Source:  Sacramento Evening Bee, 31 July 1907
Transcribed by Betty Loose

Company Furnishes Revision of Columbia's Missing

SAN FRANCISCO, July 31 - The San Francisco and Portland Steamship Company's official corrected list furnished to the Associated Press last night shows that of the 189 passengers carried by the steamer Columbia, 66 are missing and in all probability were drowned. Fifty-nine of these were cabin passengers and seven had taken steerage berths. Only 11 of the 59 members of the crew are now missing. The revision brings the total number of missing passengers and crew to 77. There were 248 souls on the Columbia when she collided with the San Pedro at 12:22 o'clock Sunday morning, July 21st.  Following is the corrected list furnished by the steamship company. In not every case is the place of residence of the missing person known. In such cases the name is given of the place where was purchased the railroad ticket
on which steam transportation was issued. It is believed that the errors caused in the earlier lists of missing and survivors by the giving of incorrect names when passage was engaged, have been corrected in the following list.


W.J. BACHMAN, Bristol, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. E. BUTLER and their daughter, Miss Gertrude, Guthrie, Okla.
Mr. Butler's body was recovered from a life raft and brought to San Francisco.
J.W. CARPENTER and Miss Clara CARPENTER, Cold Water, Kas.
Miss Nena (not Lena) COOPER, Kansas City.
W.C. TODD and Miss A.S. TODD.
John C. DURHAM, Knapa.
L.L. DRAKE, Jr., and year-old son of Mrs. L.L. DRAKE, Sr., who was rescued, Portland.
Mrs. Wm. SOULES.
Mrs. A. GRAY, Cottage Grove, Ore.
Miss Katrina HAYDEN, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Mrs. G.A .KELLER and her three grown daughters - Miss Alma B., Miss Grace and Miss Effie B. - Decatur, Ill.
Mrs. O.S. LEWIS, her son Ray, and her daughter Florence, Pasadena.
Lawrence MERO, 18 years old, Blair Neb.
Miss Louis G. NAKE and Miss Nellie A. NAKE, sisters, St. Louis.
Miss Mary K. PARSONS, Denver.
K. YOUNG. It is thought his may be James K. Young, Pacific Coast representative of a New York cigarette house.
Sarah SCHULL and Miss Cora SCHULL, sisters, Topeka, Kan.
George T. SPARKS, President of the Fort Smith Bank, Fort Smith, Ark. His body was picked up by a lifeboat and carried to Eureka, and was brought to San Francisco yesterday by the steamer Topeka.
Miss Francis E. SCHROEDER, Menitowoc, Wis.
J.D. SPRINGER, Muskogee, I.T.
Miss Elsie May Stone, Newberg, Ore.
Miss Hattie L. WRIGHT, Peoria, Ill.
Mr. and Mrs. C.A. WINSLOW, Omaha.
Miss Edna WALLACE and Miss Bertha WALLACE, Austin, Texas.
Miss W. WHITE, Los Angeles.
Miss Abernal, Oakland. (*note)
Mrs. A.F. CONNELL, wife of the Tax Collector of San Diego.
Miss Margaret J. BENSON, San Francisco.
Mrs. E.J. BEST.
Mr. and Mrs. L. CLASBY, their son Steven, aged 7, and their daughter Marion, aged 11.
Mrs. Blanche R. GORDON.
Frank GLUNE, steerage.
John MILLER, steerage.
C.W. MERRILL, steerage.
J. PREMUS, steerage.
George F. SMITH.
Mrs. E. SILVA, steerage.
A. SPIELER, steerage.
B.V. VIANTE, steerage.
Mrs. B. WINTERS and Roland WINTERS, mother and son.
Mr. and Mrs. William WALLER. The latter's name appeared in all earlier lists as "Mrs. S. WALLER."

The missing members of the Columbia's crew are:

Captain P.A. DORAN, First Officer W.F. WHITNEY
First Assistant Engineer M.C. BURPEE
Second Assistant Engineer Max CLAUSE
Water Tenders W.T. ANDERSON and ______ ALEXANDER
Firemen J. MADISON and Edward LARKIN
Second Cook Frank D. DAVIS
Walter A.L. BLOCKER and a mess boy, name unknown.

    It is the consensus of opinion among wreckers and seafaring men that none of the bodies of the drowned passengers and crew ever will be recovered. Should any be washed up on the Mendocino coast, the inaccessibility of that unfrequented stretch would make their recovery improbable.  It is thought that inasmuch as the Columbia turned completely over as she went down, many of the unhappy victims are held fast in her wreckage.

Note: According Susan Thompson, Archivist of The Episcopal Diocese of California, the correct name of this passenger is Albertina BERNAL (see document).

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