transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page 091 Blue 147. Nurses' Residence, Miss Bertha Brandt, 4031 19th. White 641. Nurses' Residence, Miss A. Brown, 201 Precita Av. Larkin 246. Nurses' Residence, Miss R.W. Caldwell, 1522 California. Larkin 822. Nurses' Residence, Mrs. M.H. Cosgrove, 1320 Washington. East 753. Nurses' Residence, Miss Kate M. Davis, 1117 Sutter. Steiner 4972. Nurses' Residence, Miss Sarah A. Ferguson, 2323 California. Church 301. Nurses' Residence, Miss Jennie F. Gracier, 432 Fair Oaks. Hyde 2241. Nurse's Residence, Miss Sarah E. Gray, 1501 Washington. Steiner 996. Nurses' Residence, Miss Inchbold, 2323 Fillmore. Scott 363. Nurses' Residence, Herbert Jaeger, 2527 Sutter. Polk 902. Nurses' Residence, Mrs. Jennie Keck, 1616 California. Church 312. Nurses' Residence, Mrs. Mary M. McGregor, 353 Hill. White 651. Nurses' Residence, Miss Mary B. O'Reilly, 13B Henry. Blue 411. Nurses' Residence, Miss Anna Pohlmann, 1017B Alabama. East 390. Nurses Trained in Children's Hospital, 1523 Sacramento. Jessie 1231. Nusbaum, Dr. A., Office 1032 Mission. Sutter 1512. Nusbaumer, A., Meat Market, 503 Jones. East 748. Nutall, J.R.K., Res. 1819 Jackson. Main 513. Nutting, S.E. & Co., Butchers, Stalls 1 and 2, Cal. Market. Red 936. Ny, Mlle. Julie, Robes, St. Ann's Bldg., rooms 99-100. [logo] Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. A "busy" telephone line is a tel- ephone line in use. If you receive many complaints that your line is always "busy," it shows that while some one is talking to you some one else wants to talk to you—that your correspondence is too much for your telephone facilities. The Contract Department can suggest the remedy. (end of page)