transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page back sheets (sheet 1) Long Distance Uncompleted Switch IN the case of an "UNCOMPLETED SWITCH," that is, a switch upon which no conversation has been held, the charge will be as follows, and the party be given such informa- tion as we may obtain, such as: "Party called for out of town." "Party called for sick and cannot come." "Party called for has left for Spokane." "Part called for cannot come to tele- phone at present." Between points less than 100 miles apart . 25 cents Between points over 100 miles apart . . . 50 cents If it should happen that the conver- sation takens place at any time within 24 hours after the first call is made, it be- comes a "Completed Switch" at reg- ular rates, and the amount already paid for the "Uncompleted Switch" may apply in payment thereof. (sheet 2) Simplicity Directness and Dispatch are the watchwords of modern business methods . . . . . A Telephone Communication has all the simplicity and directness of a personal conversation. As for dis- patch--it is Telephone first and the rest nowhere. (sheet 3) The Business You Cannot Do by mail because time is too precious, or by telegraph because it would take too many words to express, and the reply must be awaited, or by personal interview because traveling is expen- sive and tedious and robs you of your time, you can do by TELEPHONE, which gives you Instantaneous Communication (sheet 4) Pacific States Telephone Companies PACIFIC, INLAND, SUNSET, OREGON NEW LINES TO BE COMPLETED DURING OCTOBER, 1898. San Francisco to Eureka, Cal. Via Coast Route San Francisco to Portland, Oregon Via Redding and Ashland Portland, Oregon, to Spokane, Wash. Via Walla Walla and Colfax Spokane, Wash., to Boise City, Idaho Via Baker City Spokane, Wash., to Canadian Line Via Rossland All New Lines of Double Heavy Copper Wires of the same Conductivity as those in use between New York and Omaha (sheet 5) For the purposes of ???, all employees of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, whose duties require them to enter the premises of its sub- scribers, for any purpose whatever, whether for placing telephones, repairing telephones, emptying nickel-in-slow machines, col- lecting bills, or anything else, will be pro- vided with a card similar to the following: [picture of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. business card with a portrait, company logo, name, position, and company's telephone number: Telephone Bush 31.] Our Collectors and Inspectors visiting sub- scribers (especially residences) will always Present and Leave their Cards, unless, from frequent visits, they are well known; our patrons having the slightest doubt as to the identity of the person rep- presenting himself to be an employee of this Company will confer a favor by asking for the employee's card. (end of page)