San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco
City Directory
M to O

Mace & Cole, com. merchant, 247 Mont
Mace, A. M., of Mace & Cole, 247 Mont
Mack & Co., com. merchants, Cal b S and Mont
Mackie, Henry, com. merchant, Jack b Dup and K
Macmannas, E., baker, Clay b K & Leidsdorff P
Macoa & Wosung, Rest. N. Assing, c Com & K
Macondry & Co., com. merchants, c Pine & Sansome
Macondry, F. W., of Macondry & Co., c Pine & Sansome
Macphun, Wm., shipwright, Pine b K and Belden
Macrae, Geo W., counsellor, Clay b M and Kear
Macy, Albert, carpenter, c Pacific and Powell
Macy, Geo. G., blacksmith, c Pacific and Powell
Madde, Chas., carpenter, Clay b Mason and P
Made, Abel, barber, Kearny b Com and Clay
Magee, John, carpenter, Powell b Bw & Vallejo
Maguire, Thos. & Co., Parker House, K on Plaza
Mahn, Stephen, wheelwright, Green ab Stock
Mahony, Dennis, Albany market, c Pac & Mont
Mahony, T. S., of Baker & Mahony, c Clay & Mont
Maine Hotel, Damon Mastin Styles, Pac b San & O
Maley, Joseph, cartman, Green b Stock & Powell
Maltby, W., carpenter, Pacific b Dupont and K
Mann, Samuel, casing liquors, Webb b Sac & Cal
Mansing, Wm., bakery, Cal b Dupont and K
Mansion House, Mrs. E. Gordon, K b P and J
Mantouchet, Chas., watchmaker, P b Mont & San
March, Albert, tin plate worker, Pac b K and Mont
March, W. S., restaurant, Stock b Wash and Clay
Maria, Eugene, Stock b Pine and Jack
Markley, Levy, of Cronin & Markley, Mont b C and Wash
Marks, H. & Bro., gen. store, Bw b San & Batt
Marks, Henry, of H. Marks & Bro., Bw b S & Batt
Marks, Mark, of H. Marks & Bro., Bw b S & Batt
Markwald, Adolph, of M Caspary & Co., Kearny b P and Jackson
Markwald, Louis, of Caspary & Co., K b P and J
Marlette, S. H., civil engineer, Sac b K and Mont
Marniesse & Bruthey, Balto rest., W b K & M
Marniesse, L., of Marniesse & Burthey, Wash b K and Mont
Marriott, C., real estate broker, Mont b C and W
Marriposa House, B. Vallefon, K b J and Wash
Marrow & Co., real estate exchange brokers, Mont n Washington
Marsh, Col., trader, Com whf Clark’s Point
Marsh, E. C., at S. H. Williams & Co., Cal b Mont and San
Marsh, John A., accountant, c Bw and Battery
Marshal, Valentine, nurseryman, Bw b S & Dup
Marshall of the city, office 77 and 78 City Hall
Marshall, Albert, Duxbury House, Cal b Spring and Mont
Marshall, H., deputy clerk, Superior Court, City Hall
Marshall, Sandy, vendor, No 4 Stockton st
Marstin, Geo. jr., sail maker, on board bark Globe
Marston, John C., builder, Vall b P and Mason
Martin, Camilo, merchant, Wash b M and San
Martin, E. T., com. merchant, 277 Mont
Martin, Henry, of Hall & Martin, Jack b M and San
Martin, J. C., Court Exchange, Kearny b P & Bw
Martin, Louis N., carpenter, Dup b J and Wash
Martin, Mrs. Eugenia, Hotel Du Franca, Dupont b J and Pacific
Martin, Patrick, Dupont b J and Pacific
Martin, R. S., reporter for the Herald, Mont b Clay and Wash
Martin, S., importer foreign goods, J b K & Mont
Martin, W. H., sporting, Pac b K and Dupont
Martin, Wilmot, clerk at Locks & M., Sac st whf
Martines, Nicholas, rear Am bakery, Pacific st
Marty, A., shoemaker, Bw b D and Kearny
Marvin & Hitchcock, books & stationery, Herald building, Mont st
Marvin, A. S. jr., of Marvin & Hitchcock, Herald building, Mont st
