San Francisco City Directory


Names received too late for regular insertion, are placed on a ommitted page.

al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Taaffe Wm. imp dry goods, 65 Front
Taaffe & McCahill, importers, 65 Front
Tafft Dexter, imp and gen mer, 108 Bat
Tafft & Edwards, imp liquors, 103 Bat
Taggs Geo. laborer, Market n First
Tagliabue T. mathematical instrument maker, Commercial cor Front
Talbert J. carpenter, 152 Pacific
Talbot J W. Rassette house
Talcot H W. policeman, 244 Dupont
Taliaferro A W. physician, 197 Clay
Tallant D J. banker, Mont cor Clay
Tallant & Wilde, bankers, Mont cor Clay
Tallman W C. bookkeeper, 49 Cala
Talmage W H. merchant, 88 California, house 252 Powell
Tams Washington, produce, 132 Front
Tams jr Sampson, prod & com, 132 Front
Tan Mrs C. bar, 117 Front
Tandler ? Wm. dry goods, 42 Leids
Tapley John, 9 Mission
Tappan E W. auct and com, 88 Cala
Tarbuck Robt, drayman, Pine n Mont
Tarnee J M. laundry, 327 Dupont
Tasler Thos. machinist, Folsome c Beale
Tate Jas. com mer, 108 Front
Tate & Murray, com mer, 108 Front
Taun Chas. blacksmith, 58 Sansome
Taussig Wm. imp leather goods, 95 Sans
Taussig, Pollock & co. importers, 95 Sans
Tavel F A. wook yard, 217 Stockton
Tay Geo. 52 Front
Tay H. com mer, 81 Front
Tayloe J R. insp cus, barge office
Taylor Aug C. stoves, 208 Montgomery
Taylor B. carpenter, 105 Kearny
Taylor Chas, merchant, 90 Pine
Taylor Chauncey, bookkeeper, 109 Cala
Taylor Chauncey, clerk, 120 Kearny
Taylor C L. sash maker, 132 Dupont
Taylor Eliza, saloon, 211 Depont
Taylor Ellen, saloon 136 California
Taylor H W. caulker, Beale, Rincon point
Taylor John, glassware, 187 Mont
Taylor John, clerk, 90 California
Taylor John F. shipsmith, 20 First
Taylor Knowles, lawyer, U S apprais offi
Taylor N T. fruit dealer, 117 Comm
Taylor Waldo, hatter, 157 Commercial
Taylor Wm. agent, 3 Commercial
Taylor Wm H. lamps, 166 Montgomery
Taylor & co C L. sash makers, 132 Dupt
Taylor and Gordon, stoves, 208 Mont
Taylor & Wescott, shipsmiths, 20 First
Teal Lewis, tax collector, City Hall
Teal & co, merchants, 51 Washington
Teclaw E T. drugs, 105 Sansome
Teese Lewis, merchant, 174 Sansome
Tehama hotel, 106-108 Sansome
Tempsky Gustavus, merchant, 167 Jack
Temperance House of (California) 229 Clay
Tennent Thos. mathematical instrument maker, charts, nautical works, etc, etc, corner of Long wharf and Front street
Tenney J C. laborer, 36 Front
Teschemacher H F. 104 Montgomery
Teschemacher S F. clerk, U.S. appraiser's office cor Sansome and California
Tetlow Saml, saloon, 169 Commercial
Tewksbury J M. physician, 1?2 Kearny
Thackston Chas A. com mer, 61 Battery
Thackston O A. Tehama house
Thane Jas. merchant, 269 Jackson
Tharp E H. coal merchant, foot Jackson
Thaw John, insp cus, 197 Washington
Thayer Benj R. druggist, 127 Mont
Thayer E D. jewelery and fancy goods, 100 Sacramento
Thayer R H. insp U.S. appraiser's office, 100 California
