transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company February, 1903 page 201 Howard 901. Owens & Starr, Coffee & Lunch, 9—6th. Folsom 756. Same [Owens & Starr], Restaurant, 1237 Mkt. Main 736. Owens & Unger, Cal. Drug & Spice Mills, 591 Mission. Priv Exch 609. Owens, Varney & Green, Bill Posters, Street Car & Gen. Advrs., Mkt. & 10th. [Priv Exch 609.] [Owens, Varney & Green] Owens, Len D. [Priv Exch 609.] [Owens, Varney & Green] Varney, Thos. H. B. [Priv Exch 609.] [Owens, Varney & Green] Green, J. Chas. [Priv Exch 609.] [Owens, Varney & Green] Mortenson. H. [Priv Exch 609.] [Owens, Varney & Green] Bill Posting Dept. South 356. Owl Drug Co., The, 1128 Mkt. Howard 2790. Owl Oyster Grotto, 108 Taylor. Scott 1302. Owl Saloon, 2848 Taylor. Scott 2223. Owles, Mrs. F. S., r. 2933 Clay. Black 2162. Oxford, The, Rooming House, 271 O'Farl. Page 4352. Oxnam, Rev. C. O., Ofc. 943 Stanyan. Main 5256. Oxnard, Robert, Vice—Pres. Amer. Beet Sugar Co., 123 Cal. West 421. Same [Oxnard, Robert], r. 2104 Bway. South 548. Oxone Spring Co., 6th & Brannan. South 798. Oyster Loaf, The, 13 Eddy. Grant 149. Pabst Brewing Co., Gen. Agency, 105 Cal. Bush 412. Pabst Cigar Store, 96 Ellis. Steiner 4276. Pabst, Mrs. P., r. 257—12th Av. Fell 3683. Pacheco, Julia C., r. 109 Webster. Main 654. Pacific Acetylene Gas Co., 115 New Mtgy. Main 6934. Pacific Ammonia Bottling Co., 310 Sac. West 599. Pacific Ammonia & Chemical Co., Francisco & Webster. Mint 1556. Pacific Athletic Assn., C. Spreckels Bldg. Main 638. Pacific Auxiliary Fire Alarm Co., E. Spreckels Bldg. East 726. Pacific Av. Fruit Market, Polk & Pac. Main 1610. Pacific Bolt & Iron Works, 350—2d. South 191. Pacific Bone, Coal & Fertilizing Co., 612—7th. Mission 200(1). Same [Pacific Bone, Coal & Fertilizing Co.], Factory, San Bruno Rd. South 150. Pacific Bottle Depot, 811 Brannan. South 125. Pacific Box Factory, 5th & Berry. Drumm 78. Pacific Bridge Co., 4 Cal. South 781. Pacific Buider, The Daily, 1508 Mkt. Main 1721. Pacific Butchers Supply Co., 770 Mission. Main 170. Pacific Car Service Bureau, 4th & Townsend. Main 1850. Pacific Carriage Co., Coupes & Hacks, 200 Sutter. South 746. Same [Pacific Carriage Co.], Stable, 48—8th. Brown 843. Pacific Cigar Co., 500 Kearny. Bush 678. Pacific Cleaning & Dyeing Works, J. Spaulding & Co., Main Ofc., 127 Stockton. South 383. Pacific Cloak House, 1142 Mkt. Black 4813. Pacific Coal Co., 668 Howard. Bush 426. Pacific Coast Adjusting Co., 416 Cal. Priv Exch 248. Pacific Coast Biscuit Co., 601 Folsom. [Priv Exch 248] [Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.] Portland Cracker Co. [Priv Exch 248] [Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.] Pell, H. C., Mgr. [Priv Exch 248] [Pacific Coast Biscuit Co.] Saroni, Louis, Secy. Polk 2766. Pacific Coast Blue Print Co., 621 O'Farl. Black 3126. Pacific Coast Boiler Works, 235 Main. Main 1052. Pacific Coast Borax Co., 101 Sansome. Black 2338. Pacific Coast Business Directory, 632 Mkt. Bush 575. Pacific Coast Casualty Co., Gen. Agcy., Hayward Bldg. Bush 664. Same [Pacific Coast Casualty Co.], Home Ofc., Safe Dep. Bldg. Main 1881. Pacific Coast Co., The, 401 Cal. Main 1880. Same [Pacific Coast Co.], Beale St. Whf. James 691. Pacific Coast Commercial Traveler's Assn., 416 Mkt. Red 5563. Pacific Coast Co—Operative Cigar Mfg. Co., 324 Battery. South 888. Pacific Coast Co—Operative Credit Co., Parrott Bldg. Main 5143. Pacific Coast Cork Insulating Co., Ofc. 410 Sutter. Main 664. Pacific Coast Dredging & Reclamation Co., 5 Mkt. Main 1025. Pacific Coast Fish Co., 504 Merchant. South 865. Pacific Coast Glass Works, 7th & Irwin. Main 5769. Pacific Coast Hardware & Metal Assn., 132 Mkt. Mint 1296. Pacific Coast HatWorks, 1458 Mkt. Main 1647. Pacific Coast Loan Assn., Mills Bldg., 8th fl. Red 5621. Pacific Coast Lumber & Furniture Mfg. Co., 512 Bush. Main 647. Pacific Coast Marine Firemen's Union, 46 Steuart. Black 4305. Pacific Coast Merchant, 212 Sansome. Bush 240. Pacific Coast Miner, 320 Sansome. James 3431. Pacific Coast Novelty Supply Co., 322 Post. Priv. Exch 30. Pacific Coast Oil Co., Rialto Bldg. [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] D. G. Scofield, Vice Pres. [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] H. C. Breeden, Treas. [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] S. H. McClintock, Purchasing Agt. [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] Cashier. [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] H. C. Morrow. [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] H. A. Byrnes [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] Forrest M. Towl, Mgr. Pipe Line Construction Dept. [Priv. Exch 30] [Pacific Coast Oil Co.] Teleg. Dept. Black 6435. Pacific Coast Paste Machinery Supply Co., 412 Jackson. Main 1224. Pacific Coast Press, Flood Bldg. Main 620. Pacific Coast Rubber Co., 453 Mission. Main 112. Pacific Coast Savings Society, 713 Mkt. Priv. Exch 138. Pacific Coast Steamship Co., 10 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] Ticket Ofc., 4 New Mtgy. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] J. F. Lawless, Mgr., 10 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] C. B. Dunann, Gen. Pass. Agt., 10 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] S. H. Cooper Gen. Frt. Agt., 10 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] J. D. Amos, Auditor, 10 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] Thos. Wallace, Supt., 10 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] C. C. Lacey, Consulting Engnr., 10 Mkt. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] G. W. Hallock, City Pass. & Ticket Agt., 4 New Mtgy. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] T. R. Turner, Purchasing Agt. & Port Steward, 1008 Battery. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] J. E. Pharo, Agt. Bway Dock. [Priv. Exch 138] [Pacific Coast Steamship Co.] C. W. Miller, Baggage Agt. Bway Dock. (end of page)