San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company, (E. Knight, agent,) Sacramento c Leidesdorff
Paddy, M. restaurant, 122 Kearny
Padija, Iruvia, saloo, 228 Pacific
Page, Bacon & Co. bankers, 149 Montgomery
Page, N.J. (Soule & P) Battery c Bush
Paige & Webster, merchants, 50 and 52 Sansome
Palmer, Norris W. (Varney & Co,) 102 Commercial
Palmer, R. 226 Washington
Pandar & Co. clothing, 71 Commercial
Pangborn, Jas.L. 87 Washington
Parekhousen, Julius, cigar store, 256 Dupont
Parker, Saml. H. (Sanders, Cary & P.) atty, Merchant c Mont
Parker, W.C. (Stevensen & Co.) 169½ Clay
Parker, G.F. (Nichols, P & Co.) h Powell, b Clay and Wash
Parker, Geo. A. (Langerman & Co.) importer cigars and tobacco, 182 Kearny
Parker, E.H. com mer, 59 Front
Parmole, Mrs. millinery, 155 Sacramento
Parsons & Cook, attys, 135 Montgomery
Parsons, Chas. com mer, 59 Front
Parkinson, R. market, Bdway c Ohio
Pascal, Emil, clerk, 151 California
Patch & Wickersham, fruit dealers, 107 Sansome
Patch, W.Y. 107 Sansome
Patchin, G. Tehama house
Patchin, L.W. produce merchant, 70 Jackson
Patrick, Jas. importer of butter, 148 Battery
Patrick, John Y. 41 Battery
Patten, Wm. r 159 Sacramento
Pattep, (Barry & P.) saloon, 116 Montgomery
Paxson, Richard, (Bryant & Co.,) c California and Battery
Payson, H.R., merchant, Broadway, b Montgomery and Kearny
Payot, Maan, Washington Coffee House, 163 Commercial
Payne, Horace J. (Burdell & P.) dentist, 205½ Clay
Payne, Theodore, & Co., real estate auctioneers, 96 Montgomery, c California
Payne, Theodore, boards Oriental Hotel
Payne, Captain John, Mountaineer saloon, c Kearny and Com.
Peachy, A.C., attorney, (Halleck, Peachy, & Billings,) c Montgomery and Washington
Peale, Henry, carpenter, 37 Pacific
Pearce, G.W. salesman, 47 and 49 California
Pearly, Dean, blacksmith, Webb, b Sacramento and California
Pease, E.T. deputy flour inspector, 61 Sacramento
Peck, J.M. (McDonald & P.) 242 Pacific
Peck, John A. merchant, 107 California
Peck, Josias L. blacksmith, 13 Commercial
Peekham & Davis, shipping office, c Pacific and Davis
Peebels, (Campbel & Co.,) produce merchant, 74 Jackson
Pelham, W.J., barkeeper, c Pacific and Montgomery
Pettrel, P.G. (Fitch & Co.,) 72 Battery
Perchard, Margaret, dress maker, 212 Dupont
Perien, Mrs. E. saloon, 77 Montgomery
Perkins, Mrs. (White & P.) millinery and dress making, 146 Sac
Perkins, G.A. clerk, 89 Pacific
Perry, John, (Hyde & P.) Pacific Temperance House, 89 Pacific
Perry, Hoseph A., house carpenter, boards Arcade House, 158 California
Perry, Philo H, assayer's office, 144 Commercial
Pertersen, Geo. & Co., commission merchants, 97 Jackson
Pessenger, John, blacksmith, 164 California
Pflugk, H. cigars and tobacco, 212 Kearny
Phelan, J. & M. importers wines and liquors, 104 Jackson
Phelix, Mrs. 170 California
Phelps, T.G. (J. Dows & Co ) 83 California
Phelps, Abner, attorney, off. Merchant b Kearny and Montgomery
Phillips & Wiley, auctioneers, 81½ Commercial
Phillips, L. auctioneer, 81½ Commercial
Phillip & Brown, bar, 52½ Commercial
Phillips, A.P. (at Bryant & Co.'s,) c Battery and California
Phillips, L.L., office 101 Sacramento
Pickering, L. editor Placer Times and Transcript, 152 Clay
Pickett & Mount, grocers, 125 Jackson
Pidwell, (Green & Pidwell,) furniture store, 158 Sacramento
Pierce, Wm. tin smith, 88 Clay
Pierce, George, (Ellis & Pierce,) Battery
