San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company, (E. Knight, agent,) Sacramento c Leidesdorff
Paddy, M. restaurant, 122 Kearny
Padija, Iruvia, saloo, 228 Pacific
Page, Bacon & Co. bankers, 149 Montgomery
Page, N.J. (Soule & P) Battery c Bush
Paige & Webster, merchants, 50 and 52 Sansome
Palmer, Norris W. (Varney & Co,) 102 Commercial
Palmer, R. 226 Washington
Pandar & Co. clothing, 71 Commercial
Pangborn, Jas.L. 87 Washington
Parekhousen, Julius, cigar store, 256 Dupont
Parker, Saml. H. (Sanders, Cary & P.) atty, Merchant c Mont
Parker, W.C. (Stevensen & Co.) 169½ Clay
Parker, G.F. (Nichols, P & Co.) h Powell, b Clay and Wash
Parker, Geo. A. (Langerman & Co.) importer cigars and tobacco, 182 Kearny
Parker, E.H. com mer, 59 Front
Parmole, Mrs. millinery, 155 Sacramento
Parsons & Cook, attys, 135 Montgomery
Parsons, Chas. com mer, 59 Front
Parkinson, R. market, Bdway c Ohio
Pascal, Emil, clerk, 151 California
Patch & Wickersham, fruit dealers, 107 Sansome
Patch, W.Y. 107 Sansome
Patchin, G. Tehama house
Patchin, L.W. produce merchant, 70 Jackson
Patrick, Jas. importer of butter, 148 Battery
Patrick, John Y. 41 Battery
Patten, Wm. r 159 Sacramento
Pattep, (Barry & P.) saloon, 116 Montgomery
Paxson, Richard, (Bryant & Co.,) c California and Battery
Payson, H.R., merchant, Broadway, b Montgomery and Kearny
Payot, Maan, Washington Coffee House, 163 Commercial
Payne, Horace J. (Burdell & P.) dentist, 205½ Clay
Payne, Theodore, & Co., real estate auctioneers, 96 Montgomery, c California
Payne, Theodore, boards Oriental Hotel
Payne, Captain John, Mountaineer saloon, c Kearny and Com.
Peachy, A.C., attorney, (Halleck, Peachy, & Billings,) c Montgomery and Washington
Peale, Henry, carpenter, 37 Pacific
Pearce, G.W. salesman, 47 and 49 California
Pearly, Dean, blacksmith, Webb, b Sacramento and California
Pease, E.T. deputy flour inspector, 61 Sacramento
Peck, J.M. (McDonald & P.) 242 Pacific
Peck, John A. merchant, 107 California
Peck, Josias L. blacksmith, 13 Commercial
Peekham & Davis, shipping office, c Pacific and Davis
Peebels, (Campbel & Co.,) produce merchant, 74 Jackson
Pelham, W.J., barkeeper, c Pacific and Montgomery
Pettrel, P.G. (Fitch & Co.,) 72 Battery
Perchard, Margaret, dress maker, 212 Dupont
Perien, Mrs. E. saloon, 77 Montgomery
Perkins, Mrs. (White & P.) millinery and dress making, 146 Sac
Perkins, G.A. clerk, 89 Pacific
Perry, John, (Hyde & P.) Pacific Temperance House, 89 Pacific
Perry, Hoseph A., house carpenter, boards Arcade House, 158 California
Perry, Philo H, assayer's office, 144 Commercial
Pertersen, Geo. & Co., commission merchants, 97 Jackson
Pessenger, John, blacksmith, 164 California
Pflugk, H. cigars and tobacco, 212 Kearny
Phelan, J. & M. importers wines and liquors, 104 Jackson
Phelix, Mrs. 170 California
Phelps, T.G. (J. Dows & Co ) 83 California
Phelps, Abner, attorney, off. Merchant b Kearny and Montgomery
Phillips & Wiley, auctioneers, 81½ Commercial
Phillips, L. auctioneer, 81½ Commercial
Phillip & Brown, bar, 52½ Commercial
Phillips, A.P. (at Bryant & Co.'s,) c Battery and California
Phillips, L.L., office 101 Sacramento
Pickering, L. editor Placer Times and Transcript, 152 Clay
