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Taaffe, Murphy & McCahill, dry goods, c S & M
Taaffe, Wm., of T. Murphy & McCahill, c S & M
Taiboret, Samuel, laborer, Kearny b Bush and S
Tailer, John, restaurant, Sac b Cal and P
Talley, James, barber, Pac b K and M
Tamm. Wash. Merchant, Battery entr
Tarbox, W. L., joiner, Belden b Bush and P
Tarroni, Lorenzo, trader, Pac b K and D
Tate, Robt. H., clerk, Batt b Bw and V
Tay, Geo. H., of Leonard & Tay, foot Wash st
Taylor & Gordon, tin plate workers, M b P & J
Taylor, A. C., of T. & Gordon, Mont b P and J
Taylor, C. L., lumber and com. mcht., D b C & Pine
Taylor, Chauncey, clerk, c Mont and Cal
Taylor, H. F., painter, at Oliver & Co., S b M & K
Taylor, J. M., of Harlow, Taylor & Co., merchant, Trem b H and F
Taylor, James, baker, Pac b San and Mont
Taylor, John B., City Hall Lunch, head Gold st
Taylor, Lewis, Cape Cod House, Mont b P & Cal
Taylor, M. V. B., tin plate worker, Mont b P and J
Taylor, T., shoemaker, Tontine, c M & Cent whf
Taylor, Wm. O., at Hastings & Co., W b K & M
Tears, John, laborer, c Pac and Mason
Teller, J. M., of McDonald & Co., com. merchant, K b C and Cal
Ten Eyck, Anthony, counsellor, Clay b S & D
Ten Eyck, M., brass finisher, Union Pl b G & U
Thayer, S. A. & J. G., com. merchant, M b S and Cal
Thibault, Fred., merchant, 245 Mont
Thomas, Dr. David, surgeon, W. A., Ohio b P & Bw
Thomas, J. V., cabinet maker, c Sac and Kearny
Thomas, Mrs. Ellen, dress maker, c G & Stock
Thomas, Wm. H., c Jackson and Mont
Thompson, Edwin, of G. Farris & Co. gen. store, Bw b S and Batt
Thompson, Eugene C., of T. & Co., painter, c Wash and Cottage Place
Thompson, Henry B., c Kearny and Wash
Thompson, Henry J., boatman, Central whf
Thompson, James, carpenter, Cal rear Pike
Thompson, James, of Swan & T., K b Com and C
Thompson, Richard E., tin plate worker, c J & M
Thompson, Samuel, clothing, Jack b M and S
Thompson, Samuel, McD. gen. store, c K and Jack
Thompson, Stephen, Exchange, Parker house
Thompson, Wm. jr., com. and ship broker, Com building, Central wharf
Thurston & Reed, c Kearny and Clay
Thurston, T. G., of Thurston & Reed, c K and Clay
Tibbey, Capt. W. H., mariner, c Green and Stock
Tibbey, Chas. J., clerk, c Bw and Batt
Tibbits, Richard H., of Gibson & Tibbits, Sac b K and Dupont
Tice & Schuyler, City Market, Cal b Spring and M
Tice, George, clerk, Cal b Spring and M
Tice, Janes, of T. & Schuyler, Cal b Spring and M
Ticknor, Lewis, of Moore, T. & Co., C b K and M
Ticroff, A., of Cohn, Kaufman & Co., C b K and M
Tierney, Mathew, Union Market, Wash b S & M
Tilden, Thos., of Titts & T., merchant, M b Cal and S
Tillinghast, Wm. H., of E. Mickle & Co., Clay st wf
Tillman & Dunn, manuf. jewellers, Clay b K & M
Tillman, John, of T. & Dunn, Clay b K and M
Tilman, F., at Beaudry & Co., M b P and Bush
Timmerman, J. B., of Hutton & T., com. merchant, Batt b Bw and V
Tinman, Frederic, cooper, Pac rear Am Bakery
Tinteman, W., of Glaysen & Co., c Wash & Plaza
Tirrell, A. T., carpenter, Mont b P and C
Tisso, S. C., of Ruth, T & Co. Spring near Cal
Titcomb, John H., merchant, Mont b Cal and S
Titman Brothers, dry goods, Jack b S and M
Titman, E., of Titman & Bro., Jack b S and M
Tittle, August, mason, c Bush and Kearny
Tittle, Fred G., mason, c Bush and Kearny
Tittle, Fred jr., mason, c Bush and Kearny
Toby, Edward, clerk Herald office, Mont n Clay
Tompkins, G. B., clerk, c Bw and Stock
Tone, Jose, laborer, Green ab Stock
Tontine House, Austin & Button, c M and Cen whf
Toppin, A., clerk, at Webbs & Co., c Clay & M
Totten & Eddy, gen. jobbers, Sac b M and San
Tower, Peter, of Tower, Wood & Co., 40 Sac
Tower, Wood & Co., gen. store, 40 Sac
Towles, Arthur, of McGrath & T., c K and Wash
Towne & Vanwinkle, blacksmiths, S b P and Bw
Towne, Wm. H., grocer, Bw b San and Batt
Towne, Wm. J., of T. Van winkle & Co., S b P and Bw
Towner, G. W., contractor, Bw b S and D
Towner, J. W., engineer, c Bw and Dup
Toy, Daniel, clothing store, Mont b P and J
Tracy, J. B., machinist
Treadwell & Co., importers, clothing, boots &c., Kearny b Com and S