Pierce, John B. (Fay, Pierce & Willis,) 85 California
Pierce, William, baker, 132 Jackson
Pierson, Mrs. C. national and fancy flag maker, Kearny st. above Broadway
Pierson, Henry, clerk, 113 Commercial
Pierson, James, clerk Recorder's court, City Hall
Pilot Commissioners' Office, 27 Sacramento
Pillsbury, Ravel & Sim, commission merchants, 124 Front
Pinckney, R. & Co., lumber mer's, Br'dway b Stockton and Dupont
Pine & King, lumber dealers, 18 California
Pinkham, Charles, Daguerreian artist, 204 Clay
Pinkham, Gee & Co. (Daily Evening Journal,) 160 Montgomery
Pinkham, B.F. printer, Daily Evening Journal, 160 Montgomery
Piper, Jerome, provision merchant, c First and Culler
Platt, G.K. attorney, 158.½ Clay
Platchek, Elias, clothing store, 49 Commercial
Plumb, E.L. lumber merchant, 61 California
Plum, George H. paint store, 68 Front
Poehluam, J. & Co. family wines, 155½ Sacramento
Podd, Jesse, laborer, Clark's Point
Polhemus, Charles B. (Alsop & Co.) 113 California
Polly, J. tailor, 198 Kearny
Pollock, Edward, painter, 156 Clay
Pollock, David H. boot and shoe store, 174 Clay
Pollock, (Tussing & Co.) 154 Washington
Pomeroy, J.T., City Hotel, 37 Pacific
Pommares, J.M. & Co., merchant, 177 Sansome
Ponten & Co. chemists and druggists, 121 California
Ponten, Wm.E. surgeon and physician, 121 California
Pool, Lawrence J. (Klanckee, Mel & Co.) 124½ California
Pool, H. mechanic, Pacific foundry, First
Poppe Bros. import, cigars and tobacco, 56 Commercial c Battery
Porter, D.C., M.D., Pacific c Battery
Porter, Mrs. D.C. Mansion house, Pacific c Battery
Porter, Edmund, saloon, 92 Pacific
Porter, John L. (Smith & P) coffee house, 93 Sansome
Porter, Henry, Bay hotel, Conningham's wharf
Post, Sanford G. Mansion house, 78 Pacific
Post, Danl. R. com mer, 81 California
Post, G.B. & Co. com mer, 51 California
Post, J.A. (G.B. Post & Co.) 51 California
Posten, Chas. D. r Washington c Stockton
Potter, Geo. C. Oriental Hotel, c Bush and Battery
Potter & Lawton, livery stable, 115 Kearny
Power, Charles, gun smith, 212½ Washington
Pratt, S.M. jeweller, 119 Montgomery
Pratt, William, White Hall saloon, 28 and 30 Sacramento
Prag C, stoves and tinware, 114 Battery
Prescott, Commercial
Preston, T. butcher, 5 Commercial
Price, Rodman M. real estate, 186 Dupont
Price, Samuel & Co., 170 Kearny
Price, W.G. book keeper, 46 Commercial
Proskey, D. paper hangings and furniture, 126 Clay
Provost, John W. (Kellog & P.) 25 Commercial
Precht, Charles, M.D., 223 Dupont
Promis, George, clothing, 249 Dupont
Proll, H. saddle and harness, 114 Kearny
Puiner, B. & J. clothing store, 64 Pacific
Punches, John J. (Mills & P.) 67 California
Purdee, R.H., watchmaker, 199 Clay
Putnam, J.P. merchant, 73 California


                      Qoll, Domingo, Rose Hotel, Broadway b Stockton and Powell
Qubourdieu, Bernard, restaurant, 63 Kearny
Quereau & Johnson, merchants, 77 Clay
Quillen, Andrew M. carpenter, 234 Kearny
Quimby, Z.M., 245 Sacramento
Quinn, Matthew, liquor store, 97 Pacific
Quirot & Co., lithographers, 136 Clay


                      Rabe, William, notary public, 163 Clay
Racine, Madame Eliza, Adelphi Theatre, 199 Dupont
Ragsdale, Bella Union, 198 Washington
Ragsdale, E.B., Antelope saloon, 13 Commercial
Ramas & Co., clothing, 14 Commercial
Rauce & Rarter, fancy bakery, 160 Kearny
Rand, Charles E. b Bay Hotel, Cunningham's Wharf
Randall, A., M.D., 134 Clay, office, 34 Niantic Hotel
