San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Mack, Wm. importer, 62 Sansome
Mack, Patrick, laborer, 162 Clay
Mackintosh, Dr. 89 Montgomery
Macondray & Co. com. mer., 54 and 56 Sansome
Macreody, builder, shop Webb, h Clay above Powell
Maher, Miss Rozana, dress maker, Pine b Montgomery and Kny
Mahony, Florence, (Case, Heiser & C0.) 60 Sansome, h 245 Wash
Maigrot, E. liquor merchant, b Montgomery and Kearny
Main, Wm. com. mer., 129 Washington
Main & Winchester, saddle and harness, 68 Sansome
Mains, Wm. S. builder, 65½ Pacific
Malatovich, A. tailor, 126 Kearny
Mallory, Stuart & Co. ship chandlers, 58 Commercial, c Battery
Mallory, Henry, 58 Commercial
Maloon, B., & S.R. Bixby, tea store, 196½ Kearny
Maltby, Theo. D. (Weldon & Co.) 12 California
Mandelbaum & Silvermans, importers dry goods, 80 Montgomery
Manchester, J.B. atty at law, 238 Kearny
Manetta, cigars and tobacco, 109½ Commercial
Mann, W.D. (Burnham and M.) 62 Dommercial
Manning, A.C. 229 Clay, r Cal Tem house
Manning, Mrs. 125 California, up stairs
Manrow & Co. real estate brokers, 162 Montgomery
Maury, P. jun., importer and com. mer., 172 Montgomery
Mansfield, Wm. paper carrier, 66 Montgomery
Marcy, Wm. J. 191 California
Marengo, John, merchant, 151 California
Margand (Venard & Margand) coffee grinders, 50 Kearny
Maria, Jose, 242 Dupont
Marke, a. 232 Dupont
Marks, J. clothing, 61½ Commercial
Markwald, Caspari & Co., importers and com. mer., 157 and 159 Jackson
Martin Shultz & Co., auction, 160 and 162 Sansome
Martin, F., Jackson house, c Montgomery and California
Martin, M.S. 164 Kearny
Martin, (Carman & Martin,) druggist, 203 Washington
Martin, Abram, grocer, 120 Pacific
Martin, M.S., 195 Clay, h c California and Joyce
Martin, J.S., M.D., 235 Clay
Martin, Paddy, saloon, 174 California
Martsh, Robert, paints, oils and glass, 139 Sansome
Marvin & Hitchcock, books and stationery, 153 Montgomery
Marriott, F. & Co., notary public, 162 Montgomery, up stairs
Marnett, J. grocer, 172 Dupont
Marshall, Sandy, 6 (old number) Kearny
Marshall, Dr., druggist, 162 Sacramento
Marsh, C.R. carpenter, 218 Sacramento
Marsh, Charles, saloon, 86 Sansome
Marshall, H. attorney, Bolton & Barron's bldg, Merchant
Marye, George T., lawyer, 26 Sacramento
Marziou & Co. importers of French goods, 178 Montgomery
Masalski & Co. 69 Sacramento
Mason, B.A. upholsterer, 81 Pacific
Mason, John F. painter, 47 Battery
Mason, F. (the Irving) 158 Montgomery
Mason, Levi, Crescent City Hotel, 109 Sansome c Commercial
Masterson, Thomas, fancy dry goods, 177 Clay
Master, N.R. (Burr, Mattoon & Co.) 91 and 93 California
Mustick, E.B. attorney, Leidesdorff
Maurun & Brother, grocers, c Broadway and Stockton
Matthews Wm. A. (Williams & Matthews,) 1 California
Mattoon, J. (Burr Mattoon & Co.) 91 and 93 California
Maubec, Bernard, grocer, 111 Sansome
Maume, Matthew, grocer, 223 Washington
Mauran & Brother, grocers, c Broadway and Stockton
Mantoucher, R.C., watchmaker, 110 Pacific
