San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                       Macar Jas I. shoes, 142 Montgomery
Macarthy B. merchant, Stock n Greene
MacCarthy John, physician, 326 Dupont
MacBride Richard, foreman Alta Foundry Market
Macrann & co W. coal and iron, Com whf
Mack J H. carpenter, rear 11, Leidsdorff
Mack Patrick, laborer, 258 Clay
Mack Wm. com mer, 181 Sansome
Macken Jas. blacksmith, Beale n Folsome
Mackinley Ed. attorney, 104 Mont
Mackintosh Robt. physician, 89 Mont
Macondray F W. com mer, 54-56 Sans
Macondray & co, com mer, 54-56 Sans
Macy A. stevedore, 70 Front
Maddox M. laborer, 60 First
Magehan D A. imp dry goods, 52 Sac
Mahoney D. moulder, 69 First
Mahoney D. moulder, 69 First
Mahoney Florence, merchant, 60 Sansome h 245 Washington
Mahoney & Garness, mdse bkrs 52 Cala
Maigrot E. wines and liquors, 95 Merch
Maigrot & Saulnier, wines, 95 Merchant
Main Wm S. grocer, 129 Washington
Main Chas. harness maker, 68 Sansome
Main & Winchester, saddlery, 68 Sans
Mains W S. build and contr, 65 Pacific
Male J R. printer, 152 Clay
Malech Fred. hair dresser, 100 Mont
Malfatti B. cigars, 165 Commercial
Mallock Wm. laborer, Sydney Valley
Mallory H C. ship chandlery, Davis c Clay
Malone W R. clerk, 46 Commercial
Malone B. city feed store, 196 Kearny
Malone B & C. city feed store, 196 Kear
Maltby T D. produce, 10 California
Malvy Pierre, fruit dealer, 104 Kearny
Manchester J B. lawyer, 228 Kearny
Mandelbawn S. variety, 80 Montgomery
Mandelbawn & Silvermans, variety, Montgomery
Manderfield E. carpenter, Beale n Har
Manderfield Ed. carpenter, 3 Battery
Manford H P. reading room, 10 Sac whf
Manly jr P. French imp, 172 Mont
Mann H. Eagle Foundry, Fremt n Mkt
Mann Mrs C. 91 Pine
Mann Wm D. market, 62 Pacific
Manricks Mrs. Alice, washing, 134 Misn
Manricks Michael, laborer, 134 Mission
Manning A C. 229 Clay
Manrow J B. real estate, brokr, 162 Mont
Mansfield A S. merchant, 107 Battery
Manson J, merchant, 127 California
Manson Thos. C H broker, 187 Kearny
Manton Joseph, clerk 62 Front
Mantouchet R C. watchmkr, 110 Pacific
Manuel H E. clerk, 50 California
Mara A. saloon, 232 Dupont
Maral J C. groceries, 169 Sacramento
Marcellus N. hatter, 179 Clay
Marchand J A. upholsterer, 267 Pacific
Marco & co. J. liquors, 30 Commercial
Margrand V. wholesale dealer in ground coffee, 50 Kearny
Marey J S L. laborer, 100 California
Maria Jose, laborer, 19 Webb
Marich A. carpenter, 26 First
Marion Rifles Armory, 169 Sacramento
Marine Pierre, fruit, 230 Dupont
Marine Hospital, (State) Stock c Filbert
Market Jefferson, Dupont c Jackson
Markter New World, Coml n Liedsdorff
Market Pacific, 125 Clay
Marks Isaac, clothing, 61 Commercial
Markwald Adolph, druggist, 184 Jack
Markwald Adolphe, merchant, 157 Jack
Markwald Caspari & co. merchants, 157 Jackson
Marquerier S. hatter, 151 Montgomery
Marriott & co. F. brokers, 162 Mont
Marsdon S. laborer, 90 Pacific
Marsh Wm. grocer, 239 Washington
Marsh Chas. mason, 239 Washington
Marsh Chas. saloon, 86 Sansome
Marshall Chas. P. res't Kearny op Plaza
Marshall Joseph, res't Kearny op Plaza
Marshall Saml, res't, Kearny op Plaza
Marshall A. druggist, 162 Sacramento
Marshall Sandy, res't, Kearny op Plaza
Marshall Samuel, stone cutter, Battery n Green
Marston J C. 106 Battry
Martell J L. cigars, Union Hotel
Martal & co. cigars, Union Hotel
Martin A. grocer, 4 Ohio
Martin J S. druggist, 203 Washington
Martin F. restaurant, 95 Montgomery
Martin Jolin, builder, 179 Dupont
Martin John P. stone cutter, Bat n Greene
Martin Moses, laborer, 26 First
Martin Minor S. clothing, 195 Clay
Martin Martin P. clerk, 90 Pacific
Martin Peter, fruit stand front 2 Coml
Martin Robert, bar, 153 Front
Martin R S. reporter, 210 Washington
Martin Thos. bar, 79 Battery
Martin Wm. liquors, 20 Sacramento
Martin & Lewis, liquors, 20 Sacramento
Marston J C. hardware, 106 Battery
Martsh Robt. dealer in paints, 139 Sans
Martz A. bootmaker, 35 Stockton
Marvin A L M. books & stationery, 168 Montgomery
Marvin F C. stand front 16 Commercial
Marvin & Hitchcock, booksellers and stationers, Ruled, cap, letter and note paper, pocket cutlery, fancy articles, &c. Pioneer Bookstore, 168 Mont
