San Francisco City Directory

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al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                       Abadie Jose, laborer, Clarks point
Abadie Louis, barber, 109 Commercial
Abbott John, laborer, 121 Pine
Abbott J.L. laborer, 19 Battery
Abbott Wm. laborer, 47 Pine
Abby Davis, boards, 180 Sansome
Abell A.G. overseer pub bgs 137 Mont
Abrams Morris, tailor, 115 Jackson
Abrams, M. & Co., mer tailors, 200 Geary
Abraham J. watchmaker, 59 Kearny
Abraham J. clothier, 85 Commercial
Abraham P. clothing, 108 Commercial
Abraham, P. & co,, clothing, 108 Com'l
Abran J. clothier, 83 Commercial
Abran J. & co. clothier, 83 Com'l
Achette Henri, Belgian consul, 383 Powel
Acheong, laundry, 124 Sacramento
Achoy Chinese mercht, 131 Dupont
Acker R. baker, Beale n. Folsom
Ackerman John, contractor, 112 Mont
Ackley J. T. stores, 88 clay
Ackley & co. stoves, 88 Clay
Acosta N.P. laborer, Clarks point
Adalbert Mde, actress, 33? Stockton
Adams A. L. merchant, 86 Pine
Adams B. merchant, boards 29 Pike
Adams B.T. 180 Sansome
Adams, Caleb, boards, 180 Sansome
Adams G. Frank, banker, cor long w & San
Adams Frank, merchant, 129 Jackson
Adams J. waiter, 112 Montgomery
Adams H. foundryman, 69 First
Adams J. blacksmith, 91 Kearny
Adams James, policeman, 244 Dupont
Adams Joseph, Guager, 347 Stockton
Adams Jos. liquors, Battery, Clarks point
Adams Jas Jr, guager, basement cus. h
Adams J.H. soda water manufacter, 384 Stockton
Adams L. carman, 62 Front
Adams Paul, grocer, 7 Battery
Adams R.B. printer, 272 Montgomery
Adams Samuel, druggist, 222 Clay
Adams T. blacksmith, 15 Broadway
Adams Theo. contractor, 91 Jackson, h 333 Powell
Adams Wm H. boards 180 Sansome
Adams & co., Express, 99 Montgomery
Adams & Smiley, architects and builders, 91 Jackson
Adelphi Theatre, Dupont n Clay
Adelsdorffer Jacob, waiter, 59 Kean
Adelsdorer Z. com merchant, 11 ?
Adelsdorfer Jos, merchant, 131 ?
Adelsdorfer Ed merchant, 13?
Adelsdorfer Bro. com merchant ?
Adelsdorfer & Neustadter, com merchants, 113 Sacramento
Adelsdorfer Jacob, waiter 59 ?
Aders F. liquors, 70 battery
Adley H. Painter, 318 Powell
Ado? M. laborer, Clarks point
A?  Jacob, laundry, 394 Powell
Adour Tules, clerk, 14 Clay
Adorf R. groceries, 109 Kearny
Adrain Wm ship chandler, 89 ?
Adrain & Story, ship chandlers, ?
Afau, China, goods, 116 sacramento
Agnew J. printer 127 Sacramento
Agnew John, mechanic, 134, Montgomery
Agnew Samuel, blacksmith, 129 Clay
Ah Kan, Chinese merchant, ?
Ahoy, laundry, 185 Sansome
Aiken George, H.B. ?
Aiken Jas, market, 134 Sansome
Aiken, Jas. market, 104 Sansome
Aikken Sam. boiler ma?
Aitken, Joseph, 67 California
Aitken, Stilwell & co., com mer?