Marye, Simon B., county attorney, c Clay & Mont
Mason, B. A., of Mumford, Mason & Co., c Cal and Sansome st
Mason, J. S., com. merchant, 248 Mont
Mason, N. H., carpenter, Dalton House
Mason, Thos., blacksmith, Mont b Cal and Pine
Masonic Hall, for Masons and Odd Fellows, K b Pine and B
Massan, Aime, foreign goods dealer, Sac st
Massy, Atkins, cabinet maker, Jack b Dup and K
Mastin, J. S., pro Maine Hotel, Pac b San & O
Mathes, W. J., Central House
Matsh, Robt. S., painter and gilder, Jackson b M and San
Maume, M., of Maume & Dee, c Dupont and Wash
Mavrenner, D. J., of H. W. Wallis & Co., Stockton, Sac b M and K
May, Dr. H. B., physician, Pike b Clay and Wash
Maynard & Co., wholesale grocers, foot Wash
Mayorga, D. L. A., boarding house, Bw b M & San
McAllear, T., baker, Vallejo b Mason & Powell
McAndrews, John, wheelwright, Virginia b P & J
McCahill, Thos., of Taffe, Murphy & McCahill, c Sac and Mont
McCan, Mrs. R. J. M., grocery, Stock b Bw & Vall
McCann, John, clerk, Gold b Mont and San
McCarthy, Dennis, street com., City Hall
McCartney, C., clerk, 260 Mont st
McCartney, Thos., boatman, Clark’s Point
McCarty, David, teamster, Sac b K and Dupont
McCarty, John, of Johnson & McCarty, 271 Mont
McClenachan, Robt., com. merchant, Green n Taylor
McClure, John, tin smith, Battery b Bw and V
McCracken, John, of Brooks, Sheppard & McC., c Jackson and Mont
McCrary, A. B., of Reynolds & Co., K b W and J
McCummiskey, sporting, Crescent City House
McDavitt, W. J., clerk, Alta office, Wash on Plaza
McDermot, C. C., jeweller, at Hayes & Bayley, C b K and M
McDonald & Co., com. merchants, K b Cal and Sac
McDonald, A., clerk, Pac b P and Stock
McDonald, J. M., of Dunne, McD. & Co., c K & Pac
McDonald, M., pilot outer bar, Cal b M and San
McDonald, S. G., of McDonald & Co., K b Sac & Cal
McDonald, W., of McDonald & Co., K b Sac & Cal
McDonnell, Wm., boatman, Central wharf
McDowell, L. W., register clerk, Custom House
McDuffet, James, hatter, c Dupont and Bw
McEacharn, assistant Editor Jour. of Com., Cal b D and K
McElroy, John, pressman, Mont b Wash & Clay
McGleer, Thos., blacksmith, Dunbar’s Arcade, b W and Clay
McGlynn, Daniel C., paints and oils, Sac n M
McGlynn, John A., City Recorder, City Hall
McGovern, Philip, c First and Mission
McGowan, H. E., Associate Justice law sessions, City Hall
McGowan, James, hairbraider, W b M & Powell
McGowan, John, baker, Stock b W and Clay
McGrath & Towles, Rendezvous, c K and Wash
McGrath, H. P., of McGrath & Towles, c K and Wash
McIntire House, Pacific b K and Mont
McIntire, Joseph, printer, Alta office, Wash st on the Plaza
McIntosh & Co., provision store, c Wash & Mont
McIntosh, Edward, clerk, San b P and Bush
McIntosh, R., of McIntosh & Co., c Wash & Mont
McKaraher, A. J., clerk, Jack b D and Kearny
McKaraher, John G., clerk, Jack b D and Kearny
McKee, Jno., of Barbeng & McKee, Mont b Wash and Clay
McKendry, Archibald, blacksmith, K b Sac & C
McKenju, Arthur, clerk, Robt. Smith & Co., Cal b M and Sansome
McKenzie, Thompson & Co., com. merchants, Mont b P and Jackson
McKibbin, Wm., white smith, Sac b K and Dup
McKinley & Co., Fulton Market, K b J and Wash
McKinley, L., of McKinley & Co., K b J and Wash
McKnight, Wm. S., of Underwood & McKnight
