San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                       Jacks H. jeweler, 157 Montgomery
Jacks Saml. laborer, Sydney Valley
Jacks W S. jeweler, 157 Montgomery
Jacks & Woodruff, jewelers, 157 Mont
Jackson A. hatter, 151 Montgomery
Jackson Anne, washing, 346 Dupont
Jackson Chas M. clerk, 181 Front
Jackson E. tailor, 259 Dupont
Jackson House, restaurant, 93-95 Mont
Jackson House Gen'l liquors, 18 First
Jackson J. bds Tehama
Jackson Jos, auct and com, 96 Cala
Jackson John, grocer, 187 Pacific
Jackson J T. upholsterer, 181 Clay
Jackson J T. printer, 127 Sacramento
Jackson S C. physician, 202 Pacific
Jackson Wm H. turner, 91 Kearny
Jackson & Goux, woolen dyers, Mason c Washington
Jacobs Edgar, porter, 199 Front
Jacobs J. painter, 83 Kearny
Jacobs Joseph, tailor, 210 Kearny
Jacobs J T. merchant, 156 Clay
Jacobs M. tailor, 210 Kearny
Jacobs S R. merchant, 128 Sansome
Jacobs S L. merchant, 76 Montgomery
Jacobs S L. brickmaker, Stock n Filbert
Jacobs T C. liquor, 11 Drum
Jacobs & Dessau, bakers, Chesnut above Stockton
Jacobs & Levi, merchant, 76 Mont
Jacobs & Pearl, liquor, 11 Drum
Jacoby W. imp dry goods, 72 Mont
Jacquen C. pawn broker, 151 Commercial
Jaquis Jas. teamster, 118 Bush
Jaquet C. merchant, 408 Stockton
James G F. attorney, 159 Montgomery
James John, striker, 64 First
James Thos. ship carpenter, 8 Mellus
James W. trader, 249 Clay
Jamison R. ship carpenter, 53 First
Jamison Thos. laborer, Sydney Valley
Janes H P. attorney, 159 Clay, h 266 Powell
Janes, Noyes & Barber, attys, 159 Clay
Janson O J. dry goods, 92 Sansome
Jardin Alph, artist, 195 Dupont
Jarrett Thos. boarding, 51 Front
Jaszynsky, ?. merchant, 64 Sansome
Jefferes Wm. Drum cor California
Jefferson B. Washington n Stockton
Jefferson R S. laborer, 115 Kearny
Jelly W D. physician, 257 Clay
Jenifer W H. insp customs, barge office
Jenkins E. pilot, Cunningham's wharf
Jenkins John, shoemaker, 144 Mont
Jenkins Mrs John, milliner, 198 Sac
Jenkins Wm. drugs, 142 Montgomery
Jenkins Wm. 51 Sansome
Jenkins & Keith, drugs, 142 Mont
Jennings E R. tailor, 288 Stockton
Jennings G A. clerk, 146 Sansome
Jennings O B. clothier, 83 California
Jennings Wm. blacksmith, 35 Broadway
Jennings & Brewster, clothing, 83 Cala
Jessel E A. auctioneer, 88 Commercial
Jessup R M. imp groceries, 79 Wash
Jewell H C. bds Tehama
Jewell H M. clerk, 93 California
Jewell jr Wm. City Directory Office, Clay street, h 36 Virginia
Jewett Geo D. insp cus, barge office
Jewett Mary, residence 233 Sacramento
Jewett Saml N. painter, 55 Broadway
Jewett W Cornell, auct and com, 67 Cala
Jewett W S. artist, 98 merchant
Jillard Mrs John, boarding, 50 Broadway
Jlaize V. baker, 319 Dupont
Jobbi D. liquors, 208 Sacramento
Jobson Chas F. printer, 201 Sacramento
Jobson David, merchant, 168 Dupont
Johns E. moulder, Market n First
Johns Thos D. merchant, 60 Sansome, h 245 Washington
Johnson A. mechanic, 36 First
Johnson C A. attorney, 99 Merchant
Johnson C. com mer, 152 Pacific
Johnson C J. jewelry, 128 Commercial
Johnson Chas. bar, 199 Pacific
Johnson D. 45 California
Johnson E. wheelwright, 105 Kearny
Johnson Elias, blacksmith, 148 Pacific
Johnson E K. foundryman, 69 first
Johnson Geo. grain, 145 Washington
Johnson Geo. barkeeper, 10 California
Johnson H. drayman, 57 Broadway
Johnson H. ?ner, 319 dupont
Johnson Henry, drugs, 146 Washington
Johnson Jas. plumber & tinman, 136 Clay
