transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company February, 1903 page 059 Priv. Exch 204. Curtis, Jonathan, Payot, Upham & Co., 204 Pine. East 309. Same [Curtis, Jonathan], r. 704 Post. Geary 810. Curtis, Lewis A., r. 1119 Scott. Pine 4848. Curtis, Marvin, r. 2506 Union. White 231. Curtis, P. J., r. 317125th. Church 6321. Curtis, Miss R., r. 2656 Folsom. Pine 1091. Curtis, Dr. R. H., 2205 Green. Church 2615. Curtis, Mrs. R. V., r. 248 Fair Oaks. Park 201. Curtis, W. J., Mgr. G.G. Butter Co., 437 Fulton. Mission 132. Curtis & Donovan, Hay & Grain, Alabama nr. 26th. Red 5117. Curtis & Merrill, Agts. New Hampshire Fire Ins. Co., 407 Mtgy. Green 612. Curtis & Wilcox, Architects, 126 Kearny. Larkin 3494. Curtis, Mrs. C. B., r. 948 Eddy. Howard 1451. Cusack, J. J., Grocer, 715 Brannan. Bush 285. Cushing, C., Phy., 590 Sutter. Jackson 3711. Cushing, Mrs. C. H., r. 1277 O'Farl. Capp 163. Cushing, Mrs. E., r. 102 Duncan. Grace 4172. Cushing, Mrs. F. A., r. 377320th. Church 3497. Cushing, Geo. W., Contractor, 315 Faxton Av. Polk 1595. Cushing, H. A., Electrical Wks. & Locksmith, 1704 Polk. Main 5249. Cushing, O. K., Atty., 104 Sutter. Baker 708. Same [Cushing, O. K.], r. 177th Av. Howard 3032. Cushman, Mrs. E., r. 1432 Mission. Fell 313. Cushman, Mrs. M., r. 570 Hayes. Steiner 651. Cusman, Miss V. M., r. 2205 Sutter. Paqe 9246. Cussen, J. A., r. 428 Scott. Red 305. Custer, The, 906 Mkt. Folsom 1643. Custer, Herman J., Atty., E. Spreckels Bldg. South 591. Custom Feed Mills, 954 Bryant. Call for CUSTOM HOUSE. Custom House, Battery & Wash. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Collector, F. S. Stratton. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Deputy Collector lst Div., N. S. Farley. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Deputy Collector 2d Div., W. B. Hamilton. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Chief Clerk, Cress Unger. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Surveyor, Jos. S. Spear, Jr. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Deputy Surveyor, Chauncey M. St. John. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Naval Officer, John P. Irish. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Deputy Naval Officer, E. W. Maslin. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Cashier, C. G. Perkins. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Adjuster of Duties, Chas. H. Blinz. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Appraiser, John T. Dare. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Chinese Bureau, James R. Dunn. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] U. S. Special Agts., C. W. West & G. E. Channing. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Auditor, Geo. W. Cope. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Seizure Clerk, Ellis A. Holmes. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Weigher, F. L. Wooster. [Call for CUSTOM HOUSE] [Custom House] Appraisers Store, L. B. Anderson. Black 5892. Custom House Exchange. 