San Francisco City Directory

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al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Gager, Jas. H. (of Moulton & Co,) 15 Washington
Gaichard, E. drugs, 190 Dupont, c Clay
Gallispee, David, wharfinger, Central Wharf, c Davis
Gallagher, E. (Fallon & Gallagher,) 31 Pacific
Gamage, Samuel, clerk, 17 California
Gambell, Wright C. bedding, 152 Sansome
Gardner, Isaac, clothing, 81 Commercial
Garcia, Julio, Peruvian Consul, 155 Battery
Gardner, J.H. (at Bryant & Co's.,) c Battery and California
Gardner, Benj. r Oriental Hotel
Gardner, W.L. porter, 130 California
Gardiner, B. wholesage harness, &c., 81 Jackson
Gardet, J. & Co., general merchandise, 150 Washington
Garvin, D. merchant, 130½ Commercial
Garvin, (Frazer & Garvin,) carpenter, 194 Jackson
Garvey, Christopher, notary public, Merchant, b Montgomery and Kearny
Gassett, Wm. assistant, Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Gates, Dr. H.S., 26 Sacramento
Gauvreau, Oliver, Hewlitt's Exchange, 142 Battery, c Jackson
Gautier, S.P., M.D., 144 Montgomery
Gavrie, R. 195 Pacific
Gavett, Jona crockery and glass, 114 Califonria
Gavard, Perer, watch maker, 149 Commercial
Gavard, Charles, watch maker, 149 Commercial
Gay, Abel, commission merchant, 131 Dupont
Geister, M. goldsmith, 210½ Kearny
Gerrish & Co., hardware, 84 Battery
Gerrish, George, hardware, 84 Battery
Gee, Lewis, printer, Evening Journal, 160 Sansome
Genella, Joseph, importer crockery and glass, 184 Montgomery
Getthia, Chinese store, 177 Sacramento
Gerry, Dr. S.R., office h, 203 Dupont
Gerting, Henry, grocer, Battery, b Sacramento and California
Gheardly, D.H. & Co., confectioners, 180 Kearny, c Washington
Giaminie, H.G. the Irving, 158 Montgomery
Gibbons & Lamott, commission merchants, 4 Battery
Gibbons, H., M.D., 163 Clay n Stockton, b Clay and Washington
Gibbs & Bo., importers and commission merchants, Granite Block, California
Gibbs, C.V.S. 64 California, h Broadway, 3 doors ab Stockton
Gibbs, Chas. E. 64 California, h Broadway, 3 doors ab Stockton
Gibbs, F.A. clerk, 64 California, h Broadway, 3 doors ab Stockton
Gibbs, E.B. clerk, 64 California, h Braodway, 3 doors ab Stockton
Gibb, Daniel & Co., merchants, 122 Commercial
Gibson & Wulff, jewellers, 199 Clay
Gibson & Meyer, wholesale grocers, Battery
Gibson, L., wholesale grocer, Battery, h Mission
Gibbs, Geo. W. & Co., importers and dealers in iron and steel, 36 Battery
Gibbs, Geo. W. importer and dealer in iron and steel, 36 Battery
Gihon & Johnson, books and stationery, 140 Sacramento
Gillespie, C.V. attorney, c Montgomery and Merchant
Gilbert & Co. auction and commission merchants, 106 Sansome
Gildemeester de Fremery & Co., com. merchants, 168 Sansome
Gill, L. harness maker, 71 Kearny
Gillingham, Chas. D. merchant, Washington, b Front and Battery
Gillingham Chas D. merchant, h Leidesdorff, c California
Gillam, Mrs. boarding, 26 Montgomery