Pickett & Mount, grocers, 125 Jackson
Pidwell, (Green & Pidwell,) furniture store, 158 Sacramento
Pierce, Wm. tin smith, 88 Clay
Pierce, George, (Ellis & Pierce,) Battery
Pierce, John B. (Fay, Pierce & Willis,) 85 California
Pierce, William, baker, 132 Jackson
Pierson, Mrs. C. national and fancy flag maker, Kearny st. above Broadway
Pierson, Henry, clerk, 113 Commercial
Pierson, James, clerk Recorder's court, City Hall
Pilot Commissioners' Office, 27 Sacramento
Pillsbury, Ravel & Sim, commission merchants, 124 Front
Pinckney, R. & Co., lumber mer's, Br'dway b Stockton and Dupont
Pine & King, lumber dealers, 18 California
Pinkham, Charles, Daguerreian artist, 204 Clay
Pinkham, Gee & Co. (Daily Evening Journal,) 160 Montgomery
Pinkham, B.F. printer, Daily Evening Journal, 160 Montgomery
Piper, Jerome, provision merchant, c First and Culler
Platt, G.K. attorney, 158.½ Clay
Platchek, Elias, clothing store, 49 Commercial
Plumb, E.L. lumber merchant, 61 California
Plum, George H. paint store, 68 Front
Poehluam, J. & Co. family wines, 155½ Sacramento
Podd, Jesse, laborer, Clark's Point
Polhemus, Charles B. (Alsop & Co.) 113 California
Polly, J. tailor, 198 Kearny
Pollock, Edward, painter, 156 Clay
Pollock, David H. boot and shoe store, 174 Clay
Pollock, (Tussing & Co.) 154 Washington
Pomeroy, J.T., City Hotel, 37 Pacific
Pommares, J.M. & Co., merchant, 177 Sansome
Ponten & Co. chemists and druggists, 121 California
Ponten, Wm.E. surgeon and physician, 121 California
Pool, Lawrence J. (Klanckee, Mel & Co.) 124½ California
Pool, H. mechanic, Pacific foundry, First
Poppe Bros. import, cigars and tobacco, 56 Commercial c Battery
Porter, D.C., M.D., Pacific c Battery
Porter, Mrs. D.C. Mansion house, Pacific c Battery
Porter, Edmund, saloon, 92 Pacific
Porter, John L. (Smith & P) coffee house, 93 Sansome
Porter, Henry, Bay hotel, Conningham's wharf
Post, Sanford G. Mansion house, 78 Pacific
Post, Danl. R. com mer, 81 California
Post, G.B. & Co. com mer, 51 California
Post, J.A. (G.B. Post & Co.) 51 California
Posten, Chas. D. r Washington c Stockton
Potter, Geo. C. Oriental Hotel, c Bush and Battery
Potter & Lawton, livery stable, 115 Kearny
Power, Charles, gun smith, 212½ Washington
Pratt, S.M. jeweller, 119 Montgomery
Pratt, William, White Hall saloon, 28 and 30 Sacramento
Prag C, stoves and tinware, 114 Battery
Prescott, Commercial
Preston, T. butcher, 5 Commercial
Price, Rodman M. real estate, 186 Dupont
Price, Samuel & Co., 170 Kearny
Price, W.G. book keeper, 46 Commercial
Proskey, D. paper hangings and furniture, 126 Clay
Provost, John W. (Kellog & P.) 25 Commercial
Precht, Charles, M.D., 223 Dupont
Promis, George, clothing, 249 Dupont
Proll, H. saddle and harness, 114 Kearny
Puiner, B. & J. clothing store, 64 Pacific
Punches, John J. (Mills & P.) 67 California
Purdee, R.H., watchmaker, 199 Clay
Putnam, J.P. merchant, 73 California


                     Qoll, Domingo, Rose Hotel, Broadway b Stockton and Powell
Qubourdieu, Bernard, restaurant, 63 Kearny
Quereau & Johnson, merchants, 77 Clay
Quillen, Andrew M. carpenter, 234 Kearny
Quimby, Z.M., 245 Sacramento
Quinn, Matthew, liquor store, 97 Pacific
