San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Gabelda E. striker, market n First
Gachtaw A. dry goods, 257 Dupont
Gacobbi Francois, 90 Kearny
Gafney Wm. clerk, 184 Montgomery
Gaffney M. liquors, 171 Front
Gager J.H. broker, 151 Washington
Gaime H. merchant, 178 Montgomery
Gaime Guillemot & co. imp diamonds, 178 Montgomery
Galacar Chas. books station'y, 2 coml
Galbraith J D attorney, 123 Montgo'y
Galdman O R. carpenter, 91 Kearny
Gale Chas. bricklayer, Valejo n Batt'y
Gale Thos. bar, 113 Montgomery
Gallagher E. clerk, 178 Pacific
Gallagher E. saloon, 31 Pacific
Gallagher Ed. saloon, 156 Kearny
Gallagher Hugh, merchant, 98 Front
Gallagan John bds, Franklin Hotel
Gallen W H. bds, Tehama
Gallespie D. wharfinger, Cent'l Wharf
Galley L. impo. wines, 54 Merchant
Gallick Wm. waiter, 85 Sansome
Galloway C. clk, C.H. h, 78 Kearny
Galloway Joseph pile driv'r, 119½ Front h 357 Pow'll
Galloway James carpenter, 229 Clay
Galloway Ed. machinist, 33 Sansome
Galloway Rachel servant, 399 Powell
Gallup Wm. pilot steamer Sophie
Gamage Sam'l trader, 36 First
Gamage Sam'l storage, 17 California
Gambell a.J. Arcade, 158 Commercial
Gamble W C. merchant, 152 Sansome
Gander R. shoemaker, 276 Stockton
Ganesvoorte G W. grocer, 205 Clay
Ganett J P. ag't Union Line steamers, 49 Pacific
Ganter John brewer, Valejo n Battery
Garaud A. cook, 313 Dupont
Garcia J. Peruvian consul, 155 Battery
Gardiner Annie, boarding, 48 Minna
Gardiner B. saddler, 81 Jackson
Gardiner G M. blacksmith, 323 Stockton
Gardiner James, ship chandler, 300 Pow
Gardiner J C. insp cus, barge office
Gardiner Wm. policeman, 152 Pacific
Gardner Benj. bds Oriental
Gardner Geo M. painter, 119 Washington
Gardner Isaac, clothing, 81 Commercial
Gardner John, ship carpenter, Beale, Rincon point
Gardner J G. inspector, barge office
Gardner J H. clerk, 92 Clay
Gardner J M. blacksmith, 173 Front
Gardner R. laborer, Sydney Valley
Gardner W L. clerk, 130 California
Gardner & Stuart, ship chandls, 58 Coml
Gardner & Coleman, blksmiths, 173 Front
Garfield Seth, laborer, 98 Pacific
Garfield W. machinist, 26 First
Gariot Jules, butcher, 261 Dupont
Garnen Gaspar, drayman, 133 Mont
Garner Patrick, brewer, 314 Dupt c Val
Garner & Gernon, brewers, 314 Dupont, cor Vallejo
Garnett Louis A. inspector, barge office
Garnock A. com mer, 98 California
Garnotte Gaspare, drayman, 52 Kearny
Garratt Wm T. brass founder, 58 Halleck
Garratt & co, foundrymen, 58 Halleck
Garrick J P. mariner, Vallejo n Battery
Garrettson J W. gardner, Miss Dolores
Gartrell & co, C H. grocers, 107 Front
Garvey C G. attorney, 90 Merchant
Garry Thos. waiter, 85 Sansome
Garvin D. merchant, 130 Commercial
Garvin J. carpenter, 194 Jackson
Gassivodda M. bar, 59 Commercial
Gasper A. coffee, 27 Commercial
Gasper & co. coffee, 27 Commercial
Gasse Peter, baker, 59 Kearny
Gassert Wm. carver, 85 Sansome
Gates H E. boarding, 181 Sacramento
Gates H S. physician, 26 Sacramento
Gathai, China mer, 180 Sacramento
Gaucheron Jerome, merchant, 202 Kear
Gaugon Louis, cabinet maker, 267 Kear
Gauvreau Oliver, liquors, 142 Battery
Gaughrin J. policeman, 244 Dupont
Gauthier Auguste, tailor, 248 Dupont
Gautier L P. physician, 156 Clay
Gaven D. com mer. 130 Commercial
Gaven & co, com mer, 130 Commercial
Gavett Jonathan, crokery, 114 Cala
Gawley L C. painter, 14 Commercial
Gay A C. wagon maker, 115 Bush
Gay Chas. mariner, Powell n Greene
Gay Henry, wagon maker, 80 Kearny
Gay James, seaman, Powell n Greene
Gay & Barber, coach factory, 80 Kearny
Gazan Amie, musician, Adelphi Theatre 199 Dupont
Gee Lewis, publisher, 160 Montgomery
George J. bds Franklin hotel
George Robt. com mer, 145 Front
George Jas B. bricklayer, 43 Pike
Geisler M. jeweler, 210 Kearny
Genella Daniel, clerk, 184 Montgomery
Genella Joseph, crockery, 184 Mont
Gentilly f. mariner, 313 Dupont
Gerberding C O. 131 Montgomery
Gereau W B. carpenter, 141 Mission
Germain Alex. tailor, 226 Dupont
German club house, 99 Pine
Gernon George, brewer and bottler, 314 Dupont cor Vallejo
Gerold George, shoemaker, 142 Cala
Gerow H C. saloon, 142 Commercial
Gerrish Geo H. hardware, 84 battery
Gerrish & Fitzgerald, hardware, 84 Bat
Gerry H M. 161 Front
Gerry S R. physician, 203 Dupont
Gerstang Henry, grocer, 75 California
Ghirardeli D. confectioner, 194 Wash
Ghirardeli & Cox, confrs, 194 Wash
Gibb Daniel, com mer, 122 Commercial
Gibb & co D. com mer, 122 Commercial
Gibbs Chas E. importer, 62 California
Gibbs C V S. importer, 62 California
Gibbs E B. clerk, 62 California
Gibbs Fred A. com mer, 62 California
Gibbs Geo W. iron and steel, 36 Battery
Gibbons Henry, physician, 163 Clay
Gibbons Rodman, com mer, 4 Battery
Gibbons Wm A. clerk, 201 Sacramento
Gibbons & Lammott, com mer, 4 Bat
