San Francisco
Divorces (1882)


Twelve Months' Record of Matrimonial Wrecks

Why the Galling Chains Were Cut, and Who Wore Them--Warnings from the Divorce Courts which Will not be Heeded.

"Whom God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." Notwithstanding this clinching adjuration to the Christian marriage ceremony, the play of moral forces to which many who are conjugally united are subjected brings every year a procession of penitents into the divorce courts. Some married in haste and repented at leisure; some mistook an irrational infatuation for love, and under the delusion took the vows from which they wish to be absolved. Some loved--not wisely, but too well--and incompatibility or obliquities of character, hidden at first, later on becoming revealed, they clamor for a separation. In some instances poverty came in at the door and love flew out the window, and pretexts were not wanting upon which to supplicate a dissolving decree of the divorce court. There should be another tense in conjugal conjugation, and properly an additional mood, and we would have disgusted mood, preterite-delusion tense--I thought I loved (but didn't); and in the same mood there might also be added the repentent tense--I wish I never had loved. The record of the divorce courts of San Francisco for the past year discloses the debris, so to speak, of frail barks that have been wrecked on matrimonial reefs, and that ought to be a warning to those who are dreaming dreams of happiness, without studying the philosophy of cause and effect, or the economy of ways and means.


The causes that have led to these disasters are classified as follows: Extreme cruelty, 61; neglect and failure to provide, 66; wilful desertion, 93; habitual intemperance, 31; adultery, 27.

Following is the list:

Abel—Rosa from Lewis; failure to provide.

