transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company February, 1903 page 038 Priv. Exch 502. Cal. Mill Co., 134 Spear. [Priv. Exch 502] [Cal. Mill Co.] Bolander, L. Ph. [Priv. Exch 502] [Cal. Mill Co.] Shaughnessy, Wm. [Priv. Exch 502] [Cal. Mill Co.] Martell, F. H. [Priv. Exch 502] [Cal. Mill Co.] Young, James. [Priv. Exch 502] [Cal. Mill Co.] Preble, O. S. [Priv. Exch 502] [Cal. Mill Co.] Allen, W. F. [Priv. Exch 502] [Cal. Mill Co.] McKinnie, Murray, Woodcarver. Main 1011. Cal. Mineral Water Co., 607 Merchant. Priv. Exch 216. Cal. Mining Corporation, Starr King Bldg. Bush 241. Cal. Moline Plow Co., 530 Mkt. Church 322. Cal. Motor Co. Motor Bicycles, 2212 Folsom. Black 5535. Cal. Mounting & Engraving Co., 411 Coml. Main 805. Cal. Navigation & Improvement Co., Wash. St. Whf. Cal. Northwestern Ry. Co., Mutual Life Bldg. Main 1900—4. R. X. Ryan, Gen. Pass. & Frt. Agt. Main 1900—4. H. C. Whiting, Gen. Mgr. & Purchasing Agt. Main 1900—4. Thos. Mellersh, Secy. & Controller. Main 1900—4. A. W. Foster, Pres. Main 1900—3. Agent, Tiburon Ferry Ticket Ofc. Main 1900—5. Agent, Front & Vallejo Sts., Frt. Ofc. Main 1004. City Ticket Office, Chronicle Bldg. Main 1347. Cal. Notion & Toy Co., 524 Mkt. Davis 751. Cal. Nutmeat Co., l23 Clay. Bush 36. Cal. Optical Co., 205 Kearny. Grant 181. Cal. Oregon & Washington Home Builders Association, Hayward Bldg. East 703. Cal. Oyster House, 1405 Bush. Priv. Exch 31. Cal. Packing Co. [Priv. Exch 31] [Cal. Packing Co.] Ofc. 122 Davis. [Priv. Exch 31] [Cal. Packing Co.] Mgr. [Priv. Exch 31] [Cal. Packing Co.] Bookkeeper. [Priv. Exch 31] [Cal. Packing Co.] Factory, 115 Shotwell. [Priv. Exch 31] [Cal. Packing Co.] Foreman. [Priv. Exch 31] [Cal. Packing Co.] Shipping Clerk. Main 63. Cal. Paint Co., Ofc. & Wks., 236—1st. Bush 697. Cal. Paper & Board Mills, 40 Cal. Mission 311. Cal. Paper Box Co., 3179—17th. Main 1910. Cal. Paste Co. & Yosemite Flour Mills, Ofc. 347 Sac. Red 3626. Cal. Perforating Screen Co., 330 Howard. Bush 324. Cal. Petroleum Miners Assn., Mills Bldg., 2d fl. West 142. Cal. Pharmacy, 2742 Cal. Main 1643. Cal. Photo Engraving Co., 506 Mission. Folsom 681. Cal. Photo Jewelry Manufacturing Co., 927 Mkt. Larkin 2917. Cal. Piano Co., 510 Turk. Main 5319. Cal. Pioneers Society of, Pioneer Hall, 5 Pioneer Pl. Red 2435. Cal. Pleating Co., 14 Kearny. Mint 2491. Cal. Post Graduate Dental College, 3 Taylor. Priv. Exch 268. Cal. Powder Works, 330 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 268] [Cal. Powder Works] Ofc. [Priv. Exch 268] [Cal. Powder Works] Bermingham, Jno., Pres. [Priv. Exch 268] [Cal. Powder Works] Nesmith, J. F., Secy. Mgr. [Priv. Exch 268] [Cal. Powder Works] Wallace. F. W., Purchasing Dept. [Priv. Exch 268] [Cal. Powder Works] Wettig, E. A. [Priv. Exch 268] [Cal. Powder Works] Cashier. Howard 2477. Cal. Printing Co., 41—8th. Bush 596. Cal. Promotion Committee, Executive Ofc., 6 Cal. Main 5356 Same [Cal. Printing Co.], 25 New Mtgy. Mint 1533. Cal. Publishing Co., E. Spreckels Bldg. John 2091. Cal. Retreat Saloon, The, l6 Cal. Priv. Exch 104. Cal. Review, 543 Clay. Larkin 401. Cal. Rug Co., 1278 Union. Main 1089. Cal. Safe Deposit & Trust Co., Cal. & Mtgy. Bush 165. Same [Cal. Safe Deposit & Trust Co.], Vault Dept., Cal. & Mtgy. Black 3271. Cal. Saloon, The, 228 Mkt. Red 4341. Cal. Saloon, 109 Powell. Priv. Exch 302. Cal. Salt Co., Crocker Bldg. Main 1506. Cal. Saw Works, 212 Mission. South 596. Cal. School of Mechanical Arts. (Lick School), 16th & Utah. Bush 320. Cal. Shipping Co., 42 Mkt. Mint 3366. Cal. Socialist, Editorial Rms., Callaghan Bldg. Bush 115. Cal. Special