Marx & co. T. furnish'g store, 144 Mont
Maryatt T. agent, 72 Pacific
Marye Geo S. 26 Sacramento
Marziou & co. V. importers, 178 Mont
Mason B A. mattrass manuf, 81 Pacific
Mason jr F. Irving House, 158 Mont
Mason J F. painter, 45 Battery
Massey & co. E De French & Spanish library, 117 Commercial
Massey Mrs. H. shoe store, 147 Sac
Mastie C R. attorney, 29 Liedsdorff
Masterson Thos. dry goods, 173 Clay
Masten N K. imp prov, 54 Front
Mathews Arthur, Second n Minna
Mathews Mrs Ann, bdg, 105 Merchant
Mathews Henry, broker, 137 California, h Post n Kearny
Mathey Henry, importer, 178 Mont
Mathey Henry P. commisnr, 178 Mont
Mathieu Alphonse, hatter, 151 Mont
Mattoon John, grocer, 54 Front
Manbeck H. merchant, 118 Commercial
Maume M. grocer, 233 Washignton
Maume & co. M. grocers, 233 Wash
Mauran Chas J. grocer, 314 Stockton
Mauran Wm A. grocer, 314 Stockton
Mauran Bros. grocers, 314 Stockton
Maurice G. finisher, 58 Halleck
Maury J L. 172 Montgomery
Mauray jr P. Montgomery n Jackson
Mautu C K. cooper, 5 Commercial
Mavasi Santoo, 242 Kearny
Max I, fish, 18 N W. market
May A J. clerk, 69 Front
May H B. physician, 29 Pike
Mayblum M. imp cigars, 86 Jackson
Mayblum Greenhood & co. imp cigars, 86 Jackson
Maydat P. gunsmith, 36 Commercial
Mayer Jacob, dry goods, 167 Clay
Mayer Jos. shoemkr, 140 Montgomery
Mayer Morris, clothing, 67 Commercial
Mayer Simon, imp cigars, 114 Jackson
Mayer Liquors, 167 Sansome
Maynard F T. apothecary, St M Hospt
Maynard J C. real estate, 246 Clay
Mayet F. 115 Commercial
Mayo Leander, cook, 294 Pacific
Mayo L. Mrs. washing, 294 Pacific
McAllister H P. attorney, 151 Mont, h 11 Pike
McAllister M H. attorney, 151 Mont, h 11 Pike
McAllister S. atty, 151 Mont, h 11 Pike
McCabe A J. El Dorado, 193 Wash
McCaffrey Richard, druggist, 337 Stock
McCahill Thos. imp dry goods, 65 Front
McCann & co. Wm. com mer, Coml Wharf, Clark's Point
McCan James laborer, 355 Powell
McCan James, butcher, 334 Powell
McCall W R. merchant, 24 Jackson
McCalliff, carpenter, 76 Pacific
McCarthy E. blasterer, Dupont n Union
McCarthy Michael, butcher, 134 Mission
McCartney C. wood yrd, Dupt c Lieds
McCarty A. 180 Sansome
McCarty J. merchant, 68 Sacramento
McCarty John, laborer, 290 Pacific
McCarty & co. merchant, 68 Sac
McCauly C W. police office, 244 Dupt
McCeney J C. merchant, 74 California
McChesney D. backsmith, 126 Pacific
McClenachan H. com mer, 104 Battery, h 306 Dupont
McClenachen Robert, com mer, 104 Bat
McCleain A. bar, 169 Front
McCleister J. laborer, 95 Pacific
McCleod John C. shipwrith, ? Sac
McClosky F. police, 214 Clay
McClosky H. blacksmith, 41 Sansome
McClure A T. druggist, 98 Mont
McCollam Thos W. sailmaker, Jackson street wharf
McCord John, carpenter, 276 Stockton
McCord Thos. carpenter, 26 First
McCord Willett, proprieter, Wash n Stock
McCormack J. storage, 43 California
McCormick J W. 41 Pacific
McCoy Jas. baker, 355 Powell
McCoy Wm. bar-keeper, 276 Powell
McCrackan, attorney, 162 Montgomery
McCraith & Shellard, music store, 207 Clay
McCrea J A. merchant, 58 Sansome
McCrea & co. imp fancy goods, 58 Sans
McCright Robt. atty, 163 Montgomery
McCrosson Jas. saloon, 39 Pacific
McCullock David, ins cus, Barge Office
McCullough H V S. merchant, 128 Sans
McDaniel Wm. pattern maker, corner Folsome and Beale
McDermott D A. Alta Cala office
McDermott Miss M R. boarding, 178 Dup
McDonald A D. grocer, 242 Pacific
McDonald Chas. liquors, 49 First
McDonald D. blacksmith, 53 First
McDonald D. druggist, 184 Jackson
McDonald D E S. liquors, 105 Cala
McDonald J A. brickmkr, Stock n Filbert
McDonald & Peck, grocers, 242 Pacific
McDougal Jas A. attorney, 98 Merchant
McDougal John, 230 Stockton
McElnee J V. upholsterer, 181 Clay
McElroy Jas. police officer, 244 Dupont
McElroy P. striker, Folsome cor Beale
McEvoy O. trader, 312 Stockton
McFarlan Jas. engineer steamer Ohio
McFarland G. bookkeeper, Page, Bacon & co, h 99 Pine
McGarrahan Wm. com mer, 50 Cala
McGarrahan Foley & Rooney, 50 Cala
McGeorge Thos. printer, 210 Wash
McGlashan J. bookstore, 114 Commercial
