San Francisco City Directory


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al. for alley, b. between, bldge, buildings, c. corner, com. commission, ct. court, ex.
exchange, forwdg. forwarding, h. house, la. lane, mfer. merchant, mkr. maker, manuf.
manufacturer, off. office, n. near, op. opposite, pl. place, shipg. shipping, sq. square.


                      Waber G. boots, 168 Clay
Waddington A. grocer, 313 Dupont
Wade John, liquors, 17 Sacramento
Wade John E. baker, 356 Powell
Wade O K. provisions, Battery n Jack
Wade Simon H. painter, 145 Sansome
Wade Wm W. hatter, 102 Sansome
Wade & Lumley, liquors, 17 Sac
Wade & Hall, hatters, 102 Sansome
Wadie J. upholsterer, 152 Sansome
Wadsworth H W. clerk, 159 Clay
Wadsworth J C L. attorney, 90 Mont
Wadsworth Wm R. mdze brkr, 129 Sans
Wadsworth & Ravesies, mdze brokers, 129 Sansome
Wainwright J E. county clk, City Hall
Wair Andrew, carpenter, 279 Pacific
Wakerman A O. Halleck c Liedesdorff
Wakeman E O. Rassette House
Wakelee C H. manager Mer Exchange, 123 Sacramento
Walderees Carl, saloon, 230 Pacific
Wasles Johs, imp boots & shoes, 174 Sans
Walker Albert, watches, 92 Coml
Walker Asa, attorney, 39 Minna
Walker Geo. laborer, 17 California
Walker John, butcher, 5 Coml, 32 Sacm
Walker John, produec, Clark's Point
Walker solomon, (col'd) renovator, 173 Washington
Walker W. com mer, 110 Battery
Walker Wm. cook, 319 Dupont
Walker Wm. brick layer, 306 Pacific
Walker W C. insp cus, barge Office
Wall C A. fruit, 90 commercial
Wall Peter, policeman, 244 Dupont
Wallace Mrs. proprietress, 210 Jackson
Wallace Patrick, 260 Clay
Wallace R B. Franklin Hotel
Wallace Wm A. porter, 116 California
Waller R H. attorney, 90 Merchant
Waller Wm. washing, 380 Stockton
Waller & Dodge, attorneys, 90 Merch
Wallis J S. cith Baths, 145 Coml
Waln jr Wm. clerk, Cus House
Walsh John, Rassette House
Walsh Jas B. Rassette House
Walter Fred'k K. brewer, Val'jo ab Stock
Walter Geo f. clothing 111 Mont
Walton Wm F, com mer, Front c Clay
Walz Benj. painter, 131 Kearny
Wambold D M. clerk, 108 Merchant
Wando Burgess, clerk, 87 Washington
Warbus T A. 245 Sacramento
Ward Frank, pub store kpr, Cus House
Ward Jas G. storage, Market wharf
Ward Philips, carpenter, Dupont n Cala
Ward Samuel, Franklin Hotel
Ward Samuel H. U S Assayer, 142 Coml
Ward Thos. laborer, Market wharf
Warden L. machinist, 26 Mellus
Warden L S. agricult imp mkr, 24 Pi?
Wardle Thos. clerk, 326 Powell
Wardlinger Chas, clerk 174 Clay
Wardwell A. notary public, 120 Mont
Wardwell A M. book keeper, 50 Cala
Wardwell E T. baker, 82 Pacific
Wardwell C O. merchant, 50 Cala
Wardwell & co. com mer, 50 Cala
Warner Abraham, clerk 9 Commercial
Warner J M. com mer, 27 Sansome
Warner Wm. stock broker, 162 Mont
Washburn E H. merchant, 62 Cala
Washburn H S. clerk, 60 Front
Washburn Jas. wines, 10 First
Washburn R W. express, 114 Mont
Washburn & co. com mer, 62 Cala
Washburn & Todd, liquors, 10 ?
