San Francisco City Directory

Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                       Cabban, John, butcher, 100 Com
Cabbanniss J.C. Arcade, 158 Com
Cadue Philip, stevedore, 10 Sansone
Cadue Hunter & Co. stevedores, 10 San
Cady Daniel, Washington near Stockton
Cady H.W. barber, 200 Washington
Cady M. Clerk, 80 Cala
Cady Rose, laundry, Wash near Stock
Cady Wm. mariners, Battery cor Cun'g Wharf
Cafe D'Orleans, 108 Mont
Cafe du Theatre, 199 Dupont
Cahn Aaron, b'd'g 53 Leidsd'ff
Cahn Leopold, clothing, 75 Com
Caire J. hardware, 178 Washington
Caire & Long, hardware, 178 Wash
Cala, lumber manf co. 162 Mont
Cala, Exchange, Clay cor Kearney
Caldwell W.W. clerk, 169 Clay
Calef J.S. phys 89 San. h Harr n First
Calish I. clothing, 69 Pacific
Calish, S.R. clothing, 81 Com
Calish & Co. clothing, 81 Com
Calish & Newman, clothing, 69 Pacific
Calkin M. b'd'g, 220 Mont
Callaghan John, laborer, 112 Pacific
Callaghan Peter, laborer, 112 Pacific
Callaghan M.L. 202 Wash
Callet L.C. clerk, Market st b'nd ware h
Callish L. tailor, 103 Mont
Camack Jos. stoves, 109 Sac
Camaron A. blacksmith, 69 First
Cameron D. machinist, Folsom cor Beal
Cameron James, steward, 45 Pike
Camosi D. clerk, 184 Mont
Camp Albert, copper smith, 215 Jackson
Camp Rev. J.J. 229 Clay
Campbell A. Judge C of S, h 156 Mission
Campbell Charles, com mer. 74 Jack
Campbell George, com mer, 67 Sac
Campbell John, mason, 293 Pacific
Campbell J.B. bar keeper, 163 Kear
Campbell Michael, drayman, Vall n Bat
Campbell Mich'l tailor, 234 Kear
Campbell & Peebels, com. mer., 74 Jack
Campett H. merch 229 Stockton
Camphield Phoenix, mason, 31 Pike
Campton Flore, barber, 99 Com
Camisky John, liquors, 126 Sac
Canaus Manuel, saloon, 273 Dupont
Cane, J.R. bricklayer, 306 Pacific
Canfield A.W. clothing, 169 C?
Cannard O.C. 316 Stockton
Cannon Adam, Barnum Rest, 146 Com
Cannon E.E. merchant, 82 Clay
Cannos S. Battery Clk's Pt
Cantor E. grocer, 82 Kear
Canton Tea Company, 118, 120 Kear
Cany, Ed. agent, 170 Mission
Caperton John, dep sheriff, City Hall
Capon, Rev. J.W. 119 Pine
Carcans Robt. fruit, 249 Dupont
Cardriff F. porter, 74 Cala
Card S. agent, 90 Front
Cardazo I.N. attorney, 135 Mont
Carey, J. W. coffee saloon, 166½ Wash
Carlisle B. bar, 87 B'way
Carlisle H. hotel kpr 53½ First
Carlisle Robt. laborer, 53½ First
Carlisle Wm. laborer, 53½ First
Carlisle W. moulder, Folsom cor Beale
Carlisle Houe, 53½ First
Carlyne Wm. drayman, 81 Pine
Carlos Peter, rest't, 68 Com
Carmen B.R. druggist, 203 Wash
Carmen Rosa D. 284 Dupt
Carmen & Martin, drugs, 203 Wash
Carmick E. porter, Battery, n Val'jo
Carnaud A. prof music, 170 Dupt
Carnaud Jules, prof music, 176 Bush
Carnaud & Bazille, 176 Bush
Caro M. clothing, 10 Com
Caro Sam'l clothing, 10 Com
Carothers Jesse, banker, 118 Mont
Carpenter D.H. physician, 31 Pacf
Carpenter M.B. hrdwre, 99 San
Carpenter Wm. M. com mer 84 Sac
Carpenter H.W. atty at law, 99 Mercht
Carr Christopher, mercht, 94 Jackson
Carr J.D. 124 Clay
Carriere Adolfe, mercht, 172 Bush