Treadwell, J. C., of Delmonico & T., M b W and C
Treadwell, Joseph C., merchant,  M b W and C
Treasurer’s Office, 76 City Hall
Treat & Foster, Gondola, Jack b M and K
Treat, Geo., of T. and Foster, Jack b M and K
Treroff, Aug., of Cohn, Kaufman & Co., Pac b K & D
Trescott, Dr., physician, Bw b S and D
Triest, B., merchant, Sac b Sansome and Battery
Trinity Bowling Saloon, G. Rrown, Pac b San & M
Tripp,  carpenter, Mont b P and Cal
Tripp, J. C., clerk, c Webb and Sac
Trowbridge, Geo., of T., Morrison & Co., storage ship T.B., ft Sac
Trowbridge, Morrison & Co., storage ship Thomas Bennett, ft Sac
True, Albert C., Rochester House, Sac b M and K
True, Edmund W., clerk, Sac b M and K
Truebody, John, carpenter, Pike b C and W
Trull, Geo. G., machinist, c Mason and Jack
Truper, Andrew, musician, Stock b Bw and V
Trusspard, F. A., tin smith, Clay b M and K
Tucker, J. W., importing jeweler, Com b K and M
Tull, Stephen, carpenter, Pike b C and W
Turnbull & Walton, wool com. merchant, 251 Mont
Turnbull, Dr. J. W., physician, 251 Mont
Turnbull, Robt., broker, Wash b J and D
Turnbull, Wm., of T. & Walton, 251 Mont
Turner, David L., of T., Fish & Co., San b J & W
Turner, Fish & Co., shipping & com., San b J & W
Turry, G., grocer, Jackson b C and W
Tyler & Story, grocers, Sac b K and M
Tyler, A. S., of T. & Story, Sac b K and M
Tyrrel, Richard, boatman, Clark’s Point
Ulmer & Co., dry goods, Clay b K and Mont
Ulmer, S. Henry, of U. & Co., Clay b K and Mont
Underwood, McKnight & Co., com. merchant, San b P & J
Underwood, Thos., of U., McK. & Co., San b P & J
Unger, H., dry goods, Sac b K and M
Union Hotel, Geo. Brown, Pac b San and Mont
Union Saloon, Francis W. Randall, c Jack & Bat
Uny, Oscar, dry goods, Clay b K and M
Upham, Geo. T., clerk, S. H. Williams & Co., Cal b Mont and San
Uri, James, pilot outer harbor, Cal b Mont & San
Valentine, T. B., of Dederer & V., Bw b San & Bat
Vallier, John, clerk, at Morriss & Co., Clay b K & M
Van Blarcom, Peter D., com. merchant, K Com & Sac
Van Brunt, R. N., agent Pioneer Line Schooners, c Mont and Clay
Van Damme & Clement, 242 Mont st
Van Damme, Adolph, of V. D. & Clement, 242 Mont st
Van Damme, S., clerk, San b Pine and Bush
Van Dervoort & Co., com. merchant, 275 Mont st
Van Dervoort, Jos. C., of V. D. & Co., 275  Mont st
Van Kuren, A., c San and Bw
Van Ness, H., pilot Sac & San Joaquin river, S. T. Saloon, Clark’s Point
Van P Houten, John A., San Francisco market, Kearney Com and Sac
Van Pelt, Capt. D., Lightcoman, Bw b S and Bat
Van Pelt, Chas., pilot, Sac & San Joaquin river, S. T. Saloon, Clark’s Point
Van Winkle, H., of Town & V. W., San b P & Bush
Van Winkle, P. Warren, Cal b Spring and Mont
Vanbergen, John, Jackson b M and K
Vance, James, Wash st wharf
Vandervert, Henry, deputy assessor, No. 43, City Hall
Vanderwater, John, builder, Powell b Bw and V
Vanvelsar, Chas., baker, Kearny b Cal and Pine
Vanwart & Co., centre market, c Sac & Kearney
Vanwart, Edward, of V. & Co., c Sac & Kearny
Vaquez, James, trader, Central House
Varon, Henry, laborer, Pike b Clay and Wash
Vasquez, Miguel, Pac R of A Bakery
Vassault, F. & Co., com. merchant, Com whf Clark’s Point
Vassault, Ferdinand, of Vassault & Co., Com whf Clark’s Point
Veallefon, Bernard, Marriposa, Kear b J & Wash
Velasco, Elias, laborer, Stockton b P and Jack
Venable, S., deputy clerk, District Court
Vennigerhotz, John G., grocery, Webb b Cal & S
Veranda, Willis Johnson, c Wash and Kearny
Vermehr, Rev. Dr. John, Pastor Grace Chapel, c Jackson and Powell
Vernam, John S., draughtsman, City Hall
Verplank, Philip, of Cost & V., Herald Bld Mont
Viney, Chas., refreshments, K b Com and Sac
Vinton, Olives, c Bw and Bat
Virt, Auguste, Hotel Richelieu, Pac b M and K
Visher, Edward, merchant, Cal b K and Mont
Vogan, Lyon & Co., com. merchants,  Mont b W & Clay
Vogan, Thos., of V. Lyon & Co., Mont b W & Clay
Vose, Wood & Co., Jackson b San and Bat
Vowels, Geo., furniture dealer, Sac b M and K
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