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Jackson & Shirley, crockery & groceries, Pacific b K & M
Jackson, Francis, waiter, c Bw & Batt
Jackson, H. C., Tontine House, c Cent wharf and Mont
Jackson, John, carpenter, Mont b P & J
Jackson, John, laborer, Pine b M & S
Jackson, Robt., of J. & Shirley, Pacific b K & M
Jackson, W., mariner, Gold b S & M
Jacobs, S. L., dry goods, b Jackson c M & S
Jacobs, W. M., com. merchant, Clay b M and K
Jacobson, Dr. F. M., physician, at Com. Hotel
Jacoby, Herman & Co., com. merchants, Jackson b S and Batt
James, R. W., c Clay and Kearny
Janes, H. P., counsellor, c Com. & Mont
Jansen, C. & Co., dry goods, b Jackson c M & S
Jara, Andrea, merchant, Pacific b M & S
Jarvis, L. F., grocer, c Cal & Mont
Jeffreys & Co., Sac House, c Bw and Batt
Jeffreys, W. D., of Jeffreys & Co., c Bw and Batt
Jenkins, Benj., clerk, r Wash
Jenkins, E. B., pilot outer bar, Cal b M & S
Jennings, L. W., carpenter, Happy Valley
Jennings, O. B., importer, Cal b Spr & M
Jennings, W. N., paper carrier, Alta C., c P & Sac
Jobson, David, clerk, Pacific ab Stockton
Johnson & Canfield, clothing, Jackson b K and D
Johnson & McCarty, provision dealers, 271 Mont
Johnson, Chas. H., of Finley, J. & Co., c W & M
Johnson, F., clerk, Elephant House
Johnson, Henry, clerk, Kearny b P and B
Johnson, Henry, of H. J. & Co., druggist, Dupont b W and J
Johnson, James C., trader, Kearny b W & Clay
Johnson, James, carpenter, Bw b P and Mont
Johnson, John, of Chard, Johnson & Co., No. 1 G st
Johnson, John, of J. & McCarty, 271 Mont
Johnson, Josiah, builder, Newburyport Av. 8 & 10
Johnson, Mrs. M. S., dressmaker
Johnson, R. H., carpenter, Stockton b C and W
Johnson, Thos. R., Solomon’s Temple, Kearny b P and Bush
Johnson, Trafton, boarding house, Pacific b S & P
Johnson, Wm. E., trader, Pacific b K and D
Johnstone, Geo., machinist, c W and Mason
Joice, Erastus, trader, Mason b Bw and V
Joice, John, trader, Mason b Bw and V
Joice, Mathew, clerk, H. Sparks, c Mont and Jack
Joliffe, W. H., pilot, Sac and S. J. rivers, S. T. Saloon, Clark’s Point
Jones, E. P.,  NW c Cal and K
Jones, Edw., butcher, Ohio b P and Bw
Jones, Edw., clerk, Superior Court, City Hall
Jones, F. L., house and sign painter, J b K and D
Jones, Henry, laborer, Pike b C and W
Jones, J. P. , house and sign painter, J b K and D
Jones, James M., of Weller, J. & Kinder lawyers, Pac b K and D
Jones, John, laundry, Jackson b P & M
Jones, S. W. & Co., coal and wood yard, Sac b P and Cal
Jones, S. W. & Co., lightermen, Central wharf
Jones, Wm. Carey, counsellor, Clay b M and K
Jones, Wm. H., auct, Mont b W and Jack
Jordan, Meltiah, of Rogers & Richardson, San b J and Wash
Jordan, Michael, builder, Pacific b K and D
Jorys, F., tailor, Cal b K and D
Joseph, Chas., merchant, c Powell and Green
Joseph, G. F., of J. & Belden, Ale and Porter, Pac b P and B
Joseph, J. J., baker, Bw b San and B
Joseph, J., soda cracker baker, Powell b Bw & V
Judah, Chas D., counsellor, c W and Mont
Justice Court, 1st District, 2 Laffan’s building
Kaiser, A., blacksmith, Green ab Stockton
Kamon, Frederick, grocer, Pacific b K and D
Kashaw, Israel, clerk, c Batt and Central whf
Kate, James, carpenter, Virginia b S and W
Kauffman, Julius, of Runkel & K., c Mont & Cal
