San Francisco City Directory

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al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                       Dahhlman, John S., 710½ Commercial, h b Pine and Leidesdorff
Daily & Coffee, liquors, 40 Commercial
Dall, Austin & Co., commission merchants, 92 Front
Dally & Robinson, painters, 151 Clay
Dam, Alphonse, hair dresser, 57 Sansome
Dany, Mrs. Julia, milliner, 184 Clay
Danos, J.B. & Co., butchers, New World market, 116 Com.
Danglada, Domingo, Mexican goods, 169 Washington
Darlington, Miss Mary, upholstery, 220 Dupont
Daughney, E., importer of diamonds, 172 Montgomery
Davis, S., cabinet maker, 257 Clay
Davis, John, Miners' Exchange, 6 Commercial
Davis, James, (Hinckley & Davis,) Webb
Davis & Oakley, wholesale liquors, 176 Commercial
Davis, Joseph, clothing, 61 Commercial
Davis, James T., waitor, 85 Sansome
Davis & Rollins, auctioneers and commission merchants, 60 Cal.
Davis, R.D.W., (Davis & Rollins,) 60 California
Davis & Co., importers of hardware, 94 California
Davis, John, blacksmith, 164 California
Davis, S.L., jewelry, 228 Dupont
Davis, (Hart & Davis,) seed and ag., 50 and 52 Sansome c Pine
Davis, Isaac, line, at Otis & Farnhams
Davies, Wm., fruit, 154½ Clay
Davega, B.F., (Davega & Labatt,) 188 Clay
Davega & Labatt, dry goods, 188 Clay
Davies, J.P., groceries and provisions, 131 Washington
David, V., jr., liquors and groceries, 86 California
David, J., commission merchant, 133 Dupont
Davids, W.H., clerk with Fitzgerald & Baush, Battery
Davidson, B., banker, 133 Montgomery c Commercial
Davidson, salesman, 22 Commercial
Decandin, E., grocer, 205 Pacific
Dechane, R.M., Butchers' Retreat, 103 Commercial
Decosta, J.N., grocer, 207 Pacific
Decoursey, John, Pacific House, 86 Pacific
Deeden, S.S., blacksmith, 152 California
De Fremery, J., consul for Meeklenburg, 168 Sansome
Delhunone, Chas. le Franc, upholstery, 198 Dupont
Delacroiz, P.D.D., groceries, ? Sansome
Delessert, Cordier & Co., hardware, ?3 Battery
Delong, F., 63 Battery
Delong, J., 63 Battery
Deluc, B., confectioner, 104 Montgomery
Dempster, Chauncey F., 113 Battery
Dewey, Squier P., notary public, 96 Montgomery
Denney, John, house and sign painter, 143 Washington
Dennis, W.E., dock builder, h on Mission
Dennis, M., butcher, 224 Sacramento
Dennison, Mary O., Dupont c Commercial
Denslow, M., printer, Evening Journal, 160 Sansome
Deking, A., watch maker, 60 Pacific
Depenne Doct., 130 Kearny
Defeau, chas., Polka saloon, 161 Commercial
Dehoas, W., machinist at Pacific iron foundry, First
Derbec, proprietor and editor l'Echo du Pacific, Alta office
Derham, B. flour and grain, 134 Sansome
Derrick, A., clothes cleaning and repairing, 213 Clay
De Farence & Londy, grocers, 80 Kearny
Devo, Peter, boot maker, 131 Dupont
Devoe, James B., proprietor Times and Transcript, 152 Clay
Dewey, S.P., Oriental Hotel.
Dewey, S.L., Davis c Washington
De Witt & Harrison, commission merchants, 187 Sansome
De Witt, Alfred, 187 Sansome
Dewitt, Hatch & King, carpenters and builders, b Cal and Pine
Dewitt, Andrew, c Dupont and Sutter
Drummond, J.S., clothing, 170 Clay
Drummond, G.S. clerk, 170 Clay
Dickson, De Wolf & Co., commission merchants, 67 Sacramento
Diel, Valentine, groceries, 29 Montgomery
Dicuner, Joseph, grocer, 290 Dupont c Broadway
Dillon, Thomas, hardware, 3 Battery
Divier, Wm., street commissioner, City Hall
Doan, G.S.D. jobber, 156 California
Doan, Wm. E., civil engineer, 156 California
Dodge, H.L. atty., (firm of Waller & Dodge,) c Montg'y and Mer.