McGloughan J. laborer, 76 Pacific
McGloughlin Geo. teamster, 26 First
McGlynn D C. painter, 134 Sansome
McGowan Ed. treas S M Hosptl, 92 Jack
McGown Saml. cook, 33 Pacific
McGregor G. Dr. 78 First
McGregor Jas. S F. obser. 137 Mont
McGregor & Philips, S F obs. 137 Mont
McGruder Mrs E M. boarding, 25 Minna
McGuire J. seaman, 90 Pacific
McGuire Mathew Police officer, 244 Dupt
McHaffie James, painter, 14 Battery
McHaffie John, painter, 14 Battery
McHenry Jesse, lawyer, 118 Montgomery
McHenry John, lawyer, 118 Mont
McHugh John, produce, 121 Front
McIlvaine Chas J. lawyer, 159 Clay
McIntosh G. baker, 372 Stockton
McKaraher J G. clerk, 108 Sansome
McKean T. seaman, 76 Pacific
McKebbins Wm. blacksmith, 251 Clay
McKee David, ins. cus. barge office
McKee J W. clerk, 128 Front
McKee Jas W. clothier, 132 Clay
McKee Reddick, Ind Commissr, 52 Mont
McKenney E. stevedore, 97 front
McKenzie A R. intel office, 130 Coml
McKenzie Ed. com mer, 199 Front
McKenzie & co, intel office, 130 Coml
McKenzie Thompson & co. commiss mer, 98 California
McKoa John, stone cutr, Kear n toll gate
McLaughlin Michael, boarding, 51 Sac
McLean Joseph, butcher, 242 Stockton
McLean, produce, 115 Front
McLellan Chas. music store, Plaza
McLellan D. public house, 114 Pacific
McLeod N. coffee saloon, 60 Pacific
McManus John, pattern maker, cor Folsome and Beale
McManus T B. merchant, 80 Front
McManus & co, merchants, 80 Front
McMichael Wm. insp cus, barge office
McMullen G P. merchant, 126 Coml
McMurray J. clothier, 31 Commercial
McMurray C. merchant, 62 Front
McNab John, 51 Sansome
McNally Henry, agricul implts, 102 Clay
McNear C E. dey port warden, 17 Coml
McNeil Wm. hardware, 65 Battery
McNeir E. trader, 123 Montgomery
McNeir Wm. bds Rassette house
McNisk John, boots and shoes, 65 Pacific
Mcnelly P. pilot, Cunningham's wharf
McNulty Wm. banker, 118 Montgomery
McNulty Carothers & co, bankers, 118 Montgomery
McQuillan, boarding, 234 Kearny
McQuin M. liquors, 58 Bush
McRuer D C. prov merchant, 41 Battery
McSea D. liquors, 49 First
McShane P. grocer, 129 Front
McVickar John, lawyer, 159 Mont
Mead Chas H. harness maker, 138 Sans
Mead Geo W. bar, 125 Pacific
Mead W S. dentist, 6 Kearny
Mead & co, bar, 125 Pacific
Means J W. 161 Front
Mebius F. importer, 50 Front
Mechanics exchange, 26 First
Mechanics Home, 26 First
Mechanics 7 traders exchange, 160 Mont
Medana P. hardware, 191 Pacific
Meddle Wm. fish, Pacific market
Meeks W N. notary public, 160 Clay
Meeneely Jas. tailor, National hotel
Megquier T L, physician, 139 Jackson
Mehoubre Chas. porter, 147 Clay
Meiggs Henry, 162 Mont. h B'way cor M
Meiggs John G. 162 Montgomery
Meikel E. tailor and scourer, 207 Bush
Meillot T. trader, 53 Leidsdorff
Mel John, merchant, 126 California
Melehor R D. ship joiner, 36 First
Melick C. hotel, 36 First
Mellen John, laborer, Harrison, Rin point
Mellish Richard, caterer, 162 Mont
Mellus Geo. wine merchant, 137 Mont
Melvin A Y. furniture, 145 Sacramento
Melvin & Ames, furniture, 145 Sac
Mendell Adam, carman, Dupt cor Pacific
Mendell E S. furniture, 163 Sansome
Mendell E S. furniture, 145 Kearny
Mendell Silver & co, furniture, 163 Sans
Mendon G A. agent, 129 Sansome
Menges Adam, builder, 241 Dupont
Menges Adam, butcher, 222 Jackson
Mensdorfer J C W. hatter, 141 Kearny
Mensdorfer & Schlageten, hats, 141 Kear
Mercantile hotel, Front n Pacific
Merchant S L. clerk, 99 Commercial
Merchant F G. grocer, 118-120 Kearny
Merchants' exchange, 123 Sacramento
Mercer Chas F. confectioner, Sac ab Dupt
Mere, Benot & Vasserot, boots, 219 Jack
Me??ian E. lawyer, 177 Dupont
Merrill Annis, lawyer, 159 Montgomery
Merrill D. produce, 106 Commercial
Merrill J M. com mer, 100 Front
Merrill & co, com mer, 100 Front
Merrill & Brigham, produce, 106 Coml
Merrill Robt. produce, 106 Commercial
Merritt Geo. grocer, 210 Montgomery
Merritt S. physician, 92 Montgomery
Merritt J. carpenter, 77 Jackson
Merryman Chas. Alta saw mill, market
Merryman E H. physician, 84 Coml
Merwin Saml, clerk, 174 Montgomery
Mes George, blacksmith, 63 Halleck
Messer W D. merchant, 165 Battery