Randall, James W. (Wm. T. Coleman & Co.,) 28 California
Randall, Caesar, barber, (col.) 213 Clay
Randolph & Lipman, merchants, 97 California
Randolph, Edward, attorney at law, Bolton & Barron's bldg, Merchant
Rankin J.P. 2 Battery
Rankin & Co., commission merchants, 81 Front
Ransom, Sivinson, Steamboat Hotel, 16 Commercial
Raphael & Co., clothing, 59 Commercial
Raphael, dining saloon
Rapp, Henry, cigars and tobacco, 262 Dupont
Rassette, Joseph, Rassette House, c Bush and Battery
Ray, J.H. 119½ Sansome, up stairs
Ray & Johnson, stoves, tin and sheet iron ware, 136 Clay
Raye, Wm.R. clerk, 142 Clay
Raymond, S.E. commission merchant, 119 Front
Raymond, J.W., agent steamer New Orleans, c Front and Sacramento, h 28 Sacramento
Raymond, Daniel F. store keeper, Conningham's Wharf
Raynolds, Nichols, produce, 86 Commercial, h Dupont n Vallejo
Read, B.V. & Co., American bakery, 201 Washington
Read & Benjamin, machinists, Pine, bet. Leidesdorff and Montgy
Readman, Wm.J. constable, h Jersey, n Third
Rebard Brothers, hats, 143 Sacramento
Richter, T.B.M. Commercial Exchange, 174 Commercial
Reed, L.M. saloon, 130 Long Wharf
Reed, A.H. fruit, 91 Commercial
Reed, S.G. produce and commission merchants, 106 Front
Reed, Winans & Co., commission merchants, 69 Jackson
Reed, James M. commission merchant, 65 Jackson
Reed, printer, Alta office
Reed & Given, jewelers, 155 Montgomery
Reed, John A. (Ross & Co.,) 182 Washington
Reed, drayman, 66 Kearny
Reese, Mrs. A.B. boarding, 176 Dupont
Reeve, Wm.B. & Co., grocers, 136 Kearny
Rejan, J. confectionery, 33 Montgomery
Rego, Mrs. millinery and dress making, 175 Washington
Reincke, H. acting consul for Russia and Hamburg, 122½ California
Rennie, John J. bowling saloon, 135 Commercial, c Montgomery
Revere, Wm. merchant, 129 Jackson
Revolk & Ludke, watchmakers, 159 Washington
Reynolds & Co., groceries and provisions, 194 Kearny
Rhodes, Wm.H (Sloan & Rhodes,) Merchant
Richardson, A.S. Oriental hotel
Richardson, Benj. merchant, 143 Long wharf
Richards, J.R. clerk, (at Nichols, Parker & Co.'s) Battery c Clay
Richter, Doct., 63 Montgomery
Rich, Joseph, clothing 29 Long wharf
Rice, Chas. A. grocer, c First and Cutter
Rice & Cramer, hair dressers, 140½ Montgomery
Rice, Jerome, auctioneer, (at Hutton & Co.'s) Clay c Sansome
Ricketson, John, shoe and leather dealer, Merchant
Riddle, J.L. auctioneer and commission merchant, 50 and 52 Sansome, bds Oriental Hotel
Riley, Elizabeth, milliner, 224 Washington
Ripley, Noah, oils and paints, 128 Sansome
Rippon, Wm., Lafayette Hotel, 51 Commercial
Riofrey, Gurchard, druggist, 221 Clay
Rising, Caselli & Co. auction and commission merchants, 94 Sansome c Sacramento
Rising, David, (Rising & Caselli)
Ritter, E.L. groceries and liquors, 202 Sacramento c Dupont
Riten, S.D. grocer, 170 Dupont
Rivarolu, Frederico, restaurant, 196 Jackson
Ritchie, Osgood & Co., boots and shoes, 65 Pacific, h Union b Kearny and Stockton
Roberts, B.T. carpenter, Bush b Sansome and Battery
Roberts, John T. saloon, 31 Sansome
Roberts, Edward, bds Bay Hotel, Cunningham's wharf
Robertson, Wm., Monumental house, 46 Sacramento
Robertson, J.H. & R.L. 62 Sansome, coal yard Clay
Robie, Levi, clerk, P.M.S.S. Co.'s off., Sacramento c Leidesdorff
Robinson & Co. bankers, savings bank, 141 Montgomery c Clay
Robinson, L. & Co. cabinet makers, 196 Kearny