Messenger Services, 294 O'Farl. John 3316. Cal. Spiral Riveted Steel Pipe Co., 515 Mission. South 430. Cal. Spring Mfg. Co., 937 Howard. East 37. Cal. Stables, Livery, 1611 Cal. Main 5021. Cal. Standard Oil Co., Chronicle Bldg. John 2316. Cal. State Board of Architecture, Phelan Bldg. Bush 92. Cal. State Board of Trade, Union Depot. Jessie 1632. Cal. State Spiritualist Association, 305 Larkin. Priv. Exch 480. Cal. Stevedore & Ballast Co., Main Ofc., 204 Cal. East 113. Cal. St. Cable R. R. Co., J. W. Harris, Supt., Hyde & Cal. Priv. Exch 2. Cal. Sugar Refinery, Cashier's Ofc., 327 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 2] Same [Cal. Sugar Refinery], Ofc. 327 Mkt. Priv. Exch 611. Same [Cal. Sugar Refinery], Whf. Potrero. Main 5426. Cal. Sugar & White Pine Agency, Rialto Bldg. Red 4429. Cal. Suspender Mfg. Co., 525 Mkt. Priv. Exch 195. Cal. Tallow Works, Butchertown. Butchertown 14. Cal. Tallow Works, 1225—5th Av. s. Main 5217. Cal. Tanning Extract Co., 218 Cal. Main 1731. Cal. Theatre, Bush St. Priv. Exch 91. Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co., Hayward Bldg. [Priv. Exch 91] [Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co.] Spotts, A. T., Mgr. [Priv. Exch 91] [Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co.] Keeney, C. M., Secy. [Priv. Exch 91] [Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co.] Rixford, E. H., Counsel. [Priv. Exch 91] [Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co.] Wilkins, B. S. [Priv. Exch 91] [Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co.] Lawrie, H. D. [Priv. Exch 91] [Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co.] Bishop, D. L. [Priv. Exch 91] [Cal. Title Insurance & Trust Co.] Kelly, J. T. M. James 591. Cal. Tool Works, Machinists & Blacksmiths, 143 Beale. Black 3964. Cal. Top Co., 33 Beale. South 200. Cal. Transfer Co., 208½ Ellis. Main 628. Cal. Transportation Co., Jackson St. Whf. Main 971. Cal. Undertaking Co., 405 Powell. James 2416. Cal. Uniform Co., 15 Sutter. Priv. Exch 325. Cal. Vigorit Powder Co., 318 Front. Bush 564. Cal. Vineyard Co., 320 Mkt. Sutter 1107. Cal. Volksfreund, 407½ Turk. Priv. Exch 9. Cal. Warehouse, 2d & Townsend. Red 5155. Cal. Watch Case Co., 220 Sutter. Main 1336. Cal. Water & Forests Assn., Mills Bldg., 8th fl. Mint 1036. Cal. Wheaten Starch Co., 18th & Hampshire. Priv. Exch 13. Cal. Wine Association, 651—3d. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Morgan, Percy T., Pres. & Gen. Mgr. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Frowenfeld, J., Vice—Pres. & Treas. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Lachman, Albert, Vice—Pres. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Hanson, Wm., Secy. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Frohman, F., Mgr. Sales Dept. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Morrow, A. R., Asst. Gen. Supt. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Robertson, Donald, Supt. of Supplies. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Kropp, W. E., Auditor. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Fox, W. J., Cashier. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Granz, Chas. T., City Sales Dept. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Lutgens, J. F., Shipping Dept. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Rumpf, Frank, Shipping Dept. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Levy, Miss Alice. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Kohler & Van Bergen, 661—3d. [Priv. Exch 13] [Cal. Wine Association] Lachman, S. Co., 153 Brannan. (end of page)