Meserole C B. Tehama house
Meserole C P. agent, 94 California
Messerver A C. upholsterer, 164 Clay
Messerver & co, A C. upholstrs, 164 Clay
Metcalf D. ship chandler, 36 First
Meyer Albertus, boots, 246-248 Pacific
Meyer Alburtus, coffee house, 290 Stock
Meyer David, segars, 155 Commercial
Meyer E. drayman, 3 Commercial
Meyer Jonas, clerk, Mont cor Sacramto
Meyer John tinman, 260 Dupont
Meyer L F. coffee saloon, 95 Wash
Meyer Louis P. boarding, 83 Kearny
Meyrer M. bar, 179 Front
Meyer S F. importer, 116 California
Meyer Wm. imp groceries, 30 Battery
Meyer Wm. importer, 60 California
Meyer & co, importers, 60 California
Meyer & Bros. grocers, 119 Kearny
Meyerback S. grocer, 283 Dupont
Miars T. tailor, Vallejo n Battery
Mickle E. com mer, 144 Clay
Michael A. cutter, 198 Kearny
Michael Benj. clothier, 89 Commercial
Michels Her, cigars, 202 Washington
Middleton John, weeelwright, Val above Sotckton
Middleton John, auct, 73 Battery
Middleton & Smiley, auctioneers and commission merchants, Sac cor Battery
Milatovich A. tailor, 122 Kearny
Milberry Saml, drayman, 172 Mont
Miles Walter, produce, 65 Davis
Miller D. boots and shoes, 168 Clay
Miller Geo. brewer, 61 First
Miller Henry, butcher, 199 Jackson
Miller Hans, boarding, 42 Sacramento
Miller Jas. baker, 139 Mission
Miller Jacob, baker, 51 Kearny
Miller John, saloon, 224 Pacific
Miller J D. hardware, 93 Pacific
Miller J W. tinman, 208 Montgomery
Miller N. grocer, 175 Front
Miller Peter, liquors, 77 Pacific
Miller Peter, Waverly house, 58 Pacific
Miller Peter, liquors, 58 Pacific
Miller S. wines, 29 Pike
Miller susan, boarding, 237 Clay
Millikin J B. merchant, 10 Sacramento
Millington Jas. wood and coal, 118 front
Mills Jas. com mer, 73 Jackson
Mills Jas. merchant, 64 Front
Mills L R. merchant, 64 Front
Mills Samuel, porter, 62 California
Mills S B. physician, S M Hospital
Mills & co, com mer, 64 Front
Milteovich Andre, fruit dealer, 252 Dupt
Minerva E. baker, 51 Kearny
Mines Mrs M E. Jane n Mission
Minor Enock, printer, observatory jillo
Minson F J. boatman, 167 Pacific
Minturn Chas. steamboat agent, 31 Pac
Minturn Chas. com mer, Cunghm's whf
Minturn Jonas, com mer, 45-47 Sans
Miro Jose M. merchant, 253 Powell
Mitchell C. merchant, 141 Jackson
Mitchell Fred. block maker, 16 Sac
Mitchell Fred. boatman, Cunghm's wharf
Mitchell Jas. clerk, 210 Washington
Mitchell Jas. brickmaker, Stock n Filbert
Mitchell Wm. clerk, 210 Washington
Mitchell Wm H. com mer, 67 Front
Mitchell & co. W H. imp liqrs, 67 Front
Mock John, brewer, 299 Dupont
Mock Robt. boatman, Cunninghm's whf
Moeller Isaac, clothier, 45 Coml
Moeller Morris, clothier, 45 Coml
Moffat M. miller, 36 First
Moffat Robt. drayman, 229 Clay
Moinet Chas. barber, 130 Montgomery
Molitor A P. assayer, 89 Merchant
Molony J R. bds Rassette House
Monie G. ladies' hair dresser, 130 Mont
Mondelet J. restaurant, 209 Wash
Monnot Claude, clerk, 158 Kearny
Monro Peter, grocer, 378 Stockton
Monroe John A, clerk U S D Court, 89 Merchant
Monson B H. printer, 159 Mont
Monson Haswell & co. Commercial Job Office, 159 Montgomery
Monset Adolphe, merchant, Leidsdorff n Sacramento
Montague Miss, actress, 235 Clay
Montague F. physician, 162 Sacrimento
Montague F. physician, 254 Powell
Montague W W. merchant, 68 Pacific
Montagnie J E. lumber, California whf
Montefiore J B. merchant, 127 Cala
Montefiore L. com mer, 127 Cala
Montefiore & Burgoyne, com mer, 127 California
Montgomery Baths, 161 Montgomery
Montgomery Geo. produce, 18 Sac
Montgomery John, laborer, 36 First
Montgomery W F. com mer, 62 Front
Montross Isabel, 163 California
Monumental House, 46 Sacramento
Monumental Engine House, Plaza W side
Moody Alex. printer, Mont n Vallejo
Moody J L. clerk C H. 197 Wash
Moody J M. architect, 101 Merchant
Moon Ellen E. Cottage, 123 California
Moor Miss E. 287 Kearny
Moorcraft T C. drayman, 132 Jackson
Moore B. boarding, 270 Pacific
Moore Chas C. clerk Post Office
Moore C C auc & com merchant, Wash c Jones' Alley
Moore David, upholsterer, 133 Jackson
Moore Rev. J. bds 118 Dupont
Moore G H. merchant, 41 Battery
Moore J B. postmaster, Clay st.