Gibson Geo. com mer, 143 Front
Gibson Lewis, grocer, 30 Battery, house 164 Mission
Gibson O B. jeweler, 199 Clay
Gibson & Meyer, imp & grocers, 30 Bat
Gibson & Wulf, jewelers, 199 Clay
Gier John, porter, Battery, Clark's point
Giffin John, tinsmith, 351 Stockton
Gifford A E. sewing factory, 17 Leids
Gifford S. wharfinger, h 276 Stockton
Gifford H. clerk, 90 Pacific
Gift W. port warden, 17 Commercial
Gihon J H. bookseller, 140 Sacramento
Gihon Thos. engraver, 157 Montgomery
Gihon & Johnson, boodstore, 140 Sac
Gilbert Geo S. oil, 23 Battery
Gilbert H. merchant. 133 Jackson
Gilbert Harvey, mdse brokr. Gold st Hous
Gilbert J. physician, Battery, Clark's pt
Gilbert J V. auct and commis, 106 Sans
Gilbert Jas A. bookseller, 126 Coml
Gilbert R K. 106 Sansome
Gilbert & Shelton, auction and commis, 106 Sansome
Gilchrist C. lumber, 162 Montgomery
Gilchrist J G. cir library, 114 Coml
Gilemeester J P H. Consul of the Netherlands, 168 Sansome
Gildemeester, De Fremery & co, merchts 168 Sansome
Gill H B. Bay hotel, Cunningham's whf
Gill Loraine, saddler, 71 Kearny
Gillam Mrs. boarding, 26 Montgomery
Gillespie C V. notary public, 98 Coml
Gillespie David, wharfinger central wharf h 56 Broadway
Gillett J F. carpenter, 90 Kearny
Gillett M M. cooper, Sans n Pacific
Gilliker Jamer, laborer, Sydney Valley
Gillis A. Rassette house
Gillis H C. druggist, 164 Montgomery
Gillis Saml, teamster, 57 Broadway
Gilman Elisha, engineer, 57 Sansome
Gillmore Robt, coach maker, 89 Pine
Gillmore & Applegate, coach makers, 89 Pine
Gilman Chas H. attorney, 163 Mont
Gilman T C. builder, 82 Battery
Gilroy Thos. ship master, Minna n Jane
Gilson Ed. merchant, 107 Sacramento
Gilson F. merchant, 107 Sacramento
Gimmy John, tinman, 260 Dupont
Gimmy & co, tinmen, 260 Dupont
Ginne E. bds Rassette house
Giraldin Ellis, clerk, 165 Commercial
Girard L. broker, 172 Montgomery
Girandon Mons. merchant, 271 Dupont
Giron M. engraver, 98 Montgomery
Girot Nicolas, produce, 352 Stockton
Gladding A I. grocer, 334 Powell
Gladwin Wm H. com mer, 52-54 Cala
Gladwin & Whitmore, com mer, 52-54
Glay E. pattern maker, 67 First
Gleason Saml, cook, 15 Sansome
Glein Chas F. hardware, 79 Kearny
Glein & Lehman, hardware, 79 Kearny
Glen Jas. merchant, 128 Sansome
Glor John, bar, 52 Commercial
Glos B. saloon, Stockton n Greenwich
Glover C. grocer, 78 Pacific
Glover Hiram, wheelwright, 105 Kearny
Glover & co, grocers, 78 Pacific
Gluyas G K. machinist, Sutter iron works h Second n Minna
Glynn Ifa, jeweller, 162 Commercial
Goarss J. shoemaker, 166 Mont
Godeffroy Alfred, consul for Hamburg & Prussia, 141 Clay
Godeffroy, Selim & co, com mer, 141 Clay
Godfrey J A. attorney, 89 Merchant
Godfrey Jeremiah, boarding, 39 Pike
Godfrey J T. police officer, 244 Dupont
Godfrey Thos. grocer, 264 Stockton
Goerlitz E J. C H brokers ? n Washington
Gogg? Jas. M special ? ? 244 Clay
Goin Thomas, ? office, ? Sac n Harrison
Goin & Ellis, shipping office ?
Gold J M. tailor, 67 Commercial
Golden F. ?, 250 Pacific
Goldsmith A. cigar dealer, 131 Cala
Goldsmith Anson, watchmkr, 187 Wash
Goldsmith B. watchmkr, 187 Wash
Goldsmith Isaac, drygoods, 236 Dupont
Goldsmith W E. engraver, 152 Pacific
Goldsmith A & B. wtchmkrs, 167 Wash
Goldstein J. clothier, 101 Commercial
Goldstein M. clothier, 53 Commercial
Goldstein P. clothier, 101 Commercial
Goldwite R. printer, 210 Washington
Gonsalez Maria, saloon, 171 Jackson
Goodfellow Mrs C. laundry, 53 Bush
Goodlander Daniel, ins cus, Barge Office
Goodman Jacob, dry & fancy gds, 101 Montgomery
Goodman Jas. merchant, 45 Battery
Goodman J H. grocer, 89 California
Goodman M. clerk, 171 Clay
Goodman T. jobber, 129 California
Goddrich, F. printer, 159 Montgomery
Goodwin S. hotel, 61 First
Goor G W. saloon, 236 Pacific
Goore H J. laborer, 41 Sansome
Gordon O. tenpin alley, 55 Pike
Gordon C. clerk, 2 Commercial
Gordon Daniel, expressman, 45 Pike
Gordon E. Rassette House
Gordon Geo. iron foundry, 12 Platt, h 153 Dupont
Gordon Jas. merchant, Stock n Grnwich
Gordon John, stove & tinman, 208 Mont
Gordon John, laborer, Sydney Valley
Gordon G W W. druggist, 194 Wash
Gordon & Steen, Geo. Vulcan Foundry, steam engine builders, and importers of machinery, c First & Mellus, office 31 Battery
Gorham C. merchant, 47 Cala
Gorham Jas S. painter, 8 First
Gorham W R. baker, 248 Dupont
Gors John, shoemaker, 166 Mont
Goss Mao J. com mer, 98 Battery, h 248 Powell
Goss, White & co. com mer, 96-98 Bat
Gostorfs L B merchant, 92 Cala
Gothard Ann, saloon, 225 Dupont
Gotter Samuel, laborer, 63 Kearny
Goubert A. lithogaphic printer, 16 Ohio
Gould A S. clerk, 152 Clay
Gould Jas G. merchant, 69 Sacramento
Gould T F. com mer, 62 Cal, h 90 Pine
Gould T H grocer, 167 Dupont