Carriere Eugene, Polka, 161 Com
Carriere J. cooper, 41 Leidsdff
Carriere Louis, candies 163 Com
Carriere Titus, laborer, 100 Com
Carrington Calvin, mercht, 153 San
Carrington R.R. 51 Davis
Carrison Henry, mattrasses, 81 Pacific
Carrison H. upholster, 149 Sac
Carrold, G. painter, 78 Pacific
Carroll James, dentist, 41 Pacif
Carson John, laborer, Sid Valley
Carson S.W. mason, 76 Pacif
Carston G. carpenter, 319 Dupont
Carswell Helen, bdg 235 Clay
Carter Chas D. broker; 149 Battery
Carter H.C. baker, 160 Kear
Carter J.F. crockery 119 Sans
Carter J.T. mercht, 65 Jackson
Carter James M. com. mer. 142 Wash
Carter M. bds Tehama House
Carter Paris, carman, std cor Sac & San
Carter Sam'l P. Express, 114 Mont
Carter W. hotel, 53 Mont
Carter & Co. J.F. crockery, 119 Sans
Carter & Fuller, com mer, 65 Jackson
Carteron C. Rest't, 404 Stockton
Cary J.C. atty at law, 91 Mercht
Cary R.D. bds Tehama H.
Cary jr. T.J. merch 54 & 56 Sans
Caryl W.B. livery, 73 & 75 Kear
Cassaffousth J. Nicarag'n Conl, 160 Clay
Casanneva F. clerk, 197 Cala
Casas F.B. clerk P O
Case Augustus, capt USN, 245 Wash
Case Chas.L. mer, 60 San, h 245 Wash
Case, Heiser & Co. com. mer. 60 San
Casebolt Henry, blacksmith, 129 Clay
Casebolt&Davidson, blacksmiths, 129 Clay
Casement jr H. 80 Battery
Caskall Isaac, clothing, 65½ Pacific
Caspari M. merchant, 157 Jackson
Casperi W M. 59 Kearny
Castle Goodman, grocer, 43 Commercial
Castle Frederick, grocer, 43 Commercial
Castle Brothers, grocers, 43 Commercial
Castree D B. grocer, 184 Kearny
Castree & Byrne, grocers, 184 Kearny
Casse F. butcher, Pacific market
Casselli Alex. auctioneer, 94 Sansome
Casserly Eugene, atty, 137 Montgomery, h 179 Dupont
Casserly G W. capt police, 244 Dupont
Casson P. bookseller, 105 Montgomery
Casson & co, booksellers, 105 Mont
Cassin Francis, grocer, 75 Montgomery
Cate N H. carpenter, 224 Clay
Caton Geo. clerk, 43 Sansome
Caveillon A & co, imp liquors, 191 Sac
Cavellier E. office, 178 Montgomery
Caverly E. porter house, 189 Sansome
Caye E. painter, rear 7 Pike
Cazneau Thos N. ins broker, 134 Cala
Cecil R. clerk, 112 Sansome
Cegan Michael, laborer, 316 Powell
Cepriam C. importer, 122 Sansome
Central house, 113-115 Merchant
Cerf J. crockery, 173 Montgomery
Cerf, Eger & co. 173 Montgomery
Chaine Ed. clerk, 178 Montgomery
Chaloner Wm. (colored) porter, 101 Cal
Chamberlain Jas. real estate, 179 Dupont
Chambers David, banker, 101 Mont
Chambers J F A. hair dresser, 204 Wash
Chamois Jas. produce, 18-20 Pac mar
Chamois & co. 18-20 Pacific market
Champaigne, produce, 14 N W market
Chandler Chas. bds 269 Clay
Chandler J. 229 Clay
Chandler John A. clerk, 126 Commercial
Chandler L L. produce, 133 Clay
Chandler W H. wood yrad, 194 Sac
Chanfrau Henry, merchant, 13 Pike
Chapelle A Marius, real estate, 160 Mont
Chapin Abel, produce, 110 Commercial
Chapin B M. produce, 110 Commercial
Chapin Geo. produce, 110 Commercial
Chapin Saml A. hardware, 127 Sansome
Chapin & Sawyer, hardware, 127 San
Chapman C C. merchant, 184 Bush
Chapman G W. bds 147 Sansome