Moore jr J B. chief clerk Post Office
Moore John, bar, 117 Merchant
Moore M L. 163 California
Moore Richard, builder, 278 Jackson
Moore Samuel, boarding, Clark's Point
Moore W H. com mer, 34 Minna
Moore W H. brass founder, 58 Halleck
Moore & Folger, merchants, 41 Battery
Mooss H B. butcher, 311 Stockton
Moran Ed. segars, 132 Kearny
Moran John, bar-keeper, 85 Sansome
Moran Thos A. books, 132 Mont
Moray C. bar, 239 Kearny
Mordicai Mrs. boarding, 40 First
More Eliza, boarding, 236 Pacific
More E J. Net Pub, 134 California
More J C. merchant, 229 Clay
Morehead Jas. Engineer, Folsom n Beale
Morel Alphonse, trader, 393 Powell
Morell H. dressmaker, 223 Dupont
Moret Jules, grocer, 172 Pacific
Morey J J. bds Franklin Hotel
Morgan A W. intelligence office, 53 Coml
Morgan B. baker, 372 Stockton
Morgan E. blacksmith, 86 Bush
Morgan Ed. coachmaker, 362 Stockton
Morgan Evan, blacksmith, 123 Kearny
Morgan E L. grocer, 266 Dupont
Morgan Jas. Butcher, 24 Mellus
Morgan J D. butcher, 2-4 Pacific mkt
Morgan John G. physician, 92 Mont
Morgan J R. merchant, 73 Jackson
Morgan L A. grocer, Battery n Vallejo
Morgan S Griffitts, com mer, 35 Pine
Morgan Wm S. jeweler, 166 Clay
Morgan & co. Evan, blksmths, 123 Kear
Morgan & co. E L. grocers, 266 Dupont
Morgan & co. J D. butchers, stalls 2-4 Pacific market
Morganthan M. drygoods, 183 Wash
Morin Paul, physician, 200 Sacramento
Morison Jas. physician, 92 Mont
Morison Jas. com mer, 121 Sansome
Morrison & Logan, com mer, 121 Sans
Morley S. carpenter, 229 Clay
Morningstan S. clothing, 75 Pacific
Morningstan & co. clothing, 75 Pacific
Morrill A J. drygoods & clothing, 123 Washington
Morris Aaron, merchant, 84 Bush
Morris A. merchant, 165 Clay
Morris Geo. drygoods, 253 Dupont
Morris Jacob, shipjoiner, 16 Sacramento
Morris John, seaman, 90 Pacific
Morris Jno. com mer, Pacific c Mont
Morris John, ship joiner, 16 Sacramento
Morris Joseph, ship joiner, 16 Sac
Morris Chas Lee, 142 Montgomery
Morris & Reynolds, ship joiners, 16 Sac
Morrison jr J C. importers, 186 Mont
Morrison L. bds Oriental Hotel
Morrison M. bds Tehama House
Morrison Jas. grocer, 356 Stockton
Morrow John, pattern mkr, Fol c Beale
Morse H B. stoves, 47 Front
Morse Amos G. measurer of vessels, C H
Morse Joseph, drayman, 26 First
Morse P A. attorney, 90 Merchant
Morse W. blacksmith, 89 Pine
Morse Wm. bds Tehama
Morse & Killgore, stoves, 49 Front
Morton Joshua B. carpenter, 261 Powell
Morton Joshua, com mer, 68 California
Morton Josephus, com mer, 68 Cala
Morton Robt. boarding, 133 Front
Morton Wm. baker, 356 Powell
Morton J & J B. com mer, 68 Cala
Moss jr S. importer, 134 Clay
Moses A J. grocer, 205 Clay
Moses B F. China goods, 97 Sansome
Moses J H. broker, 75 Kearny
Moses Normon, policeman, 144 Dupont
Moses S M. importer, 122 California
Moses Wm. E. lodging, 142 Clay
Moshier Wm. hotel, 47 Pacific
Moss D H F. sargt police, 244 Dupont
Moss Saml jr. merchant, 184 Clay
Motard Hippolite, 341 Stockton
Mott Valentine jr. physician, Plaza
Moulder A J. editor, 120 Montgomery
Moulton Daniel, iron, 48 Sansome
Moulton B F. broker, 151 Washington
Moulton Jonathan, block maker, 16 Sac
Moulton L B. carpenter, 77 Jackson
Moulton M F. jeweler, 160 Washington
Moulton & co. brokers, 151 Washington
Moulton & smith, iron, 48 Sansoem
Moulton & Merritt, carpenters, 77 Jack