Quirot & Co., lithographers, 136 Clay


                      Rabe W. lawyer & commisnr, 163 Clay
Racine Madam, actress, 331 Stockton
Racoulat Garrie, grocer, 195 Kearny
Radonich Thos. bar, 144 Kearny
Raffee D. carriage Maker, 42 Sansome
Rapp Henri, cigars, 252 Dupont
Ragan John, Oriental Hotel, 179 Kearny
Ragen John, grocer, 33 Montgomery
Ragsdale F. Bella Union
Ragsdale P O. Bella Union
Raimond D E. 77 Davis
Rambach Y Y. importer, 139 Sac
Ramez Fred'k, mercht, Jones c Grnwich
Ramden R. washing, 277 Stockton
Ramiley Andres, liquors, 169 Jackson
Rammelsberg A. furniture, 190 Wash
Ramon Alminate, restaurant, 214 Jack
Ramsdell A G. coal, Jackson st wharf
Ramsdell & Tharp, coal, Jackson st whf
Randall Arthur F. baker, 169 Sansome
Randall A G. broker, 154 Montgomery
Randall A R. agent water works, 90 Pine
Randall Andrew F. baker, 169 Sansome
Randall Chas. paper-hanger, 45 Pike
Randall Chas. upholsterer, 223 Wash
Randall H C. teamster, 36 First
Randall Jacob, boatman, Coml wharf
Randall James, trader, 119 Commercial
Randall Samuel, 41 Davis
Randolph B H. imp wines, 97 Cala
Randolph C. machinist, Commercial whf
Randolph Edmund, attorney at law, 137 Montgomery
Randolph John, (col'd) blksmth, 140 Pine
Randolph John, trader, 45 Pike
Randolph & Lipman, imp wines, 97 Cala
Rankin Ira P. merchant, 81 Front
Rankin Robt. lawyer, 90 Merchant
Rankin & co. com mer, 81 Front
Ranlett W H. lumber, 17 Battery
Rannay E. blacksmith, Coml wharf
Ranson Peter, clerk, 157 Kearny
Raphael, restaurant, 56-58 Coml
Raritan House, Broadway
Rassette Jas. hotel, 19, 21 Sansome
Rathbone A H. collector, 16? Mont
Ravel J S. com mer, 124 Front
Raverly Chas. laborer, 161 Front
Ravesies F P. com mer, 129 Sansome
Rawell J. physician, 139 Kearny
Rawle E W. clerk, 111 Commercial
Ray Isaac, public house, 119 Pine
Ray Jas H. merchant, 11 Sansome
Ray Jacob, butcher, Pacific Market
Ray Vincent, waiter, 85 Sansome
Raye W R. clerk, 142 Clay
Rayner W B. drayman, 119 Bush
Raymond I W. agt str N. O. 51 Davis
Razonse Anna Maria, 341 Stockton
Read Geo James, clerk, 111 Coml
Read Henry, clerk, 11 Commercial
Read W B. livery stable, 73 Kearny
Reay Joseph, plumber & tinman, 136 Clay
Reay & Johnston, plumrs & tinmen, 136 Clay
Rebard A. hatter, 143 Sacramento
Rebard C. hatter, 143 Sacramento
Rebard Bros. hatters, 143 Sacramento
Recorder's Court & office, 244 Dupont
Reddington Alfred, 246 Powell
Reddington J H. drugs, 125 Sansome
Redman W T. constable 3d townsip, 29 Liedsdorff, h Jesse n Third
Redmond John, agent, Clay n Powell
Redmond J B. merchant, 127 Cala
Redmond & co. merchants, 127 Cala
Rednagne F B. steward str Am Eagle
Reed A H. fruit store, 91 Commercial
Reed B F. waterman, Market n First
Reed Geo, machinist, 100 Pine
Reed Henry R. com mer, 92 Front
Reed J M. com mer, 69 Jackson
Reed John, painter, 182 Washington
Reed John, water saloon, 130 Coml
Reed John H. public house, 248 Stock
Reed Lewis, oyster saloon, 120 Coml
Reed M. drayman, 66 Kearny
Reed M G. coffee saloon, 202 Wash
Reed R. com mer, 69 Jackson
Reed S G. com mer, 186 Front
Reed Thos J. printer, 210 Washington
Reed V R. coffee saloon, 209 Wash
Reed Wm. carpenter, 58 Halleck
Reed Wm C. merchant, 129 Jackson
