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Waddington, of Morehead, Whitehead & W., foot C street
Waddington, Thos., tailor, Jackson b M and S
Wade, John, merchant on board brig Sisters
Wadsworth, James C. L., c Jack and K
Wadsworth, James C. S., Mont b M and C
Wagstaff, R., pilot outer bar, Cal b M and S
Wainwright, James E., of Kendig, W. & Co., Mont b W and C
Wait, J. F., barkeeper, Star H., 250 Mont
Wakeman, A. C., Cal b Spr and Mont
Walden, J. J., clerk, S. J. & Co., c Cal and San
Walker, B. B., miner, Spoff b W and C
Walker, Thos. B., clerk, Grayson & Guild, San b P and J
Wallis, Jos. I., Montgomery House, M b Cal & P
Walsh, James, shoemaker, Virginia b P and J
Walter, Abraham, of Newfield, W. & Co., Kear b Com and C
Walton, Wm. F., of Turnball & W., 251 Mont
Wapler, Adolph, merchant, Spring near Cal
Ward, C. W., carpenter, Bw b M and K
Ward, Philip, carpenter, Dup b Bw and V
Ward, Wm., Albion House, Bw b M and San
Wardwell, A., notary public & conveyancer, Mont b S and Cal
Warner, Chas., merchant, Pine b S and M
Warner, James A., butcher, San b P and Bw
Warren, F. M. & Co., shipping and com., J near San
Warwick, Elijah, tin plate worker, Pike b W & C
Washburn, W. Hollis, of Lord & W., Jack b M & S
Washington Baths, Mygatt, Bryant & Co., Wash b M and K
Washington St. Rest., Reymond & Setter, Wash b M and K
Waterman, J., grocer, Kear b P and Cal
Watkins, G., liquor business, rear Dra. Museum
Watson, Aug. A. & Co., grocers, Bw b S and Bat
Watson, Job, of Paul White & Co., San b W & J
Watson, Noble Henry, artist, c K and Pine
Watson, R. S., of Macondray & Co., c Pine and San
Watson, Thos., gentleman, Wash b P and S
Watson, W., trader, Bw b S and D
Waverly House, B. F. Bucknell, Pac b M and K
Way, Thos., teacher, U. H. A., c Powell and Vall
Webb, Joseph W., tin plate worker, Cal b J & M
Weber, Ernest, cigar store, Pac b M and K
Webster, Capt. Wm., ship Elizabeth, Clarkís Pt
Webster, Chas. F., Star House, 250 Mont
Weed, Joseph, Kearny b P and Bush
Weeden, Geo. A., lighterman, c Mont and Clay
Wehler, Edward, Universe Rest., Jack b D & K
Weir, Jas. B., groceries & pro., Clay b M and S
Weisenthal, Andrew, City Hospital
Welden, Chas. M., tin plate worker, M b P and J
Weller, Jno. B., of W. Jones & Kinder, Pac b K & D
Wells & Co., bankers, c Clay and Mont
Wells, Alex, counsellor, c Wash and M
Wells, Henry J., clerk, J. C. 2d township, Plaza
Wells, Jacob L., wheelwright, Kear b P & Bush
Wells, Robt. & Co., com. merchant, Howisonís wharf
Wells, Thos. G., of W. & Co., c Clay and Mont
Welton, Merritt W., measurer, City Hall
West, Dr. Benj., physician, Clay b M and K
West, Geo., carpenter, Mont b P and Bush
West, Wm. H., grocer, Pac b K & D
Western Hotel, L. Dederer, Bw b San and B
Weston, S. E., salesman, S. Lilly & Co., whf ft Sac
Weston, Wm. K., architect & builder, Jack b M & S
Wetherbee, Henry, mcht., Pacific b San & Bat
