San Francisco City Directory


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al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Waber, Gabriel, boots and shoes, 168 Clay
Wade, Wm.W. (Hall & W.) hatters, 200½ Montgomery
Wade, O.R. merchant, 140 Sansome
Wainwright, J. E. county clerk
Wakelee, C.H., Merchant's Exchange, 123 Sacramento
Wales, Jonathan, boots and shoes, 184 Sansome
Walker, George, laborer, 17 California
Wallace, Patrick, carpenter, 240 Clay
Wallace, J.L., City Bath House, 145 Commercial
Wallace, Mrs. Lucy, 200 Jackson
Waller & Dodge, attorneys, No.2, Bolton & Barron's Building, Merchant n Montgomery
Waller, R.H. (W. & Dodge,) h, c Vallejo and Montgomery
Walker, Solomon, scourer, 173½ Washington
Walker, Albert, watchmaker, 90½ Commercial
Wampole, Silas M. at Shreeve & Co's., Sacramento, n Front
Wande, Burgese, 87 Washington
Wang Fang, Chinese store, 172 Sacramento
Warbuss, Thomas A. 245 Sacramento
Ward, Samuel H., assayer's office, 144 Commercial
Wardwell, C.O. & Co., commission merchants, 43 California
Wardwell, A.M. book keeper, 43 California
Warner, J.M. (J.T. Carter & Co.,) 27 Sansome
Warner, W. broker, 162 Montgomery
Wardwell, A. notary Public, 120 Montgomery
Washburn & Co., commission merchants, 66 California
Washburn & Todd, grocers and liquor dealers, First, n Market sqr
Washburn, J.M. grocer and liquor dealer, First, n Market sqr
Washington saloon, (Hart, proprietor,) 90 Jackson, c Battery
Wasserman, H. clerk, 96 Commercial
Wass, Molitor, & Co., assay office, Merchant, b Kearny and Montg
Washum, washing and ironing, 214 Montgomery
Waterman, Richard, 206 Clay
Waterman & Buswiler, cigars, 152 Washington
Waterman, James, Union Hotel, Kearny, c Merchant
Waters, Mrs. arcade saloon, 148 Kearny
Waters, G.L. saloon, 153½ Commercial
Watens, J. merchant tailor, 157 Sacramento
Watson & Co., upholsterers, 206 Clay
Watson, W.H. upholsterer, 206 Clay
Watson, J.R. 153½ Commercial
Webb, Stephen P. attorney at law and notary public, 161 Montgy
Webb & Co., books and stationery, 151 Sansome
Webb & Harris, merchants, 70 Pacific
Webb, Hiram, merchant, h Green, b Powell and Mason
Webster, (Page & W.) 50 and 52 Sansome
Webster, H. & Co., liquors and cigars, c Battery and California
Webster & Milton, merchants, b Crescent City Hotel
Webster, H.C. cartman, b Crescent City Hotel
Weed, Joseph, justice peace, 174 Pacific
Wegener, F.O. carpenter, 58 Montgomery
Weir, Wm.B. butter dealer, 149 Sansome
Welch, James M. carpenter, 144 Clay
Welden, D.K. & Co., commission merchants, 12 California
Welling & Gridly, grocers, 118 Jackson
Wells, Fargo & Co., bankers, express and forwarding, 114 Mont
Wells, J.B. (Crockett, W. & Baker,) Merchant
Wells, J.P. (J.H. Brow & Co.,) 141 Commercial
Well, Eli, dry goods, 240 Clay
Welton, Merritt, 35 Montgomery
Wenide, Miss, saloon, 232 Jackson
Wentworth, N.grocer, 67 Pacific
Wertheimer, (Plum & W.) clothing, 192 Washington
Weseltzky, J.J. merchant tailor, 162½ Sacramento
West, (Wood & W.) commission merchant, 136 Sansome
West, H.C. stock and money broker, 137 Montgomery
Wescott, Charles B., (Taylor & W.) Bush
Weston & Harper, bowling saloon, 118 Jackson
Wetter, Frank, Howard House, 35 Pacific
Wheaton, Wm.A. commission merchant, 147 Battery
Wheeler & Murray, liquors and cigars, 64 Sansome
Wheeler, R. & Co., agricultural warehouse, c Clay and Battery
Wheelock, Mrs. J. millinery and fancy goods, 206 Clay
Whipple, S.B. Diana saloon, 160 Commercial
Whipple, S. mechanic, Pacific foundry, First
Whiston, Edward D. (Hoag & W.)
Whitcomb & Co. merchants and brokers, 148 Sansome
White & Doherty, passenger and ship stores, 6½ Commercial
White, W.A. passenger and ship stores, 6½ Commercial
White & Co. grocers, 8 Commercial
White, James, merchant, 107 California
White, Thomas J., M.D., Merchant op Union Hotel
White, (Tice & W.) butcher, 92 Montgomery
White, Wm.H. (Rutledge & Co.) stove dealer, 156 Sansome
White & Perkins, Mrs., millinery and dress making, 146 Sac
White, B.H., M.D., 230 Washington
White, A.M. dealer in gold dust, 88 Jackson
White & Wentworth, iron and lumber, 27 and 29 Battery
White, Chas. L. r 241 Sacramento