Gilman, Cahs. H. attorney, 163 Montgomery
Gillis, Henry C. druggist, 164 Montgomery, c Washington
Gilson, Edward, commission merchant, 107 Sacramento
Gimmy & Co., stoves and tinware, 260 Dupont
Giraldon, Ellis, clerk, 165 Commercial
Girandon, Justin & Co., liquors, 271 Dupont
Givillim, Pryce, 133 Sansome
Gladwin & Whitmore, wholesale grocers and com. merchants, c California and Front
Gladwin, W.H. (G. & Whitmore) c California and Front
Glassen, Louis, wine saloon, 216 Jackson
Glein & Lohman, hardware, 79 Kearny
Glenvel, (Lenora & Glenvel) dry goods, 264 Dupont
Glor, F. saloon, 52 Central Wharf
Godeffroy, Sillem & Co., bankers and com. merchants, 141 Clay
Goerlitz, F.J. & Co. brokers, 180 Kearny
Goff, Charles H. real estate office, Merchant b Kearny and Montgy
Goins, G.C. barber, 42 Central Wharf
Goin & Ellis, shipping office, 13½ Sacramento
Golden, F., Second Ward House, 201 Pacific c Stockton
Goldstein, J. & P. & Co., clothing, 101 Commercial
Goldsmith, B. & A. watches and jewelry, 187 Washington
Goldwaite, R. engineer, Alta office
Golsteen, Morris, clothing, 63 Commercial
Goodwin & Co. commission merchants, 158 Battery
Goodrich, Chancy B. blacksmith, 164 California
Goodman, J.H. wholesale grocer, 89 California
Goodman, Jacob, fancy goods, 101½ Montgomery
Goodwin, Charles E. (Goodwin & Co.) 158 Battery
Gordon, (Taylor & Gordon,) stoves and tinware, 208 Montgomery
Gordon, George, iron founder, 153 Dupont
Gorham, E. (G N. Shaw & Co.) 47 and 49 California
Gorham, Wm B. baker, 248 Dupont
Gostorss, L.B. commission merchant, 2 Maynard's Row, California
Gothurst, Miss Ann, saloon, 225 Dupont
Gottham, A. dry goods, 257 Dupont
Gould, Thomas F. merchant, 60½ California, h Pine
Gould, W.B. clerk, 74 Commercial
Gould & Wiswell, grocers, 203 Sacramento c Dupont
Grant, George H. (Bradshaw & Co.) 64 Battery
Graffleman & Scriber, upholsterers, 179 Jackson
Grant, Richard, attorney, 162 Montgomery
Grant & Co. Grant's Exchange, 156 Kearny c Commercial
Grattan & Bell, hardware, 121 Montgomery c Sacramento
Graves, G. & Co., furniture, 230½ Clay
Graves, W.H. & E.S., coppersmiths, 122 Front
Gray, H.M., M.D., 219½ Clay
Gray, John, r Oriental Hotel
Gray, F., El Dorado, c Washington and Kearny
Gray & Done, brokers, 123 Sacramento
Gray, Nathaniel, general furnishing undertaker, 205 Sacramento
Gray & Starr, wholesale grocers, 51 Pacific c Front
Gray, Wm. H. 51 Pacific c Front
Greaves, Benjamin, c Davis and Washington
Green, Mrs., White Rose, 235 Pacific
Green, Albert, boots and shoes, 56 Central Wharf
Green G.W., butcher, 100 Central Wharf
Green, Pidwell & Co. furniture, 158 Sacramento
Green, D. furniture, 154 Montgomery
Green, Frederick, 170 Montgomery
Greenman, Jared F. (Hyde, Greenman & Co,) 14 California
Gregory, Joseph W. express office, 155 Montgomery c Merchant
Greenwood, J. ba manufactory, 57 Sacramento
Gridley Willing & Gridley.) grocer, 118 Jackson
Griffith & Co.