Whaley, Thos., com merchant, Mont b P and J
Wheaton, Dr. S. M., dentist, Clay b M and K
Wheaton, Geo. W., Mont b J and W
Wheeler, A. B., painter, Kear b C and P
Wheeler, Alfred, of C. & W. counsellors, Clay b M and K
Wheeler, David, carpenter, Mason b Clay and S
Wheeler, Frank, clerk, at the Woodcock
Wheeler, G. W., of Hawley, Sterling and Co., Sac b M and S
Wheeler, Peter, engineer, Alta of., Wash in Plaza
Wheelock, A. G., at custom house, c Cal & Mont
Wheelock, Mrs. J., milliner, & dressmaker, Stock b P and J
Whipley, John, carpenter, c Spr and Cal
Whipple, S. B., Clay o Portsmouth Square
Whitcher, J. E., surveyor & Civ. Engineer, Meilus b Miss and H
Whitcomb, A. C., counsellor, Clay b M and K
Whitcomb, C. A., counsellor, Clay b M and K
White & McNulty, grocers, Jack b M & S
White & Williams, shipping & com. business, Jack b S and Batt
White Brothers, importers, Cal b M and K
White, A. M., of Belknap & W, San b W and J
White, Dr. Henry, physician, Wash b S and D
White, Dr. W. L., physician, City Hospital
White, Herman, carpenter
White, Jacob, Strangerís Home, Pac b M and K
White, James M., of W. Graves & Bucklen, Bw b S & Batt
White, James W., counsellor, Cal b M and K
White, Philo, of Stedman & W., Clay b M & K
White, Urial H., painter and glazer, Jack b S & D
White, W. H., cook and steward, Batt b Bw & P
White, Wm. F., of W. Brothers, Cal b M and K
White, Wm. H., of W. & Williams, Jack b S and Batt
Whitehall, Hoff & Ambrose, c Batt & Cen whf
Whitehead, of Moorhead, W. & Waddington, foot Clay st
Whitehouse, Joel, machinist, Pine ab Dup
Whitfied, Dr. Geo., physician, Spoff b C and W
Whiting, Asa, of Hardy & W., baker, c Bat & Val
Whitman & Salmon, merchants, brig Treaty, Clks pt
Whitman, R. H., gentleman, c Pac and San
Whitmore, H. M., of W. & Gladwin, com. merchant, Cal b M and S
Whitney, F. E. R., watchman, Pac b Mas and Pow
Whitney, Granville, painter, Mont b S and Cal
Whitney, Sumner, Pine St. House, Pine b M & S
Whitney, Wm J., com. merchant, c San and Cal
Whittaker, A. W., printer, P. N. off., K b J and P
Whitten, James F., baker, Kear b C and Com
Whitten, M. S., tin smith, Wash b M and K
Wilcocks, D., City Hospital, Clay st
Wilcox, Alex., blacksmith, Bw b S and D
Wilcox, John, of W. & Gorton, market, Mont b B and Sutter
Wilder, C. R., cabinet maker, Cal b K & D
Wilkie, Alex., lemonade & soda fac., San b Bsh & P
Wilkins, R. B., com. merchant, head Central whf
Willett, R. H., carpenter, Green b S and D
Williams & Johnson, Merrimac H., c San & Pine
Williams & Palmer, boarding h., San b Bsh & Pine
Williams, A. J., merchant, at Dalton House
Williams, B. F., Parker House
Williams, B. S., manufac., Newburyport Ave San
Williams, Elias, clerk, Kear b P and Bush
Williams, H., measurer, City Hall
Williams, Henry, of Stowell, W. & Co., Mnt b J & W
Williams, J. L., carpenter, Mont rear Adams & Co.