Gould W B. clerk, 76 Commercial
Gould & Wiswell, grocer, 167 Dupont
Goulden Ed. carpenter, Folsom n Beale
Gowers Geo. W. coppersmith, 116 Front
Gower S J. Austrian Consul
Goyetohe G. segars, 149 Washington
Gracey W. striker, 67 First
Graffleman P. mattress maker, 179 Jack
Graffleman & Scrber, upholsterers, 179 Jackson
Graham E H. joiner, 73 Commercial
Graham John, seaman, 73 Coml
Grahm J S> (co'd) 200 Stockton
Graham R. 165 Front
Grandien Jean, grocer, 54 battery
Grant Adam Clerk, 95 Sansome
Grant Chas. stone cutter, Fremt n Har'n
Grant G H. grocer, 54 Battery
Grant Jacob, horseshoer, 105 Kearny
Grant James, saloon, 156 Kearny
Grant James, com mer, Commercial whf
Grant J O. carpenter, 222 Kearny
Grant John, stone yard, 91 Mont
Grant & Gallagher, saloon, 156 Kearny
Grashoft F. carpenter, 368 Powell
Grattan W H. imp hardware, 121 Mont
Grattan & Bell, imp hardwre, 121 Mont
Graves Benj. 49 Washington
Graves B book-keeper, 190 Mission
Graves E S. coppersmith, 122 Front
Graves Geo. furniture, 230 Clay
Graves Jas. c Kearny & Bush
Graves H T. 142 Coml, h 323 Stock
Graves Samuel, merchant, 122 Sansome
Graves Samuel, tinsmith, 323 Stockton
Graves W H & E S. coppersmith, 122 Front
Graves & co. furniture, 230 Clay
Gray A. com mer, 100 Front
Gray Francis, com mer, 145 Front
Gray Fred. 130 Commercial
Gray H M. Dr. 219 Clay
Gray John, butcher, 43 Sansome
Gray John, broker, 123 Sacramento
Gray J. market, 47 Bush
Gray L. bar, 82 Broadway
Gray M. 106 Battery
Gray Nathaniel, Sacramento n Dupont
Gray W H. wholesale grocer, 57 Pacific
Gray W J. Powell near Jackson
Gray & Doan, brokers, 123 Sacramento
Gray & Easterly, com mer, 145 Front
Gray & Starn, wholesale grocer, 51 Pac
Green A. boots & shoes, 56 Coml
Green C R. Dept Collector, 197 Wash
Green Daniel, furniture, 230 Clay
Green E. carpenter, Observatory Hill
Green f. 170 Montgomery
Green Geo. H. 141 Montgomery
Gren G W. butcher, 6 & 8 Pacific Mkr, h 251 Clay
Green Jas. com mer, 90 Pine
Green Lot, drayman, 176 Montgoemry
Green Samuel H. com mer, cor Front & California
Green Samuel, machinist, Conl wharf
Green Stillman, soda manuftr, Vallejo n Stockton
Green Thos. laborer, 49 Bvsh
Green Thos. drayman, 25 Battery
Green Thos. furniture, 158 Sacramento
Green T D. com mer. 126 Sansome
Green W. seaman, 90 Pine
Green W P. clerk, 73 Battery
Green & Heath, com mer, Front c Cala
Green, Pidwell & co. furniture, 158 Sac
Greenhood H. cigars, 157 Sansome
Greenhow R. lawyer, 135 Montgomery
Greenlow W. bar, Vallejo n Battery
Greenman J F. lumber, 14 California
Greenwood Mrs. saloon, 237 Pacific
Greenwood James, sackmkr, 399 Powell
Gregory's Express Office, 155 Mont
Gregory H. auctioneer, 108 Sansome
Gregory J W. express, 155 Montgomery
Greiff John, baths, 180 Washington
Grey B. clerk str Hack Hays
Grey C V. clerk C H, 197 Washington
Grey T C. 193 Washington
Gridley Jos C. grocer, 118 Jackson
Gridley, Mrs. saloon, 118 Jackson
Griesman Jos. cigars, 43 Pacific
Griesman & co. cigars, 43 Pacific
Grier Wm. Const 5th Township
Griffin E W. com mer, 102 Battery
Griffin J W. merchant, 160-162 Sans
Griffin Fred'k R. warehouse, Clark's Pt
Griffin L E. laborer, 99 Kearny
Griffin Wm. pilot, Cunnghm's wharf
Griffin, Browne & Stone, com mer, 102 Battery
Griffiths L W. saloon, 151 Commercial
Grinnell J E. ins cus, Barge Office
Grisar Emile, brokers, 85 Cala, h 373 Powell
Grisar & co. brokers, 85 California
Griswold Chas. merchant, 111-119 Cal
Griswold J C. agent, 150 Montgomery
Groble W. laborer, ? Commercial wharf
Grogan A B. importer, 170 Montgomery
Grogan & Lent, importer ? Mont
Gronlier C. ? 169 Clay
Groom Henry, fancy goods, 224 Clay
Groomsbridge Wm. oyster saloon, 256 Dupont
Gross E S. com mer, 145 Front
Grotjan P A. druggist, 213 Washington
Groult C F. washing, Dupont c Union
Grover W A. Dr. 323 Stockton
Grubber S H. grocer, 126 Jackson
Guager's Office, (state) 57 Sacramento
Guager's Office (U.S.) C H
Guerin P. meat stall, 5-7 Pacific mkt
Guerin J. dry goods, 151 Kearny
Guerin & co. J. wines & liqrs, 157 Sac
Guichard W. drugs, 221 Clay
Guichard & Riofrey, drugs, 221 Clay
Guild Albert H. merchant, 85-87 Front
Guild & Lightner, com mer, 85 & 87 Front
Guillemot C. imp diamonds, 178 Mont
Guillim P. bar, 133 Sansome
Guirand A. butcher, 182 Jackson
Gulliver Chas. liquors, 124 Coml
Gulliver & French, liquors, 124 Coml
Gullizon H. upholsterer, 202 Clay
Gummer J C. clerk C H, 197 Wash
Gumperht A. bar, 55 Braodway
Gunn Feliz, engineer, 67 First
Gullulson I. carpenter, 76 Pacific
Gunning Wm. furniture, 101 Sac
Gunning & Cock?, furniture, ? Sac
Gunter David, drayman, 57 Broadway
Gustin P. waiter, 89 Sansome
Guttman, Samuel, tailor, 159 Wash
Guy Abel, banker, 134 Clay, h 131 D?
