transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page 110 Main 1150. San Francisco Breweries, Ltd., 240 2d. Drumm 6. San Francisco Bridge Co., Bridge Bld'rs and Contractors, 42 Mkt. South 158. San Francisco Business College, 1236 Market. Main 1868. "San Francisco Call," Business Office, Claus Spreckels Bldg. Main 1874. Same ["San Francisco Call"], Editorial Rooms, 217 Stevenson. Main 1835. Same ["San Francisco Call"], W.S. Leake, Mgr., Claus Spreckels Bldg. Main 1807. Same ["San Francisco Call"], Mailing Room, Claus Spreckels Bldg. Main 1823. San Francisco Candle Co., Office 402 Front. South 36. San Francisco C'pt Beating and Renovating Works, 25 10th. Main 1823. San Francisco Chemical Works, 402 Front. Main 1600. "San Francisco Chronicle," Business Office Market and Kearny. Main 1058. Same ["San Francisco Chronicle"], Editorial Rooms, Market and Kearny. Main 1036. Same ["San Francisco Chronicle"], City Editor, Chronicle Bldg. Main 5128. San Francisco Clothing Renovatory, 14 Kearny. Bush 33. San Francisco Club, Claus Spreckels Bldg. Main 5255. San Francisco Collateral Loan Bk., Max Goldberg, Pres., 538 Kny. Main 218. San Francisco Cordage Co., Factory, Potrero. South 602. San Francisco Cornice Co., 140 8th. White 72. San Francisco Cream Depot, 2976 16th. Black 2441. San Francisco District Telegraph Co., Business Office 246 Sutter. Main 5962. San Francisco Electrical Co., 31 2d. Black 724. San Francisco French Bakery, 402 Pacific. Main 246. San Francisco Gas and Electric Co., 413 Post. Pine 1161. San Francisco Golf Club, 1st Av. and Presidio Gate. Mint 1133. San Francisco Hand Ball Court, 858 Howard. Main 5053. San Francisco Homeopathic Polyclinic, Office 220 Mont'y Av. Red 1571. San Francisco Launch Co., Stockton and North Point. Main 5125. San Francisco Laundry Association, 33 Geary. Red 1546. San Francisco Law Journal, 219 Bush. South 631. San Francisco Lumber Co., Yard, Channel, bet. 4th and 5th. Main 1047. Same [San Francisco Lumber Co.], 3d and Berry. West 731. San Francisco Lying-in Hospital and Foundling Asy., 913 G.G. Blue 1494. San Francisco Mantel Co., 2251 Folsom. Front 35. San Francisco Marble and Granite Co., Office 212 California. Main 392. S.F. Mechanical Directory Co., Geo. W. Maxwell, Mgr., 508 Clay. Main 1550. San Francisco Mill Furnishing Depot, 513 Mission. Main 5137. San Francisco Music and Piano Co., 225 Sutter. Main 1359. San Francisco National Bank, Pine and Sansome. Main 1298. San Francisco News Co., Periodicals and Stationery, 342 Geary. Main 399. "San Francisco News Letter," 5 Kearny. Main 976. San Francisco Novelty and Plating Works, 68 1st. Clay 614. San Francisco Novelty Leather Co., 218 Montgomery Av. South 627. San Francisco Nursery for Homeless Children, 1534 Mission. Main 5394. San Francisco Paving Co., A.J. Raisch, Mgr., 328 Montgomery. Red 2171. San Francisco Pioneer Sand and Sawdust Depot, 529 Mission. Mission 129. San Francisco Pioneer Varnish Works, 24th and Kansas. South 15. San Francisco Planing Mills, 530 5th. South 126. San Francisco Polyclinic, 410 Ellis. Main 471. San Francisco Produce Exchange, 425 California. Main 410. Same [San Francisco Produce Exchange], 425 California. Mint 1831. San Francisco Restaurant, 1007 Market. East 969. San Francisco Riding Club, 1615 Pacific. Main 967. San Francisco Savings Union, Savings Bank, 532 California. South 551. San Francisco Sawdust and Sand Association, 921 Bryant. South 41. San Francisco Sewer Pipe Association, Sewer and Chimney Pipe, 1358 Market. South 785. San Francisco Shoe House, 931 Market. Black 2888. San Francisco Soda Works, 433 Francisco. Clay 604. San Francisco Stamp Co., 40 Geary. Green 175. San Francisco Stencil & Brand Works, 405 Front. South 4. San Francisco Stock Brewery. Main 1825. San Francisco Sulphur Co., 318 Front. Main 1976. San Francisco Sulphur Co., Bay and Dupont. West 812. San Francisco Teaming Co., Turk and Webster. Black 1571. San Francisco Timber Preserving Co, Bay and Powell. Black 501. San Francisco Tool Works, 27 Stevenson. Main 505. San Francisco Transfer Co., Jas. Gaffney, Pres. 12 Grant Av. East 960. San Francisco Turner Hall, 323 Turk. Main 550. San Francisco Typewriter Exchange, 409 California. Davis 502. San Francisco Typographical Union No. 21, 320 Sansome. East 56. San Francisco Verein, Post and Leavenworth. Main 1687. San Francisco Whist Club, 326 Post. Grant 113. San Francisco Window Clng. Co., L. Ferrari Mgr., 328 Sutter. Main 5927. San Francisco Wood and Ivory Works, 417 Mission. Main 1004. San Francisco & North Pacific Railway Co., 650 Market. Main 1900(4). Same [San Francisco & North Pacific Railway Co.], General Office Mutual Life Bldg., 4th fl. Main 1900(3). Same [San Francisco & North Pacific Railway Co.], Passenger Depot, Market St. Wharf. Main 1900(5). Same [San Francisco & North Pacific Railway Co. Freight Depot, Front and Vallejo. South 8. San Francisco & Pacific Glass Works, 7th and Townsend. Main 5499. San Francisco & San Joaquin Coal Co., Gen. Office, 328 Montg'ry. South 95. Same [San Francisco & San Joaquin Coal Co.], Genl. Sales Dept., 10th and Channel. SAN FRANCISCO & SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY RY. Main 5385. San Francisco & San Joaquin Valley Railway, 321 Market. Main 805. Cal. N. & I. Co., Ticket Office Washington St. Wharf. Main 5286. Engineer, 321 Market. Main 5286. General Superintendent, 321 Market. Main 5385. Secretary, 321 Market. Main 5385. Traffic Manager, 321 Market. Main 5286. Vice-President, 321 Market. Mission 226. San Francisco & San Mateo Railway Co., 30th and San Jose Av. Black 1431. San Gottardo Hotel, 511 Broadway. Main 1606. Sanguinetti, G., Genl. Mdse, S.W. cor. Davis and Vallejo. (end of page)