Chapman E. carriage trimmer, 160 Cal
Chapman L L. blacksmith, 94 Pint
Chappel Jacob, engineer, 334 Powell
Chard N. real estate, Dupont n Filbert
Charlet, actor, Adelphi, h 408 Powell
Charpin Pierre, architect, cor Taylor and Greenwich
Charter Geo. trader, 130 Commercial
Chartrue J B. shoemaker, 166½ Mont
Chase F A. feedstore, 77 Pine
Chase Irene, saloon, 206 Kearny
Chase L S. mercantile hotel, Front
Chase M P. attorney, 140 Montgomery
Chase N P. bds Tehama
Chase Robt bds Tehama
Chase Rufus, auctioneer, h 7 Pike
Chase R P. physician, 377 Powell
Chase Thos. drayman, Griffin's wharf
Chatru J B. shoemaker, 166½ Mont
Chaumond E. laborer, 213 Dupong
Chauncey D C. collector, 278 Jackson
Chauviteau F P. merchant, 149 Wash
Chauviteau J J. agent under writers, France, 149 Washington
Chauviteau & co. J J com mer, 149 Wash
Chavance Adele, grocer, 263 Dupont
Chazal P A. agent, 12 Sacramento
Cheeny Geo A. clerk, 19 California
Cheever H A. merchant, 64 Battery
Cheever & co. H A com mer 64 Battery
Cheminant A A. druggists 61 Kearny
Chereaunee La Valle, widow, 120 Bush
Chetwood John, atty at law, 127 Mont
Chetwood, Rose & Edwards, attorneys at law, 157 Montgomery
Cherry John W. painter, 222 Kearny
Cherry & Inkelheimer, painters, 222 Kearny
Chevalliar Fortune, painter, 156 Dupont
Chevallier Lewis, boots and shoes, 126½ Kearny
Chick A C. Rassette House
Chief Engineer's Office, City Hall
China Aming, laundry, 80½ Battery
Childs E F. clerk, 85 Commercial
Childs J T. carpenter, 276 Stockton
Childs J C. waiter, 161 Front
Chipchace N. cabinet maker, 188 Mont
Chipman C. cor Clay and Sansome
Chipman J S. attorney at law, 161 Mont
Chipman Nelson, grocer, 11 Commercial
Chipman C & co. contractors, cor Clay & Sansome
Chipman & Freelon, attorneys, 161 Mont
Chipman, Bourne & co. grocers, 11 Coml
Choate D S. miller, 78 Pacific
Choate G R. tinman, 122 Sansome
Choate & Bostwick, stoves, 122 Sansome
Chretien J. Candles, 313 Dupont
Christal Michael, merchant, 117 Jackson
Christal, Cornen & co. 117 Jackson
Christie S P. com mer, 8 Empire Block
Christy Jas. blacksmith, 176 Mission
Christy S. merchant, 90 Jackson
Church E W. banker, 184 Montgomery
Church I S. bds, Tehama
Churchill A. carman, Battery cor Clay
Churchward Jas. blacksmith, 36 First
Churchward J. drayman, Cal Eng house
Christian R. silk dyer, 296 Sansome
Chyling, china mer, 188 Washington
Cienza O V. clerk, 314 Stockton
Cipriani O F. merchant, 122½ California
Cipriani Leonette, Sard Consul, Sutter n Dupont
Cissna J C. merchant, 28 Commercial
Cissna & co. clothing, 28 Commercial
Clagg E H. auctioneer, 73 Battery
Clahamus J. meat, 10-12 Pacific market
Clapp Caleb, clerk, 153 Commercial
Clapp M. builder, 278 Jackson
Clapp Saml L. bowling, 109 Merch
Clapp & Kimball, bowling, 109 Merch
Clarick G. miner's exchange, 6 Com
Clark Mrs. boarding, 42½ First
Clark A. dressmaker, 298 Pacific
Clark Andrew, wood yard, Union c Dupt
Clark C L. 206 Clay
Clark E Z. auct & commission 96 Clay
Clark Hiram, attorney at law, h 164 M?