Guya Joseph, waiter, 12 First
Guygras Brerre, drayman, 52 Kearny


                       Haas S. clothing, 171 Washington
HaasSolomon, merchant, 176 Sansome
Haas & Rosenfield, dry goods, ?
Haas & Struv?, 170 ?
Hacker E. cand? 12?
Hacker & co. confectioners, ?
Hackett J R. attorney, ?
Hackett J ? express ?
Hackett & Judah, ?
Hayden G. dentist, ?
Hadler P. ?
Hagan John, grocer, 155 Front
Hagan Robt. chemist, 131 Commercial
Hageman P. merchant, 85 Jackson
Hager J S. attorney, 163 Montgomery
Hagerty Chas. 170 Sansome
Haight A J. laborer, 142 Commercial
Haight H H. attorney, 90 Merchant
Haight Henry, banker, 97 Montgomery
Haight & Wadsworth, attys, 90 Merch
Haindel C. laborer, 313 Dupont
Haine Jos. physician, 13 Commercial
Hale A W. waterman, 65 Pacific, house Jane n Minna
Hale Geo. clerk, 52 Front
Hale Henry, liquors, 145 Sanosme
Hale H M. com mer, 78 Sacramento
Hale M C. shipping office, 49 Pacific
Hale Mathew, pilot, 16 Sacramento
Hale & co, watermen, 65 Pacific
Haley A J. waiter, 12 First
Haley P. liquors, 40 Commercial
Haley Matthew, restaurant, 22 Cala
Hall A. caulker, Harrison n Spear
Hall A W. agent, 65 Pacific
Hall B. merchant, 46 Battery
Hall B N. baker, 180 Bush
Hall Chas. attorney, Tehama
Hall C E. insp cus, barge office
Hall Edward, imp drugs, 146 Wash
Hall E G. merchant, 106 Sacramento
Hall E J. jewelry and fancy goods, 102 Sansome
Hall F C. clerk, 41 Battery
Hall G A. clerk, 45 Pacific
Hall G B. clerk, 115 Battery
Hall Hiland, U S land com, Tehama
Hall Henry, blacksmith, 88 Pacific
Hall I M. Union hotel
Hall I J. hack driver, front Cala Exch
Hall J. dry goods, 140 Mission
Hall J D. hatter, 102 Sansome
Hall J E. clerk, 91 Commercial
Hall J E. clerk, 170 Sansome
Hall John V. attorney, Tehama
Hall R A. insp cus, barge office
Hall Thos. grocer, 38 First
Hall T J. insp cus, barge office
Hall Wm. com mer, 194 Mission
Hall W. stage proprietor, California Exchange, h 82 Pike
Hall Winslow, carpenter, 199 Cala
Hall Wm H. express, 99 Montgomery
Hall & Crandall, stage line, Cala Exch
Halleck H W. attorney, 90 Merchant
Halleck, Peachy, Billings & Park, 90 Merchant
Haller Joseph, watchmaker, 329 Stock
Hallet Miss H. boarding house, Vallejo n Stockton
Hallock J Y. com mer, 97 Sansome
Hallock & co J Y. merchants, 97 Sans
Hallowell S L. auct, 125 Washington, h Broadway above Taylor
Ham J H. produce, 110 Front
Ham & Flournoy, produce, 110 Front
Hamblin F C. carpenter, 199 California
Hambley T C. attorney, 135 Mont
Hames T. hotel, 233 Dupont
Hamilton A. carpenter, 26 First
Hamilton Chas. Daguerrean, 163 Clay
Hamilton P. attorney, 90 Merchant
Hamilton T P. com mer, 59 Front
Hamilton W C, attorney, 120 Mont
Hamilton Wm. merchant, 229 Clay
Hamilton & Bennett, com mer, 59 Front
Hamilton & McLane, attorneys, 90 Mer
Hammer E H. cler, 74 California
Hammond A A. attornew, 99 Merchant
Hammond Wm. ship joiner, Rincon point
Hampson F T. laborer, Sydney Valley
Hampton R B. broker, 154 Montgomery
Hampton & Hunter, brokers, 154 Mont
Hanack Wm. copper smith, 59 Halleck
Hancock Wm. merchant, 29 Pike
Hand John, printer, 152 Pacific
Hand Leroy, porter, Griffin's wharf
Hanken H. tavern, 234 Pacific
Hanken S. tavern, 234 Pacific
Hanks F L. 51 Davis
Hanks H G. 51 Davis
Hanline D W C. fancy goods, 151 Mont
Hanley N. laborer, 26 First
Hanna Jas. attorney, 156 Clay
Hanna John, merchant, 375 Powell
Hannan Patrick, stone mason, 234 Kear
Hannath Chas. malt house, 47 Mellus
Hannath & Peel, malt house, 47 Mellus
Hannum A B. physician, 122 Jackson
Hanoverian Consulate, 80 Battery
Hansen Chas. carpenter, 69 First
Hansen Mrs. saloon, 198 Sacramento
Hansen S. wheelwright, 94 Pine
Haralson J H. insp cus, barge office
Harbor Master's office, Rip Van Winkle house Pacific wharf
Harbor Market, 18 Sacramento
Harby Chas. carpenter, 375 Powell
Hardie D. dry goods, 186 Sacramento
Harding Chas. porter, 51 Broadway
Harding S C. constable, 174 Pacific
Hardison E W. pilot steamer Am Eagle
Hardiland L P. cler, 91 California
Harkman J H. clerk, 141 Washington
Harley B F. dep sheriff, City Hall
Harlow Jas. market, 167 Front
Harper Jas. clerk, 94 Jackson
Harper W C. printer, 131 Kearny
Harper W H. saloon, 188 Jackson
Harpy Jos. laborer, 41 Pike
Harmon J. boot maker, 64 Commercial
Harned P. laborer, 142 Commercial
Harrington J H. stoves, 79 Battery
Harrington & co, stoves, 79 Battery
Harris A. machinist, 69 First
Harris A T. prov mer, 70 Pacific
Harris jr B. carpenter, 31 Pike
Harris E. clerk, 29 Commercial
Harris F broker, 3 Commercial
Harris H C. fish, 22024 Pacific market
Harris S R. physician
Harris S R. 156 Mission
Harris M> produce, 72 Jackson
Harris T. saloon, 162 Kearny