Thayer & Little, druggists, 127 Mont
Thebaud E. shipping office, 2 Coml
Thepar Jean, drayman, 52 Kerny
Thibault F J. wines and liquors, 186 Mont
Thielebein A. painter, 233 Dupont
Thirion Geo. bootmaker, 217 Wash
Thoma Jacob, comedian, Adelphi Theatre, Dupont street
Thomas Chas G. insp cus, barge office
Thomas Edwin, saloon, 134 Kearny
Thomas E. engineer, 90 Commercial
Thomas G. laborer, 26 First
Thomas Hipplyte, imp liquors, 111 Sac
Thomas Jss B. merchant, 145 Front
Thomas Joseph, cabinet maker, 7 Pike
Thomas L H. attorney, 98 Merchant
Thomas L. Tehama hose
Thomas O H. attorney, 99 Merchant
Thomas, Bonneron &, imp liqr, 111 Sac
Thompson A. com mer, 119 Commercial
Thompson Andrew, fish, game and poultry 21 Pacific market
Thompson Chas. clerk, 238 Washington
Thompson D W. 242 Dupont
Thompson Geo. sailmaker, 21 Coml
Thompson Geo. bowling saloon, 159 Coml
Thompson Geo. seaman, Powell n Pacific
Thompson Henry, brickmaker, 319 Dupt
Thompson H B, clerk, 184 Montgomery
Thompson Jas. feed store, 115 Sansome
Thompson J. wagon maker, 105 Kearny
Thompson Jas A. bar, 207 Kearny
Thompson Jas F. boarding, 42 Coml
Thompson Jas P. 104 Montgomery
Thompson John, blacksmith, 53 First
Thompson John, boarding, 14 sacramento
Thompson J S. clerk, 119 Commercial
Thompson Lewis, (colored) boarding, 188 Pacific
Thompson W. Neely lumber, 22 Battery
Thompson Robt. proprietor, 222 Powell
Thompson S. iron and steel, 155 Sansome
Thompson S. fish dealer, 115 Coml
Thompson S T. trader, 123 Montgomery
Thompson Wildes T. 21 First
Thompson Wm. cor Folsome and Beale
Thompson jr Wm. 217 Commercial
Thompson & Ford, boarding, 14 Sac
Thompson & Fountain, feed store, 115 Sansome
Thorn W P. Franklin house
Thorndike J K. agent, 302 Stockton
Thorp Theodore, Vallejo n Dupont
Thrall H H. dentist, 205 Clay
Throckmorton S P. Tehama hotel
Thurber J L A. merchant, 105 Jackson
Thurston J W. grocer, 272 Jackson
Thurston T J. grocer, 272 Jackson
Thutium Jacob, baker, Vallejo n Stock
Tibbits S M. M D. 164 Montgomery
Tibbey E S. messenger, Page, Bacon & co, 97 Montgomery
Tice & White, merchant, 92 Montgomery
Tichenor T S. auctioneer, 63 Sacramento, house 181 Stockton
Tichenor, S W. auctioneer, 65 Sac
Tierney Thos. cooper, 37 Leidsdorff
Tile B A. laundry, 223 Pacific
Tileston W M. leather, 96 Sansome
Tilghman B. (colored) baker, 98 Com
Tillman F. blacksmith, 186 Sansome
Tillman John, jeweler, 243 Washington
Tillman Mrs J. dressmaker, 243 Wash
Tillman W N. painter, 229 Clay
Tillinghurst Wm. clerk, 159 Stockton
Tilton Henry L. clerk, 95 Battery
Times & Transcript office, 152 Clay
Timmons S W. clerk, 116 Sansome
Tingley Wm. billiard saloon, 152 Mont
Tissott L C. importer, 172 Montgomery
Tissott Paul, 133 Sacramento
Titcomb A H. 62 Front
Titcomb J H. bookkeeper, 34 Minna
Titus John, butcher, 90 Pacific
Titus T W. hose cleaner, 260 Clay
Tittell A. bricklayer, 51 Kearny
Tittel E. painter, 51 Kearny