Clark Hiram, com mer, 2 Sacrmento
Clark Hiram P. notary public, 815 Mont
Clark Henry, ?, 18 Minna
Clark H C. attorney at law, 185 Mont
Clark J. attorney at law 159 Clay
Clark J. 211 Clay
Clark Jas. bar, 97 Kearny
Clark John G. clerk post office
Clark J H. ship joiner, 36 First
Clark J M. boards Tehama
Clark John R. machinist, 100 Pine
Clark Jas S. livery stable, 99 Kearny
Clark P B. hardware, 125½ Sansome
Clark P G. daguerrean, 138 Montgomery
Clark R. architect, 152 Pacific
Clark Wm G. furniture, 1 Battery
Clark Wm H. attorney-at-law, 90 Merch
Clark Wm. laborer, Rincon pt n Horrison
Clark Wm S. merchant, Clark's point
Clarke E St Clair, insp cus U S barge office
Clarke G M. furniture, 1 Battery
Clarke John, mason, 140 Bush
Clarke Jas H. boarding, 224 Stockton
Clarke Smythe, city treas. City Hall
Clark & co. P B hardware, 122½ San
Clark & Colegrove, livery, 99 Kearny
Clark & Wheeler, attorneys, 90 Merchant
Clark Taylor & Beckh. attys, 159 Clay
Classen J M. engraver, 166 Clay
Classen Louis, saloon, 216 Jackson
Claussen Susan, washing, 53 Kearny
Claussen E B. grocer, 143 Jackson
Claughley J A. policeman, 244 Dupont
Clay T H. carpenter, 24 First
Clayton E D. clerk, custom house
Clayton H C. clerk, 85 Commercial
Clayton H J. saloon, 148 Commercial
Clayton John, butcher, 90 Pacific
Cleary John, bar, 167 Montgomery
Clement E B. weigher, US custom house
Clement Eliza, boarding, 239 Clay
Clement Joseph, dept co recorder, Merh
Clemford J H. bar, 10 California
Clerk W F. druggist, 20 Sacramento
Cleurry John, harness maker, 67 Mont
Cleveland D B. 20 Mellus
Clifford George. com mer, 134 Clay
Clifford & co. G com mer, clothing etc. 134 Clay
Cling, Andrew, tailor, 76 Pacific
Cloak Dnniel, machinist, Folsom cor Beale
Cloud W J. laborer, 76 Pacific
Cloudman J D. artist, Merchant
Clyde R S. conveyancer, 162 Montgomery
Coad Henry, actr Adelphi, h 255 Clay
Coats Christopher, teamster, Clark's Pt
Cobb Chas. barber, 26 Coml
Cobb H A. auction & com mer, 63 Sac, h 179 Stockton
Cobb Richard, laborer, Sidney Valley
Cobb, fish, 27 Pacific Market
Cobb & co. auc & com mer, 63-67 Sac
Cobourn Geo. teamster, 26 First
Coburn Thos. tailor, 88 Battery
Cochituate Baths, 57 Sansome
Cochrill Christ, furniture, 84 Mont
Coddington Wm H. butcher, 111 Kear
Cody John, ship carpenter, Fremont n Folsom
Cody Michael, wines merchant, 200 Pac
Coe Cyrus, shippioiner, Rincon Point
Coffee G W. Veranday saloon, 182 Kear
Coffin E. ship master, 50 Minna
Coffin Gilbert, soda Manftr, 384 Stock
Coffin Jas. book-keeper, 120 Mont
Coffin Rufus, shipping brokr, 145½ Front
Coffic & co. shipping brokrs, 145½ Front
Cogan Thos. messenger, 197 Wash
Cogen Richard, 239 Clay
Coggshell J. grocer, 8 Cala
Coghill J H. Tehama Hotel, Sansome
Coghill A J. merchant, 115 Battery
Coghill Jas H. merchant, 115 Battery
Coghill Wm N. merchant, 115 Battery
Coghill & co. Jas H. merchts & jobber, 115 Battery
Cogswell A G. laborer Bonded Warehouse, Market st wharf
Cogswell H D. dentist, 209 Wash
Cogswell J P. tin & sht iron wkr, 22 Sac
Cohan Henry, merchant, 148 Wash
Cohen Adolph, imp watches, 173½ San
Cohen Alfred A. merchant, 154 Sans
Cohen Hermann, broker, 100 Battery
Cohen S. tailor, 270½ Dupont
Cohn B. dry goods, 261½ Dupont
Cohn John, gents' furnishing store, 17 Washington
Cohn Morris, imp tobac & segs, 159 S?