Harris & co, fish, Pacific market
Harris & Bennett, produce, 72 Jackson
Harrison Edmund, agent, 80 Pine
Harrison H A. com mer, 189 Sansome
Harrison H D. auct and com, 109 Cala house 21 Mellus
Harrison J S. grocer, 121 Pacific
Harrison Wm. laborer, 57 Commercial
Harrison De Witt & co, merchant, 189 Sansome
Harrison Backus & co, auct and commis 109 California
Harrold Jas. merchant, 176 Dupont
Hart John, Rincon Point Observatory
Hart J. clothing, 109 Commercial
Hart Eugene, com mer, 50-52 Sansome
Hart Joseph, tinman, 214 Washington
Hart James, hardware, 90 Calidornia
Hart Wm. lawyer, 171 Clay
Hart & Davis, 50-52 Sansome
Hartag Ed. merchant, h Dupt n Filbert
Hartman J W. feed, 81 Leidsdorff
Harvey A. bookkeeper, 71 Battery
Harvey thos J. insp cus, barge office
Haskell D H. express, 101 California
Haskell Henry, notary public, ? Jack
Haskell I W> blacksmith, 69 Dupont
Haskell Wm. 11 Leidsdorff
Hasken Jas. seaman, Beale n Harrison
Hasken Wm C. P O Exchange, 219 Clay
Hassin J C. clerk, City Hall
Hassell John, barber, 125 Merchant
Hassell A D. Lady of the Lake house, 55 Davis
Haste H B. P A House, 46 Sacramento
Haste J H. billiards, 48 Sacramento
Hastings John, physician, 4 Wash
Hastings S A. sup Mar street warehouse
Hastings S C. attorney, 90 Montgomery
Hastings & Moore, attorneys, 90 Mont
Hastler E J. com mer, 110 California
Hastler Baines & co, com mer, 110 Cala
Haswell J C. printer, 159 Montgomery
Hatch A D. grocer, 84 Front
Hatch F C. stone sutter, 36 First
Hatch C W. Leidsdorff n Pine
Hatch S N. grocer, 84 Front
Hatch T H. furniture, 230 Clay
Hatch & co A D. grocers, 84 Front
Hathaway B W. physician, 154 Clay
Hathaway Wm F. machinist, B'dway whf
Hathaway C W. produce, 88 Front
Hathaway O W. tinman, 102 Mont
Hathaway R. striker, 69 First
Hathaway Steere & produce, 88 Front
Hathaway Parker & co, manufacturing and repairing machinery, B'dway whf
Hatzel M. sawyer, Market n First
Hauff D J. S F Baths, 180 Washington
Haug John, laundry, 201 Pacific
Haulman P. 45 Pike
Haurne J B. architect, 189 Pacific
Haut D W. grocer, 51 Sansome
Haut J D. hardware, 115 Sansome
Havens Howard, bookkeeper, 99 Mont
Haven J P. agent underwriters, 108 Mont
Havransant Chas. restaurant, 404 Stock
Hawes Joseph, 51 Davis
Hawes M. printer, 252 Clay
Hawes N P. printer, 252 Clay
Hawkins Thos. blacksmith, 160 Cala
Hawkins Wm. baker, 219 Pacific
Hawkins & Smith, bakers, 219 Pacific
Hawks J D. boots and shoes, 86 Cala h 36 Mellus
Hawley A. machinist, Folsom n Beale
Hawley Chas.
Hawley D M. imp? 120 Battery
Hawley F S. ? 180 Battery
Hawley S ? Battery
Hay Thos. O. laborer, 86 First
Hayden G. dentist, 200 Clay
Harnes E M. jeweller, 187 Clay
Haynes E R. jeweller, 187 Clay
Haynes Jas F. bds Rassatte House
Hays John C. Sheriff, City Hall, h 325 Powell
Hayes Samuel, com mer, 161 Front
Hays G J. trader, 276 Stockton
Hays Jas. laborer, 66 first
Hays Thos. Dept Sheriff, City Hall
Hayes & Lindall, watches, 187 Clay
Haynes John, laboser, 36 First
Haynes T J. com mer, 66 Jackson
Haynie Wm M. stevedore, h Trinity n Bush
Hayward S L. stevedore, Harsn n Spear
Hazard P F. broker, 168 Bush
Hazard Haywood Benj. blacksmith, 129 Clay
Hazard, Haywood & Duncan, blcksmiths 129 Clay
Hazard P F. wines, 111 Sansome
Hazeltine Wm. mer, 94 Jackson
Hazeltine & Crooks, N B Oil Works, 94 Jackson
Head r. attorney, 3 Commercial
Heal Seth, laborer, Market n Front
Healy John, waiter, 85 Sansome
Hearne J S. grocer, 71 Pacific
Hearne & co. grocers, 71 Pacific
Heart Jas. Vallejo bet Stock & Powell
Heath C H. hardware, 106 Battery
Heath C J. policeman, 244 Dupont
Heath R W. com mer, Front c Cala
Heath Wm. Porter, 51 Broadway
Heatley E. D. broker, 106 Mont
Heatley & co. mdze brokers, 106 Mont
Heaton Lewis, ship carpenter, 51 Coml
Hebert Z. stalls 5 & 7 Pacific mkt
Heeder F A. merchant, 94 Cala
Heffron John, drayman, Market whf
Heider Francis, merchant, 94 Cala
Height A J. porter, 51 broadway
Heiser A. clothing, 123 front
Heiser C L. com mer, 60 Sans h 245 Wash
Heiser & co. clothing, 123 Coml
Heli N L. lithogr, 135 California
Hellman Richard, merchant, 124 Cala
Hellman Wm. clerk, 124 Cala
Hellman Bros. com mer, 124 Cala
Helme G S. machinist, 164 Cala, h 31 Pike
Helper H R. book-keeper, 84 Sac
Helvy S. Musician, 3 Commercial
Hempstead D B. merchant, 181 Dupont
Henderson B. laborer, 54 Mellus
Henderson F. drygoods, 130 Sac
Henderson M. milliner, 54 Mellus
Henderson M A. milliner, 160 Sac
Henderson Hardie & co. dry goods, 136 Sacramento
Hendley A C. butter, stall 16 Pac mkt
Hendley & co. butter, Pacific mkt
Herdren J H. grocer, 78 First
Hendric Jas. laborer, 57 Broadway
Hendrich Chas. cook, 22 California