Mount C E. attorney, 163 Clay
Mount T L. grocer, 64 Battery
Moutin J. books, 141 Sacramento
Moveau A. agent, 210 Washington
Mowbray M. bds Tehama
Mowry Albert, machinist, 31 Pike
Mowry John, laborer, 95 Pine
Mowry Jos. contractor, 95 Pine
Mowry Hotel, Commercial wharf
Moylan Thos. market, 43 Broadway
Moylan Wm. market, 48 Broadway
Mudd J H Clay, office, 127 Montgomery
Mudge B W. attorney, 138 Clay
Mudge T A. Dep Nav Offi, Cus House
Muir Alex. carpenter, Wash n Powell
Muir Wm. wood yard, 312 Stockton
Muir Wm W. grocer, Val cor Powell
Muir & Doucet, wood yard, 312 Stock
Muirhead John, insp cus, barge office
Muller Jacob, baker, 182 Clay
Mullin E. boots, 237 Dupont
Mullin Jas. laborer, 315 Stockton
Mulloy J. boarding, 8 Broadway
Mulvihill M. boarding, 83 Sansome
Mun Chris, baker, 89 Kearny
Munie Alex. acter, Adelphi Theatre
Munie J jr. actor, Adelphi Theatre
Munie Mad J. actress, Adelphi Theatre
Muntrey Wm. hotel, 87 Webb
Munro Robt. liquors, 123 Jackson
Munro & Freekman, liquors, 123 Jack
Murlock G L. hotel, 86 Sansome
Murlock H M. builder, 82 Webb
Murphy Danl, shoes, 119 Montgomery
Murphy D T. dry goods, 95 Sansome
Murphy Daniel, pilot, 18 Sacramento
Murphy Jacob, carpenter, Beale n Fols
Murphy J K. hotel, 112 Montgomery
Murphy John, laborer, 234 Washington
Murphy Levi, bds Franklin hotel
Murphy Thos. poulterer, 224 Stockton
Murphy Thos. blacksmith, 53 First
Murr Chas. baker, 89 Kearny
Murray Mad. A. 120 Bush
Murray Geo. machinist, 380 Stockton
Murray Ed. com mer, 108 Front
Murray G. baker, 372 Stockton
Murray Henry, washing, Wash n Powell
Murray H C. ch justice sup court
Murray H H. merchant, 64 Sansome
Murray H R. merchant, 112 battery
Murray J. shipping office, 32 Coml
Murray John, Rincon point
Murray Jas. porter, 197 Washington
Murray John S. clothing, 167 Sansome
Murray Wm. bookkeeper, 106 Mont
Murray Jas. laborer, 45 Pike
Murray J. teamster, 55 Broadway
Murray Wm. Chilian Consul, 106 Mont
Murray & Foster, merchants, 112 Bat
Muser A. coffee house, 105 Montgomery
Musson Eugene, attorney, 127 Mont
Myer H. Adams' express, 99 Mont
Myer H. dry goods, 183 Clay
Myer Isaac, dry goods, 177 Clay
Myer J. dry goods, 183 Clay
Myer Lewis, dry goods, 177 Clay
Myer M. butcher, 183 Pacific
Myer Wm. com mer, 60 California
Myer & co, dry goods, 183 Clay
Myer & co Wm. com mer, 60 Cala
Myer J & L. dry goods, 177 Clay


                      Nachman A. cigars, 53 Pacific
Nagle J. shipping office, 153 Front
Nagle Richard, laborer, 52 Minna
Nanus Isaac, 112 Montgomery
Napoleon Mad. dressmaker, 132 Dupont
Nason B. laborer, 99 Kearny
Nason Benj. bookkeeper, 65 Jackson
Nason E. H. drayman, 41 Montgomery
Nason J D. produce, 11 Sacramento
Nathan L. jeweler, 140 Montgomery
Nathan J. carpenter, 170 Washington
Nathan Saml, pilot, Cunningham's wharf
Nathan & co, jewelers, 140 Montgomery
Neal W W. pilot, 16 Sacramento
Neall Jas. lumber, 31 First
Neall Wm. laborer, 73 Kearny
Neall & Smiley, lumber, 31 First
Neefus F. shipping merchant, Jack wharf
Neefus M S. coppersmith, 116 Front
Neefus & Tichener, commis mer, and dry dock company, Jackson wharf
Neeley John, seaman, 3 Commercial
Negbaur J. stationery, 125 Sacramento
Negbaur & co, stationery, 125 Sac
Negus S W. clk jus court, 172 Pacific
Neitsch Wm. porter, 203 Montgomery
Neilson Jas. brickmakar, 316 Dupont
