transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company February, 1903 page 252 Red 5446. Standard Trust Co., 916 Mkt. Main 5967. Standard Typewriters Exchange, 303 Bush. John 95. Standard Wall Paper Co., 729 Mission. Church 381. Standart, W. H., r. 712 Capp. Kate 6188. Standish, F. B., r. 1375 Waller. Folsom 1587. Stanford, Geo. G., Dentist, 1170 Mkt. Fell 3276. Same [Stanford, Geo. G.], r. 464B Frederick. Scott 3014. Stanford, H. H., r. 8424 Clay. Black 1841. Stanford House, The, 346 Sutter. Main 15. Stanford, Mrs. Leland, r. Cal. & Powell. South 706. Stanford Stables, 310 G.G. Av. Main 5702. Stanford Studio, 731 Mkt. Steiner 3121. Stanford, W. E., r. 2114 Post. Pine 1541. Stang, D., Bakery & Confectionery, 1503 Geary. Church 5184. Stange, Carl, Grocer, 4156—24th. Drumm 19. Stange, Jno. R. W., Saloon, 250A East. Page 2321. Stangenberger, Geo. B., r. 632 Grove. Scott 1292. Staniels, Mrs. A., r. 1624 Ellis. Sutter 1991. Staniels & Devlin, Shirt Waists to Order, 717 Sutter. Geary 2042. Stanle, F. H,, r. 2641 Sac. Hyde 81. Stanley, Mrs. B. B., r. 1419 Green. Church 5244. Stanley, Chas. P., r. 327 Elizabeth. Church 3521. Stanley, Mrs. E. L., r. 123—l4th. Priv. Exch 66. Stanley Electric Mfg. Co., 31 New Mtgy. Sutter 3141. Stanley, Miss F., r. 1722 Clay. Church 6195. Stanley, Fred J., Barber, 1310 Castro. Larkin 1051. Stanley, H. J., r. 1027B Post. Kate 4106. Stanley, J. T., r. 242 Jersey. Mint 1426. Stanley, Miss L., r. 130 Eddy. Main 6199. Stanley—Taylor Co., The Printers & Pubrs., 656 Mission. White 1210. Stanley, W. H., r. 145 Lower Terrace. Davis 842. Stanley, William H., Mfrs. Agt. 169 Cal. Larkin 3317. Stannard, C. H., r. 1340 Pine. Capp 5011. Stanquist, Victor, r. 3482—22d. Polk 2041. Stanton, Mrs. D. J., The Sovereign, 323 Ellis. Larkin 1153. Stanton, F. G., Cigars & Candy, 603 Post. Fell 527. Stanton, F. J., r. 1417 McAllister. Davis 125. Stanton, Thomas James & Co., Rl. Est. & Mining Agts., 417½ Pine. John 4981. Stanwood & Obermeyer, Slot Machines, Flood Bldg. Geary 1181. Stanyan, C. H., r. 2006 Bush. James 1451. Stapff, F. W., Dentist, 6 Eddy. East 603. Stapler, Dr. D. A., r. 1010 Sutter. Folsom 3554. Staples, Mrs. A. R., Sta. Margarita House, 833A Howard. Page 3441. Stapleton, F. J., r. 13 Henry. Church 4573. Stapleton, Miss M., r. 913 Guerrero. Page 4104. Stapleton, R., r. 838 Broderick. East 965. Stappenbeck, Chas, Florist, 1207 Polk. Black 6281 Stappenbeck, Mrs. J., Branch Bakery, 402A Francisco. Geary 1451. Stappenbeck, Mrs. M., r. l625 Sutter. Howard 2446. Star Cleaning & Dyeing Co., 946 Folsom. Hyde 264. Star Hardware Co., 848 Larkin. Howard l472. Star Hotel, l530 Ky. Brown 456. Star Loan Co., 719 Mkt. Black 4896. Star Remedy Co., 387 Geary. Black 4562. Star Saloon, 57—3d. Main 728. Star Union Line, 30 Mtgy. Grace 4208 Starbird, Ralph, r. 86 Casell Av. Jessie 1574. Stark, Mrs. Adolph, r. 117 Russ. Larkin 131. Stark, Dr. B. W., Ofc. 1025 Sutter. Jackson 766. Same [Stark, Dr. B.W.], r. 2350 Union. Drumm 37. Stark, D. D., Secy. Cumberland Coal Co., 3 Cal. Page 4126. Stark, E. E., r. 1820 McAllister. Steiner 3886. Stark, Rev. E. J., r. 2029 Pierce. Polk 1056. Stark, John, r. 1021 Post. Howard 1656. Stark, T. A.. Dentist, 1170 Mkt. Steiner 3071. Starke, Mrs. Clara P., r. l8ll Eddy. Larkin 2835. Starkhouse, Mrs. H. R., r. l625 Bush. Kate 3203. Starks, Mrs. L. F., r. 126—7th Av. Grace 5056. Starkweather, Mrs. A., r. 1042 McAllister. Black 603. Starkweather, H. K. Co., Columbian Mutual B. & L. Assn., 310 Cal. Main 5825. Starr, Dr. F. R., r. 651 Vallejo. Priv. Exch 314. Starr, Geo. R., Treas. United R. Ra. of S. F., Rialto Bldg. Priv. Exch 216. Starr King Building, 123 Geary. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Office. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Duncan, Dr. Frank T., Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Davies, Wm. A., Secy. Grand Chapter R.A.M. Rec. K.T. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Engle, Dr. H. M., Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Ford, Chas. F., Osteopathist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Jones, H. Isaac, Oculist & Aurist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Noe, A. T., Phy. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Rice, Dr. Philip, Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Meacham, Dr. S. F., Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Richards, Dr. C. S., Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Perkins, Philip J., Dentist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Philip, John Harold, Oculist & Aurist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Teague, L. A., Dentist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Haines, Byron W., Dentist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Logan, Roscoe L., Phy. & Sur. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Lewis, Walter F., Dentist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Davis, Dr. C. H. A., Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Jeffery Jos. A., Dentist. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Johansen, Dr. Erneste, Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Sospita Co. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Equity Business Assn. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Installment Purchasing Bureau. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Cal Mining Corporation. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Starr King Barber Shop. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Wanamaker, John, ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Raphael, Nat., Importer Diamonds & Pearls. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Reynolds & Co., Designers of Gowns. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Schwartze, Martha, Robes. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] O'Brien, Mrs. N., Modes. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Asher, Mrs. Minna, Waists. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Sullivan, Miss N., Milliner. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Hunt, M., Milliner. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Lucile & Co., Milliners. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Boscoe, Miss Ena M., Scalp Treatmeat. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Wilbur, Miss J., Hairdressing & Manicuring. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Kurunaga, F. T., S. P. Co., Labor Agt. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Thomas Co., Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Bay Counties Land Co. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Dyett, Chas. H., Ofc. [Priv. Exch 216] [Starr King Building] Owen, Horace, Management of Advg. Mint 531. Starr King School, Bryant bet. 6th & 7th. East 868. Starr, Sidney L. M., r. 817 Van Ness. Geary 2461. Starr, W. A., r. 3051 Clay. Larkin 1868. Starr, Mrs. Wm. C., r. 1115 Green. Main 1861. Starr, Wm. M., Occidental Whse 1st & Townsend. Capp 3086. Starrett, Mrs. H. W., r. 10 Prospect Av. Polk 4451. Startzman, Mrs. M., r. 1422 Green. Red 2846. Startzman, M. B., r. 962 Pine. Main 5065. State Board of Examiners, Secy's Ofc., Ferry Bldg. Main 5733. State Board of Horticulture, Clay St. Whf. Red 2639 State Dairy Bureau, 114 Cal. South 412. State Labor Bureau, E. Spreckels Bldg. Main 1964. State Mining Bureau, Union Depot. Church 8155. Statham, W. M., r. 2507 Howard. Church 3613. Station C Delicacy Store, 3312—22d. Pine 3361. Stauf, Werner. r. 3218 Jackson. Bush 158. Stauf & Cooper, Stockbrokers, 320 Pine. Black 6116. Stauffacher, Mrs. H. J., r. 2328 Jones. Priv. Exch 325. Stauffer Chemical Co., 318 Front. [Priv. Exch 325] [Stauffer Chemical Co] Gen. Ofc. [Priv. Exch 325] [Stauffer Chemical Co] Factory, Bay & Dupont. [Priv. Exch 325] Same [Stauffer Chemical Co.], Utah & Alameda. (end of page)