transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page 141 Long Distance Uncompleted Switch In the case of an "UNCOMPLETED SWITCH," that is, a switch upon which no conversation has been held, the charge will be as follows, and the party be given such informa- tion as we may obtain, such as: "Party called for out of town." "Party called for sick and cannot come." "Party called for has left for Spokane." "Party called for cannot come to tele- phone at present." Between points less than 100 miles apart - 25 cents Between points over 100 miles apart - - - 50 cents If it should happen that the conver- sation takes place at any time within 24 hours after the first call is made, it be- comes a "Completed Switch" at reg- ular rates, and the amount already paid for the "Uncompleted Switch" may apply in payment thereof. (end of page)