Helpful Information regarding the
1930 Federal Census Records
for The City & County of San Francisco, California

National Archives & Records Administration, 1930 Federal Census Information

How To Begin Your Search of the 1930 Federal Census (NARA)

Geographic Search Strategies for the 1930 Federal Census (NARA)

Geographic Resources useful for searching the 1930 Federal Census (NARA)

List of 1930 City Directory microfilms available at all NARA branches:

List of 1930 Enumeration District Boundaries for San Francisco, California

YAHOO!Maps for San Francisco
This has a search feature that allows you to enter a street address or two cross streets.  You can also zoom in for more detail, and pan in any direction.

Locations of San Francisco City Directory Collections

FAQ - 1930 Federal Census (NARA)

"1930 Census Research"(Instructions and tips by Kevin Fraley)

How to View, Rent, or Buy 1930 Federal Census Microfilm

National Archives & Records Administration, Pacific Region, San Bruno, CA

Obtaining EDs for the 1910, 1920 and 1930 Census In One Step (Large Cities) by Steve Morse

FAQs for Obtaining EDs for the 1910, 1920 and 1930 Census by Steve Morse

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