San Francisco
City Directory

Names Omitted in the General Directory
                      Aiken, George, merchant and British Consul, 114 Front
Armstrong, Irvine, saloon, 127 Front
Ashby Brothers, hay, grain, wood and coal, Broadway ab. Stockton
Arnold, Sidney, blacksmith, c Pine and Leidesdorff
Alexander, Michael, clothing, c First and Mission
Ashbury, Monroe, Bush, n Montgomery
Barker, O.D., r Mercantile Hotel
Barker & Co., tin and stove dealers, 163 Front
Barrett, Jos. Raritan House, Broadway 1 door from Sansome
Barrior, Mrs. Mollon, millinery and dress making, c Bdy and Powell
Bailey & Gilbert, 25 Battery
Barra, E.J. hay and grain, h Pine above Montgomery
Bevans, T.P. apoth and chemist, Broadway b Stockton and Powell
Berenhart, Jacoby & Co., importers and general merchants, c Pine and Montgomery
Barry, J. & Co., coach makers, b Sansome and Battery
Bovee, Wm. H. Steam Coffee and Spice Mills, Broadway, b Dupont and Stockton
Brown, Henry, Bdg 111 Front
Brickley, James, 7th Ward Hotel, c. First and Market
Burr, J. & Co., manufacturers of all kinds of farming implements, First b. Market and Mission
Byrne, Wm. C. grocery, c. Washington and Broadway
Calkin, M, private boarding, c Montgomery and Broadway
Carlile, H. bdg, First n Mission
Chapman, J.L. blacksmith, Pine c Leidesdorff
Chaviteau, John, merchant, c Montgomery and Broadway
Chase, L.T. Mercantile Hotel
Chapman, J.L. blacksmith, Pine, c Leidesdorff
Clark, Mrs. J. bdg., First n Mission
Clark & Bovie, com. merchants, and owners of Clark's Point
Clifford, George, & Co., commission merchants, Clay
Corbert, E. W. 7th Ward House, c ---- and Stevenson
Coloway, Joseph, pile driver, 119½ Front
Coffin & Co., ship brokers, 147 Front
Cole & Nagle, shipping agents, 155 Front
Coleman, D.R. blacksmith, 173 Front
Compton, C.S. merchant, Adams building, Montgomery
Cooke, Folger & Co., manufacturers of oil. c Montg and Broadway
Davis, Andrew, Isthmus House, First n Mission
Dallam, A.P. Happy Valley Bakery
Denger & Gray, butchers, Bush b Sansome and Battery
De La Montanga, H. & M., stoves and hardware, 141 Front
Donahue, Jas. Union Foundry, c First and Mission
Donahue, M.  Union Foundry, c First and Mission
Donahue, P.   Union Foundry, c First and Mission
Doyle, John, Broadway House, Broadway, 2 doors from Battery
Dupuy, Foulkes & Co., commission merchants, 146 Battery
Eagar, Thos. butcher, (Birdsall & Eagar,) Happy Valley Market
Eastland, Joseph G., Brooklyn Iron Foundry, c First and Mission
Easton, Oliver W. manufacturer and dealer in oils, Commerce next Law's wharf [Front, head of Broadway wharf
Flint, Peabody & Co., commission merchants, c Broadway and
Fountain, Clinton, (Chase & Fountain,) Pine
Gillespie, David, wharfinger, Broadway n Sansome
Gladding, Allen J., Mount Hope Market, c Broadway and Powell
Goffney, N. liquors, 171 Front
Gray & Easterly, commission merchants, 147 Front
Graham, R. porter house, 165 Front
Gorham, James S. paint store, 5 First
Goodwin, Silvester, Shawmut House, First n Mission
Harry, John A., Mission road, 1 mile from the Plaza
Hanson, Stillman, wheelwright, c Pine and Leidesdorff
Hathaway, Parker & Co., merchants, Clark's Point
Harrison, H.A. (DeWitt & Harrison,) h B'dway, b Montg'y & Sans
Hewett, Henry S. (M.D.) Bush, b Sansome and Battery
Hewlett, P.B., c Vallejo and Bartol
Hitchcock, Chas. M. surgeon U.S. Army, Bush, b San. and Bat
Hoag & Whiston|
Hoag, Horace, } grocery and provisions, First n Mission
Hogan, Geo. grocery, c Pacific and Powell
Hyam, Joseph, Mercantile Hotel
Jillard, Mrs. boarding, Broadway, 2d door from Sansome
Kelly, John, Jr, Brooklyn Hotel, c Sansome and Broadway
Kelley, John, Phoenix House, b Sansome and Battery
Keleher, T. bar, Broadway, b Ohio and Montgomery
Kelly, Patrick, plasterer, Pine, b Montgomery and Kearny
Lundy, W. boarding, Broadway, one door from Battery
Lothrop, J.J. horse shoeing, Pine b Sansome and Leidesdorff
Logan & Vance, Mechanics' House, Pine b Sansome and Leidesdorff
Lyon, J.H. commission merchant, Pine b Sansome and Leidesdorff
McKenzie, Thompson & Co., commission merchants, 199 Front
McCann, Wm. & C., coal and iron, Clark's Point
Macy, Andrew M. editor Prices Current & Shipping List, Washington b Kearny and Montgomery
Miller & Co., hardware, Washington, b Kearny and Montgomery
Mowrey, Mrs. boarding, Washington, b Kearny and Montgomery
VanAllen, W.K. wholesale grocer and com. 144 Battery
Wadsworth & Ravesies, merchandise and ship brokers, Sansome b Washington and Merchant
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