Abrams—Nettie L. from Thomas C.; failure to provide.
Anderson—Elizabeth from Albert; neglect and intemperence.
Appum—Elizabeth from Alphonso; failure to provide.
Archey—George M. from Henrietta; adultery.
Arota—Catherine from David; extreme cruelty.
Atkinson—Annie K. from George W.; desertion.
Barcas—I.I. from Adolph; failure to provide.
Barry—Ada B. from Charles E.; cruelty and habitual intemperance.
Bartlett—Laura from Frank A.; wilful desertion.
Beck—Robert L. from Eliza; cruelty and habitual intemperance.
Beel—Bertha Kahn from Philip S.; desertion.
Bell—Lucy Jane from Wm. M.; failure to provide.
Berry—Sarah from Peter; desertion and adultery.
Bertin—Felix from Jennie; habitual intemperance.
Blot—Louis from Justina; adultery.
Blum—Annette from Alfred; desertion.
Boehmer—Anna from John; desertion and failure to provide.
Bolton—Minnie B. from Thomas; extreme cruelty.
Booth—Catherine from George; cruelty.
Borden—Catherine from Michael; extreme cruelty.
Borgesan—B. from Annie E.; desertion.
Bosq—Rose E. from Romain; adultery.
Bowers—Abbie from Jacob; desertion.
Bremberg—Bernard L. from Heloise A.; desertion.
Brock—Charles S. from Etta E.; adultery.
Brown—Theodore A. P. from Charlotte E.; desertion.
Browne—James from Isabella; cruelty.
Bruce—Mary from Richard; abandonment and failure to provide.
Brumshaker—Emma E. from William; wilful neglect.
Bucklin—Kate from William E.; desertion.
Burton—Ella F. from Wilson F.; wilful neglect.
Buzzell—S.C. from Carrie A.; desertion.
Byrne—Eliza A. from J.H.; extreme cruelty.
Cady—E.E. from Charles; wilful neglect.
Cady—Martin K. from Jennie C.; desertion.
Calkin—Isabel from John N.; wilful desertion.
Carusi—Mary J. from S.P.; extreme cruelty.
Chase—Mary E. from Benjamin F.; desertion.
Christie—Sarah H. from T.J.; cruelty.
Clarke—Martha from George; adultery.
Cleary—Minnie E. from Thomas P.; failure to provide.
Coez—Louisa from Yvet; desertion.
Coleman—Priscilla A. from John W.; intemperance and wilful neglect.
Collins—Cecilia from George; wilfil neglect.
Comerford—Edward from Catherine; habitual intemperance.
Conway—Mary from E.F.; extreme cruelty.
Cook—Catherine from Henry J.; desertion and failure to provide.
Cooper—Nina from Fred; desertion.
Coots—Mariana from Charles L.; desertion.
Cornell—Catherine from William; habitual intemperance.
Corry—Catherine from William; extreme cruelty and neglect.
Courtney—Mary from John K.; wilful neglect.
Couturier—Mary M. from Joseph; extreme cruelty.
Craig—Margaret from W.W.; wilful desertion.
Cremer—Bettie from Nicholas; wilful neglect.
Crooker—John S. from Catherine A.; habitual intemperance.
Daly—Annie from James; extreme cruelty.
Daly—M.A. from George W.; extreme cruelty.
Daub—Philo F. from Catherine; desertion.
De Cima—Virginia L. from John; wilful neglect.
De Colon y Delgado—Julia Bertram from Emilio; extreme cruelty.
Delaney—Mary Ann from James; failure to provide.
Desslow—Mary from Henry; desertion.
Dietel—Virginia N. from Lorenzo; desertion.
Dietrich—Margaretha from John; desertion.
Dodd—Mary Ann from Samuel; failure to provide.
Doig—Eliza from George F.; failure to provide.
Dolan—Louisa E. from Luke; adultery.
Dominquez—A. from F.; desertion.
Drecoll—Wilhelmine from Fred H.; wilful neglect.
Dreyfus—Fannie E. from Julius; extreme cruelty.
Duff—Freeman B. from Linda E.; wilful desertion.
Duggan—Margaret from Timothy; habitual intemperance.
Edelen—Mary E. from Lemuel H.; desertion.
Elder—Hannah from James C.; desertion.
Elliott—Bridget from Robert; desertion.
Ely—Margaret from John; desertion.
Epps—Elizabeth from Charles; extreme cruelty.
Fairbairu—Emma J. from Nicholas H.; desertion and failure to provide.
Fardiff—Charlotte from Edward; extreme cruelty.
Felver—Clemens from Johanna E.; desertion.
Fennessy—Mary J. from John.
Feyser—Dora from Simon A.; failure to provide.
Finkheimer—Marie from J.G.; desertion.
Flagg—Mary F. from C.K.; adultery.
Flynn—Dennis from Margaret; habitual intemperance.
Foush—Mary from C.V.; failure to provide and habitual intemperance.
Fowlie—Margaret from George; wilful neglect.
Francis—Peter from Mary; adultery.
Franklin—Joseph from Frances; habitual intemperance.
Freany—Margaret from John H.; cruelty.
Freder—Louisa from William; extreme cruelty.