Kauffman, T. , of Cohen, K & Co., dry goods, Dup b J and P
Kauffman, W., of Steinberger & K., W b M & K
Kazza, Testa De, mariner, c Bw and Sansome
Kearny st Restaurant, Bassett & Guild, K b J and Washington
Keely, Peter, blacksmith, Mont b P and J
Keep, E. G., machinist, Stockton b P & S
Keesing, Barnet, Albion Hotel, c Jackson & Dup
Keith, John W., carpenter, Bw b D and Stockton
Kellen & Buckley, painters, Leidsdorff Place off C
Kellensberger, R., merchant, Spring st n Cal
Kelly & Gardner, hairdressers, P. S. S. 273 Mont
Kelly & Henderson, grocers, Sac b K and M
Kelly, counsellor, Clay in Plaza
Kelly, E., tin plate worker, c Jackson and Mont
Kelly, H., of R. D. Hart & Co., 38 Sac St
Kelly, Hezekiah, of R. D. Hart & Co., merchants, 38 Sac
Kelly, John, of K & Henderson, Sac b K and M
Kelly, Patrick, boarding house, Batt b Bw and V
Kelly, Solomon, of K. & Gardner, 273 Mont
Kelly, Zeno, boarding house, Mont b P and B
Kelsey, Smith & Risley, shoe and clothing, Clay b Mont and K
Kelsey, Wright F., of K., Smith & Risley, Clay b Mont and K
Kelty, James, laborer, Ohio b Pac and Bw
Kemble, E. C., ed. Alta Cal., Wash in Plaza
Kendall, E. A., barkeeper, Crescent City Hotel
Kendig, Benj., of K. W. & Co., Mont b J and W
Kendig, Wainwright & Co., auct and com. merchant, Mont b C and Washington
Kennebec House, T. M. Rollins, Sac b Mont  & S
Kennedy, Geo. & Hunter, American House, P b K and D
Kennief, B., dentist, Pacific b D & S
Kenny, Michael, Boston Notion H., Mont and W
Kentfield, Capt. John, Happy Valley
Keon, Andrew, tailor, Mason b P & Bw
Kern, Samuel F., blacksmith, Kearny b P & Bush
Kerrison, Robt. E., Clay b Kearny and Mont
Kettelle, Wm. G., auct. and com. merchant, Mont b S and Cal
Keyes, Wm. E., dry goods, Clay b M and K
Kiernan, Francis, pilot, Custom House
Kilborn, T. C., carpenter, Wash Place b J and W
Kilgore, Hannibal, tin smith, Kear b J and W
Kimball, Chas. P., public crier, c Mason and Jackson
Kimball, D. W., carpenter, c Mason and Jackson
Kimball, Hazen, trader, c Mason and Jackson
Kimball, James, trader, c Mason and Jackson
Kimball, John, trader, c Mason and Jackson
Kimberlin, V. A., Jackson b P and M
Kinder, Wm. R., of Weller, Jones & K., lawyer, Pac b K and Dup
King, Capt. Edward A., boarding officer, b M and P
King, Geo., boarding house, Bryant Place b P and Bush
King, James of Wm., banker, c Com and Mont
King, John C., cabinet maker, Sac b K and Dup
King, Michael, plasterer, Pacific b M and P
King, Reuben, clerk, Battery c Bw
Kingsbury, Jas. A., clerk, Jackson b D and K
Kingston, Wm., Boston Eating House, Stockton b Vall and G
Kinnan, A. P., gro. And com. merchant, foot Wash
Kinney, Patrick, blacksmith, c Dup and Bw
Kinsman, Franklin, carpenter, c Pine and Mont
Kirby, Mrs. John C., boarding, Kear b J and W
Kirby, Wash L., of Bennett & K., Clay b M & K
Kirk & Scribner, Pacific market, c San & Pacific
Kirk, Francis, of K. & Scribner, c San & Pacific
Kiser, A., clothing store, Wash b M and K
Kitfield, A. E., of J. H. Morgan & Co., grocer, c Battery and Vall
Kittle, N. G., clerk, San b P and Bw
Kittredge & Co., blacksmiths, Com whf, Clk’s Pt
Kittrege, F. S., clerk, Jackson b K and K
Klaucke, M. F., gen. merchant, c Clay and Mont
Klose, A., clerk, Pac b Stockton and Dup
Knapp, Samuell B., of W. Fell & Co., 248 Mont St.