Reed & Benjamin, machinist, 100 Pine
Reed & co. com mer, 92 Front
Reese A B.Mrs. boarding, 176 Dupont
Reese Henry, seaman, Cunnigham's whf
Reese Michael, broker, 137 California
Reese J M. (col'd) 132 Commercial
Reeve Geo B. merchant 127 Sansome
Reeve G F. jewelry, 155 Montgomery
Reeve W B. grocer, 136 Kearny
Reeve & co. grocers, 136 Kearny
Regensburger Mrs H. milliner, 201 Wash
Regensburger J. physician, 201 Wash
Rego Mrs. milliner, 175 Washington
Reid Thos P. 118 Montgomery
Reid W E. clerk, 176 Montgomery
Reiley J. striker, Market n First
Reiley T. 2d officer str Ohio
Reincke H. importer, 122 California
Reinche G. clerk, 143 Clay
Reiner Hyppolite, tailor, 261 Dupont
Remmell Jacob, bar, 95 Sansome
Remmell J. bar, 121 Clay
Remas J. clothier, 14 Commercial
Renau Jules, restaurant, 84 Pacific
Renault Chas. restaurant, 137 Kearny
Renault & Benjamin, res't, 137 Kearny
Rene B. vegetable stalls 30 N W Market
Rene E. 149 Washington
Renich Jas. blacksmith, 129 Clay
Rennet F C. Rassette House
Rens Josephine, 64 Kearny
Repose The, saloon, 177 Pacific
Ressigue Saval, produce, 135 Clay
Rett & co. C. boarding, 319 Dupont
Revalk A. watchmaker, 159 Wash
Revalk & Luedke, watchmakers and jewelry, 159 Washington
Reynegom J L V. merchant, 317 Stock
Reynolds E R. trader, 313 Dupont
Reynolds G W. bds 229 Clay
Reynolds Lewis, com mer, 56 Front
Reynolds Nicholas, produce, 86 Coml
Reynolds O A. com mer, 201 Sansome
Reynolds Thos. grocer, 194 Kearny
Reynolds Thos. grocer, 142 Washington
Reynolds Wm. com mer, 56 Front
Reynolds & co. com mer, 56 Front
Reynolds, Howell & co. grocers, 194 Kearny
Rhodes W H. attorney, 98 Merchant
Rice B A. drayman, 124 Bush
Rice Chas A. grocer, 34 First
Rice G S. book-keeper, Custem House
Rice Hannibal, barber, 140 Mont
Rice jr H. agent, 140 Montgomery
Rice jr James, lawyer, 89 Merchant
Rice Jerome, auctioneer, 116 Sansome
Rice Richard, machinist, 91 Kearny
Rice Richard, stone cutter, Bat n Green
Rice Wm P. 126 Sansome
Rich Isaac, clerk, 71 Commercial
Rich Joseph, clothier, 22 Commercial
Rich J J. laborer, 76 Pacific
Rich S. clothier, 107 Commercial
Rich W C. laborer, 76 Pacific
Rich W W. (col'd) laundry, 140 Pine
Richard Ed. broker, 85 California
Richards J R. clerk, 98 Battery
Richards J W. merchant, 229 Clay
Richards Madam, dressmkr, 212 Dupt
Richards Wm H. clerk, 139 Mont
Richardson A G. Adams' Express Office, 99 Montgomery
Richardson H. Rassette House
Richardson Henry, attorney 135 Mont
Richardson Henry, 252 Powell
Richardson John, trader, 188 Stockton
Richardson Mathew, vegetabls, 110 Coml
Richardson T H. carriagemkr, 39 Webb
Richardson W. (col'd) carman, 262 Clay
Richardson & Barr, vegetables, 110 Coml
Richardson & Standart, Eastern exchange, 2 Commercial
Richmond Chas B. machinist, B'dway whf
Richmond Geo. stone cutter, 57 Coml
Richmond Gilbert. ship master, 334 Pow
Richmond W C. laborer, 71 Battery
Richter G F. 142 Commercial
Richter Dr. M. 102 Pine
Riddle J L. auct and com, 50-52 Sans
Riddle & co. auct and com, 50-52 Sans
Rideout Chas. police officer, 244 Dupont
Rider John, 101 Sacramento
Rider Wm. laborer, Clark's point
Rider Wilson, soda manufactr, 384 Stock
Ridgeway Geo G. clerk, 132 California