Washington Market, Kearny c Jackson
Washington Mills, Market n First
Waslung, washing, 214 Clay
Wass S C. assayer, 89 Merchant
Wass Molitor & co. assayers, 89 Mercht
Waterman Jas. billiard, Union Hotel
Waterman Robt. ship master, 151 Stock
Waterman Richard, potter, 269 Clay
Waterman S. cigars, 152 Washington
Waterman & Buswiler, cigars, 152 Wash
Waterman & co. produce, 136 Front
Waters Mrs. Arcade Saloon, 148 Kearny
Waters G L. billiards, 152 Montgomery
Waters Jas. Waiter, rincon Point
Waterson Daniel, machinist, Folsom c Beale
Waterson Thos. machinist, 69 First
Watkins Benj. bar room, 113 Mont
Watkins Joseph, boarding, Rincon Point
Watkins R G. cigars, 190 Kearny
Watriss Mrs M C. boarding, 248 Clay
Watriss Geo C. U S Assyer's office, 142 Commercial
Watrons Chas. merchant, 124 Sansome
Watson Geo F. upholsterer, 206 Clay
Watson Jas. oil man, 114 Broadway
Watson J H. merchant, Mission c Second
Watson J K. billiards, 155 Commercial
Watson Jno R. com mer, Pacific c Mont
Watson R'S. com mer, 56 sansome
Watson Wm H. upholsterer, 206 Clay
Watson & co. upholsterers, 206 Clay
Watson & Morris, com mer, Pac c Mont
Watters Jas. waiter, 22 California
watters J. tailor, 157 Sacramento
Watts Mrs M. boarding, 35 First
Watts Eben'r, carpenter, 399 Powell
Watts Evan, carpenter, 399 Powell
Way Jacob, meat-stall, 1 & 3 Pac Mkt
Wealer B G. Tehama House
Weaver Chas. wheelwght, Val'jo n Stock
Webb C C. stationery, 106 Clay
Webb Hiram, com mer, 70 Pacific
Webb J C. barber, 162 Montgomery
Webb J W. laborer, 112 Pine
Webb S P. atty and notary, 161 Mont
Webb Samuel, flour mills, Jack n Front
Webb & Harris, com mer, 70 Pacific
Webb & Smith, barbers, 162 Mont
Webb & co. paper warehouse, 106 Clay
Webber Gabriel, boot maker, 180 Clay
Weber Jacob, watch maker, 117 Mont
Webster D N. ship chandler, 21 Sac
Webster H A. com mer, 50 Sansome
Webster H. liquors, Battery c Cala
Webster H C. carman, Sansome c Coml
Webster Wm D. 50 Sansome
Wedeles M. merchant, 63 Liedesdorff
Weed J K. agent, 146 Montgomery
Weed Jos J P 1st township, 172 Pac
Weed Jos. house, 337 Powell
Wegener F D. carpenter, 58 Mont
Wegener F O. carpenter, 368 Powell
Wehrle Alex. brewer, Vallejo n Stockton
Weihe A. cigars, 161 Kearny
Weil Eli, dry goods, 240 Clay
Weill Samuel, brewer, 299 Dupont
Weill Simon, brewer, 299 Dupont
Weinshank A. clothier, 43 Pacific
Wier J B. butter, 46 Front
Wier W B. butter, 46 Front
Welch Jas M. carpenter, 144 Jackson
Welch John, machinist, 51 Commercial
Welden David, merchant, 194 Mission
Welden D K. produce, 10 Calidornia
Welden & co. produce, 10 California
Wells Alex. attorney, 90 Merchant
Wells F. 135 Montgomery
Wells Horace jr, clerk, 110 Sansome
Wells J P. salesman, 141 commercial
Wells J B. attorney, 98 Merchant
Wells J L, carriage maker, 91 Kearny
Wells John, Franklin Hotel
Wells Robt. storage, Market wharf
Wells Wm V. agent, 140 Commercial
Wells Fargo & co. express, 114 Mont
Wells & co. R. storage, Market Wharf
Weller Geo F. attorney, 159 Clay
Weller & Southerland, attys, 159 Clay
Welling J W. grocer, 299 Dupont
Welling & Gridley, grocers, 299 Dupont
Wellner Chas. trader, 200 Stockton
Wendell John, lumber, 27 Battery
Wendling Geo. Powell c Greene