Hendrick Chas. silversth, Wash n Stock
Hendricks Joseph, tailor, 111 Mont
Hendricks J. 126 Sansome
Hendricks R. moulder, Folsom c Beale
Hendrickson Wm L. ins cus, Barge Office
Hendsir Miss, fancy dry goods, 185 Clay
Henley G. tinman, 114 Battery
Henley R. liquors, 41 Montgomery
Hennesey G. fancy goods, 55 Coml
Henney W H. architect, 140 Mont
Henning John, cooper, 37 Liedsdorff
Henricks Miss E. millinery, 185 Clay
Henrickson, importer, 122 California
Henrickson Reincke & co, imp, 122 Cala
Henry J. restaurant, 143 Commercial
Henry W A. blacksmsith, Market wharf
Henshaw Geo. iron and steel, 36 Battery
Henshaw M. bar, 198 Battery
Hepburn H P. attorney, 127 Montgomery
Herlich J J L. Swedish Consul, Mary's alley n California
Hermann Lucien, attorney, 106 Mont
Herman J. tailor, 188 Montgomery
Herman S. dry goods, 72 Montgomery
Herman Saml, clerk, 159 Stockton
Hern Thos. teamster, 55 Broadway
Herrera S. printer, 181 Kearny
Herrick E. com mer, 168 Bush
Herrick N R. machinist, Folsom n Beale
Herring J H. bar, 43 Battery
Hesketh John, notary public, 137 Mont
Heslep A M. attorney, Second n Mission
Hess Enoch, drayman, 58 Broadway
Hewens Mrs S. boarding, 218 Wash
Hewer Wm. doctor, 184 Jackson
Hewitt C A. laborer, 26 First
Hewitt H S. physician, Oriental hotel
Hewlett's Exchange, 87 Jackson
Heydenfeldt Sol. assoc justice sup court
Hewston F ? clerk, 107 commercial
Heyer ? baker, 58 Montgomery
Hey?ner ? A. ? doctor, 244 Pacific
Heyl W S. commis agent, 123 Sansome
Heyman A. merchant, 128 California
Heyman & co, merchant, 126 California 
Heyn Ernst, fancy goods, 217 Dupont
Heyneman Pick & co. Import's 67 Sans
Heyneman Leonard, Importer 67 San
Heywood F. drayman, 184 Washington
Hezekel M. merchant, 116 California
Hickey James, Franklin hotel, 180 Sans
Hickey P. laborer, 365 Powell
Hickey T. bricklayer, Stock n Greenwich
Hickey & co J. liquors and genl merchants 61 Jackson
Hickox Geo C. com mer, 52 Front
Hickox & Brown, com mer, 52 Front
Hicks R. laundry, 133 Mission
Hildreth L S. butcher 24 Commercial
Hildebrand Otto, carpenter, 274 Stockton
Higgins John, waiter, 12 First
Higgins John, 290 Pacific
Higgins J S. hay, 138 Dupont
Higgins R M. clerk, American Eagle
Higgins Mrs M. boarding, 204 Stockton
Hill Alonzo, clerk, 41 Pacific
Hill A G. (colored) hotel, 162 Pacific
Hill C H. contractor, 88 Kearny
Hill E P. printer, 152 Clay
Hill F. musician, 3 Commercial
Hill L. hotel, 180-182 Sansome
Hill J E. tinman, 227 Dupont
Hill M. laborer, 69 Kearny
Hill O G. blacksmith, 164 Cala
Hill W McP. com mer, 69 Cala
Hillard B F. collector, 120 Mont
Hillard F. Capt. str Ohio
Hiller Wm. soda wter manf, 384 Stock
Hillman Isaac, Cala Temp House, 229 Clay
Hills Geo. wheelwright, 252 Clay
Hills Wm S. trader, 252 Clay
Hilken John, bar room, 374 Powell
Hillsey Jos W. bricklayer, 306 Pacific
Hilsee J M. tailor, 172 Clay
Hilton Joshua, merchant, 98 Front
Hilton bds Tehama
Hinckley B. Pacific Foundry, 67 First
Hinckley D B. moulder, 67 First
Hinckley L F. carpenter, 45 Webb
Hinckley & Davis, carpenters, 45 Webb
Hines David, tailor, 237 Dupont
Hinrichsen Wm. importer, 122 Cala
Hinrichsen H W. importer, 122 Cala
Hinrichsen Reincke & co. 122 Cala
Hirschfeld B J. mer, 87 Commercial
Hirschfeld ? physician, 60 Commercial 
Hirstel E H. dry goods, 82 mont
Hitchcock Chas M.Dr. 15 Bush
Hitchcock Geo B. books & stationery, 168 Montgomery
Hitchings E. paper hanger, 181 Clay
Hittell J S. phrenologist, 200 Clay
Hixon W W. upholsterer, 202 Clay
Hoard M. laborer, 26 First
Hoare P. grocer, 290, Pacific
Hoag H. grocer, 42 First
Hoag & Whiston, grocers, 42 First
Hobart B. com merchant, 68 Sacramento
Hobart & Boyle. com mer, 68 Sac
Hobe Geo H. cigars, 161 Kearny
Hobe & Weihe, cigars, 161 Kearny
Hobson Irving, laborer, 57 Broadway
Hobson G A. boot maker, 216 Clay
Hobson J H. clerk, 137 Montgomery
Hobson Mrs. dressmaker, 216 Clay
Hoburg W H, state guager, 57 Sac
Hochkofflen R. mdze broker, 56 Front
Hodvurg A. tailor, 284 Dupont
Hodge Chas. drugs, 181 Sansome
Hodges E H. notary public, 228 Kearny
Hodge John G. clerk, 139 Montgomery
Hodge & dickey, drugs, 181 Sansome
Hodgkins C E. laborer, 115 Kearny
Hodgkiss John, drayman, Vallejo n Bat
Hoeger, Brothers, com mer, 113 Sac
Hoeg Geo C. wood & coal, 118 Front
Hoeg & Millington, wood & coal, 118 Front
Hoeichner S R. laborer, 59 Kearny
Hoen Francis, 272 Dupont
Hoff Wm C. shipchandlers, 27 Sac
Hoff & Owner, shipchandlers, 27 Sac
Hoffman jr Ogden, judge U S D C, 91 Merchant
Hoffman Christian, grocer, 71 Mont
Hoffman's Exchange, 41 Pacific
Hoffman F. bootmaker, 178 Clay
Hoffman Fred'k, butcher, 342 Stockton
Hoffman J F. restaurant, 41 Pacific