Ridgeway W P. Niantic hotel, 124 Clay
Rigg Ed A. insp cus, barge office
Riley Miss E. milliner, 224 California
Riley Geo. moulder, Forsome cor Beale
Riley Michael, painter, 346 Stockton
Ring M W. tailor, 51 Broadway
Ringer Frederick, cigar cealer, 199 Dupt
Rinneberg Herman, tinsmith, 187 Coml
Riofrey H. druggist, 221 Clay
Riofrey & Guichard, druggists, 221 Clay
Ripley Noah, paints and oils, 96 Cala
Rippon Wm. Lafayette house, 51 Coml
Rising D B. auctioneer and exchange broker, 65 Battery
Rising, Casselli & co. auct and exchange brokers, 65 Battery
Ritchie A A. merchant, 64 California
Ritchie Jas. barber, 26 First
Ritchie Osgood & co. merchants, 64 Cala
Ritter L E. merchant, 170 Dupont
Ritter & co. merchants, 170 Dupont
Rivarol Frederick, restaurant, 196 Jack
Roach F M. carpenter, 88 Jackson
Roach Tobias, Franklin hotel
Robbins B T. carpenter, 27 Bush
robbins Chas. Franklin hotel
Robbins Thos. laborer, 115 Kearny
Robbins W W. cigars, 72 Pacific
Roberts Jas B. boots and soes, 65 Pac
Roberts John, imp liquors, 68 Sacramento
Roberts J L. Tehama hotel
Roberts J F. boarding, 31 Sansome
Roberts M. laborer, 53 Broadway
Roberts Wm R. com mer, 61 Pacific
Roberts Wm. porter, 23 Battery
Roberts Wm. Rassette house
Roberts & co, boots and shoes, 65 Pac
Robinett Eugene, restaurant, 85 Kear
Robinett J. engineer, 125 California
Robertson Alex. grocer, 187 Pacific
Robertson J H. coal yard, Clay b Front
Robertson R L. coal yard, Clay b Front
Robertson Robt, 62 Sansome
Robertson W D. watchman, Custom Ho
Robertson Wm. boarding, 46 Sacramento
Robertson & co. grocer, 187 Pacific
Robinsin N W. Adams' express
Robinson A. livery stable, 38 Webb
Robinson C L. livery stable, 153 Sac
Robinson D M. bar, 103 Sansome
Robinson Ellen (colrd) Beale n Folsome
Robinson Jas. painter, 151 Clay
Robinson Jas H. stone cutter and quarry man, Rincon point
Robinson J R. banker, 141 Montgomery
Robinson L. carpenter, 196 Kearny
Robinson Robt, clerk, 361 Stockton
Robinson W T. carpenter, 51 Coml
Robison D N. fruit store, 94 Coml
Robison W D. fruit store, 94 Coml
Roby Wm. plumber, 80 Pine
Roche Hermier, printer, 200 Dupont
Roche Thos. boarding, 6 Ohio
Rockwell Chas H. U S Assistant appraiser 100 California
Rodgers Geo. public house, 98 Pacific
Rodgers M. waiter, 85 Sansome
Rodrigues Rosa, druggist, 193 Dupont
Roebin Geo. lodging, 50 Commercial
Roeck P. laborer, 47 Broadway
Rogers A B. carpenter, 183 Coml
Rogers H P. butter store, 158 Clay, h 28 Buena Vista
Rogers Jacob, clerk 203 Washington
Rogers J J. Rassette House
Rogers Mrs. M E. dressmaker, 208 Clay
Rogers Robt. importer, 118 Clay
Rogers Wm. pilot, Cunningham's wharf
Rogers & Fullerton, merchants, Front cor Jackson
Roggenberger M. importer, 27 Sacramento
Roggenberger & co. importers dry goods and clothing, 127 Sacramento
Rohtbat E. cigars, 110 Montgomery
Rolaff Henry, laborer, 145 Commercial
Rollings J A. clerk, 131 Montgomery
Rollins A. auctioneer, 60 California
Rollins M. stone cutter, Bat n Greene
Rollinson J B. merchant, 90 California
Rollinson Rev. Wm. pastor Second Baptist Church, 42 Mellus
Romer Wm J. 27 Drum
Roonay Bernard, grocer, 233 Wash
Rooney E P. clerk, 24 sacramento
Rooney P H. com mer, 50 California
