transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page 108 Pine 3052. Rusconi & Bulotti, Groceries, Pine & Broderick. Main 1715. Rusconi & Fisher, The Ormonde, 432 California. Jessie 42. Russ Brothers, Plumbers, 342 6th. Main 509. Russ House, J.S. Young, Proprietor, Montgomery. Front 24. Russ, Early & Harville, Commission Merchants, 121 Davis. Davis 433. Russ House Barber Shop, 217 Montgomery. Main 965. Russell, Chas. F., Sec. Retail Lumber Dealers' Assn., 29 Steuart. Green 301. Russell, Mrs. H., The Rossin, 109A Powell. Pine 301. Russell, H.A., Res. 302 Laurel. Black 2817. Russell & McKay, Leather, 37 Stevenson. Main 5019. Russian Consul, 606 Save Deposit Bldg. Davis 42. Rutz, Geo. A., Bakery and Coffee Parlor, 38 4th. Blue 951. Rutz's Bakery, 836 Valencia. Texas 13. Ryan, A.W., Wines and Liquors, 1500 Railroad Av. Mission 72. Ryan, Daniel, Druggist, 4402 Mis'n. Blue 301. Ryan, Geo., Groceries, Coal and Hay, 28th and Alabama. Folsom 231. Ryan, John F., Res. 405 Grove. Mint 1133. Ryan, Philip, S.F. Hand Ball Court, 858 Howard. Mint 1891. Ryan, T., Groceries, 501 8th. Polk 755. Ryan, Thomas, Res. 1611 Vallejo. Davis 693. Ryder, Mrs. L.G., Manicure, 126 Kearny. Main 5325. Ryer, F.F., Capitalist, 130 Sans. White 331. Ryer, Marshall B., Physician, 61 Erie. Blue 296. Ryhner, Chas., Oakville Wine Co., 3100 Folsom. Busy Lines "BUSY," in telephone parlance, means that the station wanted is already con- nected with another. When the same station is often reported "busy" in the same day, it means that that station is fre- quently connected with others. "Busy" always delays a message, sometimes kills it altogether. If your correspondents com- plain that your line is always "busy," you may infer that your telephone facili- ties are not sufficient. The contract department can suggest remedies for an over-"busy" line. (end of page)