. & Co., water works, Mont b C and P
Crocker, Thos., Cape Cod House, Mont b C andP
Croft, Clement, clerk, K b Bdway and P
Cronise, J. S., merchant, c Jackson and Mont
Cronise, Titus, clerk, c Jackson and Montgomery
Cronise, W. H. V., auctioneer, c Jackson and M
Crook, James, merchant, Clay b P & S
Crosby, C. W., of Ellis & Co., com. merchant, San b P and J
Crosett, J. L., of Myric, Crossett & Co., Jackson below San
Crosett, W. C., of Myric, Crosett & Co., Jackson below San
Crosett, Wm., corn merchant, Jackson below San
Cross, Alex, of Cross, Hobson & Co., San b Pac and Jackson
Cross, Hobson & Co., com. merchants, San b P and J
Crowell, Benj. jr., clerk, c B and C
Crowell, John, laborer, c Pac and Powell
Crudden, Daniel, Albany Market, c M and P
Crumme, Mr., merchant, c Sac & Stockton
Culver, W. H., shipping merchant, Pine b San and Bat
Cummings, C., storage, San b P and B
Cummings, Edward, of Phillips & Co., house paperers, Dup b J and W
Cummings, H. R., of Cummings & Phillips, grocers, c Dupont and Wash
Cummings, J., of Fax, O’Conner & Co., grocers, Pac b S and P
Cummings, Wm., constable, Clay in Plaza
Cunningham wharf, foot Vallejo st
Cunningham, James, of C. G. Amory & Co., sail maker, over Law’s line
Cunningham, Joseph, of C. G. Amory & Co., sail maker, over Law’s line
Cunningham, Samuel, tailor, Union Place b G and U
Currier, Chas., carpenter, head Sac Street
Curry, Elias, carpenter, Jackson b P and S
Curry, John, counsellor, c Sac and Mont
Curry, Samuel, carpenter, Jackson b P and S
Curtis & Leavitt, market, Whf. Clark’s Point
Curtis, Jos. R., of Moffat & Co., assayers and bankers, c Dup and Clay
Cushing, Geo. A., of Wooster & Cushing, M b W and J
Cushman, Chas., of Collins, Cushman & Co., Bat b Sac and Cal
Custom House, open 9 a.m., close 2 p.m., c M and Cal
Cutting, David, mariner, board ship Globe
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