Mayblum, Greenhood & Co., cigars and tobacco, 157 Sansome c Jackson
Mayer, (Cohn, Mayer & Co.) importer cigars, 114 Jackson
Mayer, George, blacksmith, Leidesdorff
Mayers, Jacob, dry goods, 167 Clay
Maza, Pedro, Mississippi house, 7 Commercial
McAllister, M.H. & H., attorneys at law, 153 Montgomery
McAlpin, saloon, 198 Kearny
McAskell, H. blacksmith, 160 California
McCabe, A.J., El Dorado saloon, c Kearny and Washington
McCarty, John & Co. grocers, 130 Sansome
McClenachan, Robert, (Starkweather, McC. & Co.,) Battery
McCloud, N., Excelsior House, 60½ Pacific
McCloskey, Henry, blacksmith, 43 Sansome
McClure, Dr., A.T., druggist, 98 Montgomery, c California
McCombe, D.W., El Dorado saloon, 159 Commercial
McCoy, Wm., barkeeper Bella Union, 198 Washington
McCoy, W. liquor, ale, &c. 197 Sansome
McCormic, J.B. storage, 43 California
McCullough, H.V.S., commission merchant, 228 Sansome
McCracken, John, attorney at law, 162 Montgomery
McCrea, J.A. & Co. importers of jewelry, 58 Sansome
McCright, atty at law, 118 Montgomery
McDelany, Chas. atty, 137 Montgomery
McDermont, Miss M.R. bdg, 178 Dupont
McDermutt, D.A. accountant, Alta office
McDonald & Peck, grocers, 242 Pacific
McDonald, A.D. grocer, 252 Pacific
McDonald, Chas. liquors, 65 Sansome
McDonald, D. druggist, 202 Kearny
McDougal, Haight & Sharp, attys, Bolton & Barron's bdg
McDougal, Jas. A. atty, bds Tehama House
McDonald, Chas. liquors, First n Mission
McFarlan, John, Oriental Hotel
McDougal, John, h Clark's Point
McGlynn, D.C. wholesale paints, 132 Sansome
McGowan, Edmond, Treasurer State M. Hospital, 90 Jackson
McGregor & Phillips, watches and jewelry, 137 Montgomery
McIntyre, M. cooperage, 188 Sansome
McKee, David, bds Bay State Hotel, Cunningham's wharf
McKay, P.N. 118½ Commercial
McKee, J.H.D. (at Cross & Co's.,) 151 Battery
McKinlay, Garrioch & Co. com. mer., 98 California
McKinley & Vinton, boots and shoes, 44 Commercial
McKinley, C.V. rr Commercial
McKenzie, A. intelligence off. 130½ Commercial
McLane, Allan, P.M. off. c Leidesdorff and Sacramento
McLean, boarding, 169½ Front
McLellan, David, Maine Hotel, 114 Pacific
McManus & Co. provisions, 80 Front
McMullin, Geo O. (Verplank & McMullin) 126 Commercial
McNab, J. New England House, 53 Sansome
NcNally, P. pilot, off. Cunningham's wharf
McNiel, Wm. (Delong, McNiel & Co.) 63 Battery
McNish, Wickham C. (J.B. Roberts & Co.) 65 Pacific
McNulty, Carothers & Co. bankers, 118 Montgomery
McRone, laborer, 48 Montgomery
McVickar, John, atty at law, 159 Montgomery
Mead, Chas. H. saddlery, 138 Sansome
Megquier, Thomas L., M.D., 139 Jackson
Meier, J. boots and shoes, 140½ Montgomery
Meiggs, (Williams & M.) lumber, 162 Montgomery
Meiggs & Forbes, saloon, Merchant, b Kearny and Montgomery
Meiggs, Henry, merchant, Broadway c Montgomery
Melick, Chichester, Isthmus house, Pine n Mission
Mel, John, (Klanckee, Mel & Co.) 124½ California
Melfattie, cigars, 165½ Commercial
Melvin & Ames, furniture manufactory, 145 Sacramento
Melvin, A.F. 145 Sacramento