Johnson Jas. El Dorado, 193 Wash
Johnson Jacob, watchmaker, 199 Pacific
Johnson John, clothing, 169 Clay
Johnson J C. merchant, 102 Battery
Johnson J. Ne?y store-keeper, Union st. U.S.B. Ware House
Johnson J H. bar, 95 Pacific
Johnson Mrs. millinery, 156 Sacramento
Johnson J S. Rassette house
Johnson J F. merchant, 97 Jackson
Johnson P. drayman, 57 Broadway
Johnson Miss M. dressmaker, 92 Mont
Johnson R. stone cutter, 380 Stockton
Johnson Richard, Rassette house
Johnson S O. publisher, office cor Commercial and Leidsdorff, h 172 Wash
Johnson Saml H. lumber, 14 California
Johnson S W. painter, 45 Pike
Johnson S W. 142 Washington
Johnson Thos. bowling, 57 Commercial
Johnson Thos G. Niantic hotel
Johnson T R. books, 140 Sacramento
Johnson W. drayman, 57 Broadway
Johnson W H. bds Tehama
Johnson W O. livery, 166 Commercial
Johnson W C. ship joiner, Har n Spear
Johnson W U. insp cus, barge office
Johnson & Gihon, books, 140 Sac
Johnson & co. Henry, drugs, 146 Wash
Johnson & co. W O. livery, 166 Coml
Johnson & Canfield, clothing, 169 Clay
Johnson & Thomas, attys, 99 Merchant
Johnston Albert, carpenter, 69 First
Johnston D. Rassette House
Johnson James, El Doradl, 193 Wash
Johnston J. Rassette House
Johnston Jas. plumber, 136 Clay
Joyhnston J.S. clk, str Kate Kearny
Johnston J W. daguerean, 136 Mont
Johnston Thos. bds Oriental Hotel
Johnston W P. laborer, 76 Pacific
Joice E V. St B. Hotel, 2 Coml
Joice Erastus, attorney, 270 Clay
Jolibois Jean, boarding, 398 Stockton
Jolliff W H. pilot, Cunningham's wharf
Joly A. clerk, 122 California
Jones Cyrus W. merchant, 47 Cala
Jones David, hotel, (Jones) 119 Cala
Jones D. butcher, 314 Stockton
Jones Edward, banker, 185 Kearny
Jones Ed. steward str Jack Hays
Jones E H. fancy goods, 15? Mont
Jones ? E, teacher. pub school ?
Jones G L. painter, 192 Jackson
Jones Hotel, 115-119 California
Jones H H. clerk, 185 Kearny
Jones H P. real estate, ?
Jones H W. physician, ?
Jones John, ?
Jones J H. ?
Jones S D. imp shoes, 96-98 Battery
Jones J T. Bar, 138 Montgomery
Jones P. caulker, 61 First
Jones S. (col'd) washing, 290 Pacific
Jones Wm. wheelwright, 105 Kearny
Jones Wm. carpenter, Vallejo n Battery
Jones Wm. (col'd) barber, 145 Coml
Jones Wm B. merchant, 129 California
Jones Wm. Cary, atty, 98 Mercht, h 227 Stockton
Jones Wm. H. auctioneer 142 Wash
Jones & co. imp shoes, 96-98 Battery
Jones & co. E H fancy goods, 151 Mont
Jones & co. Wm. B. merchants, 131 Cal
Jones Tompkins & Strode, attorneys, 98 Merchant
Jordan A. 153 Commercial
Jordan E. laborer, 73 Kearny
Jordan Geo H. soda manufactr, Vallejo n Stockton
Jordan Morris, jeweler, 126 Mont
Jordan M J. mason, Stockton n Greene
Jordan & co. jeweler, 126 Montgomery
Jorgensen J.E. jeweler, 153 Kearny
Joseph Henry, wharfinger, Market street wharf, h 163 Mission
Joseph J B. optician, 128 Montgomery
Joseph J J. drugs, h 355 Powell
Joseph jr J J. drugs, h 355 Powell
Joseph L B. optician, 128 Montgomery
Joseph Louis, bar, 95 Kearny
Joseph Bros & co. jewelers, 128 Mont
Josephi I S. imp jewelry, 176 Wash
Josephi & co. Robert, jewelers, depot of Josephi's Premium Fountain Pen, 176 Washington
Josephs A A. drugs, 192 Clay
Josephs S J. imp saddlery, 102 Battery
Josephs & co. Imp't Saddlery 102 Bat'ry
Josselyn J T. upholsterer, 206 Clay
Josselyn L N. laborer, 83 Pacific
Jourdain A J. (col'd) barber, 145 Coml
Journeay Wm. drayman, 63 Kearny
Joyce E W. hotel, 2 Commercial