Robinson, Chas. J. pioneer livery stable, 153 Sac. c Webb
Robinson, D.N. & Wm. D. fruit dealers, c Sansome and Com
Robinson, Wm. cigars and tobacco, 70½ Pacific
Robinet, Eugene, restaurant, 125 Kearney
Roebin, Geo. 50 Long wharf
Rodgers, Robert, banker, 143 Clay
Rogers, H.P., (Howe & Co.) 104 Long wharf
Rogers, Geo. saloon, 98 Pacific
Rogers, W. old line pilots, off. Cunningham's wharf
Roggenberger & Co. importers of clothing and dry goods, 124 San
Rohtbar, H.H. cigars, 110 Montgomery
Rollins, A. (Davis & Rollins,) 60 California
Romer & O'Brien, ship chandlers, 13 Sacramento
Rooney, Alexander, Crescent City Hotel, 109 Sansome
Rooney, Bernard, grocer, 233 Washington c Pike
Rosa, Salvator, importer of musical instruments, 180 Clay
Root,m James, stoves and tinware, 150 Clay
Rosenfeld, S. jr. Howard House, 1 Long wharf
Rosenfeld & Meyer, cigars and tobacco, 144 Washington
Rosenfeld, (Haas & R.) variety store, 168½ Washington
Rosenthal, L. importers of dry goods, 154 Kearny
Rosenstock, M. Pacific clothing depot, 45 Pacific
Rosenwig, B. & Co. merchants, 161 Washington
Ross, D.L. & Co. com. and ship. mer., 113 Battery
Ross, D.L. h Stockton, 1 d from c Green
Ross & Co. Bella Union saloon, 198 Washington
Ross, R., Bella Union saloon, 198 Washington
Ross & Co. painters, 182 Washington
Ross, Wm.G.
Ross, Mrs. private boarding, 206 Washington
Ross, James, boarding, 193 Front
Ross, Daniel L. merchant, 84 Clay
Rose, J.A. Merchant
Rounds & Kont, mill and wheelwrights, First b Market and Miss
Rouset, Auger & Co. com mer, 122 California
Rowe, Rufus, butcher, 9 Commercial
Rowell & Tewksbury, (M.D's.) medical office, 132 Kearny
Rundell, Wm.M. h 239 Sacramento
Russ & Co. 71 Montgomery
Russell, printer, Alta office
Russum, Thos.B. County Recorder, Merchant n Montgomery
Rutledge & Co. stoves, 156 Sansome
Ryan, R.F. atty, 123 Montgomery, up stairs
Ryan, Duff & Co. lumber merchants, 39 Battery
Ryan, Richard, 39 Battery
Ryan & Co. produce, 82 Front
Ryan, John, assistant Wilsn\on's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Ryckman, G.W. flour inspector, 61 Sacramento
Ryensberger, H. millinery and dry goods, 201 Washington


                      Sabin, Mrs. M.A. dress maker, 217 Jackson
Salmon, Mrs. saloon, 152 Washington
Salumen, watchmaker, 117 Kearny
Sam Wo. & Co. provision dealers, 173 Sacramento
Sanson, A.B. jeweller, 151 Montgomery
Sanders, Cary & Parker, counsellors, Mont c Merchant
Sanders, G.S. atty, Mont c Merchant
Sanders & Brenham, bankers, 129 Montgomery
Sanderson, L.F. & Co. Columbian Hotel, Pine b Mont and Kearny
Sanderson, Frederick, Pine b Montgomery and Kearny
Sargent, B. coal dealer, 44 Battery
Saroni, Archer & Co. hat and furnishing store, 179 Clay
Sarrington, S.H. barber, 220 Kearny
Sather, P. (Drexel, S. & Church) banker, 129 Montgomery
Saunders, Jno. H. (S., Hepburn & Bagley) 127 Montgomery
Saunders. O.S. seaman, 57 Commercial
Sawyer, Otis V. (Chapin & S.) 127 Sansome
Sayward, Wm. A. lumber dealer, Mission n Frist
Sayward, Wm F. & Co. gold dust and exchange dealers, 137 Montgomery
Scahnarini, C. & Co. saloon, 152 Washington
Schfer, John F. upholsterer, 62 Commercial
Schmitt, Julius, upholsterer, 210 Clay
Schroeder, J.C. & Co. importers, 50 Front
Schroeder & Meyer, saloon, Front c Bdway
Schroeder, Henry, liquor dealer, Leidesdorff b Cal and Pine
Schaeffer, Jno.W. (Archer & S.) cigars, 34 Commercial
Schaeffer, Capt, F.B.
