San Francisco Genealogy
San Francisco Blue Book Directory, 1924
(All names and addresses are San Francisco, unless otherwised specified.)

Source: The San Francisco Blue Book and Club Directory, 1924
Jed J. Hoag and Arthur H. Page, Publishers, San Francisco, California, 1924

QUARG, Mr. William H., 967 Oak (Park 6464).
QUARRE, Mrs. Carlotta, 1253 Jones (Prospect 3908).
QUARRE, Miss Gladys, 1253 Jones (Prospect 3908).
QUARRE, Mr. and Mrs. Oswald George, 1253 JOnes (Prospect 3908).
QUEEN, Mr. and Mrs. J. Colgate, 924 Grove (Park 2074).
QUEEN, Mr. Edward J., 924 Grove (Park 2074).
QUEEN, Mrs. Richard E., 2212 Sacramento (West 140).
QUINLAN, Mr. and Mrs. Richard D., 271 11th Av. (Pacific 3242).
QUINN, Mr. and Mrs. Warren S., Palace Hotel (Sutter 700).

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