Fuller—Margaret A. from Benjamin G.; neglect and failure to provide.
Fuller—Margaret A. from Josiah; desertion.
Gallagher—Margaret from Michael; failure to provide.
Gibbs—Matilda from John F.; extreme cruelty.
Glanville—Sarah M. from Conrad F.; habitual intemperance.
Gorman—Sarah A. from Thomas F.; adultery.
Graham—Catherine S. from Wm. H.; failure to provide.
Graham—Mary M. from James G.; wilful desertion.
Gray—Altona C. from Alonzo M.
Greene—Nellie A. from Myron D.; wilful neglect.
Griffin—Kate from John T.; extreme cruelty.
Grimm—Adolph from Fernande; desertion.
Griswold—Martha A. from Josiah; wilful desertion.
Guenette—Eugenie from Peter; intemperance and desertion.
Hall—Annie from Sydney; failure to provide and desertion.
Haney—Henry M. from Sarah E.; adultery.
Hannan—Margaret from James H.F.; failure to provide.
Harper—Annie A. from Sterling G.; habitual intemperance.
Harrison—Frances P. from William H.; extreme cruelty.
Harrison—Sarah from Raphael; desertion.
Hart—Jas. D. from M.A.; adultery.
Harvey—Annie E. from Clifton W.; neglect and failure to provide.
Hayes—Rose M. from Patrick; intemperance.
Heimann—Clara from M.; failure to provide.
Hencken—Martin from Johanna; habitual intemperance.
Henderson—Fannie from Wm. J.; desertion.
Hickey—Eliza from Patrick; desertion.
Higgins—Minnie R. from Franklin L.; failure to provide.
Higgins—Rebecca from Charles; adultery.
Hill—Louisa C. from W.H.; wilful desertion.
Hinke—Catherine from Ferdinand; failure to provide.
Hoffman—Barney from Hannah; wilful desertion.
Holliday—Ida from T.G.; failure to provide.
Hooper—Florilla from Wm. T.; cruelty.
Horn—Emma from Thomas; physical inability.
Hughes—Lena from A.B.; extreme cruelty.
Humbury—Victoria from John; adultery.
Humphreys—Christina R. from Charles D.; failure to provide.
Hunt—Jenny from David W.; wilful desertion.
Inglis—Nora F. from John P.; desertion and failure to provide.
Jacott—Rowena A. from David M.; wilful desertion.
Jameson—Ada from William; wilful neglect.
Johnson—Henry from Ucilla; desertion.
Johnson—Mary from Peter; cruelty.
Jorgenson—Dora from P.
Joyce—Harriet E. from Patrick W.; extreme cruelty.
Keefe—Jeremiah from Sarah; desertion.
Keogh—Michael from Bridget; cruelty.
Kerr—David from Ana Jane; desertion.
King—Mary B. from Martin; desertion and failure to provide.
Kinsman—Mary from N.W.; cruelty and adultery.
Kipp—Jennie from M.R.; desertion.
Kirby—Elizabeth from John H.; cruelty.
Knapp—Nellie from Frederick; desertion.
Knarston—Mary E. from John H.; extreme cruelty.
Kohn—Lavina L. from Samuel; desertion.
Kolter—Louisa Jane from David O.; extreme cruelty.
Koster—Susie F. from Joseph.
Kreisz—Margaret from Charles; extreme cruelty.
Lanergen—Ellen from David; desertion.
Leary—Mary from Daniel; extreme cruelty.
Lestelle—Marie from Antoine; extreme cruelty.
Levy—Sarah from Samuel; wilful neglect.
Levy—Sylvan from Ann; intemperance.
Linue—Mary from Fred; failure to provide.
Lockmeyer—Elizabeth from Karl; extreme cruelty.
Marshall—Minnie from Joseph; failure to provide.
Mason—Fannie from Wm.B.; desertion.
Mattin—Clara from V.G.; failure to provide.
Maxwell—Richard T. from Mary W.; desertion.
May—Gustave from Frances; extreme cruelty.
McCall—M.E. from George; wilful neglect.
McCone—Robert from Jennie; extreme cruelty.
McDonald—Nellie from Arnold E.; desertion.
McGinnerty—Johanna from Frank.
McKenzie—Laura from Lloyd; desertion.
McKoe—Mary from John; extreme cruelty.
McMillan—J.A. from Emily; desertion.
McMullen—Charles from Georgiana; desertion.
McPherson—S.W. from W.G.; wilful neglect.
Mehrtens—Henry from Anna S.M.; habitual intemperance.
Menomy—E.E. from N.B.; cruelty.
Mevy—Clara from H.D.; adultery.
Meyer—Rosa from Elias; failure to provide.
Mhoon—Annie H. from James S.; failure to provide.
Miley—Emma from Jacob; cruelty.
Miller—Emma from Jacob A.; desertion.
Miller—Minnie from Philip; desertion.
Mitchell—Amelia from William McC.; failure to provide.
Monahan—Harriet A. from Michael; extreme cruelty.
Mooney—Bartholomew C. from Margaret; habitual intemperance.
Moore—Ellen L. from Joseph; desertion.
Morgan—Vesta T. from Joseph W.; desertion.
Morse—Lotta D. from Charles D.; desertion.
Mulhauft—Rudolph from A.M.; desertion.
