transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page 095 P South 473. Pabst Beer Bottling Establishment, 6th and King. Main 849. Pabst Cafe, Ellis and Powell. Main 849. Same [Pabst Cafe], 100 Powell. Main 5058. Same [Pabst Cafe], 100 Powell. Davis 241. Pabst Cigar Store, Cigars, 46 Ellis. Jessie 1393. Pacific-American Decorative Co., 30 8th. West 599. Pacific Ammonia and Chemical Co., Francisco and Webster. Front 94. Pacific Ammonia B'tlg Co., George Herrmann, Pres., 309 Sac. Clay 751. Pacific Arc Lamp Co., 23 Stevenson. Main 638. Pacific Auxiliary Fire Alarm Co., 308 Claus Spreckels Bldg. Larkin 633. Pacific Avenue Exchange, 1600 Pacific. East 726. Pacific Avenue Fruit Market, Polk and Pacific. Mint 341. Pacific Axle Co., Works, Napa and Maryland. Green 158. Pacific Boiler Compound Co., 218 California. South 191. Pacific Bone, Coal and Fertilizing Co., 612 7th. Mission 200(1). Pacific Bone, Coal and Fertilizing Co., Factory, San Bruno Road. South 150. Pacific Bottle Depot, Miller & Son, 811 Brannan. South 125. Pacific Box Factory, 4th and Kentucky. Drumm 78. Pacific Bridge Co., 4 California. Main 1721. Pacific Butchers' Supply Co, 770 Mission. Main 1950. Pacific Carriage Co., Coupes and Hacks, 200 Sutter. Mai 5688. Pacific Chair Co., 762 Mission. South 40. Pacific Cleaning and Dyeing Works, 353 Tehama. Main 5193. Pacific Coast Automatic Sprinkler Co., 206 Sansome. Red 1502. Pacific Coast Boiler Works, 235 Main. Main 1881. Pacific Coast Co., The, 16 Cal. Main 1880. Same [Pacific Coast Co.], Beale Street Wharf. Red 114. Pacific Coast Co-operative Cigar Mfg. Co., 324 Battery. Main 5656. Pacific Coast Dredging and Reclamation Co., 36 Steuart. South 329. Pac. Coast Electric Co., 1145 Mkt. Main 5005. Pacific Coast Fish Co., 511 Mcht. Green 461. Pacific Coast German Cook Society, Cooks, 215 3d. Main 5769. Pacific Coast Hardware and Metal Assn., 8 Pine. Mint 1464. Pacific Coast Hat Works, 1380 M'kt. South 200. Pacific Coast Horse and Wagon Repository, 116 G.G. Main 5023. Pacific Coast Hotel Supply Co., 27 Flood Bldg. Main 420. Pacific Coast Jockey Club, Office Palace Hotel. Mission 269. Same [Pacific Coast Jockey Club], Track, Ocean House Road. Red 1951. Pacific Coast Loan Association, 8 Mills Bldg., 8th fl. Main 165. Pacific Coast Oil Co., 22 Mills Bldg., 9th fl. Main 397. Pacific Coast Savings Society, 805 Market. Main 462 Pacific Coast S.S. Co., B'dwy Whf. Main 138. Same [Pacific Coast S.S. Co.], 10 Market. Main 494. Same [Pacific Coast S.S. Co.], Ticket Office 4 New Montg'y. Main 5426. Same [Pacific Coast S.S. Co.], Storeroom Broadway and Drumm. Main 2. Pacific Coast Syrup Co., 713 San. Red 2717. Pacific Coast Waiters' Association, Inc., 5 Stockton. Black 102. "Pacific Coast Wood and Iron," 4 California. Brown 52. Pacific Copper Works, 565 Mission. Jessie 1391. Pacific Dispensary of the Children's Hospital, 1109 Mission. Jessie 1991. Pacific Drier Vegetable and Prov. Co., Exp'tg, 440 Townsend. Main 636. Pac. Electric Motor Co., 183 Jessie. Main 1584. Pacific Electrical Works, 23 Stevenson. Main 5919. Pac. Exploration Co., W.E. Holbrook Mgr., room 30, Chronicle Bldg. Drumm 30. Pacific Express Co. of Petaluma and S.F., 30 Market. Main 277. Pacific Folding Paper Box Factory, 14 Fremont. Black 711. Pacific Fringe Factory, 115 Minna. Main 91. Pacific Fruit Packing Co., 804 Stockton. West 661. Pacific Fuel Co., 1013 McAllister. Main 1908. Pac. Gas Imp. Co., Lessee of Ent'l Gas Co., Stevenson and Annie. Black 1352. Pacific Gossamer Rubber Co., 139 1st. Black 186. Pacific Graphophone Co., Graphophones, 724 Market. Mission 7(3). Pacific Hebrew Home, Silver Av. and Old Mission Road. Jessie 891. Pacific Homeopathic Dispensary, 819 Mission. Steiner 1885. Pacific Ice Cream and Candy Works, 504 Hayes. Clay 989. Pac. Illustrating Bureau, 319 Cal. Main 90. Pacific Improvement Co., General Office Union Trust Bldg. Main 1981. Same [Pacific Improvement Co.], Stable, 4th and Townsend. Bush 2. Same [Pacific Improvement Co.], Land Dept., 156 Crocker Bldg. Jessie 144. Pacific Laundry Tray Factory, Hughes & Co., Mgrs., 40 8th. Main 5580. Pacific Law and Collection Co., 415 Montgomery. South 469. Pacific Lumber Co., Yard 6th and Hooper. Main 5520. Same [Pacific Lumber Co.], 330 Market. Main 261. Pacific Mail S.S. Co., Gen'l Office, 425 Market. Main 5287. Same [Pacific Mail S.S. Co.], Superintendent's Office, 1st and Brannan. Main 458. Same [Pacific Mail S.S. Co.], Chief Freight Clerk's Office, 1st and Brannan. Main 5656. Pacific Marine Railway and Ways Co., 36 Steuart. Front 58. Pacific Maine Supply Company, 215 California. Main 794. Pacific Metal Works, 139 First. Main 750. Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Cal., Pacific Mutual Bldg. Mint 981. Same [Pacific Mutual Life Ins. Co. of Cal.], (Branch Office), 1170 Market, room 18. Clay 205. Pacific Notion Co., 17 Battery. South 164. Pacific Packing House, 498 4th. Main 484. Pacific Paste Co., V. Ravenna & Co., 407 Jackson. Main 656. Pacific Paving Co., Bituminous Rock, 118 Phelan Bldg. Main 610. Pacific Pine Lumber Co., 237 Cal. Main 1896. Same [Pacific Pine Lumber Co.], Yard, 3d and Berry. Black 3166. Pacific Plating and Metal Works, 550 Mission. Main 1068. Pacific Postal Telegraph-Cable Co., 531 Market. Main 5341. Same [Pacific Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.], 301 Montgomery. Main 5192. Same [Pacific Postal Telegraph-Cable Co.], Supply Dept., 534 Market. (end of page)