Melville, Peter, fruit, 104 Kearny
Mellus, George, wines and liquors, 133 Montgomery
Mendon, G.A. (with D.S. Lord,) 129 Sansome
Mendels, (Silver, Mendels & Co.) furniture, 114 Jackson c Sac
Menges, A. meat market, 241 Dupont c Jackson
Menser, Henry, coffee saloon, 105 Montgomery
Menyman, E.H. merchant, 84 Commercial
Menne, Clemens, tailor, over 88 Battery
Merchant, F.G. Canton Tea Co. grocer, 120 Kearny c California
Merchant's Exchange, 123 Sacramento
Merrill & Brigham, produce, 106 Commercial
Merrill, Robert, 106 Commercial
Merrill, Annis, atty at law, 159 Montgomery
Merrill & Co. Eastern Hotel, Broadway b Sansome and Battery
Merritt, Samuel, M.D. 93 Montgomery
Merser & Bernheim, confectioners, 215 Sacramento
Messer, W.D. commission merchant, 19 Pacific
Messer, W.L. commission merchant, 165 Battery
Messerve, A.C. & Co., upholstery, 164 Caly
Meyerback, Solomon, 295 Dupont
Meyer, William, (Gibson & Meyer,) 30 Battery
Meyer, A. coffee house, 246 and 248 Pacific
Meyer & Sohlke, cigars, 115½ Commercial
Meyer, Louis, boarding, 83 Kearny
Meyer, Wm. & Co., merchants, 58½ California
Myer, S.F. & Co., importers staple dry goods, 116½ California
Meyer, (Rosenfield & Meyer,) cigars and tobacco, 144 Washington
Meyer, L.F., coffee saloon, 48 Battery, c Washington
Mezes, S.M. (Hinrichsen, Reincke & Co.,) 122½ California
Michels, Hiram, cigars, 201½ Washington
Mickle, E. 146 Clay
Middleton & Smiley, auction mart, c Battery and Sacramento
Miller, Mrs. Stiles, widow of Stiles, bdg house, Clay, ab Kearny
Miller, John H., printer, 83 California
Miller, Peter, liquors, 77 Pacific
Miller, Thomas S. hardware, 93 Pacific
Miller, J.B. 93 Pacific
Miller, Peter, Waverly house, 58 Pacific
Miller, J. (Atkinson & Co.,) Merchant
Miller, Henry, meat market, 199 Jackson
Mills, James, mercantile agent, 73 Jackson
Milatooch, A. fruit, 252 Dupont
Mills & Co., merchants, 57 Front
Minturn, Charles, commission merchant, and agent for the People's Line Steamers, Cunningham's Wharf
Mitchell, C. importer and commission merchant, 141 Jackson
Mitchell, Wm. H. & Co., merchants, 52 Front
Moellen Brothers, clothing, 45 Commercial
Montefiore & Burgoyne, commission merchants, 137 California
Montaguie, J.E. lumber, 61 California
Montange, Samuel H. merchant, 160 California
Montague, Dr., 162 Sacramento
Montgomery Baths, Leavitt & Edwards, 161 Montgomery
Montgomery, Geo. provis, 15 Sacramento
Montross, Miss Bell, 163 California
Montier, Hiram, boot and shoe maker, 14½ Sacramento
Monson, Haswell & Co. Commercial printing and job office, 159 Montgomery
Moon, Miss Ellen E., Cottage saloon, 125 California
Moody, John N. architect, Merchant, b Mont. and Kearny
Moore, B. boarding house, 240 Pacific
Moore, Miss M.L. 163 California
Moore, E.J. notary public, 134 California
Moreau, Adolphe, 143 Sacramento
Moran, Edward, cigars and tobacco, 132½ Kearny
Moran, John, assistant, Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Mordica, Mrs. boarding house, First n Mission