Tittel E. mason, 109 Pacific
Tobias A I. 122 Mont and 118 Sac
Tobias & co, 118 Sacramento
Tobin E G. joiner, Washington n Stock
Tobin Jas. auction and commission of Chinese goods, 111 Commercial
Tobin & Duncan, auct Chinese goods, 111 Commercial
Todd Alvin, wines and liquors, 10 First
Todd's Express office, 114 Montgomery
Todd John, hotel, 112 Montgomery
Todd C M. merchant, 58 Front
Todd, Murphy & co, hote, 112 Mont
Toland H H. hardware, 90 California
Toland H H. physician, 153 Mont
Toland & Hart, hardware, 90 Cala
Tom M. drayman, 90 Pine
Tomich A J. fruit store, 165 Commercial
Tomlin L. carpenter, Fremt n Harrison
Tomkins E B. clerk, 168 Montgomery
Thompkins Jas. drayman, 80 Pine
Thompkins I. public house, 80 Pine
Tompkins P W. Rassette House
Tompkins T B. butcher, 285 Pacific
Toomer P. paitner, 131 Kearny
Toomey D. blacksmith, 53 First
Toomy H. coppersmith, 116 Battery
Toomy Henry, merchant, 123 Sansome
Tonge Thomas, white-washer, 107 Kear
Tongsan, Chinese store, 184 Sac
Tongsing, washing, 174 Sacramento
Topping A. clerk, 131 Montgomery
Tordion H L. bar, 227 Pacific
Torry E. com mer, 35 Battery
Torry E N. carpenter, 136 Dupont
Torry Niles, carpenter, 27 Sansome
Torry Wm. carpenter, 27 Sansome
torry & Blanchard, com mer, 35 Bat
Totten E J. boot & shoes, 134 Front
Touchard G. clerk,, 176 Montgomery
Touchard Madam, Mansion House, 157 Dupont
Tower Chas. boiler maker, 61 First
Townsend B E. lumber, Battery c Bush
Townsend J B. atty at law, 118 Mont
Townsend J S S. merchant, 71 Jackson
Townsend M D. clerk, 229 Clay
Townsend & Flint, lumber, Bat c Bush
toy Chas F. clothier, 23 Commercial
Toy Danl, 169 Mission 
Toy Danl, clothier, 23 Commercial
Toy, Danl & Son, clother, 23 Coml
Tracy Fred'k P. atty at law, 159 Clay
Tracy J F. store yard, 121 Pine
Tracy P. shoe maker, 119 Clay
Tracy Wm N. builder, 323 Stockton
Tranor Jas. police officer 338 Dupont
Trapet P. confectioner, 313 Dupont
Travellers' Home, 60 First
Travers E W. stock broker, 11 Sac
Travis Geo. Rassette House
Treadwell J P. attorney, 118 Mont
Treadwell L L. com mer, 56 Battery and 78 California
Treadwell & co. com mer, Cala c Bat
Treasurer S M Hospital, 92 Jackson
Trench Joseph, architect, 141 Wash
Trenner Miss, milliner, 65 Mont
Trenis ? washing, 327 Dupont
Trevo? physician, 54 Broadway
Trias Gamona, 292 Stockton
Triest M. ostler, 115 Kearny
Trifle S. grocer, 312 Dupont
Trimble J. physician, 162 Montgomery
Trinity Church Episcopal, 126 Pine
Tripp S G. gunsmith, 147 Washington
Trouette H. physician, 45 Sansome
Troup Wm. engineer, 49 First
Trowbridge Geo. wooden ware, 137 Sans
Trowbridge & Seymour, wooden ware, 137 Sansome
Truchot Thos. blacksmith, 215 Jackson
Truesdale S V. saloon, 148 Commercial
Truett H B. grocer, 60 Front
Truett M F. grocer, 60 Front
Truett & Truett, grocers, 60 Front
Trummel A. cabinet maker, 285 Dupont
Tucker jr Chas. dlr in coffee, 243 Pacific
Tucker G L. merchant, 44 Bush
