San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Taaffe, McCahill & Co., importers and jobbers in dry goods, Front c Sacramento
Tailor & Gordon, stoves and tin ware, 208 Montgomery
Tag's restaurant, 114 Commercial
Tallant & Wilde, bankers, 143 Montgomery
Taliaferro, Alfred, M.D., 299 Clay
Tallman, W.C.N., bookkeeper, 47 and 49 California
Tappan, C.W. auc. and com., 82 Commercial, h St. Mary's Place
Tarbell, Frank, Tehama House, Sansome c California
Tate & Murray, com. mer., 147 Battery
Taylor, Edward, clerk, P.,M.S.S. Co.'s off. c Leidesdorff and San
Taylor, Miss Eliza, saloon, 211 Dupont
Taylor, Mrs. Ellen, saloon, 136 California
Taylor, John, clerk, 90 California
Taylor, B. merchant tailor, 261 Dupont
Taylor, James, hatter, at Boyd's hat store, Clay
Taylor, Knowles, r 241 Sacramento
Taylor & Wescott, blacksmith, First, 2 d from Stevenson
Taylor, John F., blacksmith, First, 2 d. from Stevenson
Taylor, N.T., bds Arcade Hotel, Webb
Taylor C.S. carpenter, 132 Dupont
Teclaw, F.T. druggist, 105 Sansome
Teese, L. importer and general dealer, 184 Sansome
Tennent, Thomas, mathematical instrument make, 134 Mont
Tewksbury, J.M., M.D., medical off. 132 Kearny
Thackston, Chas. A. commission merchant, 61 Battery
Thayer & Little, importers of drugs and medicines, 127 Mont
Thare,, (Clayton & Thare,) custom house, 298 Dupont
Thiebault, F.J., Oriental Hotel
Thiebau, Eugene S. (Cundell & Co.) shipping off., 2½ Long wharf
Thomas, Jos B., com. mer. 135 Front
Thomas, L.H. atty Bolton & Barron's bdg
Thomas, Isaac, (Hastings, Thomas & Morse,) atty at law, Mer
Thomas, Oliver, atty, off. Merchant, b Kearny and Montgomery
Thomas, Horace, Crescent City Hotel, 109 Sansome
Thomas Carrier & Co., wines and liquors, 111 Sacramento
Thompkins, P.W. (Jones, Thompkins & Strodes,) Merchant, bds Rassette House
Thompson, Joseph A. & Chas. S. Laws' Hotel, 208 Kearny
Thompson, D.W.C., Oriental Hotel
Thompson, James, feed store, 115½ Sansome
Thompson Brothers, importers of iron, steel, &c., 159 Sansome
Thompson, James, Jefferson House, 42½ Commercial
Thompson, Wm. H., Polka saloon, 161 Commercial
Thompson, Lewis, Florence House, 188 Pacific
Thompson, Wm.N. lumber yard, 22 Battery
Thompson, W.S. First b Market and Mission
Thornton, R.S. blacksmith, 103 Kearny
Thrall, H.H. dentist
Thurber, J.Q.A grocer, 190 Montgomery c Jackson
Thursby, John, blacksmith, 152 California
Tice & White, butchers, 56½ Montgomery
Tichenor, S.W. auction and commission, 63 and 65 Sacramento
Tileston, Wm.M. wholesale boots, shoes and leather, 100 Sansome
Tilghmar, R. barber, 98 Commercial
Tillman, Mrs. J. dressmaker, 243 Washington
Tilton, Henry S. clerk, 115 Sansome
Tingley, (Hosmer & Tingley,) billiards, 152 Montgomery
Tissot, (Rutte, Tissot & Co.) 172 Montgomery
Tissot, Paul, 133 Sacramento
Tittel, Augustus, bakery, 51 Kearny
Tobias, A.J., & Co., importers, 125 Sacramento, c Montgomery
Tobin & Duncan, importers and dealers in Chinese goods, 112 Sacramento, and 111 Commercial
Tobin, James
Todd's Express, office 155 Montgomery, c Merchant
Todd, Alvin, (Washburn & Todd,) Pine
Tolland & Hart, importers and dealers in hardware, 90 California
Tolland, H.H.
Tomich, A.J. fruit store, 165 Commercial
Tompkins, Thomas, market, c Powell and Pacific
Tompkins, John, saloon, Pine, b Sansome and Leidesdorff
Tong San, Chinese store, 174 Sacramento
Tong Sin, Chinese store, 184 Sacramento
Torrey & Blanchard, commission merchants, 35 Battery
Torrey, E.N., & W.L. carpenters, 201 California, h 136 Dupont
Townsend, James B. atty,\., 118 Montgomery
Townsend & Flint, lumber, c Bush and Battery
Townsend, B.E.
Townsend, Joseph, commission merchant, 105 Jackson
Townache, Miss, young ladies' school, 223 Sacramento
Toy & Son, clothing, 15 and 23 Commercial
Toyle, H.F. oyster saloon, 255 Dupont
Travis, D.W.C. 159 Sansome
Treadwell & Co., hardware and agricultural store, c California and Battery
Treadwell, L.L.
Treadwell, J.P.
Tremer, F.H., bookkeeper, 125 Sansome
Trenner, Miss, milliner, 65 Montgomery
Trevor & Boswood, surgeons, Broadway, b Sansome and Ohio
Trimble, Dr. James, 162 Montgomery
Tripp, G.S. lock and gun smith, 162 Sacramento
Trowbridge & Seymour, wooden ware, 137 Sansome
Trouette, H., M.D., 45 Sansome
Truett & Truett, groceries and liquors, Sansome c Sacramento
Trubody, syrup manufactory, Pacific
Trubody, h Clay, ab Powell
Tubbs, A.L. (Folger & Tubbs,) 49 Pacific
Tucker, J.W. dealer in diamonds and watches, 125 Montgomery
Tuckwell, Geo. (J.D. Brown & Co.,) painter, 56½ Montgomery
Turner, David L. (Rising, Caselli & Co.,) 94 Sansome, c Sac
Turner, W.B. (Todd's Express) 155 Montgomery, c Merchant
Turnbull & Walton, commission merchants, 83 Front, c Clay
Tussing, Pollock & Co., 154 Washington
Tuttle & Lawrence, produce, 71 Jackson
Tuttle, C.S. res. ship Ganges
Twiggs, Henry L. bookkeeper, 187 Sansome
Tyler, Simon H., trader 199 Clay