Wentworth E C. lumber, 27 Battery
Wentworth N. grocer, 67 Pacific
Wenzal G L. cooper, 120 Jackson
Wertheimer L. cigars, 151 Sansome
Wertheimer clothier, 192 Washington
Wertherman Ralphe, clerk, 172 Mont
Werzee Hillman, brewer, Vallejo n Stock
Wescott C B. ship smith, 20 First
Wesetzky Jos. J. tailor, 162 Coml
Wessel J. jeweller, 80 Pacific
Wesley Chapel, 234 Powell
West C H. stock broker, 137 Mont
West C O. com mer, 136 Sansome
West Isaac, clerk, 96-98 Battery
West Thos J. 136 Sansome
West Thos E. 109 Kearny
Western R. machinist, rincon Point
Western Wm K. com mer, 41 Davis
Wetherbee H. com mer, 73 Cala
Wetherby C M, lumber, 261 Powell
Wethered J S. insp cus, Barge Office
Wetmore E G. guager, basmt Cus House
Wetsel G. ship carpenter, 9 Mellus
Wetsel Geo. caulker, 61 First
Weyterman L. meat stall, 17-19 Pacific Market
Whalen Jeremiah, policeman, 244 Dupt
Whalon N. blacksmith, 36 First
Wheatley W H. bar room, 161 Front
Wheaton Wm. com mer, 44 Minna
Wheeler Alfred, attorney, 90 Merchant
Wheeler Alonzo, merchant, 64 Sans
Wheeler Chas. oilman, 114 Broadway
Wheeler Frank, gymnasium, Verandah
Wheeler G W. importer, 120 Sansome
Wheeler John, builder, 252 Powell
Wheeler R. drayman, 36 First
Wheeler Rollin, hardware, 94 Battery
Wheeler & Murray, 64 Sansome
Wheeler & co R. hardware, 94 Battery
Wheelock A. carpet store, 145 Mont
Wheelock A G. carpeting, 145 Mont
Wheelock J. hotel 61 Montgomery
Wheelock Mrs J. millinery, 206 Clay
Whig Office, 146 Montgomery
While D. porter, 82 California
Whilden D. printer, 127 Sacramento
Whipple L. machinist, 67 First
Whipple S B. proprietor Diana Saloon 160 Commercial
Whisted Edward, clothing, 35 coml
Whiston Ed D. grocer, 42 First
Whitcombe A C. attorney, 159 Clay
Whitcombe M. mdze broker, 148 Sans
White Aaron, Com'l Exch, 218 Kearny
White A. merchant, 266 Powell
White A M. broker, 88 Jackson
White A S. printer, Trinity n Pine
White H B. physician, 230 Wash
White Chas L. 241 Sacramento
White D. boarding, 3 Broadway
White E A. insp cus, Barge Office
White Elijah, physician, Virginia c Jack
White F. millinery, 146 Sacramento
White Frank, Arcade House, 29-31 Webb
White Geo. merchant, 98 battery
White John, liquors, 156 Montgomery
White John C. lumber & iron, 27-29 Bat
White Joseph, merchant, 230 Stockton
White Philo, wat?, 174 Clay
White Rbot, ?, Front
White T I. physician, Stockton cor Jackson
White T H. clerk, 21 Commercial
White W. attorney, 125 Pacific
White W A. com mer, 134 Front
White W H. merchant, 107 Jackson
White W H. book-keeper, 334 Powell
White W H. merchant, 155 Sansome
White W M. Adams & co.'s Express, 99 Montgomery
White W. clerk, 120 Montgomery
White & Tice, merchant, 92 Mont
White & co. com mer, 8 Commercial
White & Doherty, ship stores, 6 Coml
White Perkins, millinery, 146 Sac
White Storm, brokers, 88 Jackson
White & Wentworth, lumber & iron, 27 & 29 Battery
Whiting B G. restaurant, 156 Mont
Whiting Jos P. clerk, 152 Mont
Whitley Jas. laborer, 112 Pine
Whitlock C. boots & shoes, 11 Coml
Whitman J H. merchant, 229 Clay
Whitman S P. E A Hotel, 4 Coml
Whitmore H M. restaurant, 190 Cala
Whitney B F. Tehama Hotel
Whitney C J. captain str Sophie