Knight, Robt., market, San b P and B
Knights, Mrs. E. M., seamstress, Emerson’s Arcade
Knowles, C., boiler maker, on b steamer McKim
Knowles, James, jeweller, c Clay and Mont
Koch, Chas., merchant, Dup b J and Pac
Koch, Mrs. Betsy V., Globe Hotel, b J and Pac
Kohl, A., foot Bw Clark’s Point
Kohler, F. D., state Assayer, Plaza
Korb, John C. H., boatman, Central wharf
Korn, T. R., of Smiley, R & Co., Wash b M and K
Kraemer, O. W., segar stroe, Com b M and K
Kreps, F., clerk, Mont b P and J
Kroning, Plump & Runge, c Cal and Kearny
Kroning, Wm., of K, P & R, c Cal and Kearny
Kuhtmann & Co., gen. com. merchants, M b C & P
Kuner, Alber, engraver, Kearny b P and J
Kunhardt, Henry R., of Meyer & Co., 243 Mont
Kyburg, Samuel, merchant, c Mason and Powell
Kyte, J. Aldham, ship & com. merchant, M b C & W
Labatt, A. C., of Davega & Co., Clay b K and M
Labatt, S. R., of Davega & Co., Clay b K and M
Labrosa, F., of N. Larco & Co., Jackson b M and S
Lacombe & Co., importers dry goods, C b K & M
Lacombe, Alfred, of Lacombe & Co., C b K & M
Lacomber, Louis, laborer, Franklin House
Lacy, Alfred, Australian House, Batt b Bw and V
Ladd, A. T., coal and wood dealer, San b P & Cal
Ladd, Wm., com. merchant, Jackson b M and S
Lafayette Hotel, L. Guirand, Bw b San & Batt
Lafayette Market, J. Begin, K b Clay and Sac
Lafitte, H. B., clerk, c Jackson and Mont
Lafoy, Numa, Wash b K and M
Laidley, James, Commercial b Kearny & Mont
Lailey, Wm., printer, Alta office, Wash in Plaza
Lake, Delos, counsellor, c Mont and Clay
Lakin, H. R., clerk, Pac b San & M
Lallemand, B., refreshment stand, San b Pac & J
Lamb, C., Jackson and Batt
Lambert & Co., grocers, Sac b M and K
Lambert, Chas., clerk, Webb b Cal and S
Lambert, Dr. Bernard, physician, 248 Mont
Lambert, E.,  of W. & E. L. brokers, W b P and S
Lambert, H., of Lambert & Co., Sac b M and K
Lambert, Thos., clerk, foot Bw Clark’s Point
Lambert, W., of W. & E. L. brokers, W b P and S
Lammer & Waterman, grocers, K b C and P
Lammer, H., grocer, Kearny b Cal and P
Lamoureaux, C. H., tin smith, 241 Mont
Lancom, B. C., well sinker, Pine b M and J
Lander, John, boarding house, Mont b P and B
Lane, N. E., carpenter, Wash b P and S
Langfeld & Co., clothing, Clay b M and K
Langley, J. A., Nightingale, c Pac and San
Langlois, Rev., R. C. Church, Vall b J and P
Langmaid, Amos., boarding house, Pac b San & M
Larco, N. & Co., merchants, Jackson b M and S
Larcom, N. B., laborer, Pine b M and J
Larcom, T. H., blacksmith, Pine b M and J
Larghton, Octave, printer, K b B and P
Lark, Louis, of Rozenswig & L., Wash b K & M
Larned, A. S., hairdresser, Clay b M and K
Larned, Fred S., Custom House
Lauer, Dr. John E., physician, Clay b K and M
Lavers, Wm., Sailors’ Home, Batt b Bw and V
Law’s Line Steamers, office Jackson st wharf
Law, Robt. A., at Wykoff & Co., Mont b J and W
Lawrence, Daniel, machinist, Bw b J and D
Lawton, at W. H. Davis, Mont b Cal and S
Lawton, O., of Potter & L., grocer, K b P & Bush
Lazard, Fieres, dry goods, c Mont and Pine
Lea, B. F., butcher, c Kearny and Jackson
Learned & Sweet, hairdressers, Clay b M & K
Leavenworth, H. T., printer, Jour Com, Dupont b C and W
Leavenworth, Hon. M. S., Glen Cotttage
Leavitt, John, Montgomery House, Mont b C & P
Lebrun, Rev. Chas., R. C. Church, Vall b S and P
Lecher, Richard, laborer, Pac b D and K
Leclerc, J., gen. store, Jackson b K and D
Lecount & Barrier, Clay b M & K
Ledley, Wm., contractor, No 160 c K and Bush
Lee, James, clerk, San b P and B
Leetch, R. H., pilot outer bar, Cal b M and K
Lefer, Andrew, restaurant, Stock b P and Bw
Legget, Thos. W., grocer, Pacific b S and M
Leggett, T. A., of McDonald & Co., com. merchant, K b S and Cal
Lehman, J., of Heller, L. & Co., Clay b M & K