Aimer Robert, grocers, Vallejo n Stockn
Ainsa augustin, 64 Sac
Ainsa Manuel, sen. 64 Sacramento
Ainsa Manuel, jr. 64 Sacramento
Ainsa & Sons, com merch, 64 Sacramento
Aki, China merchant, 180 Sacramento
Akerson James, laborer, 161 Sansome
Albion Saloon, 52 Broadway
Albright H.J. clerk, 85 Sansome
Alden D. hack driver, 73 Kearney
Alden D.W. blacksmith, 31 Sansome
Alden, S.E. coffee saloon, 76 Com
Alderman capt Jas. h Beale n Harrison
Aldrich Lorena, dress maker, 242 Clay
Aldridge, E.S., physician, 99 Merchant
Aldrich & Mott, physicians, 99 Merchant
Aldrich Hugh, mason, Sidney valley
Alexander, Caroline, saloon, 121 Kearny
Alexander D. cigar importer, 72 Battery
Alexander M. clothing, 55½ Pacific
Alexander M. fancy goods, 78 Kearney
Alexander Eli, fancy goods, 78 Kearney
Alexander Isaac, jeweller, 130 Mont
Alexander, Julius, clothing, 65½ Pacific
Alexander & co. clothing, 65½ Pacific
Alexander & Friedman, cigars, 72 Bat
Alers A. drugs, 223 Dupont
Algro Thos. painter, 98 Broadway
Allaire F.R. real estate, Rin pt n Beale
Allan Geo.T. com merchant 145 Clay
Allan, McKinlay, Lowe & co. 145 Clay
Allcot Geo.B. 53 Com
Allens, A.S. billiards, 108 Montgomery
Allen B. commission merchant, 278 Jack
Allen E. carpenter, 27 Sansome
Allen, H.A., ag't V.I.L. bds 6 Battery
Allen Isaac, (col'd) cook, 152 Pacific
Allen Jas. Rincon Point
Allen J.P. merchant, 55 Front
Allen James P. clerk, 66 Battery
Allen, S. H., merchandize broker, 172 San
Allen, Rob't, Maj. Q.M.U.S.A. 49 Pac
Allen William, teamster, 205 Mont
Allen William, Rincon Point.
Allen & Parker, billiards, 108 Mont
Allers A. & co. druggists, 223 Dupont
Alley T.H. laborer, 52 Broadway
Allford A.S. 90 Pine
Allovon G.D. 277 Jackson
Allin S.N. painter, 44 Sansome
Allien Ber'd, examiner, app store, 102 Cal
Allington B. jr. stone cutter, 221 Stock
Ali, Chinese boarding house, 182 Pacific
Almy M.B. clerk, 65 Jack
Almy A.J. drugs, 125 Sansome
Alney J. drayman, 41 Sansome
Alsop & co., merchants, 111 & 113 Cal
Alsua M. 138 Jack
Alta Foundry, Market Square, facing Bat
Alta Newspaper, Brenhan Place, c Wash
Alvesa Josepha, liquors, 167 Jackson
Amasy H.J. lumber, 27 Battery
Ambrose, G. clerk, 41 Pacific
Ames, D. furniture, 145 Sacramento
Ames Geo.H. clerk, 163 Front
Ames Henry, stevedore, Minna n First
American Theatre, Sansome c Halleck
Amory C.G. sail maker, 57 Front
Amory Peter, laborer, Sidney Valley
Amory Wm.H. pressman, 88 Broadway
Amory & Oat, sail loft, 57 Front
Amos Zach. furniture, 25 Bush
Amos Wm. pilot office, Cunningham's Wharf
Amos & co. furniture, 25 Bush
Andariese Ed. auctioneer, 92 Sansome
Anderson A. asso. justice, supreme court
Anderson Chas. mason, 112 Mont
Anderson Chas. (col'd) barber, 89 Kear
Anderson David, 137 California
Anderson, Edward, lodgers, 186 Sansome
Andersen J.ship carpenter, 61 First
Anderson John, banker, 118 Mont
Anderson James, laborer, 15 Sansome
Anderson S.G. importer liquors, 85 San
Anderson Wm blacksmith, 89 Pine
Anderson Wm stone yard, 121 Pine
Anderson Wm H. blacksmith, 129 Clay
Anderson, S.G. & co., imps liqrs, 85 Sansome
Andrews, A. printer, 186 Montgomery
Andrews C.B. stone yard, 121 Pine
Andrews Henry, laborer, Sidney Valley
Andrews John, painter, 45½ Pine
Andrews Wm. stone yard, 121 Pine
Andrews & co. Pioneer Stone Yard, 121 Pine
Andornette J. grocer, 224 Kearney
Andunse, Placide, saloon, 209½ Dupont
Angelis E. roofer, 392 Powell
Anger St. B. cigars, 122 California
Angle M.B. physician, 200 Clay
Angney W.C. trader, 274 Stockton
Annan W.C. merchant, 88 California
Annan, Talmage & co. com merchants, 392 Powell
Annis Wm. merchant, 16 Battery
Annis, Craig & co. com mers, 16 Battery
Ansteen Jos. laborer, Sidney Valley
Anson J. boarding, Battery, Clark's Pt
Anshel L. tailor, Cunningham's Wharf
Anthony, Chas. J. carpenter, Sid Valley
Anthony J. imp, 72 Pacific
Apple, A. clothing store, 29 Commercial
Apple A. clothing, 14 com
Appleton G. clerk, Harrison n Beale
Appleton P. 211 Clay
Appraiser's Store, (U.S.) 100 & 102 Cal
Arand J. laborer, 213 Dupont
Archer Charles, carpenter, 26 Front
Archer H. stone cutter, 121 Pine
Archer L.G. cigars, 34 Commercial
Archer J.H. hatter, 179 Clay
Archer Sam'l, waiter, 112 Montgomery
Archer & Schaeffer, cigars, 34 Com
Arrowsmith D.B. mer. Miss'n, cor. of 2nd
Arrowsmith D.B. com. mer. 65 Davis
Arroyo Jose, artiste, 300 Stockton
Argenti Felix, banker, 135 Montgomery
Argenti & Co. bankers, 135 Mont.