Joyce Math, clerk, 104 Montgomery
Joyce M T. clerk, 162 Kearny
Joyce & Lockwood, S B Hotel, 2 Coml
Joyner Thos. P. bar, Vallejo n Battery
Juaris Juana, 171 Dupont
Judah Chas D. city attorney, 163 Montgomery, bds. Kremlin
Judah & Hacket, attorneys and counsellors at law, 163 Montgomery
Juds J. brick moulder, Stock n Gnwich
Julyn A. boarding, Vallejo n Battery
June Cahs. baker, Vallejo n Battery
Junson Geo D. teamster, 59 Broadway
Justic, jeweler, 212 Dupont
Justus M. bar, Vallejo n Battery


                       Kaindler A. imp dry goods, 193 Clay
Kaindler G. imp dry goods, 193 Clay
Kaindler & Bros. imp dry goods, 193 Clay
Kalisher E D. clerk, 88 commercial
Kalkman P. merchant, 12 Mellus
Kammann P. printer, Vallejo n Battery
Kane John, laborer, Minna n Second
Kane Samuel, mattress maker, Vallejo n Battery
Karpp A. dry goods, 204 Pacific
Karness Mathew, laborer, 235 Stockton
Kashaw Israel, groc & liqrs, Markt whf
Katz B. clothier, 85 Commercial
Kau J E. laborer, 63 Kearny
Kay Chong, China mcht, 171 Sac
Keating F. bricklayer, Vallejo n Battery
Keating James, butcher, 219 Pacific
Kearny James, tailor, 98 Pine
Keelan P. laborer, 21 Battery
Keemer M. trader, 104 Pine
Keenan John, clerk, 169 Clay
Keeney W M. notary public, 139 Coml
Keep E J. merchant, 67 Montgomery
Keesing Barnet, clothier, 238 Dupont
Kehoe J roofer 80 Sansome
Kehoe John, carpenter, 152 Pacific
Kehoe S. carpenter, Sansome n Battery
Keiser Jacob, tinman, 115 Sansome
Keith John, druggist, 142 Montgomery
Keith M. bar-room, 113 Montgomery
Keith & Jenkins, druggists, 142 Mont
Kelcher T. boarding, 68 Broadway
Keller Robert, confectionery, 181 Clay
Kellen M. bar-room, 18 First
Keller Capt. shipmaster, 60 Broadway
Keller Jacob, blacksmith, 49 Kearny
Kellersberger B. merchant, 172 Mont
Kellogg A. druggist, 125 Commercial
Kellogg C G. agent, 25 Commercial
Kellogg C L. druggist, 134 Cala, h Sac c Prospect Place
Kellogg C W. grocer, 25 Coml
Kellogg Geo. com mer, Bdway c Front
Kellogg Jas. Sec Merced Mining Co. 6 Pike
Kellogg & Provost, grocers, 25 Coml
Kells W F. builder, 189 Jackson
Kelly Bernard, carman, P O Ex, Plaza
Kelly Daniel, mason, 239 Clay
Kelly Eugene, dry goods, 98 Sans
Kelly Hugh, blacksmith, Webb n Cala
Kelly Henry, painter, Battery n Bdway
Kelly J. machinist, 69 First
Kelly John, dry goods, 133 Sacramento
Kelly Patrick, plasterer, 82 Pine
Kelly P F. laborer, Folsom c Beale
Kelly Terence, police officer, 244 Dupt
Kelly W P. printer, 131 Kearny
Kelly & co. E. imp dry goods, 92 Sans
Kelsey D S. 75 Commercial
Kelsey D B. butter, cheese & lard, 16 Pacific Market
Kelsey W F. auc & com, 76 Cala
Kemble E C. editor Alta Cala, Wash c Brenham Place
Kemp Horace, clerk, 106 Montgomery
Kendall Daniel, laborer, 47 Broadway
Kendall Joseph, painter, 199 Clay
Kendig Benj. real estate auctioneer, 114 Sansome
Kendig & co. Benj. real estate auction'rs 114 Sansome
Kennan J W. com mer, 62 Sansome
Kennan & co. 62 Sansome
Kenneday B W. blacksmith, 103 Kearny
Kenneday Benj. drayman, 49 Broadway
Kennedy Ed. fruit dealer, 117 Coml
Kennedy Geo. grocer, 142 Wash
Kennedy Francis, blacksmith, 126 Pac
Kennedy John, laborer, 49 Pine
Kennedy Wm. (col'd) barber, 51 Davis
Kennedy & co. grocers, 142 Wash
Kenney Henry, butcher, 342 Stockton
Kenny Chas. stone cutter, 123 Pine
Kenny E bds Franklin Hotel
Kenny P. blacksmith, 277 Dupont
Kenny W H. notary public, Coml c Mont
