transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company February, 1903 page 251 East 711. St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Van Ness & Clay. East 498. St. Luke's Established Nurses Home, 1105 Van Ness. Priv. Exch 639. St. Luke's Hospital, 27th & Valencia. [Priv. Exch 639] [St. Luke's Hospital] Middleton, Col. J.V.D., Pres. & Gen. Mgr. [Priv. Exch 639] [St. Luke's Hospital] Schmidt, C., Supt. [Priv. Exch 639] [St. Luke's Hospital] Allen, Dr. L. A., Resident Phy. Larkin 2776. St. Marie, Mrs. Dora, r. 883 Eddy. East 320. St. Mary's Cathedral, 1100 Franklin. Main 551. St. Mary's Hospital, 1st & Bryant. South 778. St. Nicholas Hotel, 1630 Mkt. South 632. Same [St. Nicholas Hotel], 1630 Mkt. South 803. Same [St. Nicholas Hotel], Store Rm., 1630 Mkt. Mission 278. St. Nicholas Laundry Co., Walter D. Burke, Secy. & Mgr. 306617th. South 645. St. Nicholas Pharmacy, 1600 Mkt. Howard 2081. St. Nicholas Restaurant, 1650 Mkt. Howard 2085. St. Nicholas Shaving Parlor, 1632 Mkt. Priv. Exch 441. St. Paul Chimney Sweeping Co., 807 Mkt. Baker 1356. St. Rose Academy, 1605 Scott. Bush 49. St. Sure, A. F., C. Spreckels Bldg. Park 326. St. Thomas Hospital, 300 Page. East 76. St. Winifred Sanatorium, Dr. Winslow Anderson, Prop., 1025 Sutter. East 104. Staab, Mrs. H. G., r. 1404 Jones. Main 1686. Staacke, G., Comm., 320 Sansome. Geary 2252. Stabens, Mrs. Jos., r. 2309 Fillmore. Main 1196. Stabens & Friedman, Clothiers, 257 Pac. Howard 1226. Stablemens Union, 121 Eddy. Church 6164. Stack, Miss C. M., r. 703 Shotwell. Kate 4175. Stack, Miss Nellie, r. 133 Liberty. Fell 3361. Stacy, Mrs. T. J., r. 412 Ashbury. Main 5534. Stacom, Maria, Milliner, 531 Sutter. Black 3131. Stacy, Mrs. R. J., Dressmaker 116 Stockton. Fell 2066. Stade, Miss M., r. 529 Grove. Davis 30. Stadelmann, F., Dry, Fancy & Gents Furnishing Goods, 1400 Stockton. Larkin 4713. Stadermann, Mrs. M. A., r. 1460 Clay. Sutter 1791. Stadler, J., New Fruit Vale Creamery, 1502 Polk. Geary 429. Stadtegger, Geo., r. 2264 Filbert. Page 1054. Stadtmuller, E. W., r. 1465 Fulton. East 971. Stadtmuller, Mrs. F. D., r. 819 Eddy. Page 3042. Staedler, L. B., Bakery & Notions, 553 Haight. Howard 1206. Stafford, Mrs. B., r. 873 Mkt. Polk 781. Stafford, Capt. John, r. 1822 Pac. Capp 1442. Stafford, Robt. H., The Larkspur Saloon, 322822d. Priv. Exch 495. Stafford, W.G. & Co., Coal, Coke & Iron, 214 East. [Priv. Exch 495] [Stafford, W.G. & Co.] W. G. Stafford. [Priv. Exch 495] [Stafford, W.G. & Co.] H. V. Macdonald, Mgr. [Priv. Exch 495] [Stafford, W.G. & Co.] W. B. Hunt, Bookkeeper. [Priv. Exch 495] [Stafford, W.G. & Co.] Cal. Ewing, Weigher. [Priv. Exch 495] [Stafford, W.G. & Co.] G. B. Mudge, Salesman. Park 244. Stafford, Wm. G., r. 112 Broderick. Red 1231. Stafford & Stafford, Attys., Flood Bldg. Jessie 162. Stag, The, 231 Larkin. South 176. Stager Bros., Groceries, etc., 101 Oak. West 854. Stahl, Adolf, r. 2424 Stnr. Howard 1966. Stahlecker, J., Blacksmith, 828 Harrison. Black 143. Stahmer, Chas., r. 1015 Clay. Folsom 1309. Staib, Geo., Designer, Murphy Bldg. Sutter 2161. Staib, W. M., r. 1207 Clay. John 5461. Staiger, J. J., Ocean Mkt., 12 Wash. Capp 6402. Staley, Mrs. F. Newton, r. 430419th. Folsom 3453. Stall, Mrs. E. J., Rooming House, 139 Taylor. Priv. Exch 177. Stallman, Charles, Machinery & Supplies, Mission & 1st. Park 10. Same [Stallman, Charles], r. 1742 Fell. Black 1486. Stallman, Geo. Dentist, 