transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 Page 017 Main 5558. Butler, Schutze Co., Wholesale Millinery, 723 Market. Geary 371. Butler, Vincent K., Res. 1311 Waller. Main 684. Butler & Haldan, Ins., 413 Cal. Green 12. Butler's Exchange, S.F. Stock Exchange Bldg. Grant 70. Butterick Publishing Co., Ltd., 208 Post. East 548. Butterworth, J.B., Plumber and Gas Fitter, 1809 Polk. South 287. Butterworth, Thos. C., Artistic Stained Glass, 225 10th. South 164. Buttgenbach, Jos., Pork Packer, 498 4th. Jessie 133. Buttleman, H.E.A., Grocer, 148 11th. West 636. Buzard's Veterinary Hospital, 1830 Post. Hyde 2301. Buzello, Arthur R., Res. 416 Golden Gate Av. Steiner 2131. Byington, Mrs. C., Res. 1412 Post. Steiner 1281. Byrne, Anita, Res. 16 Bourbon. West 704. Byrne, John E., Res. 2119 B'way. Mint 1704. Byrne, Joseph & Co., Importer of Fine Woolens, 1065 Mission. Pine 511. Byrne, Mrs. W.J., Res. 1844 Sutter. Main 5261. Byron Muazy, Pianos and Organs, 308 Post. Black 641. Bythinia Water, 29 Market. Drumm 5. Byxbee & Clark, Lumber Dealers, 42 Market. "BUSY" Your telephone line is available for connection with others at a number of different points in the switchboard, guarded by operators working entirely independent of each other. Any of these operators can connect another line to yours, but the moment a connection is estab- lished, either at your own instance or by reason of a call for you from another subscriber, your line is automatically protected from interruption. If any of the various operators in your ex- change then receives a call for you she is warned by an electric signal that your line is already connected with another---that, in tele- phone parlance, it is "busy"---and she so reports to the calling subscriber. Without the protec- tion of the automatic "busy" signal it would be impossible to operate a large telephone system. (end of page)