White, Elijah, M.D., off. 131 Jackson
White, Robert, bar, 169 Front
Whiting, B.G. restaurant, 136 Montgomery
Whitlock, Chas. boots and shoes, 41 Commercial
Whitman, S.P. clerk, 4 Commercial
Whitney, Mrs. saloon, 153 Commercial
Whitney, Geo. O. furniture warehouse, 159 Sacramento
Whitnall, J.L. Crescent City Hotel, 109 Sansome
Whitstard, Edward, clothing, 33 Commercial
Whittle, clerk, 104 Kearny
Wilber, Marshal, (Howard & Wilber,) carpenters, 27 Sansome
Wickersham, A. fruit dealer, 107 Sansome
Wilcox, James, grocer, First b Market and Mission
Wild, Mrs. boarding, Broadway n Ohio
Williams, James A. carpenter, 27 Sansome
Williams, C. mechanic, Pacific foundry, First
Williams, J. mechanic, Pacific foundry, First
Williams, Andrew, lawyer, 158½ Clay
Williams, Rev., Congregationalist, 212 California
Williams, George, Celestial saloon, 39 Pacific
Williams, H.G. carpenter, Merchant b Montgomery and Sansome
Williams & Meiggs, lumber, 162 Montgomery
Williams, Chas. boarding, 61 Montgomery
Williams, E. apothecary, 132 Kearny
Williams, Owen A. compositor, bds Pacific Hotel, Pacific
Willard, J.C. clerk, Sacramento c Leidesdorff
Willcott, James, ship carpenter, 156 California
Willis, Horatio P. (Fay, Pierce & W.) 85 California
Willis, Mrs. M.D., 141 Sacramento
Willis, Henry M. millinery and dress goods, 141 Sacramento
Willis, D. bar, 247 Dupont
Williston, printer, Alta office
Wilson, John N. painter, 90 California
Wilson, E. Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Wilson, John & Son, harness and saddlery, 149 California
Wilson & Mathews, cigar store, 1 California
Wilson, Charles, cigar store, 1 California
Wilson, S.H. baker, 133 California
Wilson, W.O. & Co. grocers, 217 Pacific
Wilson, J.S. h Broadway ab Dupont
Wilson, Saml. produce merchant, 154 and 156 Pacific
Wilson, J.H. 154 and 156 Pacific
Wilson, Mr. J.A. boarding, 125 Front
Wilson, J.H. (C.P. Lolor & Co. 46 Commercial
Wilson, J. mechanic, Pacific Foundry, First
Wilson, Jos. merchant, 101 California
Wilson, Mathew, printer, Whig office
Wily, auction store, 81½ Commercial
Wing, Levi, carpenter, 27 Sansome
Wing, Stephen, tinman, 199 California
Winchester, (Main & W.) saddle and harness, 68 Sansome
Windsor, Chas. clothing, 41½ Pacific
Winter & Latimer, com merchants, 28 Battery
Winter, G. 28 Battery
Winter, E. book keeper, 28 Battery
Winter, John, merchant, 215 Montgomery
Winn, M.L. Fountain Head, h Jackson ab Powell
Wisner, Chas. O. 83 California
Wittman, Joseph, coffee saloon, 123 Commercial
Wolff, Danl. & Co. com mer, 90 Jackson
Wood & West, com merchants, 135 Sansome
Wood & Walker, butchers, 5 Commercial
Wood, P. (L. Robinson & Co.) cabinet maker, 166 Kearny
Wood, Thos. 201½ Dupont
Wood, Hiram, porter saloon, 145½ Sansome
Wood, Miss Josephine, 216 Washington
Wood, Mrs. Emma, milliner, 201½ Dupont
Woddin, Stephen, Franklin Hotel, Pacific c Sansome
Woodin & Hill, Pacific c Sansome
Woodruff, E. merchant, 64 Sansome
Woodward, R.B. What Cheer Hotel, 119 Sacramento
Wollfolk, A.B. 198 Washington
Woolf, Sigmund, (Meyer & W) 67 California
Woolf & Lutgens, Wm Tell House, Pacific b Mont and Kearny
Worden, L.S. (Burr & Co.)
Worlock & Boothby, blacksmiths, 105 Kearny
Worrill, A.C. fruit, 90 Commercial
Wray, Jacob, butcher, 100 Commercial
Wry, Ross, saloon, Broadway c Ohio
Wyckoff, & Co, provision merchants, 85 Washington
Wyman & Huntingdon, blacksmiths, Webb b Sacramento and Cal
Wyman, J.P. h 139 Dupont
Wynn, J.B. (Searle & Wynn) 137 California
Wurtemburg & Co. cigars, 54 Commercial
Wunnenberg, N.H. & Co. boarding, 62½ Commercial




                      Yale, Gregory, atty at law, 118 Montgomery
Yates, Chipman, boots and shoes, 167 Montgomery
Young, Chas. B. off. 167½ Washington
Young, Thos., Dundee House, 94 Pacific
Y Sing, Chinese washing, 191 Jackson


                      Zeil, Doctor, druggist, 152 Sacramento
Ziel, Bertheau & Co., com. merchants, 94 California
Ziel, Gurtt, 94 California
Zimmerman C., hotel and boarding, 210 Kearny
Zolaer, Jacob, assistant, Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome
Zolaer, John, assistant, Wilson's Exchange, 85 Sansome

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