Kent Saml, clerk, 100 Battery
Kent Saml H. ship joiner, 36 First
Kenton F S. grocer, Law's wharf
Kenyon T B. boarding
Keppel Henry, ship carpenter, 8 Mellus
Kerar Chas S. teamster, 51 Broadway
Kermer M. merchant, 104 Pine
Kermey D. laborer, 53 First
Kerr W M. carpenter, 91 Kearny
Kerr W R. stone cutter, 33 Kearny
Kerrison Robt, grocer, 267 Stockton
Ketner Saml, Rincon point
Kettelle W C. clerk, 118 Montgomery
Kewen E J C. lawyer, 167 Montgomery
Keyes D W. butter and lard, 1? Sans
Keyes E. merchant, 310 Dupont
Keyes E D. capt U S A. office 186 Dupt
Keyes E W. merchant, 161 Montgomery
Keyes O H. butter store, 149 Sansome
Keyes Seth C. clothing, 195 Clay
Keyes Wm. merchant, 16 Webb
Keyes Wm C. clothier, 178 Clay
Keyes & co. butter store, 149 Sansome
Keyser Simeon, clerk, 53 Broadway
Kibbe W. public house, 187 Commercial
Kibbe Millar J. liquor, 132 Montgomery
Kidd J. Rassette house
Kibber Danl S. porter, 55 Broadway
Kieruff N. clerk, 372 Stockton
Kilick Thomas, Franklin hotel
Killilles Brian, porter, 50 California
Killmer Cornelius, printer, 144 Clay
Killman Walter, agent, 130 Commercial
Killgore H C. stoves, 49 Sacramento
Kimball Chas. carriage painter, 39 Webb
Kimball Chas P. publishing hall, 97 Coml
Kimball Jas. pattern maker, 69 First, h 2 Mellus
Kimball Thos A. carpenter and builder, 162 Montgomery
Kimball John, laborer, Folsome c Beale
Kincade Wm. laborer, 41 Sansome
Kinchela J B. liquor dealer, 116 Jack
Kinet Francois, engraver, 128 Kearny
King Ed. boarding, Val bet Stock & Dupt
King John, cabinet maker, 25 Bush
King of Wm. Jas, banker, 181 Mont
King L. clothier, 75 Commercial
King T Butler, U S Collector, 197 Wash
King T Butler jr, cashier, custom house
King C A. actor, Amer Theatre
King & co. S R. lumber, 18 California
Kingsbury J. hardware, 122 Clay
Kingsbury Jos. clerk, 97 Battery
Kingsbury Wm. Tehama house
Kingsley J B. mason, 31 Pike
Kingsley N P. builder, 247 Jackson
Kimmer G W. register clerk, ? house
Kirby Wm L. steward S ? ?
Kir? Wm. Franklin hotel
Kirchner Alex, merchant, ? Cala
Kirchoff C. merchant, 127 California
Kirchoff S. merchant, 178 Dupont
Kirchoff De Sola & co. merchs, ?
Kirk Patrick, teamster, ?
Kiser Fred, ?
Kirtland C W. Rassette house
Kittridge J ?, blacksmith, ?
Kittredge & co, blacksmiths, 127 Wash
Kittredge J W. com mer, 10 Sacramento
Kittrell John R. insp cus, brrge office
Klaucke M F. merchant, 126 Cala
Klarney Jas. tailor, 98 Pine
Kleinshroth John, hotel, 133 Pine
Kline Fred C. waiter, 85 Sansome
Kling Geo. restaurant, 115 Front
Klipzig John, gunsmith, 212 Washington
Klopp A. seaman, 63 Broadway
Klump W. engraver, 103 Montgomery
Klumpke Geo. boot maker, 154 Mont
Klumpke & Pfieffer, boot mkrs, 154 Mont
Knibble Wm. soda works, Val n Dupt
Knickerbocker Eng House, 107 Mercht
Knight E. agent P M S S Co, Sacramento cor Leidsdorff
Knight F P. Adams express', 99 Mont
Knight J P. ballast, 36 First
Knight O. wheelwright, 105 Kearny
Knight S A. carman, 96 Jackson
Knott R F. merchants' exchange, 152 Montgomery
Knowles Thos. clerk, 194 Mission
Knowls Richard, laborer, 245 Clay
Knowlton G. turner, 196 Kearny
Knowlton J J. carpenter, 328 dupont
Knox F Dr. oil works, 96 Jackson
Knox R F. oil, 96 Jackson
Knox & co, oil, 96 Jackson
Kock W M. 59 Kearny
Kohl Wm. laborer, Folsome c Beale
Kohler A. grocer, 276 Stockton
Kohler G F. notary public, 3 Commercial
Kohler Fred, silver plater, 127 Kearny