Whitney F E. 153 Commercial
Whitney G A. 153 commercial
Whitney Geo O. furniture, 159 Sac
Whitney H. clerk, 159 Sacramento
Whitney Mrs H B. saloon, 153 Coml
Whitney jr J. captain str Kate Kearny
Whittier M T. carpenter, 182 Coml
Whittle D. porter, 82 California
Whittle Deering, hardware, 104 Kearny
Whittle Mad. milliner, 104 Kearny
Wickersham A. fruit, 92 Front
Wickersham Henry T. clerk, 92 Front
Wickersham Jas. steward, 78 Pacific
Widman E C. dress-maker, 136 Sac
Weiland Jacob, baker, Vallejo n Stock
Weiland John, baker, Vallejo n Stock
Weiner J. dry goods, 149 Kearny
Weiner & co. dry goods, 149 Kearny
Wight Geo. blacksmith, 67 First
Wightman John, clerk, 181 Clay
Wilber Jas. bowling, Union Hotel
Wilber M. builder, 27 Sansome
Wilby H E. Vice Con Portugal, 71 Jack
Wilby H E. imp & com mer, 71 Jack
Wilcocks Benj. Whig office ?
Wilde J W. ?, 143 Montgomery
Wilde Mrs. boarding, Broadway
Wilde ? clerk, h 153 Kearny
Wilde T ? Stock
Wilderberger Chas. butcher, 99 Bush
Wiley S. auctioneer, 81 Coml
Wiley & Phillips, auctioneer, 81 Coml
Wilgus J N. painter, 45 Pike
Wilkey E H. painter, Fremt n Folsom
Wilkins J M. Franklin Hotel
Wilkins Walker, Clay n Stock
Wilkinson Ross, insp cus, Barge Office
Wiian T W. agent, 72 Pacific
Willess W H. 152 Pacific
Willett Richard, carpenter, 334 Powel
Willey Rev. S H. Mellus & Second
Willey Otis F. waterman, Pine ab Mont
William Frank. coffee stand, 27 Coml
William Jos. servant, 16 Pine
Williams Andrew, Kremlin, Dupont
Williams A. attorney, 160 clay, h 328 Stockton
Williams Alex. saddler, 90 Pacific
Williams Chas. hotel, 79 Montgomery
Williams Chas. steward str Ohio
Williams C. finisher, Pacific Foundry
Williams D. grain, 17 Battery
Williams E. drugs, 132 Kearny
Williams Ed. porter, Harrison n Beale
Williams Geo. merchant, 344 Dupont
Williams Geo. saloon, 39 Pacific
Williams H B. clerk, 130 California
Williams H C. books, 201 Clay
Williams H F. builder, 74 Merchant
Williams H G. clothing, 195 Clay
Williams J. blacksmith, 67 First
Williams John, blacksmith, 178 Mission
Williams John H. clerk, 130 California
Williams Jas L. Pacific Hotel, 35 Pacific
Williams Jos. carpenter, 27 Sansome
Williams Jas A. carpenter, 27 Sansome
Williams Lewis, soda manufacturer, Vallejo, bet Stockton and Dupont
Williams Lewellyn, soda manfr, 246 Pow
Williams R. tailor, 235 Stockton
Williams Richard, bar, 362 Dupont
Williams R J. agent, 43 Pike
Williams Stephen, architect, 52 Mont
Williams Wm A. carpenter, 3 Battery
Williams W B. 3 Battery
Williams W M. machinist, Fol cor Beale
Williams Wm P. carpenter, 3 Battery
Williams & Meiggs, lumber, 162 Mont
Williams & Severance, soda manufacturers, Vallejo above Dupont
Williamson E. painter, 118 Commercial
Williamson John, blacksmith, 75 B'dway
Willip M W. saloon, 247 Pacific
Willis D. bar, 247 Dupont
Willis H M. dry goods, 141 Sacramento
Willis H P. com mer, 85 California
Willis John, pilot steamer Jack Hays
Willis Mrs M D. dry goods and millinery, 141 Sacramento
Willis & Son, dry goods and millienry, 141 Sacramento
Williston H C. books, 201 Clay
Wilner Malcolm G. lodgings, 142 Clay
Wilson A T. attorney, room 2, Tehama
Wilson Chas. cigars, 1 California