Tucker J T. importer and dealer in fine watches and jewelry, diamond and silver ware, &c., 125 Montgomery
Tubbs A L. ship chandler, 49 Pacific
Tung Gik, laundry, 291 Dupont
Tung Sing, washing, 74 Pacific
Tunnock Wm. liquors, 120 Pacific
Turk Frank, atty at law, 137 Mont
Turnbull john W. physician, 176 Mcht
Turnbull Wm. com mer, 85 Front
Turnbull & Walton, com mer, 85 Front
Turner D S. auctioneer, Bat c Halleck
Turner G. carpernter, 59 Pine
Turner Jas. seaman, 90 Pacific
Turner R B. merchant, 102 Battery
Turner T V. ostler, 115 Kearny
Turner W B. Todd's Express, 114 Mont
Turner V. Cus House, h 183 Dupont
Tuska M. furnishing store, 191 Clay
Tusselman J M. clerk, 92 Commercial
Tutein Francis, bar, 188 Pacific
Tuttle C. mason, 101 Kearny
Tuttle C S. merchant, 71 Jackson
Tuttle Jas C. Orleans Hotel, 179 Pacific
Tuttle R M. machinist, 76 Pacific
Tuttle & Laurence, merchants, 71 Jack
Tyson W. Pioneer Club House
Tyler F L. painter, 11 Liedsdorff


                       Udell, T. Magnolia, 162 Kearny
Uleroy David, 73 Commercial
Ullman, M. cigars, 96 Commercial
Ullman Morris, California Exchange
Ulmer S H. dry goods, 65 Leidsdorff
Ulmer, Fiegenbaum & co. 65 Leidsdorff
Ulrek J B. Tehama hotel
Ulrich Thos. blacksmith, 129 Clay
Umber John, hotel, 181 Pacific
Underhill Jacob, hardware, 58 Sansome
Underhill M P. carman, 61 Montgomery
Ungar Leopold, 68 Montgomery
Unger A. clothing, 121 Sacramento
Unger H. merchant, 82 Bush
Ungerford Wm. musician, 59 Kearny
Union Foundry, First n Mission
Union House, 12 First
Union Hotel, Kearny cor Merchant
U S District Court room, 89 Merchant
Upham G T. merchant, 51 California
Upham Jas P. boarding, 57 Sansome
Upham & McNab, boarding, 57 Sansome
Upton Eugene, printer, 159 Montgomery house 169 Stockton
Urban Geo. ship carpenter, 9 Mellus
Urie J S. pilot, Bay hotel, Cunghm's whf
Ustick W L. clrk, 137 California


                       Vaccrel Louis, fish, 19 N. World market
Vaenberg E H. jeweler, 121 Kearny
Vaiden Thos J. physician, Rassette house
Vail D O. clerk, 133 Front
Vail D P. capt steamer Confidence
Vail Edward, grain dealer, 83 Wash
Vail & Lawson, metal roofers, 33 Leids
Vaill Jos F. roofer, 33 Leidesdorff
Vaillant J. wines and liquors, 97 Mercht
Vaillant & Brasseur, wines and liquors, 97 Merchant
Valentine Jas. tailor, 51 Montgomery
Valentine T B. printer, 159 Mont
Valey Henri, drayman, 52 Kearny
Valey Mad H. 52 Kearny
Van Allen Wm K. merchant, 86 Jackson
Van Allen W R. Tehama hotel
Van Antwerp, drayman, 144 Montg
Van Bergen John, merchant, 138 Wash
Van Bever Pierre, grocer, 219 Wash
Van Bokkelen J B. Ashland saloon, 82
Van Brunt R N. cor Wash ans Powell
Van Buren, trader, 224 Stockton
Van Buren T B. lawyer, 90 Merchant
Vance Jas. express wagon, 141 Mont
Vance Thos. Mechanics' home, 26 First
Van Court D W. steam mills. Mkt n First
Van Court John, carriage trimmer, Market n First
Van Crombrugghe Alfred, 203 Stockton