Neilsen Hans, imp and com mer, 48 Front
Nelson David, stove mounter, 208 Mont
Nelson Jas. clerk Griffin's Bonded W H
Nelson Thos. carpenter, 68 Kearny
Nelson Wm. millwright, 269 Jackson
Nelson W H. carpenter, 79 Montgomery
Nemeth Andreas, tailor, 226 Dupont
Neppert D. furniture, 212 Washington
Neppert & Correll, furniture' 212 Wash
Neroe Julian, porter, 205 Montgomery
Nesbet John, 109 Pacific
Nesbit Benj R. teller, Page, Bacon & co
Nessle C. Ellen n Union
New Danl. butcher, Washington n Stock
Neuhaus D H. liquor, 70 Battery
Neuhaus & Aders, liquors, 70 Battery
Neustadt Saml I. jewelry, 27 Sac
Neustadt & Barnett, jewelry, 27 Sac
Neustadter L W. com mer, 113 Sac
Newstadter N. clothing, 132 California
Neustadter & co, clothing, 132 Cala
Nevill Jas H. carpenter, Market street
Nevius & co, R W. liquors, 33 Pacific
Nevins T J. supt com schools, 229 Clay
New Bedford Oil works, 96 Jackson
Newbour J. imp cigars, 118 Jackson
Newbough P. drayman, 51 Broadway
Newcomb G H. 73 Montgomery
Newell James, laborer, 315 Stockton
Newell L W. Adams' express, 99 Mont
Newell Wm. printer, 118 Commercial
Newell W L. printer, 210 Washington
Newhall H M. auct, 108 Sans, h 78 Bush
Newhall O. lighterman, 36 First
Newhall & co, auct, 108 Sansome
Newhouse H. importer, 132 California
Newland R E. 89 Washington
Newman J. clothing, 69 Pacific
Newman Chas. barber, 98 Pacific
Newman Jacob, cigars, 74 Pacific
Newman Nathl, clothier, 47 Pacific
Newman & Price, clothiers, 47 Pacific
Newsham John, blacksmith, Fol cor Beale
Newton Ed. laborer, 27 Battery
Newton Jas. porter, 199 Commercial
Newton J. broker, 161 Front
Newton J R. com mer, 97 California
Newton & co J R. com mer, 97 Cala
N Y and S F S S Line, office 132 Clay
Niantic hotel, Clay cor Sansome
Nias G. printer, 118 Commercial
Nichols A C. merchant, 98 Bat h 248 Pow
Nichols E. 289 Dupont
Nichols E B. public house, 90 Pacific
Nichols Horace C. tobacconist, 98 Battery
Nichols H. painter, 91 Kearny
Nichols P. bricklayer, 268 Pacific
Nichols W D. clerk, Law's wharf
Nichols, Parker & co, importers and jobbers, 96-98 Battery
Nicholson John, grocer, 361 363 Stockton
Nicholson J Y. shipping office, 153 Front
Nickerson Elias, machinist, 79 Mont
Nickerson J B. butcher, 24 Commercial
Nickerson M. saloon, 83 Battery
Nickerson & Lovett, saloon, Coml c Bat
Nicol P. liquors, 48 Clay
Nielson H. merchant, 48 Front
Nightingale Jos. hotel 12 First
Niles Eben, saloon, 148 Mont
Nims Jas. waiter, 156 Montgomery
Nisbet John, 109 Pacific
Noah John, laborer, Law's wharf
Noble David, sign painter, 238 Clay
Nobles A W. porter, 55 Broadway
Noble Alex. 230 Clay
Noell Alex. drayman, Broadway n Bat
Nollenberger E. clerk, 7 Battery
Notting H W. Globe Hotel, 243 & 245 Dupont
Nolting J C A. segars, 157 Kearny
Nolting & Precht, segars, 157 Kearny
Noolkum, Chinese laundry, 162 Wash
Noonan R. storage, Law's wharf
Norcross D. military tring store, 148 Sac
Norcross Wm. agent, 43 Pike
Norcross W F. watchmaker, 175 Clay
Normancy J. bds 107 Kearny
Norris B. laborer, Sidney Valley
Norris David printer, 210 Washington
Norris Geo T. Mercantile Hotel, Front
Norris T. stone cutter, 178 Dupont
North Geo. artist, 53 Broadway
North Hampton, asst captain police, 244 Dupont
North W H. 112 Montgomery
Northrop D B. attorney, 90 Merchant
Norton Chas. lighterman, ?