                      Udell, T. clerk, Magnolia saloon, 162 Kearny
Upham, J.T. New England House, 53 Sansome
Upham, Geo. J. (of G.B Post & Co.) 51 California
Ullman, M. cigars and tobacco, 96 Commercial
Umber, Chas, Atlantic House, 181 Pacific
Ungen, Adolphe, com. mer., 121 Sacramento
Urie, Capt. J.S. Bay Hotel, Cunningham's wharf


                      Vaillant, J. liquor, Merchant, b Kearny and Montgomery
Vail, Edward, produce, 83 Washington
Van Allen, Wm. R., wholesale grocer, 86 Jackson c Battery
Van Buren, Thos. atty at law, 10 Bolton and Barron's bdg, Mer.
Van Bever, (Morret & Van Bever,) European groc., 219 Wash
Van Bokkelen, J.L. French com. mer., 126 Sansome
Van Bergen, (Scheper & V.B.) liquors, 158 Sansome, c Jackson
Van Dyck, John H. clerk, 139 Sansome
Van Evers, grocers, 218 Dupont
Van Holden, Irving House, 78 Washington
Van Ness, James, atty, Merchant b Montgomery and Kearny
Van Ness, J.P. boarding house, 211 Sansome
Van Reed, Brothers, brokers, 113 Sacramento
Vandewater, R.J. Oriental Hotel
Vanhall, grain and flour, 110 Kearny
Vanderen, W.J. & Co. storage and forwarding, 17 California
Vaney & Co. auc. and com. 126 Commercial, h Clay ab Powell
Vanzandt, J.W., M.D.
Vassault, F. & Co. merchants, 49½ Pacific
Vasserman, John, boarding house, 129 Pacific
Veasy, P. clerk, at Morrell's, 169 Washington
Veirs, Jesse, bookkeeper, 113 Washington
Venard & Morgan, coffee grinders, 50 Kearny
Venos, C. & Co. restaurant, 100 Montgomery
Verdien Brothers, Belfaume, importers, dry goods, 152 Kearny
Vermallis, Miss C. saloon, 250 Dupont
Verplank & McMullen, jobbers, 126 Commercial
Vibbard, P.G. livery and sale stable, 19 Battery
Vinton, Wm.M. (McKinley & Vinton,) 44 Commercial
Vizina, Chas. blacksmith, 152 California
Voorman & Co. grocers, 239 Dupont c Jackson
Voorman, Henry, grocer, 239 Dupont c Jackson

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