transcribed by <> Telephone Directory, San Francisco, California Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company February, 1903 page vi Money Transfers Money transfers limited to $100 may be made between stations of the PACIFIC STATES TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY with the permission of the nearest Division office. The receiving operator must see that the amount to be transferred is deposited, together with transfer fee and charge for message. Tickets covering transfer of money must be made with full information, including the names of the receiving and paying offices, amount transferred, transfer fee, and charge for message. The rate is one per cent (1%) on the sum transferred (providing no single charge is less than 25 cents), in addition to the cost of 2 fifteen—word messages. — Long Distance Cash Switches We frequently find that our patrons would like to pay cash at the time Long Distance switches are made, more especially when the switches are made from subscribers' telephones by outsiders. On information being given to "Long Distance" operator, at the time of making a Long Distance switch, that it is desired to pay cash for the same, a telephone messenger will be promptly sent to collect the money, which, if paid by an outsider, may be left with some one in the office where the telephone was used. Please do not pay to messenger any such sum, unless he presents a printed blank from this Company, stating the facts. Subscribers desiring that all switches should be Cash, can notify us by mail or telephone, and the necessary order will be given. (end of page)