Dede, D., Charlie's rancho, 50 Commercial
Dohe, John S., 70½ Commercial, h Pine
Doherty, James, (White & Doherty,) 6½ Commercial
Dolhegrey Freres & Brothers, variety, 118 Sansome
Doland & Failsey, saloon, 126 Kearny
Dolsen, Mr., printer, Alta Office
Doll, G.M., tin smith, 150 Clay
Doland, William B., first ward house, 174 Pacific
Donglass, Caslon, dance house, 231 Pacific
Dongalman, John B., 98 Kearny
Donelson, James, blacksmith, 164 California
Donvalet & Roux, trimmings, 190 Clay
Dopmann & Co., grocers, 123 Sansome, h North Beach
Dorr, R.S., importer and com. mer, 41 Battery
Dorr, J.A., baker, 169 Sansome
Dorr & Ross, wholesale liquors, 175 Sansome
Dorr, Thos. tailor, 170 Clay
Dougherty, Wm., ship carpenter, 28 California
Douglass, J.W., Editor and Proprietor of the Pacific
Douglass & Co., importers and jobbers in liquors, 95 California
Dow, James G., com. mer., 82 Commercial, h c Minna and First Av
Dow, J. & Co., liquor dealers, 134 Commercial
Dows, James, 83 California
Dows, John, 83 California
Dows, J. & Co., liquors, 83 California
Dow, Wm. H. & R. McRuer, groceries and provisions, 41 Battery
Drake, S.A., wholesale liquors, 90 Front
Drake Josiah, wholesale liquors, 90 Front
Drew, Geo. E, stoves, 120 and 122 Dupont
Drexel, Sather & Church, bankers, 134 Montgomery
Driard, of Brenzie & Driard, restaurant, 204 Sacramento
Drought, H., real estate, 186 Dupont
Drucker, A., barber, 98½ Pacific
Drunent, Thos. H., firm of Ziel, Bertheau & Co., 94 California
Duane, Chas., national hall, 150 Kearny
Dufau & Co., merchants, 74 Battery
Dupuy, Foulkes & Co., importers and com. mer., 146 Battery
Ducan, John, carpenter, 119 Pacific
Dubaig, Augith, restaurant, 114 Commercial
Du Chemia, Madame, saloon 236 Clay
Dufau, Theo, wines and liquors, 77 Battery
Duffee, Jas., soap manufacturer, 280 Dupont
Dugue, Miss Rosa, 294 Dupont
Dumanthway, F., the Irving, 158 Montgomery
Duncan, J.C., Chinese sales room, 111 Commercial
Duncan, Wm. L., Chinese sales room, 111 Commercial
Duncan, form of Tobin & Duncan, 112 Sacramento
Dunglisen, R., U.S.M. Office
Dunn, James, blacksmith, 13 Commercial
Dunn, James H., 13 Commercial, cor. Quincy
Dunn, Wm. W., machinist, 13 Commercial
Dunne & Co., com. mer., 164 Sansome
Duntrens, Mrs., Universe House, 289 Dupont c Bdway
Dupuy, A., atty, c Merchant and Montgomery, h c Cal. and Jones
Duplix, Elisha, barber, 98 Commercial
Durant, John, tailor, 226 Dupont
Dutilt, Geo., butcher, 116 Commercial
Duval, Mrs. Caroline, 155 Dupont
Duve, R., cigars and tobacco, 67 Montgomery
Dwinell, John W., atty, Bolton & Barron's building, cor Mont. and Merchant


                       Eagan, John S., paint store, 100 Sansome
Eagle, James, wood worker, 169 California
Earl & Co., merchants, 51 Sacramento
Earl, E.M., merchant, 51 Sacramento
Earl, J.O., merchant, 51 Sacramento
Easton & Sconler, cabinet manufactory, 127 Kearny
Easterly & Bros. stoves and tinware, 124 Sacramento
Eaton, Major A.B. commissary, U.S.A., 116½ California
Ebbetts & Co. merchants, 58½ California, h Stockton
