San Francisco
Divorces (1883)


Two Hundred Sad Stories in One-Line Paragraphs

The record which follows is one of more than ordinary interest. Each one-line item is a volume. Each is a history of tears and sorrow. All tell of wrecks upon the sea of matrimony and of shattered idols on the hearthstone. The causes of separation, when considered statistically, are very striking. Desertion has caused the greatest number of divorces, 81; cruelty comes next with 54; the next is “failure to provide,” with 30; next, adultery, with 18; extreme cruelty comes next with 17; then intemperance with 14; then neglect, 13; wilful neglect and conviction for felony are equal with 4 each; habitual intemperance has but 3; previous marriages and mutual separations have one each to their credit. There were about 250 divorces in this city during the past year. Up to last evening the record below is complete:
- Call


The Marital Separations Judicially Decreed Last Year.

Of 371 divorces granted during the past year in this city, 31 were because of adultery and 100 on the ground of cruelty. Desertion was the most frequent cause, 128 divorces having been obtained on that account. This shows that even in these easy-going days of legal separation the majority prefer to leave their mates when no pleasure is found in living together. The number of other causes which led to marital trouble were as follows: Failure to provide, 47; intemperance, 26; neglect, 16; conviction of felony, 7; and 7 of various others. For 9 divorces no ground was found recorded in the Court minutes. Classified alphabetically under their proper heads, the divorces of the year follow:
- Examiner

This list was combined from the Call and Examiner newspapers. The initial list was transcribed from the Examiner. The information in parentheses ( ) indicates additions and discrepancies from the Call.

Abbott, David C. from Mary A., desertion; September 25th (26).
(Adams, Julia from George, conviction of felony; October 23.)