Griesman, Joseph, cigars, 43 Pacific
Griffin, C.H. 122 Commercial
Griswold, Chas. (of Alsop & Co.) 113 California
Grogan & Lent, commission merchants, 170 Montgomery
Groom, Mrs. L. dress making, 193 Dupont, c Clay
Gross & Co. merchant tailors, 119 Washington
Gross, John, assistant, Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Grotjan, (Bache & Grotjan) druggist, 203 Washington
Gruber, H.S. provisions, 126 Jackson
Guereier, Peter, butcher, 100 Central Wharf
Guild & Lightner, merchants, 172 Sansome
Guild, Albert H. merchant, 172 Sansome
Guisioda, Michael, saloon, 59 Commercial
Gunn, R.W. cooper, 153 California
Gunn, Felix, machinist, Pacific foundry, First
Gulliver & French, importers and jobbers, 124 Commercial
Gulliver, Chas. importer and jobber, 124 Commercial
Gurret, Luquen, New England house, 232 Pacific
Guthry, Jonathan, at Hinckley & Davis, Webb
Guy, Abel, 134 Clay


                      Haas & Struver, commission merchants, 170 Sansome
Haas, (Brdnheim & H) 164 Sacramento
Haas & Rosenfeld, variety store, 168 Washington
Hackett & Judah, attys, 163 Montgomery, Burgoyne's building
Hackett, John K. atty. 163 Montgomery, Burhoyne's building
Hacker, E. & Co. confectioners, 124 Kearny
Haden, Grenville, surgeon dentist, 206 Clay
Hagan, John, U.S. Exchange, 55 Pacific
Hager, John S. atty at law, 163 Montgomery, Burgoyne's buildg
Haight, Henry H. (McDougal, Haight & Sharp) Merchant
Haine, M.D., 34 Long Wharf
Hale & Co. Saucelito water, 65 Pacific
Hale, Augustin, agent Tuolumne hydraulic Co. 65 Pacific
Hale, John R. California c Battery
Hale, Henry, (Sheppard & Hale) 145 Sansome
Hall, Winslow, carpenter, b h 199 California
Hall, Isaac M. Union Hotel, Kearny c Merchant
Hall, J.D. & Wm. W. Wode, hat manufactory, 200 Montgomery
Hall, Geo. B. (with Coghill & Co.) 115 Battery
Halleck, Peachy & Billings, Bolton & Barron's building, Mercht n Montgomery
Halleck, H.W. Bolton & Barron's bldg. Mercht n Montgomery
Hallock, J.Y. & Co. hardware and paints, 145 Montgomery
Hall, Henry, blacksmith, 88 Pacific
Hall, Barnabas, (firm of Cheever & Co.) 46 Battery
Hallowell, Saml. L. mer., Leidesdorff, h Broadway c Kearny
Hamblin, E.C. carpenter, 201 h 199 California
Hames, Thomas, California house, 233 Dupont
Ham & Flournoy, produce and com. mer. 110 Front
Hamilton & McLane, attys, Bolton & Barron's bdg
Hammond, A.A. atty, Merchant b Kearny and Montgomery
Hampton & Hunter, stock and real estate brokers, 154 Mont.
Hanken, H., Hamburg Bremen house, 134 Pacific
Hanna, James, lawyer, 146 Montgomery
Hanna, Mr. n 213 Sacramento
Hansen, Mrs. saloon, 198 Sacramento
Harbor Master's office, 27 Sacramento
Hardeland, L.P. bookkeeper, 91 and 93 California
Hardie, (Henderson, Hardie & Co.) importers dry goods, 136 Sac
Harding, Samuel C. constable, 174 Pacific
Harlow, Jas. veg market, 157 Front
Harkman, J.W. feed store, Leidesdorff
Harrington, J.H. & Co. stoves and tinware, 79 Battery
Harrington, Walter, carpenter, 65 Pacific
Harrison, J.S. grocer and dry goods, 121 and 123 Pacific
Harrison, H.D. (Backus & Harrison)
Harris, Thomas, Magnolia saloon, 62 Kearny
Harris, Mrs. h 241 Washington
Harris & Bennett, produce, 72 Jackson
Harris A.T. (Webb & Harris,) 70 Pacific
Harrison, H.A. 189 Sansome, h Broadway op Ohio
Hart, Wm. atty at law, 169 Clay
Hart, James (Loland & Hart) 90 California
Hart Patrick, (Ponten & Co.) 121 California
Hart & Davis, seed and agricultural warehouse, 50 and 52 San
Hart, Joel, clothing, 169 Commercial
Haskell, D. Hale, (Adams & Co.,) express and banking
Haskell, John W. blacksmith, 69 Front
Haskell, Henry, r 181 Sacramento
Hasken, Wm. Post Office Exchange, Clay
Haskell, Henry, notary public, 90 Jackson
Harper, (West & Harper) bowling saloon, 188 Jackson
Haseltine, commission merchant, 98 Jackson
Hasletine & Crooks, New Bedford Oil Works, 96 Jackson
Hassell, John, barber, Merchant b Montgomery and Kearny
Haste, Henry R., Palo Alto House, 48 Sacramento
Hastings, John, M.D. 234 Washington
Hastings, Wm. H. blacksmith, 53 Sansome
Hastings, S.C. (Hastings & Morse)
Hastings, Thos. & Morse, attys, Bolton & Barron's bdg
Hastler, Baines & Co. commission merchants, 110 California
Hatch, T.H. (Graves & Co.) 230 Clay
Hatch, A.D. & Co. groceries and provisions, 71 Clay c Front
Hatch, C.W. Leidesdorff b California and Pine
Hathaway, B.W., MN.D., 154 Clay, up stairs
Hathaway, C.W. (Steene & Hathaway) 70 Clay
Hathaway, (Snider & Hathaway) tinman and stoves, 102 Mont.