Williams, J. T., of White & W. Jack b S and B
Williams, John, carpenter, San rear N B C House
Williams, Joseph B., Merrimac H., c San & Pine
Williams, Louis, seaman, Bw ab Stockton
Williams, N. S., clerk, S. H. W. & Co., Cal b M and S
Williams, printer, P. N. office, Kear b J and P
Williams, Putnam & Phelps, New York Rest., Sac b M and K
Williams, R. F., of W., Putnam & Phelps, Sac b M and K
Williams, R. M., of W. & Palmer, San b Bsh & Pine
Williams, Rev A., 1st Presb. Ch., Dup b P & Bw
Williams, Richard, tailor, Jack b San and M
Williams, Robt., clerk, Kear b P and Bush
Williams, S. H. & Co., com. merchant, Cal b M and S
Williams, T. H., clerk, C. B. & Co., Cal b M and S
Williams, Wm., cooking, Pac b M and K
Williamson, Miss Margaret, boarding h., 107 Kear
Williamsten, H. H., grocer, c Pac and Stockton
Willing, M. E., printer, Cal. Cou., Mont n Cal
Willis, H. P., of Fay, Peirce & W., c Clay & Mont
Willis, William, c Bw and Sansome
Willits, John jr., carpenter, Bw b S and P
Willows & Catchlove, butchers, Ohio b P & Bu
Willows, Geo., of W. & Catchlove, Ohio b P & Bu
Wilson & Eagleston, shipg office, Central whf
Wilson & Jarvis, wholesale grocers, c San & Cal
Wilson & Spaulding, bookstore, Clay b K & Du
Wilson, A. T., counsellor, Wellsí Build., c C & M
Wilson, Benham & Rice, counsellors, Laffanís Build.
Wilson, E. A., harness maker, c Gibbs and K
Wilson, Edward, clerk, J. & Canfield, Jac b D & K
Wilson, J. Downs, grocer, c San and Cal
Wilson, J. S., clerk, S. J. & Co., c Cal and San
Wilson, James, lighterman, c Green and Powell
Wilson, John L., of W. W. O. & Co., Pac b K & m
Wilson, John, boatman, Jackson st whf
Wilson, John, harness maker, c Gibbs and K
Wilson, John, of Benham & Rice, Laffanís Build.
Wilson, L. T., shipg & com. merchant, Bw b B and F
Wilson, Mrs. Mary, dress maker, c Green and Powell
Wilson, Richard, boarding house, Pac b S & Pow
Wilson, Sam H., star Bakery, Cal b K and Dup
Wilson, Wm. C., baker, rear Rising Sun, P b K & D
Wilson, Wm. O. & Co., grocers, Pac b K & M
Wilton, Wm. B., New Eng. House, San b C and P
Wimley & Lear, Crescent City H., Kear in Plaza
Wimley, Wm., of W. & Lear, Kear in Plaza
Winchester, J., ed. Pacific News, Kear b J and P
Winchester, W. M., carpenter, Mont b P and Cal
Winding, Dr.,, apothecary, state Mar. hosp., Sto
Wing, J. B., private watchman, Dup b Clay & W
Winlack, Miss J. B., schl for young ladies, c Vall and Mason
Winn, M. L., confectioner, Bw b S and P
Winser, Samuel L., com. merchant, Sac near Mont
Winslow, F. B., clerk
Winston & Simmons, com. merchant, Mont b S & Cal
Winston,Thos. B., of W. & Simmons, Mont b S & Cal
Winter, Louis, of Arnold & W., Wash b M and K
Wise & Leonard, Apollo Saloon, c Sac and Bat
Wise, C. K., of W. & Leonard, c Sac and Bat
Wise, Chas. K. & Co., shipg agents, c Sac and Bat
Wisner, S. P., com. merchant, c Mont and Sac
Witeman, Peter, carpenter, Kear b P and B
Wodell, Eli, porter, S. L. & Co., San b S & Cen wf
Wolf, Julius, of Ollendorf, W & Co., Jac b S & M
Wolf, Louis, printer, Pac. News, Kear b J and W
Wood & Eddy, counsellors, 275 Mont