Schaeffer, Jno.P., Illinois house, 85 Pacific
Schroeder, A., saloon, 19 Commercial
Schad & Schwerien, fancy goods, 179 Washington
Scheper & Van Bergen, liquor dealers, 158 Sansome
Schloss Bros., importers dry goods, 122 Montgomery
Schmidt, J. & Co., importers wines and brandies, 218 Jackson
Schmit, J. professor of music, 119 Dupont
Schoyer, Raphael, (Rising, Caselli & Co.) 94 Sansome
Schuckle, Christopher, blacksmith, Bush b Montgomery & Kearny
Shulze, F. cigar store, 131½ Commercial
Schumacker, A. boots and shoes, 163 Washington
Schuckerly, Miss A.M., millinery, 135½ Sacramento
Schultz, (Martin, S. & Co.) auctioneers, 160 and 162 Sansome
Schwat, A. grocer and liquor dealer, 62 Montgomery
Schweritz, Anson & Co. tailors, 154 Clay
Scott, John, wines and liquors, 28 California
Scott, Miss A. boarding, 52 Montgomery
Scribner, George W. butcher, 167 Battery
Scranton, H. Lee, importer, 165 Battery c Pacific
Scrutton & Hale, ship and custom house brokers, 49 Pacific
Scully, W.O.H. (Southgate & Co.) ship broker, 31½ Pacific
Scurpo, George & Co., meat market, 57 Kearny
Searle & Wynn, commission merchants, 127 California
Searle, John, Portuguese consul, 127 California
Segret, Horace, watchmaker, 55 Pacific
Selby, Thomas & Co., importers of metals, 132 California
Seligman, J. & Co., merchants, 65 Sansome
Sellick, N.M. mason, 239 Clay
Selling, P. dry goods, 259 Dupont
Seloy, A., pawnbroker, 130½ Commercial
Senge, Jas., pilot, off. Cunningham's Wharf
Sen, W. & Co., provisions, 179 Sacramento
Sepont, Simri, boarding, 132 Dupont
Seymour, G.T. & Co., furniture warehouse, 190 Washington
Shankland, Robert, clerk, 102 Commercial
Sharp, Samuel W. barkeeper, 55 Pacific
Sharp, Solomon A. (McDougal, H. &S.) c Merchant and Montgy
Sharpe, G.F. & W.H., attorneys 140½ Montgomery
Shannon, Mrs. Julia, midwife, Vallejo b Stockton and Pearl
Shaw, G.N. & Co., commission merchants, California
Shaw, Thomas, blackmith, 164 California
Shaw, Mrs. Lydia A. 227 Washington
Shearer, (Berthelot & S.) commission merchant, 112 Sansome
Shear & Bulger, saloon, 132 Montgomery
Sheldon, James, 181 Sacramento
Shellabed, W., U.S. revenue service, Clark's Point
Shelly, W.N. pilot, Conningham's Wharf
Shelton, W.S. & Co., importers hardware, Battery
Shepard, Adam, (California Brewery) c Stockton and Jackson
Sheppard & Hale, liquor dealers, 145 Sansome
Shephard, D.A., liquor dealer, 145 Sansome
Shephard Miles, clerk, 145 Sansome
Shepheard, W.L., stoves and tinware, 34 Sansome
Shepheard, S.A. attorney, 170 Montgomery
Shepheard, P.W. justice of peace, b Stockton n Clay
Sherman & Wheelock, 79 Montgomery
Sherry, Peter, Broadway house, 125 Pacific
Sherwood, W.H. & Co., auctioneers and commission merchants, 121 Sansome
Sherwood, (Barrett & S.) jeweller, Clay and Montgomery
Sherman, R.M., merchant, 154½ Clay
Shew, T. clothing, 124 Montgomery
Shipley, William C , wholesale liquor dealer, 80 Battery
Shippen, Edward, clerk, custom house, c California and Leidesdorff
Shie, Louis, mechanic, 118 Dupont
Shindler, James, Oriental Hotel
Shirley, Jno., crockery and glassware, 138 Kearny
Shirley & Bayley, crockery and glassware, 176 Montgomery
Shner, Myer, clothier, 77 Pacific
Short, Frederick, tin smith, 117 Sansome
Short, John, (Bryant & S.) Washington Baths, 174 Washington