Haven, J.P. agt of underwriters, notary public, 104 Mont.
Hawkins, Thos. blacksmith, 160 California
Hawkins & Smith, American bakery, 219 Pacific
Hawley, Charles A. hardware, 120 Sansome
Hawks, J.D. merchant, 66 California
Haydat, Victor, gunsmith, 36 Long wharf
Hayes, E.M. jeweller, 187 Clay
Hayes, E.R. jeweller, 187 Clay
Haywood & Duncan, blacksmiths, 129 Clay
Haynes, (Ogden & Haynes,) general merchant, 66 Jackson
Healy, John, waiter, Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Hearne & Co., grocers, 71 Pacific
Hearne, J.S. grocer 71 Pacific
Heatley, E.D. & Co., commission merchants, 104 Montgomery
Hebard L. butcher, 100 Long Wharf
Heiser, Chas. (firm Case, Heiser & Co.,) 60 Sansome
Heeder, Francis, (Ziel, Bertheau & Co.,) 94 California
Hellman Brothers & Co., commission merchants, 124 California
Helme, Geo. E. machinist, 164 California
Henderson, Mrs., millinery and dress making, 160 Sacramento
Hendsir, Miss, fancy dry goods, 185 Clay
Hendricks, Joseph, tailor, Merchant, b Kearny and Montgomery
Henley, Richard, lodging house, 41 Montgomery
Henshaw, Geo. (Geo. W. Gibbs & Co.,) 36 Battery
Henser, Mrs., saloon, 198 Sacramento
Henri, Bernard, grocer, 128 Kearny
Hennessy, Curry, clothing, 55 Long wharf
Hepburn, H.P. attorney, 127 Montgomery, up stairs
Hermeulls, Jose Maria, h 207 Sacramento
Herring, J.H. bar, 43 Battery
Henstel, E.H. merchant, 82 Montgomery
Hesketh, John, notary public, 137 Montgomery, up stairs
Hess, J.H., No 2, Bolton & Barron building, Merchant, n Montgomery
Hewitt, H.S., M.D., r Oriental Hotel
Hewlett's Exchange, (Gaureau & Bontinon,) 87 Jackson, c Battery
Heyer, A. baker, 58 Montgomery
Hezekel M. (of S.T. Myers & Co.,) 116 California
Higgins, James S. commission merchant, 138 Dupont
Hickox & Brown, commission merchants, 67 Jackson
Hildreth & Neckenson. butchers, 24 Long Wharf
Heldreth, S.T., butcher, 24 Long Wharf
Heldreth, L.S. 24 Long Wharf
Hill, Charles, spile driver, 88 Kearny
Hill, (Wooden & Hill,) Franklin Hotel, 180 and 182 Sansome
Hill, John E. tinplate worker, 227 Dupont
Hill, Luther, Franklin Hotel. c Sansome and Pacific
Hill, A.G., Pavilion Exchange, 162 Pacific
Hill, O.G. blacksmith, 164 California
Hillman, Isaac, California Temperance House, 229 Clay
Hines, G. clothing 127 Commercial
Hinkley & Davis, carpenters, Webb
Hinkley, L.F. carpenter, Webb
Hinkley, firm Egery & Co., Pacific Iron Foundry
Hinkley, D.B. at Egery & Co.'s Pacific Iron Foundry
Hinrichson, Reincke & Co. commission merchants, 122½ California
Hinrichson, H.W. 122 California
Hitchcock, C.M., M.D., r Oriental Hotel
Hittels, J.S. phrenologist, 200 Washington
Hobson, Mr. 216 Clay
Hoburg, W.H. state guager, 57 Sacramento
Hochkoflin, merchandise broker, 154 Sacramento
Hodge, E.H. notary public, 228 Kearny
Hodge & Dickey, druggists, 177 Sansome
Holgen & Brothers, importers German goods, 113 Sacramento
Hoen, Francis, 269 Dupont
Hoff & Owner, ship chandlery, 27 Sacramento
Hoffman, Wm. T. h Broadway, op Ohio