Morgan, J.D. & Co. butchers, 100 Commercial, h Willis at Happy Valley
Morgan, A.W. (Bryant & Co.) 53 Commercial, h Bdway. a Stock
Morgan, J.R. merchant, 73 Jackson
Morgan, E.L. & Co. grocers, 266 Dupont, c Pacific
Morgan, Dr. 50 Montgomery c Bush
Morgan, Wm.S. watchmaker and jeweller, 166 Clay
Morgentham, M. 183 Washington
Morrell, A.J. gent's furnishing goods
Morrison, Jas., M.D., 92 Montgomery
Morrison, Leonard, Oriental Hotel
Morrison, J.C. jun. importer and jobber, 186 Montgomery
Morningstar, S. clothing, 75 Pacific
Morley, Eugene A. school teacher, 7 California b h Com Hotel
Morton, J. & J.B. & Co. com mer and lumber dealers, 68 Cal
Morton, Robert, boarding, 133 Front
Morret & Van Evers, European grocery, 219 Washington
Morris & Reynolds, ship joiners, 15 Sacramento
Morse & Killgore, importers and jobbers in stoves and tin ware, Front c Sacramento
Morse, H.B. Front c Sacramento
Morse, P.A. (Hastings, Thomas & M) Merchant b Oriental Hotel
Moses, Fredk. B. China goods, 84 Montgomery
Moses, A.J. & Co. grocers, 205 Clay
Mashier, Wm. Commercial Hotel, 47 Pacific
Moulton, Jon. pump and block maker, 16 Sacramento
Moulton & Smith, hardware, 46 and 48 Sansome
Moulton, M.F. watchmaker, 160 Washington
Mowry, Albert, 164 California, h Pike
Moulton & Co. stocks and money, 151 Washington
Moulton & Merritt, carpenters, 77 Jackson
Moulder, A.H. assistant editor and reporter S.F. Herald, 120 Montgomery
Mudge, B.W. 151 Montgomery
Mulvihill, Michael, Liberty house, 33 Sansome
Mumfrey, Wm. hotel, Webb n Sacramento
Murray, John S. clothing, 167 Sansome
Murray, Thos. H. carriage maker, 169 California
Murray, Jas. shipping office, Front c Long wharf
Murray & Forster, com mer, 112 Battery, b Niantic Hotel
Murray, H.K. 112 Battery, b Niantic Hotel
Murray, (Wheeler & Murray) liquors and cigars, 64 Sansome
Murdoc, Geo.L. Bay State Hotel, 36 Sansome
Murdock, H.M. builder, Webb b Sac and Cal
Murphy Danl. boots and shoes, 119½ Montgomery
Murini, grocer, 236 Dupont
Muro & Freepnian, liquor bottling, 123 Jackson
Murr, Chas.B. bakery, 89 Kearny
Musson, Eugene, atty, 137 Montgomery
Mutzenbecker, J. cabinet maker, 254 Dupont
Muzzey, Chas.O. 110 Battery


                      Nachann, Adplphus, cigar store, 53 Powell
Nathan, Samuel C. pilot, Cunningham's wharf
Nadouf, Rudolph, bar, 109 Kearny
Nason, J.D. produce merchant, 11 Sacramento
Neall & Smyley, com mer, First n Mission
Neale, D.O. blacksmith, 42 Sansome
Neall, James, (Neall & S.) First n Mission
Nelson & Doyle, blacksmiths, 152 California
Nelson, James, pilot agt, off. Conningham's wharf
Nelson, Henry A. Bay Hotel
Neppent & Covell, furniture
Neuhans & Arders, liquor store, (D.H. Newhans, H. Newhans) 70 Battery
Neville, Miss, lodging, 312 Sacramento
Nevins, T.J. Pacific Tract Depository, 227 Clay
Nevis & Snokk, liquor dealers, 33 Pacific
Newell, Wm.L. printer, Alta off
Newhall, O.W. laborer, 17 California
Newhall & Co. auctioners and commission merchants, 108 San