Argyras & Peat, com merchs, 128 San
Armer William, cigars, 152 Mont.
Armstrong Irvine, liquors, 129 Front
Armstrong William M. 161 Front
Armstrong W. clerk, 33 Sansome
Armstrong W. clerk, P.O.
Armington Henry, carman, 41 Sansome
Arnold, F. machinist, 31 Pike
Arnold J. Wash. Baths, 180 Wash'n
Arnold Wm. P. laborer, sid Val.
Arnold J & Co. W Baths, 180 Mont
Arrinton Wm. merch. 65 Jackson
Arrison thos. mariner, Val. near Battery
Artega f. trader, 37 Pike
Ashby & Bros. 136 Broadway
Asher John, wheelwright, 105 Kearny
Ashen M. clothing, 139 Front
Ashmore Jas. trader, 3 com.
Ashmore John, ranchero, 3 Com
Ashmore N H. gardener, 3 Com.
Ashton J S. salesman, 229 Clay
Assron Joseph, tailor, 154 Clay
Askell C. blacksmith, 76 Pacific
Aspinwall Benj. h Val'jo ab'v Stockton
Asten H G. porter, 44 Clay
Atkinson J H. merch bds 119 Cala
Atkinson Wm. carpenter, rear 80 Pine
Atlantic House, 181 Pacific
Atong, fisherman, 180 Sac
Attleboro B C. carpenter, 37½ Sans
Attard L. liquors, 19 Com.
Attoy a. board'g h 34 & 36 Pike
Atwater Wm. laundryman, 46 Clay
Atwood Jabez, rincon Point
Atwill J F. music dealer, Plaza
Atwell H. laborer, 76 Pacific
Atwill & Co. music store old P. O. building, Plaza
Aubineaud Pierre, restaurant, 294 Stock
Aubineaud & Desvarenne, restaurant, 294 Stockton
Auer Joseph, tailor, 154 clay
Aulick G. W. laborer, 344 Clay
Austen Henry, stoves, 189 Mont
Austen Joseph, hardware, 47 Com.
Austen Robert, hardwore, 47 Com.
Austin A. merchant, 133 Sac
Austin E G. attorney at law, 159 Clay
Austin H. dentist, 136 Montgomery
Austin Henry, stoves, 187 Mont
Austin Henry, merch, 176 Dupont
Austin H A. dentist, 134 Clay
Austin Henry S. merch, 74 Cala
Austin James W. ex'ng cl'k, U.S. app'rs store, 100 Cala
Austin & co. dry goods, 133 Sac
Austin & Lobdell gents furnishing goods, 162 Clay
Aveline thomas, Butcher, 57 Kear
Avery H G. tinman, 22 Sac
Avery Michael, laborer, Val'jo n Battery
Avery Elihu, ship master, rear Wesley Chapel
Avery Wm. C. musician, 63 Kearny
Avery & Cogswell, copper & sheet iron workers, 22 Sac
Ayers J C. brass founder, 136 Clay
Ayers James, drayman, 46 Cal
Ayers Wm. T. drayman, Sid Val
Ayong, Chinese store, 184½ Sac
Aya la Jules, cooper, Clark's Point

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