Hoffman, J. Franklin, 41 Pacific
Hoffmann & Co. boots and shoes, 178 Clay
Hogg, James, M.D. 113 Front
Hogg, Yaugley, druggist, 113 Front
Hohl & Locken, grocers, 81 Montgomery
Holbrook, carpenter and builder, 145 Sacramento
Holden, M. boots and shoes, 104 Montgomery
Hollendeck, W.S. merchant, 150 Sansome
Holman, W.C. & Co. commission and shipping merchants, 84 and 86 Sacramento
Holt, Mrs. dress maker, 216 Clay
Hollman, O.T. carpenter, 158 California
Holland, P. pressman, Alta office
Hoober, C.B. printer, Whig office, c Sacramento and Montgomery
Holz, G. cigars and tobacco, 177 Washington
Hopkoe, Chinese merchant, 182 Sacramento
Horn, B.C. & Co. wholesale cigars, 58 Sansome
Horrocke, W.H. (Simon & Horrocke,) 28 Sansome
Hort, Samuel, commission merchant
Hosmer, Chas. 89 California
Hosmer & Tingley, billiards, 152 Montgomery
Hossefross, G.H. carpenter and builder, 230 Kearny
Houbboury, E. & Ferre, tailors, 98 Montgomery
Howard, Wm. D.M. 137 Montgomery, up stairs
Howard, Nathaniel, builder, 27 Sansome
Howard, Chas. G. house and sign painter, 90 Clay
Howell, Geo. C. clerk, 93 Pacific
Howe & Co. butter store, 104 Commercial
Howe, W. butter store, 104 Commercial
Hozie, Ben carpenter, 201 California, r 199 Cal
Hubbard & Co. stoves and tinware, 117 Sansome
Hubbard, Horace P. 117 Sansome
Hubbard, Dimon, 117 Sansome
Hubert, N. atty at law, Bolton & Barron's bldg. Merchant
Hudgkins, J.L. & Co. blacksmiths, 106 Kearny
Hudson, Chas. boots and shoes, 86 California
Hugg, Henry, 51 Sacramento
Hughes, Chas. pressman, Alta office
Hughes, C.T. atty, Bolton & Barron's bldg, Merchant
Hughes, Thos. A. custom house broker, 186 Washington
Huie, Jas. B. & C. auc. com. mer. 124 and 126 Sansome
Hull, P.P. & Co. pub. Daily Whig, 146 Montgomery
Humbland, Antonio, butcher, N.W. market, 116 Long wharf
Hume, S.S. drayman, Crescent City Hotel, Sansome c Com.
Hunt, Thomas, agent steamers Confidence and Wilson G Hunt, 49 Pacific
Hunt, P., Tattersall livery stable, 161 and 163 Sacramento
Hunt, J.D. & Co. hardware, 115 Sansome
Huntington, W. (Wyman & H.) blacksmith, Webb
Huntington, Geo. M. c Davis and Washington
Huntington, Uriel, carpenter, 129 Dupont
Hussey, Bond & Hale, com. merchants, 71 and 73 Sacramento
Hutton & Co. auction and commission mer., 116 Sansome c Clay
Hyatt, Caleb, proprietor Oriental Hotel
Hyde & Camack, stoves and tinware, 109 Sacramento
Hyde, M.H. 14 California
Hyde, Greenman & Co. lumber, 14 California
Hyde, J.T., M.D., 125 Commercial, h Dupont b Bdway and Val
Hyde & Perry, Pacific Temperance house, 89 Pacific
Hyde, E., Pacific Temperance house, 89 Pacific


                      Ianden, Leonard, mattress manufactory, 167 Jackson
Ickelheimer, (Cheny & Ickelheimer,) painters, 222 Kearny
Illingsworth, Wm. carpenter and builder, 83 Jackson
Ils, John, tin and copper worker, 214 Washington
Iresdale, J.S. (Ackley & Co.) 88 Clay
Issacs, H. tailor, 190 Montgomery
Issacs, Jacob, merchant, 119 Commercial

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