McKnish, laborer, Bw b San and Battery
McKune, Robt., baker, Bw b Ohio and Sansome
McLane, Hugh, baker, Pacific b Powell and Stock
McLane, J., baker, Pacific b Powell and Stock
McLaughlin, Michael, boatman, Central wharf
McLea, Donald, ale and porter, c Mission and First
McLean, Edw., restaurant, Longley Lane, off Mont st
McLean, W. J., sup. powder Magazine, 271 Mont
McMaster, J. C., carpenter, Pine b K and Mont
McNally, Peter, boatman, Clark’s Point
McNamara, P. S., carpenter, Bowman’s alley b P and Stockton
McNeil, Daniel, carpenter, new Episcopal Church
McQuadale, A., com. merchant, Cal b Mont & San
McRae, counsellor, c Clay and Mont
Mebins, Duisenberry & Co., fancy goods, Kearny b P and Jack
Medina, Hartog & Co., merchants, Wash b K & Mont
Medina, Marzera, N. Mont b J and Wash
Meeks, W. N., of Manrow & Co., Mont n Wash
Meer, John, accountant, Sansome b P and Jack
Megguier, T. S., physician, Jack b M and San
Meiggs, H., lumber dealer, 271 Mont
Melvine, Wm., printer, Alta office, W on the Plaza
Merchants’ Exchange Reading Room, c M & W
Merchants’ Hotel, Kearny b Sac and Cal
Merchants’ Saloon, Mont b Sac and Cal
Meredith, S. C., printer, P News office, K b P & J
Merideth, Gilmore, of Robinson, Bissell & Co., Sac st wharf
Merrifield, A. D., real estate broker, 273 Mont upstairs
Merrill, A., carpenter, Pike b C and Sac
Merrimack House, Williams & Johnson, c San and Pine
Merritt, Henry, carpenter, Mont b P and Cal
Merryfield, F., baker, Cal rear of Elephant House
Meserve, Theo., pressman, Alta office, W on the Plaza
Mevrill, Edw., at J. T. Little & Co., San b P & Jack
Meyer, D., of Meyer, Bro. & Brecht, J b D & Stock
Meyer, J. H., carpenter, Pac b D and K
Meyer, L., of Meyer, Bro. & Brecht, J b D & Stock
Meyer, Wm. & Co., importers, 243 Mont st
Meyers, S. V., of Henrichsen, Reneck & Co., Mont b Sac and Cal
Michael, F., of J. S. Moore & Co., Wash b K and M
Michler, Wm., gunsmith, Bush b K and Dupont
Mickle, E. & Co., com. merchants, Clay st wharf
Middleton & Hood, auct. com. merchants, 269 Mont
Middleton, John, of Middleton & Hood, 269 Mont
Millard, Wash J., clerk, c Mont and Clay
Miller, Capt. J., mariner, Jack b K and Dupont
Miller, Dr. B., physician, c Union and Mason
Miller, John, deputy county assessor, 43 City Hall
Miller, John, sash and show case maker, Stock b G and Union
Miller, Mosley E., of Hutton & Miller, Bw Clark’s Point
Miller, Mrs. restaurant, Mont b Sac and Cal
Miller, Nath., grocer, Batt b Bw and Vallejo
Milligan, H. F., printer, Alta office, W on Plaza
Mills, L. R., grocer, Batt b Bw and Vallejo
Mills, S. B., M. D., Dr. Smith’s Hospital, c Clay and Powell
Mills, Samuel D., tinman, Stock b Bw and V
Milter, Dantford, sporting, Stock b P and Jack
Minard, Abel, tarder, Mason b P and Jack
Miners’ Restaurant, Worster & Cushing, Mont b Wash and Jack
Mines, Rev. F., rec Trinity church, c J & Powell
Mings, M. market man, c Dupont and Jack
Minturn, Chas., agent steamer Senator, Bw Clark’s Point
Mirandol, A. & Co., importer, c Sac and Kearny
Mirron, A., San F. bakery, Jack b V and Stock
Mitchel, E. H., master mariner, c Clay and Mont
Mitchel, John, barber, c Mont and Bw
Mitchel, Samuel, butcher, Bw b D and Kearny
Mitson, Henry, wheelwright, Green above Stock