500 Battery. South 1049. Cuthbertson, W. J., City Architect, City Hall. Main 5090. Cuthill, Thos. A., Pattern & Modelmaker, 335 Main. Pine 1416. Cutler, A. D., r. 3540 Clay. Red 1772. Cutler, E. B., Atty., 330 Pine. Church 996. Cutler, Geo. A., Drugs, 1799 Folsom. Grace 5068. Cutler, Mrs. J. S., r. 436 Waller. Howard 3449. Cutmanis, E., 944 Harrison. Black 3143. Cut Rate Collateral Bank, The, 114A Ellis. Sutter 2405. Cutshall, J. F., r. 317 Leavenworth. Grace 3121. Cutten, Mrs. E. L., r.2550 Sac. Scott 2863. Cutten, J. E., r. 3454 Sac. Folsom 2485. Cutter, D., r. 845 Harrison. West 482. Cutter, E. B., r. 2810 Wash. Grace 24. Cutter, J. F., r. 173 Hickory Av. South 302. Cutter, T. S., r. 230 Clara. Main 5398. Cutter & Mosley, Grain Comm., 302 Cal. Main 1306. Cuttor & Co., Teamsters, 102 Clay. Main 643. Cutting Fruit Packing Co., 508 Cal. Polk 3256. Cutting, Mrs. Luhrs, r. 1165 Bush. Bush 754. Cutting & Froman, Investments, Mutual Savings Bank Bldg. Howard 3262. Cuyala, R., Liquors, 1296th. Page 5401. Cyclery, The, 504 Stanyan. Main 5763. Cyclops Iron Works, 223 Main. Bush 34. Cyclops Machine Works, 115 Beale. South 570. Cypress Lawn Cemetery, City Ofc., Mkt. & City Hall Sq. Long Distance. Same [Cypress Lawn Cemetery], San Mateo Co. Priv. Exch 214. Cypress Lawn Hotel, Turk nr. Mkt. Kate 4247. Cyrus, Mrs. H. E., r. 252 Lexington Av. Black 5285. Czarnecki, A., Isle of Cuba Cigar Store, 131 Mtgy. Av. Grace 2028. Same [Czarnecki, A.], r. 2332 Jones. South 1046. Dabbous, Dr. A., r. 13512th. Black 4224. Dabel, Hermann, Saloon, Beale & Mission. John 581. Dabney Oil Co., 330 Pine. Church 3901. Dabovich, M., Restaurant, 1942 Mission. James 1291. Dabovich, S. & Geo. E. Liquors & Mercantile Lunch, 405 Wash. Scott 90. Dagenais, Mrs. Louise, r. 1020 Broderick. Baker 1751. Daggett, A. K., r. 2944 Stnr. Hyde 2086. Daggett, Mrs. B. A., r. 861 Geary. Bush 275. Daggett, R. B., Mgr. Electric Storage Battery Co. Nevada Blk. Steiner 1926. Same [Daggett, R. B.], r. 2362 Vallejo. East 57. Daggett, W. A., r. 857 Post. Folsom 108. Dahack, Mrs. E., Rooming House, 363 Jessie. Sutter 3313. Dahl, Anna, r. 1523 Pine. Steiner 2761. Dahl Bros., Butchers, 643 Pt. Lobos Church 3803. Dahl, Henry, Plumbing, etc., 323018th. Capp 5251. Dahl, K. M., r. 1134 Church. Bush 171. Dalbender, Geo., Pharmacy, 214 Kearny. Scott 1738. Dahlberg, A., r. 3525 Sac. Grace 1053. Dahlgren, O. F., r. 111 So. Park. Pine 3538. Dahnert, Franz F., Groceries etc., 2230 Geary. Main 5720. Dailey, E. C., Occidental Rubber Co., 578 Mission. Page 350. Daily, Mrs. Dora S., r. 770 McAllister. James 3481. Daily, Mrs. J. M., r. 1003 Wash. Bush 257. Daingerfield, Wm. R., Atty., Nevada Blk. Mint 3631. Dairymen's Assn., 3 City Hall Av. Main 1785. Dairymen's Union of Cal., 125 Davis. Church 1022. Daiss & Bauer, San Bruno Ranch, Wayland & Somerset. Main 1063. Dake, E. C., Advg. Agcy., 124 Sansome. Geary 1123. Same [Dake, E. C.], 1709 Turk. Black 5011. Dakin Publishing Co., E. A. Dakin, 320 Sansome. Page 2251. Dal Balcon, Joe, French Laundry, 1207 G.G. Av. Church 3863. Dalbey, E. W., r. 325 Guerrero. Main 1604. Dale, C. Allen, Rl. Est., 304 Mtgy. Church 1841. Daley, James, Saloon, 2600 Army. Capp 2193. Daley, J. H., r. 549 Liberty. Davis 554. Daley, T., r. 1912 Stockton. White 1440. Daley, Mrs. W. J., r. 3296 Folsom. Black 2661. Dalin, 0. Saloon, 5143d. Davis 935. Dall, Mrs. J. E., The Leo, 121 Mtgy Jessie 1705. Dall, P. P., Delicacies, 1619th (end of page)