Kohlmann S. clothing, 165 Montgomery
Kohlmann Jacob, clothier, 172 Clay
Kohlmann Solomon, clothier, 172 Clay
Kohlmann & Bros. clothiers, 172 Clay
Kohn Emile, trader, 393 Powell
Kones T M. 61 Battery
Korr L R. hardware, 188 Washington
Korn T R. hardware, 110 Battery
Kopf Klous, school teacher, 243 Dupont
Korrick R. tailor, 270 Dupont
Koster H. segar dealer, 174 Wash
Kostromitnoff P S. Russian American Co agent, 172 Montgomery
Krait R. laborer, Sydney Valley
Krambach L. crockery and glass, 171 Montgomery
Kramer George, cabinet maker, 279 Dupt
Kramer J. segars, Dupt n Filbert
Kramer Jacob, brewer, Val n Powell
Krause & co H. imp Fr goods, 174 Mont
Kremer M. druggist, 74 Montgomery
Kremer M. merchant, 104 Pine
Kremlin hotel, 328 Stockton
Kripp John, carpenter, 152 Pacific
Kroh B P. laborer, 99 Kearny
Krone Louis, tailor, 159 Washington
Krone & Guttman, tailors, 159 Wash
Krotowlise H. stone cntter, Sydney Valley
Kirus C. coffee house, 100 Montgomery
Krueger Chas, pump and block maker, 17 Sacramento
Kuce Francis, baker, 160 Kearny
Kuce & Carter, bakers, 160 Kearny
Kuhn Cristopher, baker, 207 Jackson
Kuner A. engraver, 167 Washington
Kurtz John, tobacco and segars, 84 Bat
Kurzer G W. clerk, 197 Washington
Kurtz John, saloon, 39 Pacific
Kurtz J. imp segars, 68 Commercial
Kurtz J. merchant, 3 Commercial
Kyle Clarence, carman, 9 Mellus, rear
Kyle Mrs C. washing, 9 Mellus, rear
Kyle J B. butcher, 365 Stockton
Kyne Chas. Franklin Hotel
Kyne Jas. Franklin Hotel


                        Labatt & co S K. dry goods, 179 Clay
Lacharme Alex. carpenter, 231 Dupont
Laciciana Chas P. clerk, Griffin's Wharf
Lacy Louis, cook, Commercial wharf
Ladd A S. auction saloon, 98 Sansome
Ladd Geo. watchmaker, 115 Mont
Ladd W N. clerk, 99 Sansome
Lafoy Mrs P. teacher, 179 Stockton
Laprance L. cook, Commercial wharf
Lafitte C B. com mer, 47 Battery
Lafitte H B. auction, 91 California
Laforest E A. resides 246 Powell
Lagauterie & co C. com mer, 140 Jack
Lagomarsine Luis, broker, 194 Wash
Lagus H E. merchant, 85 Jackson
Lahan John L. bar, 158 Clay
Lahan & Horton, bar, 153 Clay
Laighton Jas. merchant, 159 Mellus
Laigneil Jean, blacksmith, 293 Stockton
Laimbeer Geo. builder, 34 Sansome
Laird John, porter, 60 Battery
Lake Lelos, judge district court, h Sacramento above Dupont
Lake Harvey, pilot, 90 Pacific
Luke Michael, laborer, Shdney Valley
Lamb Seth, insp cus, barge office
Lamben E. watchmaker, 175 Clay
Lamben & co. watchmakers, 175 Clay
Lambert Geo G. com mer, 52 Front
Lambert Ed. saloon, 252 Dupont
Lambert Dr. 33 Montgomery
Lambert Gilbert, saloon, 252 Dupont
Lambert John, mason, 239 Clay
Lambert Thos. com mer, 5 Broadway
Lambert & co, com mer, 52 Front
Lambert E & G. saloon, 252 Dupont
Lamheart C. clerk, Cunningham's wharf
Lammott Robt S. com mer, 4 Battery
Lammott H D. clerk, 4 Battery
Lamoore T. waiter, 85 Sansome
Lamont Ed H. com mer, 92 Jackson
Lamont, Hunter & co. com mer, 92 Jack
Lamson Joseph, ship master, 47 Coml
Lamson N K. cashier, 106 Sansome
Lande R. hotel, 156 Montgomery
Lander C. tailor, 154 Clay
Lander & Assion, tailors, 154 Clay
Landers James, Central House, Merchant
Landers John, clerk, 173 Clay
Landers P C. California n Kearny
Landeau P. tailor, 225 Clay
Landeta Manuel, clerk, 44 Davis
Lane Ebenezer, insp cus, barge office
Lane H. cook, 83 Sansome
Lane S A. painter, 139 Sansome
Lane Thos A. saloon, 285 Jackson
