San Francisco
City Directory

Names Omitted in the General Directory

  Abbott & Dore, Sacramento wharf
Abernethy, Clarke & co, Sac wharf
Adler Lewis, import grocers, 69 Sac
Adler, Janssen & co. impt grocers, 69 Sacramento
Aitken & co. Charles C, com mer, 71 California
Aldrich E S. physician, Jones' Hotel
Allan George T, com mer, 130 & 132 Clay
Allan, McKinlay & Lowe, 130 &132 Clay
Alvarez F S. com mer, 125 Jackson
Annan, Talmage & co. com merchts, 88 California
Annis Wm, shipjoiner, Battery n Pacific
Annis, Craig & co, shipjoiners, Battery n Pacific
Archer Charles, carpenter, 26 First
Archer L. attoryeny, 135 Montgomery
Arrington & co. W. com mer, 68 Cala
Arrowsmith D B. com mer, 51 Clay
Atwill & co. Jos F. music and fancy goods, 172 Washington
Babcock Wm F. N Y & S F S S Line. 132 Clay
Bacon T H, com mer, Battery n Jack
Bacon J S, com mer, Battery n Jackson
Baker E D. attorney, 153 Montgomery
Baker Frank, upholsterer, 139 Mont
Barber Wm. attorney, 159 Clay
Barnett D. importer, 104 Montgomery
Bates Geo C. attorney, 91 Merchant
Bayley R P. crockery, 176 Montgomery
Beatty jr Samuel G. 142 Washington
Beckwith A C, restaurant, 66 Coml
Bell James, com mer, 116 Battery
Bell & McElwee, upholsterers, 202 Clay
Bendixon George, auc & com, 119 Sans
Benham Calhoun, U S Dist Atty, 89 Merchant
Benjamin John, express, 101 Mont
Bennett Robert H. com mer, 45 Sac
Berenhart, Jacoby & co, importers dry goods, 72 Montgomery
Berry Edward, liquors, 28 Sacramento
Berry E N. mdse broker, 64 Front
Biden Chas S. Comp's office, City Hall
Bingham J W. com mer, 181 Sansome
Bingham & Reynolds, com mer, 181 Sansome
Blackstone & co. N, flour mills, 44 Sac
Block Daniel, clerk, 173 Clay
Bonney George, clerk, 139 Montgomery
Booraem H T, attorney, 90 Merchant
Booraem & Hughes, attorneys, 90 Mircht
Botts C T, attorney, 139 Commercial, h 228 Stockton
Boume E W, express, 101 Montgomery
Bowers C E, express, 101 Montgomery
Bowman J Soule, attorney, 153 Mont
Bowman S M. attorney, 153 Montgomery, h Kearny c Greenwich
Boyd James T, attorney, 159 Clay
Boyle A A, com mer, 68 Sacramento
Brainard P H, express, 101 Montgomery
Brenheim Maurice, confectioner, 223 Sac
Brien John, drugs, Dupont n Pacific
Brierly Rev B, pastor 1st Bapt church, Jackson ab Powell
Bridsmade P A, St Francis Hotel
Broderick J S, express, 101 Mont
Bronsman C L. attorney, 135 Mont
Brooks George A, stoves, 87 Wash
Brooks R C, shipwright, Fremont, bet Market and Mission
Brown George, Mercantile Hotel
Brown J D physician, 176 Montgomery
Brown J G, vet'y surgeon, 138 Mont
Brown Samuel C, 114 Battery
Brown & Mason, physicians, 176 Mont
Bryan E H, stoves, 110 Sansome
Buckelew M S, grocer, 205 Clay
Buckelew & Sherman, grocers, 205 Clay
Burch Wm S, mason, Sutter ab Mont
Burgoyne C F, merchant, 127 California
Bushnell Wm H, civil engineer, 132 Cala
Cadue, Hunter & co, California wharf ? Drum
Cady D W. contractor, ?
Cahnon E B, restaurant, 66 Commercial
Caldwell jr John, ?
Cladwell & ?
Cardozo ? 185 Montgomery
Carman ?