Ecker, Geo O. watchmaker, 144 Montgomery c Clay
Eddy, (Billings & Eddy,) grocers, 66 Sansome
Eddy, P. Stag Hotel,  118 Commercial
Edmind, M. bar, 79 Battery
Edwards, David A. Montgomery baths, 161 Montgomery
Edwards & Bailey, commission merchants 77 Jackson
Egery & Kinckley, Pacific Iron Foundry, First
Egery, T.N., (Egery & H.) First
Eisen & Co. shipping office and general agency, 44 Commercial
Eisen, F.T. shipping office and general agency, 44 Commercial
Ellisa, J.A. merchant, off. Merchant n Montgomery
Ellis & Pierce, commission merchants, Battery
Ellis, Irving A. clerk, Merchant n Montgomery
Ellis, M.C. cabinet maker, Washington n Montgomery
Eldredge, K.C. merchant, 60½ California
Elliot, Doctor, office 68 Montgomery
Elliott & Co., saloon keepers, Kearny c Merchant
Ellinghouse, (Zane & E.,) saddle and harness, 156½ Sacramento
Elmore, Samuel, Vanderbilt's Line Office, Battery
Ely, Alexander, atty and counselor, Montgomery c Merchant
Ely & Rankin, attys at law, Montgomery c Merchant
Empire Oil Works, C.D. Bell, agt, 87 Montgomery
Engels, Hooper & Co. com. mer., 63 and 65 Sac. c Front
Ensign & Wardwell, bakers, 82 Commercial
Enscoe, John, M.D, off. in Battery, h 47 Sansome
Enshaw, Henry, clerk, 47 and 49 California
Ensign, Geo. H. lumber dealer, off. Merchant n Montgomery
Esses, Joseph, coffee saloon, 123 Commercial
Eslabrook, W.W., Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Estemault, Augustus, Wilsn's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Etonblian, Louis, saloon, 155 Commercial
Eureka Hotel, Ben Watkins Propr., 113 Montgomery
Eveleth & Co. wholesale grocers, 61 Battery
Evens, Nelson, blacksmith, 300 Dupont
Everett, Thos. P. hatter, 176 Clay
Everlesh, Dwight (Guild & Lightner,) 172 Sansome
Ewing, Sarah, bdg, Dupont c Washington
Ewing & Porter, physicians, Pacific c Battery
Ewing, W.T., M.D., Pacific c Battery


                       Failey, (Doland & F) saloon, 226 Kearny
Fair, Wm. D., atty at law, 162 Montgomery
Fairchild, S.W., Tehama House, Sansome
Faisandien, Miss Josephine A., dress maker, 201 Dupont
Falkenstein, Henry, clerk, 141 Commercial
Fallon & Gallagher, Rip Van Winkle Hotel, 31 Pacific, c Davis
Fallon, Malachi, Rip Van Winkle Hotel, 31 Pacific, c Davis
Farlay, William, First Ward House, 174 Pacific
Farwell & Curtis, ship chandlers, 79 Clay and 28 Commercial
Farrington & Ludlum, commission merchants, 99 California
Fassking, Lewis, boot and shoe merchant, 163 Clay
Faulkner, Jno. M., importer, 73 Clay
Fay, Pierce & Willis, commission merchant, 85 California
Fay, Caleb T., commission merchant, 85 California
Federale, Alacroix, saloon, 287 Dupont, c Broadway
Fenn, F.C.M., engraver, 203½ Clay
Fenno, James, watchmaker, 160 Washington
Ferre, (Houlbony & F.) tailor, 98½ Montgomery
Ferris, R.S., U.S. Temperance House, 107 Kearny
Field, Silas C., Galt House, 152 Pacific
Field, Russel J., 127 Sansome
Field, A.E., clerk, 5 Commercial
Figel & Tuska, clothing store, 191 Clay
Finnegen, James, stoves and tinware, 190 Kearny