Hoffman S. com mer, 117 Pine
Hoffman Wm. coppersmith, 69 First
Hoffman & co. boots & shoes, 178 Clay
Hofflain N. clothing, 60 Pacific
Hofflin M. clothing, 57 Pacific
Hog Owen, oyster saloon, 130 Coml
Hogan Geo, grocer, 281 Pacific
Hogg A. drugs, 113 Front
Hogg Jas. drugs 113 Front
Hogg & Langley, druggists, 113 Front
Hohl E. grocer, ? Montgomery
Hohl & Loecher, grocery, 81 Mont
Holbrook G M. carp, 145 Sac, h 318 Pac
Holden M. boots, 110 Montgomery
Holcomb S E. bootmaker, 73 Coml
Holland C. policeman, 244 Dupont
Holland N. wheelright, 298 Dupont
Holland P. pressman, Alta of 210 Wash
Holland Nathaniel, county buidg, Plaza
Hollenbeck W S. merchant, 150 Sans
Holley W A. clerk, 182 Montgomery
Hollister Wm. attorney, 135 Mont
Holman Thos S. merchant, 58 Cala
Holman W C. com mer, 84 Sacramento
Holman O T. carpenter, 158 Cala
Holman & Ferris, com mer, 58 Cala
Holman & co. W C. com mer, 84-86 Sac
Holmes Chas. stone cutter, 55 Broadway
Holmes F. laborer, 142 Commercial
Holmes Freeland, com mer, 37 Battery
Holmes Thos. well sinker, 212 Pacific
Holmes T. bar room, 133 Dupont
Holmes Dow & co. com mer, 37 Battery
Holt Mrs. dress maker, 216 Clay
Holz G. cigars, 165 Washington
Homer Jos. boots & shoes, 75 Bush
Homer Chas. contractor, Mission c 2nd
Homer E V. 204 Stockton
Hong chong, laundry, 189 Sacramento
Honigsberger J. agent, 92 California
Honore, restaurant, 115 Commercial
Honore & constant, restaurant, 115 Coml
Hoober G B. printer, 127 Sacramento
Hoodley Miles, woodyard, Dupt c Union
Hooker Thos. laborer, 61 Liedsdorff
Hooper A D. merchant, 153 Dupont
Hooper A J. com mer, 108 Front
Hooper John M. coffee house, 179 Front
Hooper John, lumber, 247 Jackson
Hope Wm. clerk Street Comsnr, office City Hall
Hopkins C T. clerk C H
Hopkins Steven, clerk, Harrison n Beale
Hopkins S U. Dept Collector Custom H
Hopkins Thos. grocer, 339 Stock
Hopps W. painter, 100 Sansome
Horan A C. wines & liquors, 116 Cala
Horgan John, carpenter, Telgph Hill
Horgan Michael, trader, 35 Pike
Horn A A. laborer, 36 First
Horn B C. segars, 58 Sansome
Horn Daniel A. book-keeper, 127 Sans
Horn & co. B C. imp cigars, 58 Sans
Horne Philip, Sutter House, Beale n Folsome
Horr & co. Wm. bakers, 356 Powell
Horrigan John, bar, 47 Montgomery
Horrigan R. laborer, 365 Powell
Horroche Wm H. painter, 28 Sansome
Hort Samuel, com mer, 92 Jackson
Hort's building, 92 Jackson
Horton A H. carpenter, 61 Hallock
Horton John, bar, 153 Clay
Hoskins E. com mer, 152 Mont
Hoskins Edward, com mer, 92 Cala
Hoskins J D. engineer, Market n First
Hoskins S A. Mrs. milliner, 344 Stock
Hosman Chas. liquors, 45 Sansome
Hosmer Chas. imp wines, 89 Cala
Hosmer H B. billiards, 152 Mont
Hosmer & Tingley, billiards, 152 Mont
Hossefross Geo H. builder, 250 Kearny
Houghton Mrs. boarding, 246 Clay
Houseman Jas. shipwght, Folsm c Main
Houseley Jos blcksmth, beale n Folsom
Housley Jos. blksmith, 59 Hallock
Housley Jos. coppersmith, 61 First
Housley & co. blksmiths, 59 Halleck
Hotel de Bordeaux, 85 Broadway
Hovery F C. merchant, 68 Pacific
Howard C G. painter, 90 Clay
Howard Engine House, 73 Coml
Howard Geo H. office 104 Mont
Howard Irving, moulder, 69 First
Howard House, 35 Pacific
Howard J L. grocer, 194 Kearny
Howard Nathan, builder, 27 Sans
Howard Wm. liquors, 122 Jackson
Howard W D M. 137 Montgomery
Howard & Wilber, builder, 27 Sansome
Howell B H. com mer, 104 Battery
Howell Geo C. clerk, 93 Pacific
Howe Geo. pilot, Cunningham's wharf
Howe F. clerk, 86 Jackson
Howe P. finisher, 69 First
Howe Wm. butter, 138 Clay
Howe & co. traders in butter, 138 Clay
Howes Geo. merchant, 117 Jackson
Howes R. furniture, 150 Sacramento
Howes & co. furniture, 150 Sacramento
Hows Wm. liquors, Market n First
Howlett John, grocer, Wash n Powell
Howlett & Tate, grocers, Wash n Powell
Hoxie Benj. carpenter 199 California
Hoyt Samuel H. drayman, 96 Battery
Hoyer Corneluis, shipmaster, 399 Powell
Huard ? physician, 1? Stockton
Hubbar ? barber, 66 Commercial
Hubbard D. stoves, 117 Sansome
Hubbard C C. The Kremlin, 328 Stock
Hubbard D E. drygoods, 115 Bush
Hubbard E P. stoves, 122 Dupont
Hubbard G. carpenter, 196 Kearny
Hubbard H P. stoves, 117 Sansome
Hubbard J J. painter, 26 First
Hubbard L. physician, 328 Stockton
Hubbard & co. stoves, 117 Sansome
Hubbard & Williams, The Kremlin, 328 Stockton
Hubbell Margaret, boarding, 46 Pike
Hubbell J G. engineer, 90 Pine
Huber C. bootmaker, 186 Washington
Huber & Cornish, bootmakrs, 186 Wash
Hubert N. attorney, 90 Merchant
Hudgins J L. blacksmith, 160 Kearny
Hudson C. boots & shoes, 86 Cala
Hidson Edward, carp, Stout's Alley n Washington
Hudson John, painter, 33 Webb
Hudson James, plumber, 33 Webb