Wood, Albert A., carpenter, Pac b Mas and P
Wood, Albert, carpenter, c Pac and Pow
Wood, Chas., of Tower, W & Co., Sac b M & K
Wood, Davis & Morgan, counsellors, Mnt b C & W
Wood, Eben, blacksmith, rear Dunbarís Bank
Wood, Eben, blacksmith, San b Cal & Pine
Wood, Geo. N., boarding h., c Union and Pow
Wood, R. N., of W. Davis & Morgan, Mnt b C & W
Wood, Sam P., tin plate worker, Stock b P & J
Wood, Samuel, tin smith, Kear b W & J
Wood, Wm. G., of W. & Eddy, 275 Mont
Wood, Wm., Franklin market, San b Cal & Pine
Wood, Wm., market, c Bw and Stock
Woodcock, by T. K. Battelle, Clay b M and K
Woodford, E. S. & Co., gen shipg & com., Jack st wf
Woodman, L. C., of Chipman & W., Clay b M and K
Woodruff, E. & Co., merchants, San b Cal and P
Woodruff, Job, American Hotel, Stock b Bw & V
Woodruff, P. D., merchant, Mont b Sac and Cal
Woodruff, W. A., jeweller, Clay n Dupont
Woods, F. H., clerk, Adams & Co., Mont b Cal & S
Woods, Harvey A., blacksmith, M. lane b J and W
Woods, J. C. & Co., com. merchant, foot Pine
Woods, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, c Bw & Macon
Woodside, E. G., carriage maker, Somer b M & K
Woodward, James, blacksmith, San b C & P
Woodward, R. R., grocer, Pike b W and Clay
Woodward, Samíl., carpenter, San b C & P
Woodworth & Morris, shipg & com. merchant., Clay st whf
Woodworth, Fred A., of W. & Morris, Clay st whf
Woodyard, H. W., cus. house insp., Bw b S & B
Wooley, S. F., of N. & Co. Boatmanís H., Bw b S B
Worley, Wm., mariner, Pac b Dup & S
Worn, Geo. A., com. merchant, c Cal and Kear
Worrill, A. C., refreshment stand, Kear b Com & C
Worster & Cushing, Minersí Rest., Maid. Lane b J & W
Worster, Edwin P., of W. & Cushing, Maid. Lane b J & W
Worth, Benj., clerk, M. M. & Co., c San and Cal
Worthington, Beale & Bunting, com. merchant, Mont b J and W
Worthington, Herbert, of W. B. & B., Mont b J & W
Wright, C. J., pilot outer bar, Cal b M & S
Wright, David, engineer, Bw b P and S
Wright, Dexter R., counsellor, 275 Mont
Wright, Patrick C. N., clerk, Clay b K & M
Wright, T. L., clerk, Jack b San and M
Wright, Wm., boatman, Bw b S and B
Wright, Wm., market, San b P and B
Wright, Wm., wine & spirit bottler, Bw b S & M
Wykoff & Co., wholesale deal. & impts., Mont b W & J
Wykoff, Geo., of W. & Co., Mont b W & J
Wylie, John W., clerk, Bw b B and Front
Wyman, Oliver, carpenter, Pine b M & K
Wyman, R. & Co., clothing, Jack b M & S
Wyman, T. S., of W., R. & Co., Jack b M & S
Wynn, Gehricke & Co., Cal b M and S
Wynn, John B., of W., Gehricke & Co., Cal b M and S
Yale & Nunes, counsellors, Adobe Build. Plaza
Yale, Gregory, of Yale & Nunes, Adobe Build, Plaza
Yalmstine, Zelko, jeweller, Clay st on the Plaza
Ygnacio, Zarule, at Tontine House, c Mon and Central wharf
Young, Chas. B., exchange broker, Wash b Clay and Mont
Young, Edward, Stradt, Hambert, Pac b P and Stockton
Young, Geo. A., laborer, No. 12 Bush st
Young, John H., laborer, c Dupont and Bw
Young, Wm., blacksmith, Clay b M and San
Zachresky, Alexander, lithographer, Clay b D & Kearny
Zroneton, Joseph, gen. agent, Pac b S & Mont
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