Sholle Bros., clothing, 78 Montgomery
Shreve & Co., lime depot, 45 Sacramento, h, c Dupont and Bush
Shultze, Julius, (Leppien & S.) 126 California
Shying, George, butcher, Bush, b Sansome and Montgomery
Siebeck, Augustus, saloon, 167 Commercial
Sigrist, Frederick, tin maker, 150 Clay
Silk, W. salesman, 21 Commercial
Silver, Mendels & Co, furniture warehouse, 114 Jackson
Silver, W.H. & Co., bedding, 149 Sacramento
Silverman, (Mandelbaum & S.) dry goods, 80 Montgomery
Simon, Burke & Co., cigars, 151 Front
Simon, L. dry goods, 163 Clay
Simon, U. dry goods, 171 Clay
Simon, S. dry goods, 165 Washington
Simons & Horrocks, house and sign painters, 28 California
Simons, A.R., house and sign painter, 28 California
Simonds, Nathan, (Eastern Exchange,) 4 Commercial
Simeon, Pierre, boarding, 67 Kearny 
Simson, Robert, attorney, 118½ Commercial
Simons, T.D. editor Christian Advocate, Powell, b Washington and Jackson
Simpson, J. Jr., carpenter, Bush, b Sansome and Battery
Sinclair, Samuel, clerk 124 Commercial
Sing, E. Chinese merchant, 178 Sacramento
Sinton, R.H. stock broker, 150 Montgomery
Sirich & Co., feed store, Leidesdorff, b Sacramento and California
Sir John Franklin Restaurant, 48 Commercial
Slade & Co., commission merchants, 116 California
Sleeper, N. 96 California, b Rassete House
Sloan & Rhodes, attorneys, c Merchant and Montgomery
Sloan, E.W.T., attorney, c Merchant and Montgomery
Sloat, L.W. notary public, conveyancer, &c., 129 Montgomery
Smith, W.H. bar keeper, 153 Commercial
Smith, J.E. (Hawkins & S.) 219½ Pacific
Smith, D.W. wines and liquors, Battery, b John, b Pine and Marion
Smith & Campbell, grocers, 94 Front
Smith, Jas. & Co., pile drivers, 96 Front
Smith, Cowes & Neefus, plumbers, 116 Front
Smith & Sutton, porter house, 111½ Front
Smith, Charles A. North Star Hotel, Broadway, n Sansome
Smith,Peter, butcher, 41 Sansome
Smith Brothers & Co., merchants, 71 Sansome
Smith & Porter, coffee house, 93 Sansome
Smith, Mighill, coffee house, 93 Sansome
Smith & Hardler, fruit store, 194 Clay
Smith, Samuel E. 28 California
Smith, Edward, carriage maker, 156 California
Smith, James T. blacksmith, 164 California
Smith, J. Edwin, salesman, 79 California
Smith, J.W. Leidesdorff, b California and Pine
Smith, Mrs. Eunice, auction store, 72 Commercial
Smith & Leland, butchers, 116 Sansome
Smith, Peter, butcher, 116 Sansome
Smith, W.O.saloon, 162 Sansome
Smith, (Moulton & S.) hardware, 46 and 48 Sansome
Smith, Charles, actor, 124 Dupont
Smith, Charles D. printer, 186 Montgomery
Smith, Wells & Co., carriage factory, 91 Kearny
Smith, Mrs. Eunice, 121 Dupont
Smith & Bracket, market, 12 Sacramento
Smyth & Bromley, com. mer., 143 Front
Smilie & Bassford, druggists, 194 Washington
Smilley, Jas (Nuall & S) First
Smiley, Capt. James, 243 Sacramento
Smiley, E.R., M.D., office, 159 Montgomery
Snook, Geo. & Wm. stoves and sheet iron dealers, 141 Wash
Snow, Saml. A. uphostery, 140 Kearny
Snyder & Hathaway, tinware, 182 Montgomery
Snyder, Frederick, reporter, Alta office
Solomon, Jno. fancy goods, 219 Dupont
Soudey, (De Tarenne & S.) grocers, 80 Kearny
Soulagres, B. liquor dealer, 154 Pacific
Soule & Page, lumber merchants, Battery c Bush
Soule, S. Battery c Bush
Southgate & Co. ship brokers, Pacific c Davis
Southgate, J.J. Pacific c Davis