Moam, James, waiter, rear Eastern Hotel
Mohler, Caduc & Co., ship storage, Howison’s wharf foot Sac
Monmert, Achille, Hotel Richelieu, Pine b M & K
Montagnie, de la Jos E., c Sac and Webb
Montgomery House, Tibbits & Leavitt, Mont b Cal and Pine
Montlue, Henry, at J. J. Chanviteaus, Clay st wharf
Montrose, J. B., carpenter, near Rincon Point
Moody, Jos. C., permit clerk, Custom House
Moor, Samuel, boarding, Batt b Bw and Vallejo
Moore & Andrews, Oak, Mont b Com and Sac
Moore, C., of Moore, Tickenor & Co., Clay b K & M
Moore, Chas., of Dungan, Moore & Pendergrast, Sac st wharf
Moore, David, teamster, c Kearny and Jack
Moore, Folger & Hill, auc. and com. Merchants, c Wash and Mont
Moore, Geo. H., of Moore, Folger & Hill, c Wash and Mont
Moore, J. H., physician, Central House
Moore, Joseph, engineer, K b Sutter and Bush
Moore, Robt., of Moore & Andrews, b Com and Sac
Moore, Tickenor & Co., dry goods, Clay b K & M
Moorhead, W. G., of M. W. & W., Clay st wharf
Moorhead, Whitehead & Waddington, Clay st wharf
Moorhouse, Samuel, 275 Mont st upstairs
Mora, Wm., boarding house, Sac b K and Dupont
Moran, Isaac A., clerk Justice Court, Laffan’s build. on the Plaza
Morgan, Albert, restaurant, K b Sutter & Pine
Morgan, David, carpenter, Dup b Bw & Vallejo
Morgan, David, refreshment stand, Batt b Bw & V
Morgan, E. L. & Batters, grocers, c Pac and Dup
Morgan, H. G., at Dr. Smith’s Hospital, c Clay and Powell
Morgan, N. D., of Green & Moran, Clay st wharf
Morgan, P. H., of Wood, Davis & Morgan, Mont b W and Clay
Morgan, S. Griffith, at Macondry & Co., c Pine and Sansome
Morgan, W. S., jeweller, c Clay and Mont
Morgenthen, M., of Heller, Schmer & Co., Clay b K and Mont
Morrill, David S., Boston Notion, 271 Mont st
Morrill, Wm., printer, Courier office, Mont b Sac and Cal
Morris, Chas. A., of Woodruff & Morris, Clay st wharf
Morris, L., of Morris, Levi & Co., W b K & Mont
Morrison, Augustus, hardware, c Clay st and Leidsdorff Place
Morrison, Dr. J., physician, Dupont b J and Wash
Morrison, Horace, of Lock & Morrison, Sac st wharf
Morrison, Leonard H., c Mont and Sac
Morriss, Geo. W., carpenter, Pac b S and Powell
Morriss, John W., carpenter, Pac b S and Powell
Morriss, Joseph, carpenter, Pac b S and Powell
Morriss, Josiah, clothing, Clay b K & M
Morse, Geo., blacksmith, Cal rear Duxbury House
Morse, George, blacksmith, Clay b M & San
Morse, J. B., of Buckley & Morse, Clay b M & San
Morse, P. A., counsellor, c Mont and Wash
Mortellee, P. M., New York House, Pac b Stock and Powell
Mortluc, H., of J. J. Chauviteau & Co., J b K & Dup
Morton, J. H. & Co., grocer, c Batt and Vallejo
Morton, Wm., carpenter, K b Pine and Bush
Mosby, B. S., laborer, Stock rear Bay State Hotel
Mosher, Wm. H. & Co., com. merchants, c Sansome and Pacific
Moss, Samuel jr., com. merchant, Mont b Sac & Cal
Moulton, David, blacksmith, Pine b M and San
Moulton, Wm. P., tinsmith, c Jack and Mont
Mount, T. L., clerk, Huerlin & Belcher, c Jack and Sansome
Mowry, Barton, mason, Powell b Bw and V
Mowry, Rhanaldo, carpenter, Powell b Bw and V
Mowry, Sylvester, mason, Powell b Bw and V
Mudge, B. W., of Hayden & Mudge, Herald building, Mont st
Muir & Green, brokers, c Pac and San
Muir, Alexander, of Muir & Green, c Pac and San