Finney, C.G. (Cole & F.) 197 Clay
Fisher & Bro., clothing, 69 Commercial
Fitzgerald, (Gerrish & Co.,) 84 Battery
Fitzgerald & Baush, importers and dealers in hardware, Battery
Fitzgerald, Ezekiel, boards in Dupont, n Sacramento
Fitch, G.K., editor Placer Times & Transcript, Clay
Fitch, Henry S. & Co., real estate auctioneers and land agents, 160 Montgomery
Fitch & Beltret, liquor dealers and general merchants, 72 Battery
Fitch, N.G., liquor dealer and general merchant, 72 Battery
Flagg, Nehemiah, liquor dealer, 54½ Commercial
Flanagan, Moses E., commissioner of emigrants, 90 Jackson
Flashner & Bemmel, saloon, 113 Sansome, c Clay
Fleishman, Israel, (S.T. Meyer & Co.,) 116 California
Fleishacker, S., merchant, 86 Kearny
Flemming, Jno. J., Bay Market, 59 Pacific
Flint, J.H., (Townsend & F.,) lumber dealers, Battery
Flint, Peabody & Co., com. merchants, c Battery and Front
Flint, J.W. (of J.C. Briggs & Co.,) Washington, b Montgomery and Kearny
Flintoff, Joseph, blacksmith, 43 Sansome
Flook, James C., 133 Sansome
Flook, Jerry, Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Fobes, G.P. atty at law, cor Kearny and Merchant
Foley, Wm. 181 Sacramento
Foley & Co. boot and shoe store, 70 Commercial
Folger & Tubbs, ship chandlers, 49 Pacific
Folger, Capt. Wm H. h cor Clay and Powell
Folsom, J.L. real estate broker, 118 Cal. cor Leidesdorff
Folsom, Capt. stable, 17 Battery
Force, Wm. agt steamer Antelope, 49 Pacific
Ford, Wm. grocer, 207 Clay
Ford, Hery, seaman's boarding house, 14 Sacramento
Forman, Wm. D. & Co. grocers, cor. Front, 74 Washington
Fory, M. machinist Pacific iron foundry, First
Foster, Chas. E. 239 Sacramento
Foster, A.F. [Murray & Foster] Battery
Feu, A Chinese provisions, 171 Sacramento
Fowcher, J.J. & Co. flour depot, 74 Sacramento, cor Battery
Fountain, G.C. feed store, 115½ Sansome
Few, John P. lodging, 157 Dupont
Fox, S.M. merchant tailor, 171 Washington
Fox, Allen H. gunsmith, 125 Commercial
Francisco, Ciarlo, hotel, 133 Pacific
Franklin, J.F. grain and feed store, 94 Kearny
Frank's dining saloon, 135 California
Fraser, Donald, solicitor, 129 Montgomery
Frazer & Garvin, carpenters, 194 Jackson
Frazer, S. machinit, Pacific iron foundry, First
Fredet, (Aveillard & Fredet) saddle and harness, 130 Kearny
Freely, John, 133 Sansome
Freeborn, Wm. (at Goodwin & Hitchcock's) 158 Battery
French, R.B. (Gulliver & French,) 124 Commercial
French & Ruggles, jobbers in clothing and boots, 115 Sacramento
Frese, Kursch & Co., com. mer. 185 California
Fretz, Conrad, tailor, 249 Clay
Friedlander, I. & Co. com merchants, 58½ California
Friedlander, James, com mer., 140 Montgomery
Friedman, J.S. & Co. cigars and tobacco, 173 Sansome
Friel, Wm. stoves and tin ware, 96 Pacific
Frillet, John, blacksmith, 215 Jackson
Fritch & Co. coal yard, 5 California
Fulda, M. & Bros. clothing, 21 Commercial
Fuller, Cyrus, commission merchant, 65 Jackson
Fulton, Edward, 163 Sacramento
Furman, Mather H. atty at law, 162 Montgomery

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