Cohn W. clothier, 71 Coml
Cohn, Mayer & co. imptrs & dealers tobacco, 159 Sansome
Coit B B. physician, 228 Wash
Coit & Beals, com mer, 115 Battery
Coker E. blacksmith, 118 Front
Colcord P. vegetables, 13-15 Pac Mkt
Cole A W, bds Clay c Pike
Cole Austin. porter, Griffin's wharf
Cole B. porter, 52 Mont
Cole G H S. shipping office, 153½ Front
Cole John Q. com mer, 65 Davis h 1? Broadway
Cole R. physician, Mont n Broadway
Cole R B. r8 Mellus
Cole R E. dentist, 197 Clay
Cole Rufus. bds 52 Mont
Cole & co. J Q com mer, 65 Davis
Cole & Finney, dentists, 197 Clay
Cole & Nagle, shipng office, 153½ Front
Cole & Parsons, dentists, 197 Clay
Cole Arrowsmith & co. Front n Coml
Colbam Mrs S. boys' clothing, 146 Sac
Colgrove John S. livery stable, 99-101 Kearny
Coleman D R. blcaksmith, 173 Front, h 78 Pacific
Coleman Ed. clothier, 89 Coml
Coleman Hugh, drayman, 80 Pine
Coleman Jas. soda manufr, 384 Stock
Coleman Jas. printer, 45 Pike
Coleman L. saloon, 49½ Mont
Coleman Wm T. impr & wholesale grocer, 56 Cala
Colliam Jas. bar, Clark's Point
Collier Jas M. Cochituate Baths, 57 San
Collier R H Dr. 325 Stockton
Collignon H S. saloon, 236 Clay
Collins Chas J. hatter, 157 Coml
Collins Chester, machinist, 69 First
Collins Conrad, pattern maker, 69 First
Collins E. druggist, 164 Mont
Collins H W. wheelwright, 105½ Kearny
Collins R W. real estate broker, 266 Clay
Collins S M. hotel, 112 Montgomery
Collins S W. com mer, 66-68 Battery
Collins S H. com mer, 66-68 Battery
Collins Cushman & co. com merchants, 66-68 Battery
Collins & Taylor, hatters, 157 Coml
Collyer P H. physician, 325 Stockton
Colman Asa, ship master, 399 Powell
Colsgrove Henry, merchant, 13 Pike
Columbian Hotel, 119 Pine
Columbia House, Battery n Clark's Pt
Colvin A H. merchant, 68 Pacific
Comb D W M. tehama Hotel
Comins P B. gun smith, 125 Coml
Commercial Job Printing Office, 159 Montgomery
Commercial Wharf, bet Broadway and Vallejo, Clarks Point
Commissioner of Emigrants Office, 92 Jackson
Compens Peter, barber, 130 Mont
Compton Chas S. merchant, 160 Clay. h 230 Stockton
Comstock George, merchant, 65 Cala, h 151 Stockton
Condon John, printer, 210 Washington
Cone Addis, tailor, 237 Dupont
Conker W. blacksmith, 110½ Front
Conklin J P. printer, 210 Wash
Connell Michael, laborer, 233 Stockton
Conner Ed. proprietor & editor, 210 Wash
Conningham George, inspector customs, 167 Washington
Connolly J J. clothier, 31 Coml
Conrad C. fruit dealer, 123 Wash
Conrad W H. translator, 200 Washington
Conray Miss S. boarding, 322 Dupont
Conroy James C. iron & steel, 139-141, 143 Sansome
Conroy P. physician, 125 Pacific
Conroy John. trader, 34 Webb
Conroy & O'Connor, iron nd steel, 139-141-143 Sansome
Conway James, engineer, Market Whf