Muller—Emelie from George; habitual intemperance.
Muniz—Mary Ann from Emanuel; failure to provide and desertion.
Nassar—Mary from B.C.; extreme cruelty.
Naylor—Charles H. from Concepcion; desertion.
Nieffer—Nellie from Alfred; failure to provide.
Niles—F.D. from J.S.; extreme cruelty.
Niles—Mary M. from George J.; desertion.
Nute—Laura E. from Hezekiah; extreme cruelty.
O'Brien—Michael from Ellen; habitual intemperance.
O'Connor—Joseph from Fannie; desertion.
O'Kell—Helena from Charles H.; adultery.
O'Neil—Mary A. from J.J.; habitual intemperance.
Orr—Lou Kate from Charles P.; extreme cruelty.
Palmer—Alice M. from E.F.; desertion.
Payne—Annie E. from William; wilful desertion.
Perry—Elizabeth from Joseph; failure to provide and intemperance.
Perry—Minnie from Frederick; desertion.
Peruggia—Pietro from Praeede; cruelty.
Pesteur—Caroline from George; extreme cruelty.
Peterson—Emelie from Anton; desertion.
Pico—Lily from Antonio; convicted of felony.
Pike—Jennie L. from Charles; failure to provide.
Placheck—Caroline from Louis; cruelty.
Proll—R.B. from Ida; adultery and cruelty.
Purcell—Annie from James; cruelty.
Rassetti—Maria T. from Antonio; failure to provide.
Ratto—Guiseppe from Luizia; desertion.
Reed—Rebecca from Reed; wilful neglect.
Renne—E.E. from Manah; desertion.
Reuben—Mrs. R. from M.; desertion.
Reyes—Joanne from Edward; cruelty.
Reynolds—Carrie E. from H.C.; extreme cruelty.
Rhoades—Alzina G. from Louis S.; desertion.
Richter—Emma from C. Max; desertion.
Robb—Isabel from John; desertion.
Robertson—Junius from Nellie A.; desertion.
Roderick—Carrie from Manuel; extreme cruelty.
Rogers—Edwin N. from Mattie M.; wilful desertion.
Rogers—Margaret L. from John H.; desertion.
Rosenberg—Harriet from E.A.; desertion.
Ryan—Emily C. from Thomas P.; adultery.
Ryan—Mary L. from Samuel; habitual intemperance.
Ryningel—George W. from Mary; physical incapacity.
Salinas—Ada from Andrew; extreme cruelty and failure to provide.
Sass—Johanna A. from Gustav F.; desertion.
Scera—H.M. from George; failure to provide.
Schaeffer—Theresa from George; desertion.
Schluter—Sarah F. from C.H.; desertion.
Schmirmund—Emelie A.E. from Conrad; wilful desertion.
Schoeneberg—Clara E. from Frederick Louis; failure to provide.
Scholl—Jennie T. from Frank W.F.; adultery.
Schumaker—Michael from Lilian M.; desertion.
Shaffer—C.H. from H.C.; extreme cruelty.
Sheldon—Samuel B. from Annie; adultery.
Shepherd—James S. from Constance; desertion.
Silverman—Ernestine from Isaac; failure to provide.
Simpson—M.E. from George E.; wilful neglect.
Solomons—Hannah M. from Seixas; habitual intemperance.
Spencer—Nellie E. from John; failure to provide.
Steinmiller—Louis from Bertha; habitual intemperance.
Stephens—Rosina from Julius; extreme cruelty.
Stokes—D. John from Mary; adultery.
Stratman—Edward from Rosa; desertion.
Strother—Maggie from Ralph D.; failure to provide.
Sutherland—Mary A. from William H.; desertion and extreme cruelty.
Tallman—Z.M. from I.K.; extreme cruelty.
Tewksbury—Ellen from Henry L.; extreme cruelty.
Thompson—A.E.A. from H.C.; failure to provide.
Thrall—Alice from F.D.; extreme cruelty.
Tippett—Thomas from Jane; another husband living.
Tojetti—Margaret from Virgilio; adultery.
Vickers—Nellie from John E.; desertion.
Wails—Catherine from Louis B.; adultery.
Walsh—Michael from Ellen; habitual intemperance.
Warden—Mary from Richard B.; wilful desertion.
Warner—Josephine from Wm. Albert; failure to provide.
Waters—Susan A. from Elija D.; adultery.
Watkins—Mary J. from E.G.; conviction of felony.
West—Caroline from George T.; desertion.
Westdorf—Harm R. from Anna Louisa; adultery.
Whelin—Catherine from Martin; wilful neglect.
White—Lizzie Helen from Wm. Francis; desertion.
William—Cecilia M. from Oscar T. Oscar was in the State Prison for felony.
Williams—Mary S. from Alonzo; failure to provide.
Williams—Wm. M. from Hattie E.; adultery.
Wilson—Clara from Henry M.; extreme cruelty.
Wilson—James from Johanna; intemperance.
Wolf—Rosa from Lewis; neglect.
Wolfenstein—Mrs. A. from John A.; adultery.
Wood—Hannah from Henry; desertion.
Zinner—Catherine from Joseph; habitual intemperance. 
Source: San Francisco Morning Call. 25 December 1882. 1. 
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