120 Sutter. Geary 1513. Stallman, Mrs. M., r. 1822 Sutter. Black 368. Stamer, M. H., Bee Hive Restaurant, 422 Folsom. Capp 3655. Same [Stamer, M. H.], Restaurant, 145115th. Grace 3052. Stamper, I. r. 1202 Buchanan. Geary 894. Stamper, Miss Julia, r. 1314 Ellis. Green 233. Stamper, M. J., Tailor, 439 Geary. Page 313. Stamper, Sam, r. 514C Hayes. Main 5017. Standard Accident Ins. Co., Mills Bldg., 3d fl. Main 618. Standard Biscuit Co., 701 Front. Polk 1516. Standard, Miss C., r. 536 Geary. Black 5563. Standard Cigar Mfg. Co., 306 Sac. Pine 1114. Standard Clothing Renovatory, 1238 Fillmore. Folsom 2907. Standard Coal Co., 859th. Main 5565. Standard Coal & Teaming Co., 238 Steuart. Priv. Exch 23. Standard Electric Co., of Cal., The, Crocker Bldg. [Priv. Exch 23] [Standard Electric Co., of Ca., The] Standard Electric Distributing Co. [Priv. Exch 23] [Standard Electric Co., of Ca., The] Stockton Water Co. [Priv. Exch 23] [Standard Electric Co., of Ca., The] Blue Lakes Water Co. [Priv. Exch 23] [Standard Electric Co., of Ca., The] W. Frank Pierce. [Priv. Exch 23] [Standard Electric Co., of Ca., The] W. R. Eckart. [Priv. Exch 23] [Standard Electric Co., of Ca., The] A. C. Bunker. Priv. Exch 580. [Standard Electrical Construction Co.] Rialto Bldg. [Priv. Exch 580] [Standard Electrical Construction Co.] Davis, R. J., Pres. [Priv. Exch 580] [Standard Electrical Construction Co.] Dibblee, Harrison. [Priv. Exch 580] [Standard Electrical Construction Co.] Funke, A. M., Mgr. John 1041. Standard Furniture Co., 745 Mission. James 4241. Standard Glove Works, 575 Mission. Mint 38. Standard Loan Co., 46th. Main 1583. Standard Lumber Co., Crocker Bldg. Bush 157. Standard Machine Works, 310 Mission. Blue 1701. Standard Milk Co., 320116th. Capp 221. Same [Standard Milk Co.] 16th & Guerrero. Priv. Exch 30. Standard Oil Co., Rialto Bldg. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] W. S. Miller, Treas. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] H. C. Breeden, Gen. Mgr. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] W. M. Hall, Auditor. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] C. A. Watson, Supt. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] E. H. Merrill, Mgr. Lubricating Dept. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] Lubricating Oil Dept. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] Fuel Oil Dept., J. C. Fitzsimmons, Mgr. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] Order Dept. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] Cashier. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] Union Tank Line. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] S. H. McClintock, Purchasing Dept. [Priv. Exch 30] [Standard Oil Co.] Geo. Eggers. Red 2441. Standard Optical Co., 217 Kearny. Main 5443. Standard Outfitting Co., 220 Grant Av. Main 193. Standard Paper Co., Inc., 400 Sansome. Priv. Exch 302. Standard Portland Cement Co., Crocker Bldg. Main 5406. Standard Printing Co., 526 Mtgy. James 4591. Standard Public Weighing Scale Co., Filbert St. Whf., Pier 21. South 488. Standard Rock Oil Co., Parrott Bldg. Main 1195. Standard Roofing Co., 35 Post. Main 1822. Standard Sewing Machine Co., 8 Cal. South 296. Standard Dewing Machines, 1021 Mkt. South 561. Standard Shirt Factory, Gough & Grove. Bush 683. Standard Soap Co., 113 Sac. Mission 173. Standard Soda Water Works, 1474 Valencia. (end of page)