Leigh, John, restaurant, Tontine c M & Cent whf
Leighay, Daniel, cooper, Green b S and D
Lemon, J. McK., of Fitch & Co., Mont b W and C
Lent, William M., of Grogan & Lent, c M and W
Lentell, John, of J. H. Morgan & Co., grocer, c Batt and V
Leonard & Tay, provision and produce, foot Wash
Leonard, Fred, carpenter, Mont b P and Bw
Leonard, Moses G., Alderman, Happy Valley
Leonard, Willard, of L & Tay, foot Wash
Leroy, H. R., Clay st wharf
Leroy, Victor, Clay st wharf
Lester, Geo. L., at Custom House, Mont c Cal
Letter, G. W., of Reynolds & L., Wash b M and K
Levein, J. H., com. merchant, Mont b J and P
Leverd, Alfred, Hotel Richelieu, Pine b K & M
Levi, M. & Co., clothing store, Wash b M and K
Lewis, Lewis, dry goods & clothing, Clay b M & K
Lewis, M., clerk, Adelsdorfer & N. Sac st
Lewis, M., importer of watches, Clay b M & K
Lewis, T., vender, No 4 Stockton Place
Ley, H. D., watchmeker
Libbey, Wm., carpenter, Stockton b D and W
Libby, Dennis, lightering, Jackson st wharf
Liberty House, Fortune Lequier, c Pac and San
Light, James, contractor, Mason b P and J
Light, Wm., billiard table, Parker House
Lightner, Joel F., clerk, Grayson & Guild, San b P and J
Lilly, Christopher, speculator, Virginia b J & W
Lilly, Joseph jr., clerk, c Green and Stock
Lilly, S. D., of Simmons, L. & Co., clothing, San b J and P
Ling, Mrs. E., Kearny b J and W
Ling, Robt., pilot outer bar, Cal b M and K
Linn, Hector, tailor, Pac b M and K
Lippincott, J. B. & Co., com. merchant, San b J & P
Little, Kingsbury, boarding house, Gibb st off K
Livermore, O., clerk with Wm. T. Coleman & Co.
Livingston, C., clerk, Haven & L., Mont b S & C
Lock & Robb, carpenters, Belden b P and Bush
Locke & Morrison, com. merchant, wharf foot Sac
Lockhart, Benj., of Beach & L., c Batt and Sac
Lockhart, R. A., counsellor, c Wash and Mont
Lockwood, David, ship carpenter, Stock b C & W
Logan, H. C., of Logan & Hudson, Cong Hall. San
Lohse, John F., merchant, Wash b M and San
Long, David, sporting, Empire House
Long, G. K. & Co., painters, Webb b S and Cal
Longe, Frederick, baker, Pac b P and S
Longley, S., clerk rest., Longley’s Lane off K
Lonjhi, Joseph, barkeeper, Delmonico’s
Lord & Washburn, gen. merchants, J b M and S
Lord, D. L., of L. & Washburn, J b M and S
Lord, E. C., of Annan, Lord & Co, 275 Mont
Lord, R. H., of Annan, Lord & Co., 275 Mont
Lord, Wm., mason at Boston Notion, 271 Mont
Loring & Hogg, jewellers, Ward’s Court
Lorkay, R. Raphael, restaurant, 51 Sac
Louderbach, D., boarding, Virginia b W and J
Louis, Joseph, laborer, c Stock b Bw and V
Louisburg & O’Brien, housesmiths, Mont b J & P
Louisburg, John, of L. & O’Brien, Mont b J & P
Lount, D. S., Richmond House, Stock b Bw and V
Lovegrove, H. W., confectionary, Mont b P and B
Lovejoy’s Hotel, J. H. Brown, Bw b San and B
Lovel, Edw. S., merchant, San b Pac and J
Low, F. F., of Lambert & Co., grocer, Sac b K & M
Low, Henry S., clerk, Com. whf Clark’s Point
Low, Wm. H., carpenter, c Stock and Pac
Lubeg, Wm., of Hitchings & L., Wash alley b W and Clay
Ludden, Benj Market, Pac b D and S
Ludlow, Anthony, lighterman, Bw b San and B
Ludlow, J., pilot outer bar, Cal. b M and K
Ludlow, S., Beebe & Co., bankers, Mont b W & C
Lumbard, Chas., clerk, foot Pine
Lunt, Daniel, boarding house, Vall b S and P
Luther, Capt. John H., master schr. Pomona
Lux, Chas., stock dealer, Kearny n Sacramento
Lynch, Chas., of D. J. Oliver & Co., Sac b M and K
Lyndall, W. E., watchmaker, Clay b M and K
Lynde & Putnam, water dealers, Wash b W & J
Lynde, J. D., of L. & Putnam, Wash b W & J
Lynde, Joseph B., at J. W. Osborn, Mont b C & S
Lyon, C. S., Mont b C and Wash
Lyons, Henry A., Associate Justice Supreme Court
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