Lang Chas E. sign painter, Mason near Greenwich
Lang W F. National hotel, 76 Pac
Langdon R F. insp cus, barge office
Langerman Wm. tobacconist, 182 Mont
Langterman & co. imp and wholesale dlrs in tobacco and segars, 182 Mont
Langfeld L. fancy goods, 247 Clay
Langley A J. saloon, 191 Kearny
Langley Chas. 113 battery
Langley & co, bar room, 191 Kearny
Lanszweer Louis, chemist, 164 Mont
Lapeyronsa S de La, 313 Dupont
Larco Nicolas, merchant, 138 Jackson
Larco & co, merchants, 138 Jackson
Larcomb Jos. carpenter, 61 Leidsdorff
Larken J F. drug store, 200 Clay
Larkin T O. 187 Montgomery
Larrabee J R. boots and shoes, 40 Coml
Larrimore Richard, builder, 202 Pacific
Larsen Wm. stone cutter, Sydney Valley
Lask Joseph, clerk, 2 Commercial
Lask Lewis, clothing, 96 merchant
Lask Lewis, 73 Bush
Lassar E. dry goods, 217 Dupont
Lassar L. dry goods, 217 Dupont
Lassar & Bros. dry goods, 217 Dupont
Lassia J. 194 Pacific
Latcher Louisa, boarding, 177 Dupont
Latimer B G. com mer, 28 Battery
Latimer L R. clerk, 28 Battery
Latremoliere Mrs. washing, 143 Coml
Lauenstein G. com mer, 143 Front
Lauenstein L. coffee house, 174 Clay
Lauenstein W O. com mer, 148 Front
Lauenstein & Landsberger, 174 Clay
Lauenstein, Gibson & co, com merchants, 143 Front
Laughlin H. 180 Sansome
Lauterwasser F P. merchant, 67 Davis
Laux Henry, boot maker, 163 Wash
Lavalle Mrs A. Clay above Powell
Lavenson S. clerk, 121 Commercial
Lavers H. carpenter, Sydney Valley
Laverty Patrick, 51 Davis
Lavezzarre F. clerk, 82 Clay
Law Harvey, drayman, 55 Broadway
Law Richard, merchant, 278 Jackson
Law Robt A. imp grocer, 85 Washington
Law Thos K. 249 Clay
Lawler George, Rassette house
Lawler John, cooper, 23-25 Battery
Lawler R C. bookkeeper, 92 Mont
Lawless J. cooper, 332 Dupont
Lawrence B jr. com mer, 71 Jackson
Lawrence B L. insp cus, barge office
Lawrence G S. Adams express, 99 Mont
Lawrence G S. optician, 198 Clay
Lawrence J E. editor Times & Transcript, 152 Clay
Lawrence W D. 180 Sansome
Lawson Powell S. metal roofer, 33 Leids
Lawson Jas. ? N.W. market
Lawson Robt. laborer, 145 Commercial
Lawton A. blacksmith, 31 First
Lawton J, livery stable, 115 Kearny
Lawton J H. carriage maker, ? Sans
Lawton & co. carriage makers, 4? Sans
Layden W. printer, 21? Washington
Layton John, blacksmith, Val n Stockton
Lazard Simon, merchant, 7? Mont
Lazard, Bros. & co. 7? Montgomery
Leach J C. printer, 127 Sacramento
Leahy Danl. cooper, 87 Leidsdorff
Leanhy ?. 180 Sansome
Leary Cornelius, carpenter, 233 Stockton
Leary Mrs C. washing, 233 Stockton
Learman Jacob, bar, 117 Merchant
Leavett J S. hotel, 47 Pacific
Leavett J S. baths, 161 Montgomery
Leavitt J B. carpenter, 229 Clay
Lebutard M. liquors, 142 Sacramento
Le Cachenx J & L Galley, wines, 54 Merc
Le Comte N. tinsmith, 165 Sansome
Lecount Josiah J. bookseller, 139 Mont
Ledley Wm. wharfinger, Central wharf
Ledunois J. flowers, 152 Washington
Lee George, saloon, 258 Dupont
Lee H M. com mer, 69 Jackson
Lee H Clay, clerk, 67 Front
Lee N A. tinsmith, 78 Pacific
Lee R P jr. Adams' express
Lee Wm. trader, 290 Pacific
Lee & Winans, com mer, 69 Jackson
Lefebre Mrs C. Clay above Powell
Lefebre Josephine, milliner, 197 Dupont
Leffenwell W. com mer, 62 Front
Leffenwell & co. com mer, 62 Front
Lefram Chas. upholsterer, 198 Dupont
Legendre L. waiter, 129 Commercial
Legg Geo. striker, cor Folsome and Beale
Lehman C. laborer, 319 Dupont
Lehman & co J. clothiers, 186 Clay