Coogan Richard, teamster, 269 Clay
Cook C. rassette Hotel
Cook Charles, bricklayer, 306 Pacific
Cook Charles W. banker, 185 Kearny, h 165 Stockton
Cook Charles, grocer, 336 Dupont
Cook Edward, butcher, 281 Dupont
Cook Elias, clerk, 19 Battery
Cook Elisha. atty at law, 135 Mont
Cook M M. sailmaker, 27 Sacramento
Cook Mrs. boarding, 15 Sansome
Cook O. mercht, 97 Jackson
Cook W P. musician, 155 Kearny
Cook Folger & co. oit works, 114 B'way, office 123 Sansome
Cooke Geo Lewis, mercht, 130 Cala
Cooke Joseph J. mercht, 130 Cala
Cooke Bros & co. merchts, 130 Cala
Cooke Geo W. oit works, office 123 San
Cooke & co.O. merchts, 97 Jackson
Coolidge J A. lumber yard, 57 Pine
Coombs J J. storage, 17 California
Cooper Ed M. bricklayer, 306 Pacific
Cooper Frank, broker, 144 Montgomery
Cooper Rose, boarding, 208 Dupont
Cooper Wm M. clerk, 30 California
Coper Edward, blacksmith, 405 Powell
Coperton John, under sheriff, City Hall
Copp Miss A. millinery, 151 Sacramento
Coray Owen, shoemaker, 322 Sac
Coray Miss S. boarding, 320 Sacramento
Corbert Edward, porter, ?, 16 First
Corbert Wm. ?, Dolores
Corbmiere M. ?
Corbmiere & co. M restaurant, 120 Coml
Corbin Abel, Franklin Hotel
Cordier E. banker, 176 Montgomery
Cordes E C. importers, 91 Wash
Cordes Steffens & co. impts, 91 Wash
Cordora A bar, 203 Pacific
Cords J J. grocer, 98 Kearny
Correa M A. 94 Battery
Correa & Bahnsen, com mer, Bat c Clay
Corkin Thomas, blacksmith, 61 First
Cornelius B. Rassette House
Cornell A J. saloon, 89 Washington
Cornell John V. artist & painter, 139 San
Cornen Peter, merchant, 117 Jackson
Corneps B F. grocer, 359 Powell
Cornish H C. (col'd) boot maker, 186 Washington
Cornwell Benj. liquors, Market st whf
Cornwell J H. butter & eggs, 14 Pac mkt
Coroner's office, 202 Sacramento
Correll J J. furniture dealer, 212 Wash
Corrigan J P. com mer, 142 Mont
Corse Willis. bar, 219 Clay
Cost Col J A. naval officer, C H
Costillo James, shipwright, 5 Drum
Costello Jeremiah, butcher, 281 Dupont
Costello M. bar, 125 Pacific
Cotter John, notary public, 162½ Mont
Couch Henry J. clerk, 195 Kearny
Curtis Thos. com mer, 116 Cala, h cor Bush & Dupont
Courts John W. clerk, 177 Clay
Covillard A. clerk, Post Office
Cowell J. merchant, 157 Sansome
Cowell & co. merchants, 157 Sansome
Cowing Turner, water works, 90 Pine
Cowper W H. insp customs Barge Office
Cox Henry, draper, 224 Stockton
Cox R M. clerk, 111 Commercial
Cox Sully, (col'd) liquors, 218 Kearny
Cox co. & A. (col'd) ren'v, 173½ Wash
Coxsetter L P. shipmaster, 334 Powell
Coy A. hay & grain, 36 Sansome
Coy H C. 35 Sansome
Coy & co. 35 Sansome
Craig Martha, milliner, 246 Clay
Craig Peter, carpenter, 161 Battery
Craig Thomas, cigars, 161 Kearny
Craig (Annis C. & co.) Battery cor Pac.