Wilson Chas. baker, 362 Stockton
Wilson Chas. porter, 25 Battery
Wilson C S. watchman, custom house
Wilson E. exchange, 85 Sansome
Wilson Ed A. saddler, 98 Sansome
Wilson Fred. laborer, 51 Commercial
Wilson F G. public house, 340 Stockton
Wilson Geo C. boarding, 43 Sansome
Wilson Geo W. gardener, Mission Dolores
Wilson Henry, brickmaker, Powell
Wilson John, saddler, 98 Sansome
Wilson John, livery stable, 19 Battery
Wilson J H. grain dealer, 46 Coml
Wilson Jas. machinist, 36 First
Wilson James, machinist, 69 First
Wilson Jas. public house, 148 Mission
Wilson Jas. merchant, 21 Mellus
Wilson J S. grocer, 217 Pacific
Wilson John, attorney, Cala n Mont
Wilson John, porter, 143 Clay
Wilson Gen John, lawyer, Fremont n Har
Wilson John, clerk, 73 Commercial
Wilson John, laborer, 112 Pine
Wilson J H. 154-156 Pacific
Wilson John N. painter, 90 Clay
Wilson J A. 125 Front
Wilson J S. Broadway n Dupont
Wilson Jos. merchant, 101 California
Wilson Joseph, navy agent, 176 Dupont
Wilson Jos. shipmaster, 178 Dupont
Wilson Luther T. U S appraiser's store
Wilson Micajah, insp cus, barge office
Wilson M. printer, 127 Sacramento
Wilson robt. ship carpenter, Har, Rin
Wilson S H. baker, 133 California
Wilson S H. boarding, 42 Commercial
Wilson Saml. produce, 156 Pacific
Wilson T A. Tehama house
Wilson W O. grocer, 217 Pacific
Wilson & co. grocer, 217 Pacific
Wilson & Son, saddlers, 98 Sansome
Wilson & Bela. ? bakery, 362 Stock
Wilton Natnl. machinist, 204 Stockton
Win T. shoemaker, 78 Pacific
Winans John C. com mer, 69 Jackson
Winchester E H. saddler, 68 Sansome
Windsor Chas. clothing, 41 Pacific
Windsor G H. 36 First
Windsor & Baker, clothing, 41 Pacific
Winered Wm. blacksmith, 60 First
Wing L. carpenter, 27 Sansome
Wing Stephen, tinman, 107 Jackson
Wingarder Chas I. tailor, 65 Kearny
Wingate B F. clerk, h Second n Minna
Wightman John, clerk, 181 Clay
Winkley J F. merchant, 35 Minna
Winn M L. steam candy manfry, 80 Coml
Winslow G M. clerk, 143 Sansome
Winslow D T. hay and grain, 17 Battery
Winslow M. machinist, Folsome cor Beale
Winslow Michael, pub house, Fol n Beale
Winslow & Williams, hay & grain, 17 Bat
Winter C. bookkeeper, 28 Battery
Winter G. com mer, 28 Battery
Winter John, merchant, 215 Wash
Winter & Latimer, com mer, 28 Battery
Wittman Jos. coffee saloon, 123 Coml
Witter Frank, Howard house, 35 Pacific
Wogap, Chinese laundry, 269 Dupont
Wolf Frederick, crockery, 195 Kearny
Wolf J E. shirt depot, 143 Clay
Wolf Louis, printer, 118 Commercial
Wolfe A. carpenter, 13 Pike
Wolfe J E. carpenter, h Sac n Stockton
Wolff Chas S. boarding, 77 Bush
Wolff Danl. com mer, 90 Jackson
Wolff Sig'd clothier, 67 Commercial
Wolff & co D. com mer, 90 Jackson
Wolff & Lutgens, Wm Tell house, 227 Pac
Wong Chong, laundry, 47 Sansome
Wood A. Eagle Foundry, Fremont n Mkt
Wood Andrew, 136 Sansome
Wood E. stevedore, 70 Front
Wood Mad E. dressmaker, 201 Dupont
Wood F H. Adams' express, 99 Mont
Wood J C. Adams' express, 99 Mont
Wood Henry, carpenter, 114 Bush
Wood Hiram, eating house, 145 Sans
Wood Hitam S. eating house, 165 Sans
Wood J H. coppersmith, 69 First
Wood P P. cabinet maker, 196 Kearny
Wood Thos. 201 Dupont
Wood Wm. public house, Fremont c H?