Leigh J W. editor, 120 Montgomery
Leighton Jas merchant, 159 Mission
Leighton & co, shirt depot, 83 Mont
Leipnitz G. druggist, 81 Kearny
Leland Geo H. Post Office Arcade
Lelong Henry, confectioner, 126 Jackson
Lemme Wm. seal engraver, 227 Stock
Lemon Grank, collector, 210 Washington
Lemore J C M. Rassette house
Lenard P. (colored) barber, 40 First
Lengfield J. dry goods, 149 Kearny
Lengfield L. clothing, 46 California
Lengun C H. machinist, 67 First
Lent John A. attorney, 170 Montgomery
Lent Wm M. importer, 170 Montgomery
Leon B. dress maker, 201 Pacific
Leonard Maj H. Pay Master U S A. cor California and Leidsdorff
Leonard E W. land agent, 101 Merchant
Leonard Robt. pub house, Fremont n Fol
Leonard S. dry goods, 264 Dupont
Leonard W. com mer, 128 Front
Leonard & Level, dry goods, 264 Dupont
Leppien Fred. imp, 128 Cala, h 12 Mellus
Leppien & Schultze, 126 California
Lepetre P. restaurant, 147 Commercial
Leroy Theodore, merchant, 151 Mont
Levek C. clothier, 83 Commercial
Level S. dry goods, 264 Dupont
Levenway G. clerk, 206 Clay
Levett D. dentist, 197 Clay
Levitt Sylvester, merchant, 313 Dupont
Levi H. clothing, 76 Montgomery
Levy A. clothier, 61 Commercial
Levy Isaac,dry goods, 254 Dupont
Levy J L. cigars, 170 Montgomery
Levy John, watchmaker, 167 Wash
Levy Julius, cigars, 170 Montgomery
Levy jr L A W. merchant, 143 Clay
Levy L A W, shirt emporium, 143 Clay
Levy Leopold, clothier, 113 Coml
Levy S. upholsterer, 241 Clay
Levy Sigismond, cigars, 199 Wash
Levy S. cigars, 170 Montgomery
Levy & Wolf, shirt depot, 143 Clay
Lewen A. laborer, 51 Commercial
Lewis C H. clerk, 95 Sansome
Lewis D P. Rassette House
Lewis Henry, (col'd) shoe store, 198 Clay
Lewis H M. watchmkr, 187 Clay
Lewis J. ostler, 73 Kearny
Lewis Jas R. cigars, 58 Sansome
Lewis J Roome, merchant, 75 Jackson
Lewis J W. trader, 2 Commercial
Lewis Joseph, clk U S Aprs store, Cala c Sansome
Lewis John (col'd) shoe store, 198 Clay
Lewis M. cigars, 86 Battery
Lewis M M. watchmkr, 86 Battery
Lewis H M. watchmkr, 187 Clay
Lewis Richard, liquors, 20 Sacramento
Lewis R A. merchant, Broadway whf
Lewis T. trader, 2 Commercial
Lewis Wm. boatman, 39 Pacific
Lewis Wm. teamster, 53 Broadway
Lewis & Bassett, merchants 75 Jackson
Libby David, carpenter, 61 First
Libby Mary S. teacher public school, Minna c Second
Liddell J R. policeman, 244 Dupont
Lienthal Henry porter, 170 Mont
Lightner Joel, merchant, 85-87 Front
Lilly G. stationer, 151 Sansome
Lilly John, painter, 139 Sansome
Linch Chas. slater, 36 First
Linch John, machinist, 26 First
Lincoln C G. clerk, 104 Montgomery
Lincoln H E. merchant, 137 Mont
Lincoln Wm. grain & Feed, 192 Kearn
Linderman T. machinist, 26 First
Linnell E. Rassette House
Linnell J C. Tehama
Linnell Thos. 156 Clay
Linoberg E. Vallejo n Powell
Lipman C F. imp wines, 97 Cala
Lippitt F J. attorney, 129 California
Lisardi Carlos, saloon, 188 Kerny
Litchfield Allen, porter, 58 Front
Litchfield C. bar, 233 Pacific
Litons Samuel, teamster, 53 Broadway
Little Henry, com mer, 218 Jackson
Little S H. merchant, 172 Sansome
Little W B. druggist, 127 Montgomery
Litton W H. pilot, Cunnghm's wharf
Livick Isaac, 295 Dupont
Livermore O. com mer, 149 Battery
Livingston Bella, bdg, 206-208 Dupont
Livingston Chas. machinist, 218 Jack
Livingston D F. com mer, 4 Battery
Livingston Jas. laborer, 229 Clay
Livingston Mrs. boarding, 297 Wash
Livingston, engineer, Beale, Rincon Pt