Cramer Vincent, importer, 139 Sac
Cramer Rambach & co. impts, 139 Sac
Crandall J B. stage office, Cal Exchange, h 32 Pike
Crandall Jos. R. cabinet mkr, 145 Kearn
Crandall Jos. fish stall, 26-28 Pac mkt
Crandall & Jones, fish stalls, 26-28 Pac Market
Crane C H dentist, 189 Clay
Crane J M. editor, 123 Montgomery
Crane John, clerk C C, City Hall
Cranska Wm H. insp customs, 197 Wash
Crawford James, accountant, 104 Front
Crawley David, mechanic, 290 Pacific
Creamer Aaron, barber, 152 Montgomery
Creigh J D. atty at law, 150 Mont
Creigh jr J D. 150 Montgomery
Creery Joshua J. surveyor, City Hall
Crew A H. clerk, 171½ Sansome
Crew A H. clerk, 160 Mont, h Dupont
Crew Wm. trader, Dupont n Filbert
Crocker Joseph B. hatter, 179 Clay, h 36 First
Crockett J B. atty at law, 90 Merchant
Crockett & Wells, attys at law, 90 Mcht
Crolby John, bds 138 Mission
Crole Peter, laborer, Clark's Point
Crogan thomas, messenger, C H
Croms W H V. merchant, 160-162 San
Cromwell R G (col'd) barber, 132 Coml
Cronheim A. clothing, 83 Pacific
Cronheim & co. furnishing store, 159 Mont
Crooks John, butcher, 5 Commercial
Crooks J B M. oil dealers, agents N Bedfoud oit co., 96 Jackson
Crooks W B. insp customs, h 229 Clay
Crosby Chas W. com mer, 111 Bat
Crosby E C. counsellor-at-law, 160 Clay
Crosby H T. blacksmith, Clark's Point
Crosby Diblee & co, com mer, 111 Bat
Crose Henry, orderly U S A. 81 Leids
Cross Alfred, com mer, 155 Battery
Cross Chas A. tailor, 199 Washington
Cross & co, com mer, 155 Battery
Crouch Jas, moulder, Mark st wharf
Crowe A. liquor, 155½ Sacramento
Crowell D C. discharging clk, 17 Coml
Crowell E B. druggist, 151 Commercial
Crowell & co, E B, druggists, 151 Coml
Crowell G H. dentist, 24 Sansome
Crown H. segar dealer, 64 Commercial
Crowther G T. liquors, 35 Leidsdorff
Croxton Richard, bar, 52 Broadway
Crozier Martin, clerk, 185 Kearny
Crummill John, butcher, 186 Jackson
Cullons P. laborer, 76 Pacific
Culver S M. hotel, 47 Pacific
Culver & Moshier, hotel, 47 Pacific
Culverwell S. carpenter, 334 Powell
Cummings G P. architect, 152 Mont
Cumings H K. merchant, 73 Jackson
Cumings & Phillips, com mer, 73½ Jack
Cummiskey John, liquors, 126 Sansome
Cuneff John, drayman, 316 Powell
Cundell J T. shipping office, 2 Com
Cundell & co, shipping office, 2 Com
Cunell R. broker, 80 Battery
Cunningham Grove, insp customs, Barge office
Cunningham John, cook, 35½ Pacific
Cunningham's wharf, bet Vallejo & Green
Cunom Adam, 146 Commercial
Curell R. broker, 80 Battery
Currier C. blacksmith, 164 California
Curry Chas. clerk, 55 Commercial
Curry S. carpenter, 262 Jackson
Curtis H F. shipping mer. 15 Sac
Curtis Jas F. ship chandlery, 38 Com
Curtis Jos R. assayer, 142 Commercial
Curtis thos. merchant, 136 Bush
Curtis & Spinney, shipping offi, 15 Sac
Curtis Perry & Ward, U S Assay Office, 142 commercial
Curtius N. liquor mer, 140 Clay
Cushing Miss, boarding house, 68 Mont
Cushing J M. butcher, 311 Stockton
Cushing J B. bds. 36 First
Cushing V. pilot steamer Kate Kearny
Cushman Chas D. importer, 55 Front
Cutter Dan'l ur. 88 Broadway
Cutter H G. com mer, 87 Pacific
Cutter J H. com mer, 128 California
Cutter & co, H F. grocer, 87 Pacific
Cutter & co, J H 128 California

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