Norton D W. public house, 20 Coml
Norton E. lawyer, 159 Clay
Norton E F. laborer, Fremont n Harrison
Norton G M. laborer, Fremont n Harrison
Norton Henry, lighterman, 36 First
Norton Ira, blacksmith, 49 Kearny
Norton J. Rassette House
Norton Josh, Segars, 113 Jackson
Norton J C. drayman, 51 Broadway
Norton R W. boarding, 214 Kearny
Norton & co. Joshua, merchant, 95 Jack
Norton & co. imp cigars, 113 Jackson
Nouzillet A. jeweler, 58 Kearny
Nouzillet & co. jewelers, 58 Kearny
Nowell A. printer, 131 Kearny
Noyes G F. lawyer, 159 Clay
Noyes G S. ins cus, Barge Office
Noyes R G Adams' Express, 99 Mont
Noyes W H. printer, 210 Washington
Noyes & Barber, attorneys, 159 Clay
Nudd Jas. 63 Kearny
Nugent H O. blacksmith, 129 Clay
Nugent John, Ed. Herald, 130 Mont, bds Tehama House
Numan M. grocer, 315 Stockton
Nunan timothy, carpenter, 224 Powell
Nussbaughm, tailor, 61 Montgomery
Nuton Chas horse shoer, 103 Kearny
Nuttall robt R. Dr. 107 Montgomery
Nye George, carriage maker, 91 Kearny
Nye S T. clerk, 55 Front
Nye Gorham H. 52 Montgomery


                      Oakley Byley, liquor mcht, 104 Sans
Oakley jr Benj. liquors, 172 Commercial
Oakley G B. laborer, 43 Sansome
Oakley L F. liquors, 159 Front
Oakley O B. silver plater, 127 Kearny
Oakley & co. liquors, Kearny c Clay
Oakley & co. L F. liquors, 157 Front
Oakley & Davis, liquors, 172 Coml
Oakley & Kohler, silver pltrs, 127 Kearn
Oates H N. prompter, Am Theatre, h 34 Liedsdorff
Oates John L. seaman, 53 Montgomery
Ober Benj. peysician, 239 Sacramento
Obener John liquors, 73 Commercial
O'Brien A F. laborer, Commercial whf
O'Brien Daniel, teamster, Dupt n Filbert
O'Brien Ed. drayman, 80 Pine
O'Brien Jas. tailor, 90 Montgomery
O'Brien Jas. blacksmith, 120 Pacific
O'Brien John, iron works, 92 Clay
O'Brien Michael, laborer, 51 Mont
O'Brien Peter, moulder, Folsom c Beale
O'Brien P M. drugs, 270 Dupont
O'Brien Wm S. ship chandler, 13 Sac
Oberend J A S. prtntr, 152 Clay
Obenare Geo. tailor, 195 Clay
Obenauer John, restaurant, 73 Pacific
O'Connell Peter, liquors, 61 Liedsdorff
O'Connell & Haley, restaurant, 22 Cala
O'Conner Thos. attorney, 159 Kearny
O'Connor Edward, tailor, 204 Stockton
O'Connor M T. attorney, 159 Kearny
O'Connor John F. iron & steel, 143 Sans
O'Connor Peter, liquors, 61 Liedsdorff
O'Connor Thos H. clerk, 143 Sansome
O'Connor Wm. wine merchnt, 278 Dupt
Odell Jas A. coffee house, 177 Front
Odell Samuel, shoemaker, 148 Mont
Odell & Hooper. coffee house, 177 Front
Odimau M. bds Tehama House
O'Donnell H. proprietor, 326 Dupont
O'Donnell Wm. laborer, 31 Sansome
O'Flin Michael, drayman, 19 Sansome
O'Flyn M. laborer, 107 Kearny
Ogden R L. com mer, 66 Jackson
Ogden Thos. jeweler, 41 Montgomery
Ogden & Haynes, com mer, 66 Jackson
O'Kane, blacksmith, Commercial wharf
Olarte Ignacio, merchant, 253 Powell
Oldrey Samuel, painter, 91 Kearny
Oldridge P. blacksmith, 87 Pine
Olds H G. carman, 161 Front
Olds Wm B. clk Supreme Court, C Hall
Oldstein Henry, blacksmith, 129 Clay
Oliver B. laborer, 107 Kearny
Oliver D J. painter, 122 Sac, h 178 Bush
Oliver Samuel J. carpenter, 79 Mont
Oliver Mercedes, saloon, 209 Dupont
Olmstead J D. produce, 112 Front
Olmstead & Pattison, prodnce, 112 Front
O'Meallie J H. laborer, Mont n Vallejo
O'Meara robt, hotel, Clark's point
O'Meara J. printer, "Herald" h 152 Pac
Onderdonk Geo. carriage maker, 39 Webb
On Chong, laundry, 172 Sacramento
O'Niel H. boarding, Bat n Broadway
O'Niel Michael, tinsmith, 69 Kearny
O'Niel Matthew, tinman, 73 Mont
Opaso Andre, saloon, 198 Pacific
Opposition Pilots' Gffice, 16 Sacramento
Oriental hotel, cor Bush and Battery
Orevo Jas. waiter, 205 Montgomery
Orleans hotel, 179 Pacific
Orlup Azor, Union n Stockton
Orman J K. cooper, 49 Battery
Orman P. machinist, Commercial wharf
Ormsby Caleb N. insp cus, barge office
O'Rourke B. Orleans house, 196 Pacific
O'Rourke J. lodgings, 82 Pacific
Osborn E J. trader, Harrison n Beale
Osborn Henry, teamster, 51 Broadway
Osborn J W. merchant, 102 Battery
Osborn Thos. clerk, 115 Kearny
Osborne Anthony, barkeeper, 172 Clay
Osborne O C. com mer, 148 Sansome
Osborne O C jr. com mer, 148 Sansome
Ostrander S. 4 commercial
O'Sullivan Michael, tinsmith, 59 Leids
Osgood J F. merchant, 64 California
Osgood J K. com mer, 64 Sansome
Otis Stephen, flour, 66 Sacramento
Otis & Farnum, 66 Sacramento
Ottenburg F. 61 Montgomery
Oughten Wm E. printer, 118 Coml
Ould J P. bds Tehama
Overon John, printer, 152 Clay
Oversmith Saml. laborer, 31 Sansome
Overton Geo. ostler, 99 Kearny
Owens Ellinor, 117 Dupont
Owens P A. ship chandler, 25 Sac
Owens thos. laborer, Sydney Valley
Owens Wm. caulker, 36 First
Owens Wm. 83 Kearny
Owens W E. cigars, 230 Dupont
Owens & co P A. ship chandlery, 25 Sac
Owner Henry, ship chandler, 27 Sac

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