Southworth, A.B. importer and dealer in iron, 128 California
Spackman, W.H. at Bryant & Co's. Battery c California
Spatz & Newhouse, dry goods and clothing, 132½ California
Spear, T.G., printer, N.W. c Commercial and Leidesdorff
Spear, Jas. carriage painter, 160 California
Spear, Edward, 245 Washington
Speyer, Morris, importer and com mer, 62 Sansome
Spinney, J.S. (Curtis & S.) 26½ Commercial
Spofford, W.E. (P.M.S.S. Co's. office,) Leidesdorff c Sacramento
Spoor Bros. grocers, 72 Kearny
Spring, J.H. merchant, 137 Front
Stain, Harris, barber, 42 Commercial
Stampar, J. & Bros, merchants, Merchant c Montgomery
Stanley, Mrs. dressmaking and millinery, Pine b Mont and Kny
Starkweather, McClenachan & Co. merchants, Battery
Starkweather, N.B. Battery
Starr, F.R. (Gray & S) 51 Pacific
Starr, H. 51 Pacific
Staunton, C.H. com mer, 108 Battery
Steadman & White, jewelers, 176 Clay
Steamboat Hotel, Davis c Commercial
Stephens & Bancroft, com mer, Leidesdorff b Sacramento and Com
Stephenson, R.M. h Powell c Washington
Stephenson, Jas. E. clerk, 160 Montgomery
Steeb & Schmolz, mathematical instruments, 119 Montgomery
Stevens, W.H. com mer, 110 Battery
Stevens, G.B. auct. and com mer, 14 Sacramento
Stevens, V.C. printer, Whig office
Stevens, J.W. 241 Sacramento
Stevens, R.J. wharfinger, 26 Sacramento
Stevenson, Jas. b Bay Hotel
Stevenson, J.D. & Co. brokers, 169½ Clay
Stewart, J.F. com mer, 129 Jackson
Stewart & Co. wines and liquors, 194 Washington
Stillman, Jas. W. City Comptroller, 179 Dupont
Stillwell, Geo. W. (Aitken, S. & Co.) 67 California
St Losky, Levy & Co. cigars, 199 Washington
Stockwell & Co. books and stationery, 102 Montgomery
Stoddard, H.C. printer, Whig office
Stoddard, E.H. & Co. drugs and medicines, First c Market
Stolz & Leszynsky, dry goods, 147 Sacramento
Story, Redington & Co. wholesale druggists, 125 Sansome
Stool, Wm. 100 Kearny
Stott, Alexander, glassware, 166 Montgomery
Stryburg, C.H. grocer, 35 Montgomery
Struver, (Haas & S.) commission merchant, 170 Montgomery
Stout, Arthur B. physician, 249 Washington
Stout, John H. Oriental Hotel
Stoutenburgh, Wm. E. & Co., commission merchants, Bdway wharf
Stowell, W.H. commission merchant, 88 California
Steene & Hathaway, commission merchants, 70 Clay
Steene, G.S. commission merchant, 70 Clay
Strobridge & Blake, auctioneers and commission merchants, 85 Com
Strobridge, J.M. 85 Commercial
Strode, C.B. (Jones, Tompkins & S.) atty, c Mer. and Mont.
Stuart, James, (Mallory S. & Co.) 58 Commercial c Battery
Stump, Samuel, jr., atty, Leidesdorff
Sture & Hathaway, produce merchants, 88 Front
Stutsman, Jacob, produce merchant, 156 Pacific
Subalie & Mauback, wholesale grocers, 118 Commercial
Sullivan, L.E. atty at law, 160 Washington
Sutherland & Carr, attys, 123 Montgomery
Surie & Co., importers and commission merchants, 48 Front
Swain, Chas. F. agt Dispatch line, 59 Front
Sweeny, Geo. F., Telegraph, Merchants' Exchange
Sweeney, M.D., liquor dealer, 94 Clay
Sweetser & Hutchings, com. mer. 165 Battery c Pacific
Swift, J.M. & Co., groc. prov. and liquors, c Davis and Wash
Swift & Dewey, com. mer., c Davis and Washington
Switzer, N. meat market, 255 Washington
Sylvester, L. stoves and tinware, 144 Sacramento

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