Carman & Martin, physicians & druggists, 203 Washington
Castle Frederick, merchant, 43 Sac
Castle goodman, merchant, 43 Sac
Castle Michael, merchant, 43 Sac
Castle Bros, merchants, 43 Sacramento
Chandler Chas, agent, 49 Pacific
Chase R P, physician, Bush c Sansome
Chittenden N W, office 104 Mont
Chrysler & Van Rensselaer, com mer, 54 Front
Clark Hiram C, attorney, 134 Mont
Clarke E Z, auc & com, 96 Battery
Clarke Francis, clerk, 76 Jackson
Clayton F D, clerk, Custom House
Coe F H. produce, 44 Clay
Colgan E P, saloon, Sacramento c Sans
Colman J W. 146 Clay
Colvill & co. merchants, 8 Commercial
Comins P B. gunsmith, 125 Commercial h 132 Dupont
Compton C S. merchant, Mont c Sac
Cook Fred'k, engineer & contractor, 49 California
Cooke Wm. B, bookseller & Stationer, 153 Montgomery
Cross Richard, teamster, 63 Battery
Crocket & Baker, attys, 153 Mont
Dale Richard, real estate, 64 broadway
Darling Wm A, com mer, 102 Battery
Davidson D, com mer, 123 Mont
Davidson & Bros. com mer, 123 Mont
Davis H L. produce, 42 Clay
Dean L F, agent, 49 Pacific
DeCracke J, stoves, 156 Sansome
DeFremery J, consul for Mecklenberg, 168 Sansome
DeGraaf & Webster, ship chandlers, foot Sacramento
Del Veochio Chas, merchant, 147 Bat
Dennis & co. G, wire worker, 24 First
Derby & co, com mer, 269 Jackson
De Ro Charles, auctioneer, 119 Sansome
De St Ours F J, dry goods, 159 Kearny
Dexter Henry S, engineer U S dry dock, 156 Sansome
Dietz J W, lamps, 187 Montgomery
Dietz & co, George, lamps, 187 Mont
Dodge H L. attorney, 153 Montgomery
Dry Dock, (U S) office of engineer, 156 Sansome
Dukes & co. M,
Duncan James, carp & joiner, 42 Davis
Duncan & Wilkinaon, carpenters & joiners, 42 Davis
Dwinelle John W, attorney, 90 Merchant
Eagle Foundry, Fremont c Market
Edwards E S, importer, 103 Battery
Ellis A J, 123 Montgomery
Ellis Moses, imp and jobber, 61 Battery h 248 Powell
Ellis & Pierce, importers & Jobbers, 61 Battery
Eveleth & co. S C, com mer, 50 Cala
Everett E S, importer, 103 Battery
Ewer Ferdinand, editor, 152 Clay
Eyre M D, city assessor, City Hall
Fair & co. Wm D, com mer, 43 Cala
Fairbanks & co. H W, imptr hardware, 97 Battery
Fairfield & Reilly, com mer, 69 Clay
Falkner E R, com mer, 116 Bat
Feldheim M, merchant, 94 Mont
Feldheim S, merchant, 94 Mont
Fenner C G, attorney, 90 Merchant
Fensier L & F. merchant, 195 Kearny
Fishbourne & Ross, brewers, cor Jesse & Jane
Fisler F M. 202 Clay
Fort J A, express, 114 Montgomery
Floating Betherl, (church) 82-84 Davis
Frankl L, liquors, 149 Front
Fredonyer A, physician, 75 Mont
Frontin Joseph, Danish consul, 130 Clay
Gale George A, produce, 64 Clay
Galley L, imptr wines, 64 Front
Garcia J, Peruvian Consul, 161 Mont
Gardner George M, painter, 124 Sans
Garrioch A, com mer, 98 California
Gassert H L, importer cigars, 132 Kearny
Gilman C H, attorney, 138-140 Clay
Globe Hotel, 243-245, Dupont
Godley Franklin, clerk, 113 Cala
Goodwin C R, com mer, 158 Battery
Goodwin Henry L. 137 Pine
Goodwin & co. com merchts, 158 Battery
Goodwin & co. 137 Pine
Gordan Archld O, express, 155 Mont
Gordon George, iron founder, (Vhlgan Fonndry,) office 31 Battery
Gorham A, attorney, 118 Montgomery
Goyetche G. imp cigar, 150 Washington
Griswold J C, Directory office, 138 Clay
