transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Co. October, 1898 page iii OLD SUBSCRIBERS WITH CHANGED NUMBERS: The following names are in proper alphabetical order in body of book, but have had the tele- phone number changed since going to press. Subscribers interested in any of the changes are respectfully requested to substitute the new number given below for the old number printed in main part of list. Main 537. Adams, W.J., Lumber Dealer, 10 Cal., room 7. Jackson 385. Alvey, L.A., Res. 2711 1/2 Sutter. Clay 945. Anderson Bros. & Wade, Printers, 411 1/2 Cal. Main 1683. Berwin & Gassner, Furriers, 110 Kearny. Hyde 2791. Bushnell, Dr. Geo. E., Res. 1423 Van Ness. Davis 943. Carr Estate, W.B. & Geo. G., 419 Cal. Pine 1091. Curtis, Dr. R.H., Res. 2205 Green. Howard 28. Dalton, B.C., Res. 401A Van Ness. Jackson 36. Dunkelman & Janssen, Groceries, 999 McAllister. Davis 618. Ellis & Co., Designing, Engraving and Lithographing, 606 Mont'y. Main 1695. Gunst, M.A. & Co., Branch, 203 Kearny. Sutter 716. Hart, B., Res. 1107 Franklin. Red 1436. Hillon & Bisson, Parisian Bakery, 304 Mont'y Av. Main 5599. Hodge, M.J., Wines and Liquors, 105 Market. Hyde 1821. Kull, J.H., Wood and Coal Yard, 712 Polk. Steiner 4613. Liebes, Mrs. Hannah, Res. 1900 Pierce. West 165. Liebes, Sidney, Res. 1890 Page. Geary 1083. Malm, C.A., Res. 2324 Pine. West 59. McDonald, M.J., Res. 1701 Gough. West 193. Noble, Burr, Res. 611 Baker. West 193. Noble, Miss Pearl, Res. 611 Baker. Red 1436. Parisian Bakery, 304 Mont'y Av. East 333. Richardson, G.F., Res. 952 Bush. Main 1601. Schwartz, Henry & Co., Pool Sellers, 4th and Market. Every Business Man advertises and his first aid in this (as in everything else) is the Long Distance Telephone, which enables him to reach every other business man in California without moving from his Desk. (end of page)