Mulchy, A. jr., baker, Virginia b P and Jackson
Mulchy, A., baker, Virginia b P and Jackson
Muller, Herman, merchant, Spring n Cal
Muller, Louis, of Boschuler & Muller, P b M & K
Muller, Nath., grocer, Batt b B and V
Mullot & Co., com. merchants, Dup b C and Wash
Mumford, Col. J. D., counsellor, J b M and San
Mumford, G. N., of Mumford, Mason & Co., c Cal and San
Mumford, Mason & Co., com. merchants, c Cal and San
Munfry, Wm., hotel, Webb b Sac and Cal
Munro, Jahn W., at the Waverly House, Pac b M and Kearny
Munrow, D., of Chard, Johnson & Co., No. 1 Gold st
Murhart, G., trader, Bw b D and K
Murhart, Gustave, fruit store, J b M and San
Murphy, Daniel S., of Taffee, Murphy & McCahill, c Sac and Mont
Murphy, Dennis, carpenter, Bw b San and Dup
Murphy, John, clerk, San b P and Jack
Murray House, James Hair, Cal b K and Dupont
Murry & Sanger, merchatns, J b S and Battery
Murry, James, shipping office, c M and Central wharf
Murry, Wm. & Forman, butchers, Bw b D and K
Murtin, Henry S., of J. Ford & Co., J b M and San
Muscott & Bushnell, counsellors, Central wharf
Musson, Eugene, counsellor, on the Plaza
Muzzy, Chas. O., Goddale, Muzzy & Co., San b J and Wash
Myers, Edward R., com. merchant, 253 Mont
Myers, Isaac, clothing and dry goods, Clay b K and Mont
Mygatt & Bryant, wash baths, c W and Maiden L
Mygatt, Henry, of Mygatt & Bryant, c W and Maiden L
Myrick, Crosett & Co., gen. jobber, J b San and B
Myrick, F. W., of Myrick, Crosett & Co., J b San and B
Nagle, Capt. Jeremiah, ship Elizabeth, Clark’s Point
Nagle, Richard P., blacksmith, Mont b Cal and Pine
Naglee, H. M., banker, 280 Mont
Napoleon Restaurant, Sanchez, K b Sac and Cal
Napthraley, Joseph, carpenter, Stock b Bw and V
Nash, Capt. James S., mariner, schr. Jas. L. Day
Nauman, L., printer, J. of C. office, D b W and Clay
Neal, W., pilot on the Sac and San Joaquin river, under Hutton & Tim., Clark’s Point
Neep, John, Cal. Brewery, V b Powell & Mason
Negus, James E., tailor, Alta Cal build., W on P
Nelson & Baker, blacksmiths, Webb b Sac & C
Nelson, H. H., com. merchant, Mont b Pac and Jack
Nelson, James, agent pilot boat Relief, Bw b Batt and Front
Nelson, R., boatman, Clark’s Point
Nelson, Thos., of Nelson & Baker, Webb b Sac and Cal
Nesbit, F. A., merchant, Jack b S and Dupont
Neugebauger, S., stationery and fancy goods, M b Sac and Cal
Neustadter, S. W., of Adelsdorfer & N., Sac st
Nevins, T. J., agent A. & P. T. Society, W b S & D
Nevius, R. W., refreshments, Com whf Clark’s Point
New Bedford House, John Britnell, San P & B
New England House, W. B. Wilton, San b Cal and Pine
Newell, Wm. S., printer, Alta office, W on Plaza
Newell, Wm., boarding house, Pac b K and M
Newfield, Lewis, of Newfield, Waters & Co., K b Com and Clay
Newfield, Waters & Co., jewelry and clothing, K b Com and Clay
Newman, Frederick, carpenter, Stock b P and J
Nexsen, G. J. W., clerk, c Dupont and Clay
Nicholas, Chas., boarding house, Pac b D & Stock
Nicholas, James, laborer, c Jack and Dupont
Nichols, A. C., Clay st wharf
Nichols, H., at Baldwin’s, Clay st on the Plaza
Nicholson, John, trader, Green b San and Dup
Nickerson, J. B., clerk, N. Y. market, Central wharf
Nickerson, J. S., grocer, San c Cal and Pine