Vandenberghe Peter tailor, 17 Coml
Vandenbos Therese, Wash n Powell
Vanderhooft J G. sailmaker, 7 Sac
Vanderhooft & co. sailmakers, 7 Sac
Vandermersche Lewis, syrup manufactory 102 Merchant
Vandermersche & Bilant, syrup manufactory, 102 Merchant
Vandeusen P M. tailor, 250 Kearny
Vandewater John, merchant, 321 Stock
Vandewater John, builder, 137 California
Vandewater R J. office , 51 Davis
Van Doren W J. storage, 17 California
Van Doren & co. storage, 17 California
Van Dusen Mathew, ship builder, Rin pt
Van Dyke Jas. coppersmith, 116 Front
Van Dyke John, bookkeeper, 139 Sans
Van Halle Cornelius, grain and flour, 100 Kearny
Van Holstein Joseph, stone cutter, Kearny n toll gate
Van Landt J W. city physician, 206 Pac
Van Loan M D. clerk U S apprais office
Vanners J P. boarding house, 211 Mont
Van Ness H. pilot, 16 Sacramento
Vano Louisa, 298 Stockton
Vanodek John, lighterman, rincon point
Van Pelt D. 204 Stockton
Van Pelt John, capt steamer Antelope
Van Pelt Chas. capt steamer Antelope
Van Reed Henry, broker, 113 Sac
Van Reed Jas H. broker, 113 Sac
Van Reed & Bros. brokers, 113 Sac
Van Riper H. machinist, Market square
Van Shaic C M. Union hotel
Van Stratton J H. clothier, 81 Coml
Van Vegten Geo. 210 Washington
Van Zandt, city physician, City Hall, office 206 Pacific
Varney Thos. auctioneer, 102 Coml
Varney & co. auctioneers, 102 Coml
Vassault F. com mer, 174 Mont
Vassault F. agent, cor Pacific and Front
Vasserot Merle, Beroit, boots, 240 Dupt
Vedder Peter, printer, 90 Pacific
Venard G. wholesale dealer in ground coffee, 50 Kearny
Venard & Margand, grnd coffee, 50 Kear
Venjerhoets J C. cabinet mkr, 293 Stock
Vennigerholz J G. family grcr, 146 Kear
Verdier Emile, fancy goods, 152 Kearny
Verdier Bel. fancy goods, 152 Kearny
Verdier & Bros. fancy goods, 152 Kear
Verdrono W H. Tehama hotel
Ver Mehr Rev P L. co? ow and Jack
Verplanck jr Philip, merchant, 126 Coml
Verplanck & McMullen, merc, 126 Coml
Vibbard P C. livery stable, 19 Battery
Victor F. workman, 313 Dupont
Vierville emile C. trader, 408 Stockton
Vigilant Fire company, 309 Stockton
Vigne E. proprietor, 408 Stockton
Vignes A. Hotel de Paris, 4 Sacramento
Vignola Joseph, Mexican goods, 51 Sac
Vignon E. merchant, 313 Powell
Vigoureaux Augustus, shipmastr, 90 Pine
Vilmin Joseph, baker, 52 Kearny
Vinton W M. boots and shoes, 44 Coml
Vinton & co, boots and shoes, 44 Coml
Virgin Geo. shipping office, 11 Coml
Vischer Ed. 107 Montgomery
Von Ahn T A. laundry 394 Powell
Von Hadeln J. grocer, 359 Powell
Volkart John, cooper, 12 Leidesdorff
Vonder Madein H. merchant, 12 Mellus
von Hadeln John, Vallejo n Powell
von Lengerke H F. com mer, 30 Battery
Voorman Henry, grocer, 221 Jackson
Voorman & co. grocers, 221 Jackson
Vorhes John, blacksmith, 129 Clay
Vosburgh S. steward, 78 Pacific
Volcan Foundry, 59 First
Vrance & co H. importers and dealers in broadcloth, 176 Montgomery


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