Wood Wm. m?, 5 coml and 32 Sac
Wood Wm. H. ? 136 Sansome
Wood W C. ? house, 145 Sans
Wood Z. ? 31 Pike
Wood & co. stevedores, 70 Front
Wood & Walker, market, 33 Sacramento
Wood & West, com mer, 136 Sansome
Woodin Stephen, Franklin jouse
Woodin & Hill, Franklin house
Woodruff E. merchant, 64 Sansome
Woodruff S F. hardware, 93 Kearny
Woodruff & co. hardware, 93 Kearny
Woods Geo. finisher, Alta Foundry
Woods H P. clothier, 165 Washington
Woods Josephine, boarding, 216 Wash
Woods J C. com mer, 59 Pine
Woods J C. Adams' express, 99 Mont
Woods & co. express, 59 Pine
Woodward E. Adams' express, 99 Mont
Woodward F S. clerk, 203 Washington
Woodward R B. restaurant, 119 Sac
Woodworth & co. F A. importers piano fortes, 130 Clay
Woodworth John, 9 Drum
Woolfolk A B. 198 Washington
Wordsworth S E. U S weigher, cus house
Worden L S. clerk, 24 first
Worrill  A C. fruit, 90 commercial
Worlock W. blacksmith, 105 Kearny
Worlock John, blacksmith, Val ab Stock
Worlock & Boothby, blaksmiths, 105 Kear
Wozencraft Dr. U S indian commissioner, Washington cor Stockton
Wray Jacob, market, 100 Commercial
Wright Geo. 165 Stockton
Wright J. actor, 224 Clay
Wright G W. banker, 185 Kearny
Wright Henry, merchant, 279 Jackson
Wright James, boatman, 3 Commercial
Wright Thos. attorney, 135 Montgomery
Wright Thos. 279 Jackson
Wright Stephen T. prod and com, 94 Front
Wrigley Joseph, Rassette house
Wulff S W. watchmaker, 199 Clay
Wunnberg M H. public house, ?
Wunnberg & co. boarding house, ?
Wurtenburg S. cigars, 54 Commercial
Wurtenburg & co, cigars, 54 Coml
Wyckoff Geo. imp groceries, ?
Wyckoff & co, imp groceries, ?
Wylie J W. clerk, 11? Sansome
Wyman J P. blacksmith, ?
Wyman & Huntington ?
Wynn J H. ?
Wyse ? merchant, 66 Jackson




                      Yale, Gregory, atty at law, 118 Montgomery, h 139 Stockton
Yanger Chas. bricklayer, Fol n Fremont
Yates, C. boots and shoes, 167 Mont
Yellett Geo. carman, 96 Battery
Yerkin Jos. clerk, 73 Battery
Ye Tong, China merchant, 171 Sac
Younger M. laborer, 62 Montgomery
Young, C B. broker, rear 167 Wash
Young J W. printr, 210 Washington
Young Peter, machinist, Market square
Young, Thos. Dundee House, 94 Pacific


                      Zabriskie E A. insp cus, brge office
Zalen Wm. laborer, 47 Pacific
Zane John, saddler, 156 Sacramento
Zane & Ellinghouse, saddlers, 156 Sac
Zantzinger L F. clerk U S apprais office
Zeile Dr. 142 Sacramento
Zeil Gust. com mer, 94 California
Zeil Bertheau & co, merchants, 94 Cala
Zimmerman C. bar, 210 Kearny
Zolver, Jacob, barkeeper, 85 Sansome
Zolver, John, waiter, 85 Sansome


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