Niles, E. & W. J. Niles, Clay b M and K
Noah, Joel, clothing, Jackson b K and Mont
Noel, A., c Clay and Kearny
Noonan, Jeremiah, Boarding House, Bush b Dup and Kearny
Norris, David, printer, Alta Of., Wash on Plaza
Norris, Theopulus, com. merchant, Central wharf
Northrop, R. S., compositor, Herald, M b W & C
Northrup, S. C., of C. Farris & Co., Bw b S and Batt
Norton, A. S., Boatman’s House, Bw Clark’s Point
Norton, Ed., of Norton, Satterlee & Norton, No. 1 Laffan’s Building, Plaza
Norton, Joshua W., ship and com. merchant, c M and J
Norton, Myron, of Norton, Satterlee & Norton, No. 1 Laffan’s Building, Plaza
Norton, Satterlee & Norton, counsellors, No. 1 Laffan’s Building, Plaza
Noyes, Geo. F., counsellor, Clay b K and Mont
Nugent & Co., prop. of Herald, Mont b W and C
Nugent, John, editor Herald, Mont b W and C
Nunes, Albert, of Yale & Nunes, Adobe B on Plaza
Nunes, Ralph, custom house inspector, Bw north of Dupont
Nute, Joseph P., carpenter, Mont b Cal and Pine
Nutting, blacksmith, Maiden Lane b J and Wash
Nutting, Calvin, blacksmith, c Maiden Lane and Gibb
O’Brien, Dr. P. M., physician, Pac b S and D
O’Brien, John, of Louisberg & O’Brien, housesmiths, M b J and P
O’Brien, John, sporting, Clay b K and D
O’Brien, W. S., c Pacific and Mason
O’Conley, Nicholas, public bakery, Jack P & D
O’Connor, John F., of Conroy & O’Connor, Mont b J and W
O’Connor, P., of Fox, O’C. & Cummings, traders, Pac b J and P
O’Dominis, clerk, S. H. Williams & Co., Cal b M & S
O’Hare, James, baker, Valparaiso ab Mason
O’Leary, Wm., boatman, Sac st sharf
O’Meara, James, printer, P. N. office, K b J and P
O’Meara, Robt., clerk, Green ab Stock
O’Neil, Chas., blacksmith, Green ab Stock
O’Neil, John, laborer, head of Valparaiso
O’Neil, Robert, Travellers’ Rest., c Bw and Mont
O’Rourke, John, pro. Rising Sun, Pac b K and D
O’Sullivan, Michael, steward at Simmons, H. & Co.
Oakes, A. G., pro. Elephant House, Cal b M & K
Oakes, of Endicott, Green & O., Central wharf
Oat, Capt. Jos. M., sail maker, at Amory & Co.
Odell, Gideon, bookkeeper, K b P and J
Ogden & Haynes, gen. Com. merchants, Clay st whf
Ogden, Benj., Virginia b P and Jack
Ogden, R. L., of Ogden & Haynes, Clay st whf
Old Bay State, Switzer & English, Boston Row
Oldfield, M., state mar. Hosp., Stock b Bw and V
Oliver, Dennis J., dealer in paints, oils & c., Sac b M and K
Oliviera, Dr. Mon. le, Maison de Sante, Stockton b Bw and V
Ollendorf, Louis, of Ollendorf, Wolf & Co., J b M & S
Ollendorff, Wolf & Co., clothing store, J b M & S
Olney, F. A., clerk, Pac b K and D
Olphan, A., merchant, c Montgomery and Pac
Orellana, Manuel C., Pac b K and D
Orrego Brothers, Sac st wharf
Osborn, Dr. Wm. R., physician, c Stock and Pac
Osborn, J. W., china goods, Mont b S and Cal
Osborne, O. C. jr., com. mt., c Mont and Clay upstairs
Osborne, O. C. sr., com. mt., c Mont and Clay upstairs
Osgood & Eagleston, com. merchants, Com. wharf Clark’s Point
Osman, R. E., Swan, Wash b M and K
Otis, James, of Macondray & Co., c San and Pine
Ottinger & Brown, com. and ship merchants, Cen. wharf
Ottinger, Douglas, of O. & Brown, Central whf
Oughton, Wm. E., printer, J. of C., Dup b W & C
Owen, J. P., painter, Bw b S and D
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