Rooney Thos. police officer, 244 Dupont
Root A. laborer, 115 Kearny
Root Jas. stove merchant, 150 Clay
Rosa Salvator, music store, 130 Clay
Rosa S. (colored, carman, 262 Jackson
Rose John, cooper, 12 Leidsdorff
Rose J R. lawyer, 137 Montgomery
Rose N D. Tehama hotel
Rosenbaum A. cigars, 54 Commercial
Rosenbaum Jas. clothing and dry goods, 132 California
Rosenbaum J S. fruit, 132 Montgomery
Rosenburg Jos. cigars, 147 Kearny
Rosenfeld Julius, merchant, 171 Wash
Rosenfeld & Meyer, imp cigars, 144 Wash
Rosenstock J. clothier, 45 Pacific
Rosenstock M. clothier, 45 Pacific
Rosenstock Saml. clothier, 45 Pacific
Rosenstock S W. clothing, 57 Pacific
Rosenstock & Bros. clothiers, 45 Pacific
Rosenswig B. clothier, 161 California
Rosenthal S. dry goods, 154 Kearny
Ross Mrs. boarding, 206 Washington
Ross B. painter, 49 Broadway
Ross Chas L. com mer, 146 Clay, house 303 Clay
Ross Daniel L. com mer, 113 Battery, h 369 Stockton
Ross Jas. liquor store, 175 Sansome
Ross Richard, Bella Union, 193 Wash
Ross W. painter, 49 Clay
Ross W G. painter, 182 Wahsington
Ross & co, D L. com mer, 113 Battery
Rossinbeck Morris, tailor, 115 Jackson
Rouch P. moulder, Market square
Rounds Saml H. wheelwright, 22 First
Rounds & Kent, wheelwrights, 22 First
Rousset P. imp cigars, 122 California
Rousset, Auger & co. imp cigars, 122 Cal
Routhier Isadore, jeweler, 58 Kearny
Roux Amie, 90 Clay
Rowe E S. clerk, 9 Commercial
Rowe O. teamster, Vallejo n Battery
Rowe Rufus, butcher, 9 Comercial
Rowell J. physician, 132 Kearny
Rowle E W. clerk, 111 Commercial
Rowland John seaman, Fremont n Beale
Ruddock Andrew, porter, Oriental hotel
Ruddock Jos H. insp customs, 178 Dupt
Ruddock Patrick, porter, Market square
Rudenburg J M. dry goods, 136 Sansome
Rudsdale M. 106 Front
Rueff Jules, bar, 138 Kearny
Ruggles J. merchant, 321 Stockton
Ruhling J C. merchant, 138 Jackson
Ruhling, Edlessen & co, merchs, 138 Jack
Rumean Dominique, flour dealer, 50 Kear
Rumrill C H. merchant, 68 Pacific
Rundell W N. custom house, 197 Wash
Rungan Abel S. assist apprais, 100 Cala
Runk Geo. drayman, 99 Sacramento
Runnell C. laborer, 76 Pacific
Russ A G. grocer, 71 Montgomery
Russ J H. Tehama hotel
Russ & co. grocery, 71 Montgomery
Russum T B. county recorder, 94 Mercht
Russell C. Adams' & co's express
Russell G T. printer, 118 Commercial
Russell Wm. cook, 132 Bush
Russell Thos. builder, 29 Pacific
Russell S. bricklayer, Vallejo n Battery
Ruterman J. tinner, 87 Washington
Ruth Thos. blacksmith, 277 Dupont
Rutte T. importer, 172 Montgomery
Rutte & Tissot, importers, 172 Mont
Rutledge Pascal, stove merchant, 156 Sans
Rutledge & co. stove merchants, 165 Sans
Ryan Edward, drayman, 50 Minna
Ryan Jas. painter, 351 Stockton
Ryan J. builder, 29 Minna
Ryan J D. produce, 82 Front
Ryan Jas T. lumber, 39 Battery
Ryan John, waiter, 85 Sansome
Ryan Michael, porter, 182 Montgomery
Ryan P. produce, 82 Front
Ryan P. porter, Vallejo n Battery
Ryan R F. attorney, 123 Montgomery
Ryan Richard, steward, Oriental hotel
Ryan & co. produce, 82 Front
Ryan, Duff & co. lumber, 89 Battery
Ryckman G W. flour inspcetor, 61 Sac
Ryder Jas M. imp hardware, 96 Battery

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