transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company February, 1903 page c1 SEE SUPPLEMENT FOR NAMES RECEIVED TOO LATE FOR ALPHABETICAL ORDER. PACIFIC STATES TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. JNO. I. SABIN, PRESIDENT. LONG DISTANCE SUNSET TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. LOUIS GLASS, VICE. PRES. AND GEN. MGR. LONG DISTANCE FEBRUARY 1903 SAN FRANCISCO TELEPHONE DIRECTORY EXPANSION. It is the purpose of the Management to extend the use of the telephone to every town, no matter how small, throughout the Pacific States; and in all of the cites and towns, to put a telephone, at the most reasonable rates, within easy and immediate reach of every person whose income is sufficient to permit him to ride on street cars. FOR COMPLAINTS CALL MAIN 85. No rebate of rental will be allowed until after written notice of 24 hours as provided in contract. REMOVALS. Five days written notice is required in all cases where the location of a telephone is to be changed. The Telephone Company reserves the right to alter a subscriber's telephone number when made necessary by changes in the system. COPYRIGHT 1903 BY THE PACIFIC STATES TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY (end of page)