Gronfier & co., Joe, agents, 64 Front
Guerin & co. J, dry goods, 137 Sac
Hackett John K, city attorney, 163 Mont
Hamilton T P, com mer, 45 Sacramento
Hamilton & Bennett, com mer, 45 Sac
Hart Wm, attorney, 140 Clay
Haskell D H, express, 99-101 Mont
Hastings, Thomas & Morse, attorneys, 90 Merchant
Hawley B C, hardware, 85 Cala
Hawley Mhas A, hardware, 85 Cala
Hawley F S, hardware, 85 California
Hawley & co, hardware, 85 Cala
Hazen Kelsey, contractor, Broadway c Sansome
Hazen, Pitcher & Cady, contractors, Broadway c Sansome
Henriques Jos, County Recorder's Office
Herze J, restaurant, Commercial c Front
Hewlett P B, real estate, Bartol street
Hitchcock C E, com mer, 158 Battery
Hitchcock John A, attorney, Cala
Horan J C, 123 Sansome
Hoffman D B, physician, 43 California
Holmes Aaron, water works, 65 Pacific
Hoskiins Edward, com mer, Jackson c Front, h 344 Stockton
Howes & co, furniture, 180 Mont
Hoskins & co, com mer, Jack c Front
Hudson Geo A, merchant, 88 California
Hutchings U P. com mer, 62 Front
Hutton G M, Alta Foundry, Mkt square
Hulton J F, auc & com, 116 Sansome
Inge S W, attorney, 140 Clay
Isaacs Mark, baker, Bartol st
Janes Henry B, U S Dist Court room, 89 Merchant
Janssen Edmund, grocer, 69 Sac
Johnson M A, attorney, 153 Montgomery
Johnson G H, dag'n, 136 Montgomery
Johnson & Barber, attorneys, 153 Mont
Jessup Isaac, clerk, 79 Washington
Johnson & co, Geo C, iron, 36 Battery
Johnson Wm Neely, store-keeper, U S B Warehouse, Union st
Joseph J B, watch maker, 175 Clay
Joseph L B, watch maker, 175 Clay
Joseph, Bros, watch makers, 175 Clay
Josselyn Geo M, ship chandler, Market st wharf
Keeleher Thos. boarding, 68 Broadway
Kennan & co, J W. 62 Battery
Kennedy J S. merchant, 131 Clay
Kent & co, W D. produce, 44 Clay
Kewen E J C. attorney, 153 Mont
Kilduff P D, bank exchange, 162 Montgomery, h 34 Virginia street
Lagoarde & Runkel, pistol gallery, 20? Washington
Lang Chas E. sign painter, 124 Sans
Lang & Gardner, sign painters, 124 Sans
LeCacheux J & Galley, importers wine 64 Front
Leonard E W. land agent, Montgomery
Lentell J, carriage maker, Cala c Webb
Lester Peter, (colored) boots and shoes 126 Montgomery
Lilley S. stationery, 106 Clay
Lobdell John, clothing, 162 Clay
Lockwood R A. attorney, 163 Mont
Lockwood Jared, shipwright, Fremont bet Market and Mission
Lockwood & Brooks, shipwrights, Fremont, bet Market and Mission
Lockwood & Hammond, attorneys, 153 Montgomery
Luke, Mann & Wood, eagle foundry, Fremont n Market
Mack J N. produce, 64 Clay
Mack & Gale, produce, 64 Clay
Martin W H. attorney, 138-40 Clay
Martinon A. merchant, 138 Jackson
Mastin E H. physician, 176 Montgomery
Matheson R. city comptroller, h Jackson, cor Virginia
McAllister Hall, attorney, 137 Mont
McAllister, Edwards & Rose, attorneys, 137 Montgomery
McCauley T. real estate, 69 Broadway
McCrakan John, attorney, 172 Mont
McCreery A B. Clay n Front
McDougal, Haight & Sharpe, attorneys, 98 Merchant
McElwain J. broker, 109 Battery
McElwee J V. upholsterer, 202 Clay
McMillan and Toland, physician, ? Montgomery
McMullen G P. imp liquors, 69 Front
Meighs & co, Richard, restaurant and manufactory of candy, 66-68 Coml
Meyer Danl, imp cigars, 144 Wash
Mickle W. com mer, 109 Battery
