transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page 064 Brown 241. Jordan, James C., Office, 93 Chronicle Bldg. Pine 980. Same [Jordan, James C.], Res. Pacific Av. and Devisadero. Pine 1876. Jordan, N.B., Res. 1818 Steiner. Scott 495. Jordan, Peter, Res. 629 Webster. Main 865. Jordan, Wm. H., Attorney-at-Law, 1312 Claus Spreckels Bldg. Larkin 921. Same [Jordan, Wm. H.], Res. 1118 Gough. Bush 87. Jorden, C.H., Genl. Agt. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 307 Phelan Bldg. Black 631. Jorgensen, E.B., Druggist, 704 Washington. Green 227. Joseph, Albert, 405 Montgomery, room 14. West 253. Joseph, Mrs. E., Res. 2235 Wash. Sutter 1491. Joseph, Mrs. H.C., Knole House, 700 Jones. Clay 861. Joseph, Isaac, Attorney, room 807 Claus Spreckels Bldg. East 560. Josephson, M., Standard Pharmacy, Hyde and Union. Main 1559. Joshua Hendy Machine Works, Office 40 Fremont. Main 1560. Same [Joshua Hendy Machine Works], Works, Francisco and Kearny. Drumm 11. Josselyn, G.M. & Co., Ship Chandlers, 38 Market. Main 5960. Josue, Arthur, Grangers' Saloon, 30 California. Steiner 141. Jouett, C.H., Res. 2022 Pine. Main 5376. Journal of Commerce, Wardell & Hertsche, 314 Montgomery. Main 1035. Joy, Edw. W., Druggist, 433 Kearny. Polk 731. Same [Joy, Edw. W.], Res. 1506 California. Blue 959. Joyce, Edmont, Livery Stable, 729 Valencia. South 75. Joyce, F.B., Oil Warehouse, 7th and King. Larkin 905. Judd, T.H., Res. 1711 California. Black 118. Judell, H.L., Up to Date Cigar Co., 314 Sacramento. Mission 20. Judge, T.F., Res. 1762 Howard. Green 211. Judis, Alphonse, Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, 4 Chronicle Bldg. Steiner 1231. Same [Judis, Alphonse], Res. 2016 Buchanan. Black 2151. Judkins, T.C., Attorney, room 11 Mills Bldg., 4th fl. Main 576. Judson Dynamite and Powder Co., 200 Market. Pine 4801. Judson, Mrs. E.A., Res. 400 Steiner. Main 749. Judson Manufacturing Co., Howard and Beale. Hyde 681. Juergensen, Charles, Furniture, 912 Larkin. Red 461. Juilly, Mme. B., Maternity of Paris, 915 Jackson. Main 5966. Jules' Viticultural Restaurant, 315 Pine. Clay 611. Julien, J. & Co., Wholesale Wines and Liquors, 617 Pacific. Main 946. Jumper Gold Syndicate of California, Ltd., 107 Crocker Bldg. Main 1717. Jung, Fred H., Attorney-at-Law, 310 Pine. Red 2847. Same [Jung, Fred H.], Res. 225 Drumm. Mint 1465. Jungblut, Aug. & Co., Billiard and Pool Table Mgrs., 10 GG. Av. West 40. Junker, F., American Meat Market, 1005 McAllister. Steiner 1694. Junker, Louis, Golden Gate Park Market, 991 McAllister. Black 575. Juri, L. & Co., Liquor Dealers, 1338 Stockton. Main 5567. Justice Mining Company, 23 Nevada Block. South 786. Justice of Peace, New City Hall. When Your Line is in use it is "busy" to all callers. If your correspondents claim that you are often "busy" to their calls your line is not sufficient for the traffic your business creates. The remedy is an Auxiliary Line or a Private Branch Exchange System. The Contract De- partment can give all information. (end of page)