Hudson W G. intelgnce office, 130 Coml
Hudson & Butler, carp, Stout's Alley n Washington
Hue Vallery, drayman, 229 Stockton
Hueston H M. tailor, 195 Clay
Huffington J C. shipping office, 17 Coml
Huggard John, striker, 67 First
Hughes A. moulder, Folsom c Beale
Hughes Ant'y, boarding, 321 Stockton
Hughes Chas. printer, Alta office
Hughes C J. attorney, 90 Merchant
Hughes E. 142 Montgomery
Hughes H. merchant, 321 Stockton
Hughes Henry, com mer, 128 Sansome
Hughes Jas. 162 Montgomery
Hughes Jas. laborer, Wash n Powell
Hughes T A. C H broker, 186 Wash
Hughes Glen & co. com mer, 128 Sans
Huie G W. physician, Harrison c Beale
Huie J B. auc & com, 126 Sans
Huie & co. auc & com, 126 Sansome
Hull Geo S. clerk 132 California
Hull J A. printer, 118 Commercial
Hull P P. publisher, 146 Mont
Hume S S. drayman, Sans c Coml
Humbert A. U S Assayer, 142 Coml
Humbland A. butcher, N.W. market
Hulleltenberg W. 279 Dupont
Humphreys C. county surveyor's office, City Hall
Humphreys J. Rassette House
Humphreys J B. grocer, 201 Sac
Humphreys L. clerk, 152 Sansome
Humphreys Wm. P. city surveyor, office City Hall
Humphreys & co. grocers, 201 Sac
Hungerford J. laborer, 13 Minna
Hungerford R. laborer, 13 Minna
Hunt Chas. caulker, Harrison n Speare
Hunt D W. grocer, 84 Pine
Hunt G. merchant, 120 Bush
Hunt J D. hardware, 97 Battery
Hunt J L. clerk, 97 Battery
Hunt J S. caulker, Harrison n Speare
Hunt P. livery stable, 163 Sacramento
Hunt S. porter, 229 Clay
Hunt S I. caulker, Harrison n Speare
Hunt Thos. agent, Union Line, 49 Pac
Hunt & co. J D. hardware, 77 Battery
Hunter A A. broker, 154 Montgomery
Hunter B H. com mer, 92 Jackson
Hunter E J. stevedore, 10 California
Hunter R. clerk, 249 Clay
Hunter R F. insp cus, Barge Office
Huntington C T. com mer, 126 Front
Huntington Geo. 49 Washington
Huntington G M. clerk, Davis n Wash
Huntington U. blacksmith, 129 Dupont
Huntington W. blacksmith, 43 Webb
Huntley H V. 230 Stockton
Hunton C J. clerk, Harrison N Speare
Huntoon Wm. 233 Powell
Hurley Alex. carpenter, 170 Bush
Hussey Chas S. boarding, Vallejo n Stock
Hussey F A. com mer, 73 Sacramento
Hussey Thos. grocer, 359 Powell
Hussey Bond & Hale, com mer, 78 Sac
Husson F. clerk, 162 Montgomery
Hussore I. laborer, 52 Kearny
Hutcherson M. carpenter, 26 First
Hutchings U P. com mer, 70 Pacific
Hutchins J H. soda factory, 384 Stock
Hutchinson J S. clerk, 134 Mont
Huttinett N. cabinetmkr, 272 Dupont
Hyam Joseph, Mercantile Hotel
Hyatt Dr. 120 Clay
Hyatt Caleb, Oriental Hotel
Hyatt J G. 41 Pacific
Hyatt G B. engraver, Coml c Liedsdorff
Hyde E. hotel, 89 Pacific
Hyde Henry, baker, 356 Powell
Hyde Isaac, stoves, 109 Sacramento
Hyde J T. physician, 125 Coml, h 310 Dupont
Hyde W H. boarding, 115 Bush
Hyde W H. lumber, 14 California
Hyde & Camack, stoves, 109 Sac
Hyde & Perry, P Temp House, 89 Pac
Hyde & Greenman, lumber, 14 Cala
Hoymes G. clothier, 127 Commercial


                      Iander Leonard, mattrasses, 167 Jackson
Ickelheimer H. painter, 222 Kearny, h 368 Powell
Ickelheimer J. bds 59 Kearny
Ickman H E. blacksmith, 103 Kearny
Ickleman A. 29 First
Iken & co, merchants, 84 Sacramento
Illmans M. 161 Front
Illingsworth W. carpenter, 88 Jackson
Ils J G. tinman, 214 Washington
Imlay Isaac, bds 156 Clay
Inches Robt. waterman, Stockton n Filbt
Ingalls Geo. laborer, Vallejo n Battery
Ingate John, bds, 156 Clay
Inge S W. attorney, 163 Montgomery
Inge Samuel, 205 Clay
Ingersoll Saml. porter, 1 Commercial whf
Ingersoll Wm. 59 Clay
Ingraham A. teamster, Bat n Vallejo
Ingraham Jos. clothing, 111 Clay
Ingraham J. pilot, Cunningham's wharf
Inkleby I. blacksmith, 89 Pine
Inkleworth W P. jeweler, 83 Kearny
Inkley B. Minna c Second
Inkley D. Minna c Second
Inman J C. bds Tehama
Inman M. stone cutter, Battery n Greene
Inman Walter, painter, 63 Clay
Insdale Henry, carriage maker, 91 Kear
Inslee J H. cigars, 64 Commercial
Inspector Weights and Measures, T Tennent, Front cor Commercial
Intfield V. notary public, Market st whf
Ireland Wm. ship carpenter, Rincon point near Beale
Iresdale J S. stoves, 88 Clay
Irewalds Jas. drayman, 83 Kearny
Irvine Jas. drayman, 51 Clay
Irving House, 156 Montgomery
Irwin F S. boatman, Commercial wharf
Irwin John, porter, 179 Clay
Inwood Geo. proprietor, 379 Powell
Isaacs H. tailor, 190 Montgomery
Isaacs H. 315 Stockton
Isaacs Morris, tailor, 198 Kearny
Isaton L. ostler, 73 Kearny
Isnard Amand, barber, 234 Dupont
Israel Moses, tailor, 98 Commercial
Isthmus Hotel, 36 First
Ives John, boatman, Central wharf
Ives Warren, fish, 26-28 Pacific market
Ivison Pierre, blacksmith, 53 Clay


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