Montes Luis, imp cigars, 106 Clay
Moore, attorney, 90 Merchant
Morgan A W. hotel cor Clay and Dupt
Morrison jr John C. merchant, 13? Wash
Morrison & Archer, attorneys, 135 Mont
Morrison N Roderick, N. atty, 135 Mont
Morse H B. stove, 47 Sacramento
Morse ? Kilgore ? 47 Sacramento
Moses A ? merchant, 102 Battery
Musson Eugene, attorney, 137 Mont
Muzzey Chas. bookkeeper, 110 Battery
Naglee Henry M. real estate, 153 Mont
Nahl Chas. corner Kearny and Sac
Nautre P A. attorney, 128 Commercial
O'Conner M T. J Peace, 4th township, office Montgomery cor Bush
Packer D F. 77 Kearny
Packer & Cargill, 77 Kearny
Parker Wm. attorney, 138-140 Clay
Parks L W. merchant, Coml cor Leids
Parsons Chas. com mer, 45 Sacramento
Parsons Levi, attorney, 118-140 Clay
Parsons & Cook, attorneys, 138-140 Clay
Pennycook J. confectioner, 130 Sans
Pfaff Geo. 167 Washington
Pitcher John, contractor, Bd'way c Sans
Polhemus C B. 111 113 California
Reynolds O A. com mer, 181 Sansome
Rhodes E A. attorney, 98 Merchant
Roberts E C, engraver, Directory office, 138 Clay
Rhodes W H. attorney, 98 Merchant
Ruhling, Edlefson & co, 138 Jackson
Sanjurio & co. merchants, 171 Sansome
Schaeffer F B. warehouse clk, cus house
Schenck H. vetinary surgeon, 163 Sac
Schuerman F. physician, Leids cor Clay
Scouler John, cabinet maker, 127 Kear
Scott, J W. Printer, Wash near Stock
Selden H J. liquor, 78 California
Selden & Turner, liquor, 78 California
Seymour E P. wood and willow ware, 108 Clay
Sayer & Smith, hardware and iron, 48 Sansome
Shaw Thomas agricultural implements, 164-166 California
Sherman Chas W. grocer, 205 Clay
Simson Robt. attorney, 104 Montgomery
Smilie E R. physician, 159 Montgomery
Smilie J H. dentist, 159 Montgomery
Smith Geo C. ship chandler, Mkt wharf
Smith Sidney V. attorney, 137 Mont
Smith Wm F. attorney, 153 Mont
Smith jr Randall, saloon, Sansome c Sac
Smith George Alex, saloon, 150 Mont
Snook Ed. tinman, 141 Washington
St Dennis Madame, diviner, Union near Dupont
Stevenson J D. land agent, 138-40 Clay
Strong Chas L. stationer, 139 Mont
Sullivan E L. merchant, 137 Mont
Swain J C. 114 Broadway
Sweeny George F. Merchants' Ex 122 Sacramento
Sweeny Miles D. 94 Clay, h Broadway c Mason
Still J H. bookseller, 126 Commercial
Taylor, E W. attorney, 159 Clay
Tharpe Eugene H. clerk sup court
Thomas O H. attorney, 153 Mont
Timmermann & co, J B. brokers, 115 Sansome
Turner C O. liquors, 78 California
Vanantwerp Charles F. drayman, 144 Montgomery
Van Bokkelen J L. Ashland saloon, 88 Sansome
Verplank jr, Philip, imp liquors, 69 Front
Verplank & McMullen, importers liquors 69 Front
Waller R H. attorney, 153 Montgomery
Waller & Dodge, attorneys, 153 Mont
Warren W S imp clothing, 99 Battery
Weinzell Joseph, grocer, 107 Front
White E. physician, Virginia cor Jack
White T J. physician, Stockton c Jack
Wilkinson Ed. carpenter, 42 Davis
Williams Henry F. com mer, 43 Cala
Winter John, 215 Washington
Wilson J S. com mer, 76 Jackson
Wilson & co. W O. com mer, 76 Jack
Wright S H. imp clothing, 99 Battery
Watson Wm H. upholstery, 148 Clay
Watson Geo F, upholstery, 148 Clay
Whitmore H M, com mer, 52-54 Cala
Wilder Hiram, S S agent, 153 Kearny
Wilder Waldo H. actor, 153 Kearny 

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