Newman & Price, clothing store, 47½ Pacific
Newman, J. cigars and tobacco, 74 Pacific
Nichols, A.C. (N. Parker & Co.) h Powell b Clay and Washington
Nichols, H.C. clerk, Battery c Clay
Nichols, Parker & Co., commission merchants, Battery c Clay
Nichols, E.B. Alhambra, 90 Pacific
Nicholson, Capt. J.Y. shipping and broderage, 169 Front
Nicol & Pattrick, liquor dealers, 51 Clay
Nickerson & Lovett, Whitehall saloon, 83 Battery
Nickerson, J.B. butcher, 24 Long wharf
Nightingale, Joseph, Union house, First n Market sq
Nightingale, John, Union house, First n Market sq
Niles, E. saloon, 149 Montgomery
Nisbet, John, Glasgow house, 109 Pacific
Noble & Ganley, house and sign painters, 238 Clay
Noltling & Precht, cigars and tobacco, 7 Kearny
Norcross, Daniel, military and regalia trimmings, 148 Sacramento
Norris, David, printer, Alta office
Norris, Joseph, carpenter, 65 Kearny
Norris, Wm. agent, 44 Sacramento
Northrop, D.B. atty, Bolton & Barron's bdg, Merchant
Norton, Joshua & Co., merchants, 95 Jackson
Norton, Nelson, (Baldwin & N.) 18 and 20 Long wharf
Noyes, Chas. H. clerk, (P.M.S.S. Co.) Sacramento c Leidesdorff
Nuogellet & Kouthier, jewelers, 58 Kearny
Nourse, Geo. F. clerk Mercantile Hotel, 61 Front
Nunan, Edward, house joiner and builder, 247 Clay
Nugent, John, editor S.F. Herald, 120 Montgomery
Nuttalls, Doct. off. and drug store, 107 Montgomery
Nutter Wm. boarding, 214 Kearny
Nutting, C. & Co., 162 Washington


                      Oakley & Davis, 104 Sansome c Commercial
Oakley, L.F. & Co. wholesale liquor dealers, 56 Pacific
Oakley, B. jr., (Davis & Oakley,) 176 Commercial
Ober, Benj., M.D., office and residence, 239 Sacramento
Obener, John, Minerva Exchange, 73 Commercial
O'Brien, P.M., drugs, 270 Dupont
O'Brien, John, housesmith, 92
O'Connor, Wm., porter house, 278 Dupont
O'Conner, Thomas, lawyer, Kearny b Clay and Sacramento
O'Conner, Thomas H. bookkeeper, 139 and 141 Sansome
O'Connell & Haley, restaurant, 22 California
Odell, James A., 177 Front
Ogden & Haynes, merchants, 66 Jackson c Front
Oliver, J.D., paints and oils, 122 Sacramento
Oliver, Miss Mercedes, 209½ Dupont
Olmstead & Pattison, produce and commission merchants, 112 Front
O'Meara, Robert, saloon, Clark's Point
Onchong, washing, 172 Sacramento
Onderdonk, George, carriage maker, Webb b Sac and California
O'Neil, Michael, tinman, 69 Kearny
Ooolley, saloon keeper, 36 Long Wharf
Opposition Pilot's Office, 16 Sacramento
O?som, George A. boot and shoe store, 216 Clay
Oregon, John, proprietor coach and horses, 47 Montgomery
Oriental Hotel, c Bush and Battery
Or?nke, B., Orlean's house, 196 Pacific
Osborne, O.C., flour merchant, 135½ Front
Osgood, J.K., commission merchant, 64 Sansome
Otis & Farnham, flour dealers, c Battery and Sacramento
Oughton, William E. printer, Union jouse, First
Owens, P.A. & Co. ship chandlers, 25 Sacramento
Owen, William E. cigars, 230 Dupont
Owens, Mrs Elinor, 117 Dupont

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