Livy B. dry goods, 197 Kearny
Llorente Jose, clk, 300 Stockton
Lloyd Wm. bottler, Stockton n Filber
Lobdell John, clothing, 142 Clay
Locher John, grocer, 81 Montgomery
Lock Moses, shipcarpenter, 190 Mission
Locke D.M. waterman, Marke, n First
Locke Elisha. laborer, 57 Sansome
Locke J H. waterman, Market n First
Locke L S. waterman, Market n First
Lockwood D W. Steambt Hotel, 2 Coml
Lockwood Geo. ins cus, Barge Office
Lockwood J. merchant, 2 Commercial
Lockwood J. shipcarpentr, 8 Mellus
Lockwood R E. atty, h 327 Stockton
Lockwood Samuel, carpenter, 229 Clay
Logan Jas. hotel, 26 First
Lohmann John, hardware, 79 Kearny
Loisean, actor, 199 Dupont
Lohman J. (col'd) drayman, 140 Bush
Lonatt A. Mrs. milliner, 94 Broadway
Lone W H. Tehama House
Long Claude, hardware, 198 Wash
Long M. shipcarpenter, 36 First
Long Michael, shipcarpenter, 9 Mellus
Longer C F. merchant, 107 Battery
Longfellow W. carman, 161 Front
Longley S. restaurant, 144 Clay
Longley W M. blacksmith, 49 Kearny
Loomis F R. merchant, 151 Mont
Loomis Robert S. merchant, 230 Stock
Lord D S. paper warehouse, 129 Sans
Lord Thos. carpenter, 160 Washington
Lorentz Geo P. soda manufctr, Vallejo n Stockton
Loring John, carpenter, 141 Mission
Lothrop John J. horse-shoer, 88 Pine
Loucks G P. 21 Sacramento
Loucks & Webster, 21 Sacrameto
Loud John, merchant, 70 Coml
Loud Joseph E. merchant, 70 Coml
Loud Warren, imp liquors, 89 Cala
Louderback Wm. jeweller, 189 Clay
Louis Jean, barber, 58 Pacific
Louis M. bootmkr, 109 Merchant
Louisiana House, 7 Ohio
Lougler W. blacksmith, 129 Clay
Loutrel B. stationer, 117 Sacramento
Loveland J S. merchant, 98 Battery
Lovell Joseph, bar, 83 Battery
Lovett C J. ship chnadler, 11 Sac
Lovett Joseph, saloon, 65 Commercial
Lovett & co. ship chandlers, 11 Sac
Low B F. merchant, 269 Stockton
Low Henry S. clothing, 195 Clay
Low Isaac, public house, 100 Pacific
Lowe Jas R. clerk Pr Hotel, Coml whf
Lowe Thos. com mer, 145 Clay
Lowenburg L. auctioneer, 160 Mont
Lubbock H S. engineer str Am. Eagle
Lubbock W M. captian str Am. Eagle
Lubey Wm. upholsterer, 185 Sac
Lubley P. drayman, 131 Montgomery
Luce D W. boot & shoe dealer, 40 Coml
Luce Thos. carpenter, 26 First
Luce Thos. carpenter, 27 Sansome
Lucke Henry, bootmaker, 285 Dupont
Ludby Fred. Atlantic Hotel, 12 Coml
Luddum G. merchant, 10 Liedsdorff
Ludlow Jas. shipping mer, 163 Mission
Ludlum Cornelius, 99 California
Ludwig Chas. clerk, 95 Sansome
Ludwig John H. tailor, 131 Kearny
Ludy Christian, baker, Vallejo n Stock
Luedke J. watchmaker, 159 Wash
Lufkin H. (widow of Joseph) 152 Mont
Lufkin jr Joseph, copyist, 153 Mont
Luke W L. Eagle Foundry, Fremont n Market
Lukes J. saloon, 232 Pacific
Lull L R. editor, Whig, 146 Mont
Lumbard Chas. Adams Ex, 99 Mont
Lumley Geo. liquors, 17 Sacramento
Lunt J R. clerk, 98 Battery
Lurvey Chas. laborer, 36 First
Luther J J. mechanic, 314 Stockton
Lutgens John, boarding, 79 Bush
Lux Chas. butcher, 143 Kearny
Luyster T G W. druggist, 237 Dupont
Lyndall Wm E. jeweller, 187 Clay
Lyon J E. com mer, 82 Clay
Lyon J H L. com mer, 21 First
Lyon J. com mer, 82 Clay
Lyon & Cannon, com mer, 82 Clay
Lyons D. clerk, 289 Pacific
Lynch J. boilermkr, 61 First
Lynch J. laborer, 67 First
Lynch John, butcher, 176 Pacific
Lynch M. porter, 148 Montgomery
Lynch P. striker, 69 First
Lynes B. caterer, 315 Powell


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