transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 Page 043 Main 1929. Fugazi, Jno. F. & Co., Agts. Rio Grande West'n Ry., 5 Mont. Av. Blue 1021. Fuhrig, Dr. Dora, Res. 1846 Howard. Black 1691. Fuhrman, Alfred, Attorney, 220 Sansome. Folsom 241. Fujo Co., The, Tea and Fancy Goods, 120 5th. Pine 365. Fulda, B., Butcher, 1700 Fillmore. Main 888. Fulda Bros., Planing Mills and Tanks, 40 Spear. Brown 296. Fulda, Edward, Cigars and Tobacco, 3 Montgomery. Pine 991. Fuller, Charles F., Fillmore St. Pharmacy, 2300 Fillmore. Pine 2931. Fuller, G.W., Physician, Res. 2101 Webster. Main 1540. Fuller, Geo. H., Office Furniture, 640 Mission. East 80. Fuller, W.P., Res. 839 O'Farrell. Main 5995. Fuller, W.P., Res. Room 2, Palace Hotel. Main 506. Fuller, W.P. & Co., Paints, Oils and Glass, Pine and Front. Main 299. Fulmer, W.W., Purchasing Agent W.F. & Co., 35 New Mont'y. Church 324. Fulmer, W.W., Res. 323 Eureka. Geary 1203. Fulton, Mrs. E., Res. 2418 Wash. Main 225. Fulton Engineering and Ship Building Works, Office 15 1st. West 163. Same [Fulton Engineering and Ship Building Works], Harbor View. Blue 66. Fulton Fish Market, 2513 Mission. Main 1773. Fulton, Jno. R. & Co., Custom H'se Brokers, 420 Battery. Red 1731. Fulton Livery Stable and Riding Academy, 246 3d. Main 5159. Fulton Market, 916 Powell. Scott 464. Fulton, Miss Orpha, Res. 1923 Vallejo. Mint 35. Furlong, Thos. N., Patent Stone Laundry Trays, 1219 Market. Mint 1076. Furrer, Jos. M., Dairy, 1409 Folsom. Steiner 3059. Furst, Mal., Dry Goods and Stationery, 1901 Devisadero. Sutter 2851. Furth, Melville, Res. 729 Turk. Sutter 1021. Furth, S., Res. 910 Ellis. Blue 1391. Fyfe, E.S., Office 3323 Mission. Main 5823. Fyfe, J.C., Eastern Agencies, 220 Sansome. Scott 712. Same [Fyfe, J.C.], Res. 845 Ashbury. If you have telephonic communication with our exchange, why not also be in constant touch with the several departments of your business? Our "Switchboard System" is especially adapted to this need. It provides for a switchboard at your premises connected with our Central Office by any desired number of trunk lines. From the switch- board lines radiate to the various depart- ments of your business. Each line is equipped with long distance instruments. Upon request we will be pleased to send a special agent to explain the system. (end of page)