Algern (Allgern), Justus from Julia, intemperance; November 6th.
Allen, Mary E. from John H. (John W.), intemperance; March 24th (23).
Archer, Margaret from William H., desertion; February 2d.
(Anderson, Ann M. from Peter, adultery; November 30.)
Arrigon (Arrigoni), Maria (Mrs. M.)  from Napoleon (N.), extreme cruelty; August 18th.
Ayres, Charlotte M. from John C., desertion; July 6th (7).
Bach, Isaac from Mary Ellen, desertion (adultery); April 16th.
Bagley, Perkins H. from Alice A, cruelty; January 4th (5).
(Bailey, Electa A. from C. A., desertion; July 31.)
(Ball, Luciel A. from Eldridge E., failure to provide; January 31.)
Barley (Barling), M.T. (Maria T.) from H. H. (Horatio H.), ----- (neglect); December 12th.
Bartlett, Laura T. from Joseph L., adultery; December 3d.
(Bartlett, Susan from Horace D., failure to provide; August 17.)
(Bautz, Nellie from L., cruelty; August 31.)
Beatty, Wm. H. (William H.) from Emily; December 3d (November 30).
(Bechringer, Charles from Amelia, cruelty; October 25.)
Begohl (Begughi), L. from David, cruelty; February 20th (21).
(Belduke, Francis E. from Joseph, neglect; October 26.)
Bell, Catherine from John P., cruelty; July 3d (June 29).
(Belli, Virginia from Antonio, desertion; April 3.)
(Bernert, Sophia from Ferdinand, September 3.)
(Best, Katie R. from John F., conviction of felony; June 1.)
Bigbee, Maggie from Wesley, desertion; March 29th.
(Black, Edna E. from James H., desertion; October 11.)
(Black, Wm. B. from Gertrude L., desertion; May 2.)
Blaney, Mary from James A., intemperance; October 26th.
(Blockhouse, Rosalie from Fred, intemperance; January 19.)
Bockringer, Charles from Amelia, cruelty; October 25th.
Bojoviel, Hannah from John, desertion; February 13th.
Bovyer, W. L. from Phoebe, desertion; February 21st.
Bowley, Kate from S. C., intemperance; December 11th.
Bowman, Rachel C. from Alexander, cruelty; November 6th (5).
(Boydston, Mary E. from N. L., neglect; November 28.)
(Boyovich, Hannah from John, desertion; February 14.)
Bradford, Wallace from Cora, desertion; June 5th (6).
Brady, Mary from John J., cruelty; August 22d.
Brey (Bray), Jennie from Frederick, failure to provide; June 21st (20).
(Brown, Sarah M. from Daniel E., cruelty; May 7.)
Buckland, W.J. from Mary Ann, desertion; April 7th.
Bullock, William from Bridget, desertion; April 13th.
(Burden, Belle from Fred G., adultery; November 1.)
Burnett (Burkett), Orpha from Alexander, intemperance; March 14th.
Butler, Bessie from W. (William J.), failure to provide; December 15th (14).
(Cadenasso, Kate from G., adultery; October 5.)
(Castro, Eloisa De from Jose M., cruelty; December 5.)
(Cathie, Mary from William, no cause given; July 24.)
Carpenter, Adelaide (Adelaide E.) from W. M., wilful neglect, November 22d.
Carroll, M. from J. (Mrs. J.), desertion; April 9th.
(Chaffee, Sophronia from Henry S., cruelty; September 17.)
(Chalmers, Katie L. from Joseph O., desertion; November 7.)
(Chipman, Anna L. from Henry, desertion; January 9.)
Church, Mary Jane from James W., neglect; January 24th.
Clafley (Claffey), Mary Ann from John, desertion; June 12th.
(Clark, Katie from Charles, desertion; August 1.)
(Clayton, Mary E. from Joseph D., neglect; May 24.)
Coate, Henry from Mary C., desertion; August 27th.
Coen, Marie J. from F., cruelty; December 27th.
Collins, Florence L. from John T., cruelty (desertion); June 21st.
Conly, Annie from John, cruelty; February 19th.
Cook, William M. from Mary A., cruelty; June 29th.
(Cooke, Isabella from John, cruelty; May 24.)
Cooper, Adelaide V. from Theodore B., failure to provide; August 29th.
Cooper, Kate M. from William R., defendant convicted of a felony; May 22d (24).
Cornwell (Cornwall), William L. from Ellen J. (Ellen Jane), desertion; January 24th.
Cottle, Timothy from F. J. (Frances J.), desertion; December 3d.
(Couly, Annie from John, cruelty; February 19.)
Craig, Jennie from Charles H., cruelty; November 13th.
Crawford, from Nellie, desertion; October 22d.
Crockett, Mary (Mark K.) from Frank, failure to provide; October 16th.
(Cronin, D. from Ellen, intemperance; August 9.)
(Crooks, Lydia M. from Wm. H., desertion; November 12.)
(Culligan, Mary H. from James, cruelty; December 4)
Cummings, Lucina E. from Harrison R., cruelty; May 3d.
(Curley, William from Sarah, intemperance; April 19.)
(Curran, James R. from Louise, desertion; March 8.)
Cusick, M. from Michael, failure to provide; April 10th.
Dallas, Armanda from Leonidas, desertion; October 16th.
(Davega, Lelia from Isaac, cruelty; August 27.)
(Davies, Louise from Richard, cruelty; March 9)
Davis, Franklin (Franklin A.) from Abbie (Abbie A.); May 22d (21).
(Davis, Ida M. from Alphonse G. W.,  no cause given; April 21.)
(Davis, J. P. from C. L., desertion; January 19.)
Day, Jennie H. from Thomas S., cruelty; January 10th.
De Luza (De Souza), A. M. from A. L. V., adultery; April 25th.
(Dedrick, Sarah E. from Wm. H., desertion; March 9.)
Defoure, Pierre from Antonia, desertion; May 13th.
Degen, Anna (Annie) from Antone, cruelty; February 28th.
(Dent, Annie K. from Frederick,  intemperance; July 9.)
(Dodge, Alice M. from Miles B., failure to provide; June 1.)
(Donahue, Annie from John, cruelty; October 8.)
(Donahue, Emma from John, cruelty; August 6.)
(Douglas, Clara E. from Howard H., failure to provide; September 5.)
Dueloz (Duclos), Jennie from Philip, desertion; June 15th.
(Dufond, Pierre from Antonia, desertion; May 11.)
Durham, Margaret from Edward, cruelty; April 27th.
Eaton, Letitia (L. M.) from J. M., extreme cruelty; April 27th (10).
Edwards, Edward from Emily, desertion; October 5th.
Edwards, Salina from A. H. H. (W. H. H.), cruelty; October 26th.
(Evans, Charles from Charlotte, desertion; April 13.)
Everest, J. (Jeannette) from Martin (M. E.), desertion; December 11th.
(Falkenstein, Estella from Alex G., adultery; September 28.)
(Fanderander, Catherine from Albert, cruelty; September 11.)
Farley, Susan from John, cruelty; July 12th.
(Favor, Lillian F. from Chas. S., cruelty, October 15.)
(Ferguson, Nellie E. from Bernard L.,  neglect; December 21.)
Fields, Katie (Kate) from John M., cruelty; March 24th (9).
(Fields, Richard A. from Georgiana, desertion; June 9.)
(Finlay, Nora from Jesse N., adultery; September 3.)
(Finsterbusch, Tillie from Charles L., desertion; August 17.)
Firmback (Firmbach), Mary from Adolph, extreme cruelty; November 12th.
Fisher, George Francis from Louise, desertion; June 29th.
(Fisher, Margaretta from Martin, desertion; March 6.)
Fiss, Jose (Josie) from August, failure to provide; May 16th (14).
Fitch, Frances L. from Wm. S. (William S.) , failure to provide; November 24th (23).
Fitzgerald, Bridget from Philip, cruelty; May 31st.
Fitzgerald, Katie from Edward, cruelty; May 16th (7).
(Flockton, Octavia from A. C., no cause given; August 21.)
(Foppiano, Teresa I. from Frank, intemperance; December 7.)
Foye, Annie F. from Edward A., desertion; October 5th.
(Freeburn, Abbie from John, failure to provide; May 28.)
(French, Asa K. from Mary H., desertion; May 22.)
(Frochen, Ada from Jean, failure to provide; May 4.)
(Fritz, Margaret from Wm. H.; cruelty, April 21.)
(Frost, Hubert from Magdalena, various causes; annulled July 19.)
Gabriel, Gaspard from Hortense, desertion; May 16th (14).
(Garibaldi, Rosa from A. J., cruelty; December 4.)
Garratt (Garrett), Susan B. (Susan H.) from Samuel L. (Samuel T.), failure to provide; August 9th (6).
Gehau (Gehan), Annie B. from John F. (Chas. F.) , extreme cruelty (neglect); November 12th.
Geralde, Elizabeth from Henry F., desertion; June 14th (13).
Gerran, Elizabeth  from Anthony, cruelty; May 16th.
Gibbs, Abraham from Dora, desertion; October 30th.
Gibeau, Delia from Isaac O., neglect; January 12th.
(Gibney, Michael from Mary, desertion; January 27.)
Gibson, Adele from William H., cruelty; January 12th.
(Gilbert, Marie from Emil, cruelty; October 1.)
(Girard, Elizabeth from Emuel, desertion; December 21.)
(Gomes, J. from Catherine, adultery; September 5.)
(Goodenough, Florence from Algernon M., desertion; August 3.)
Gordon, August (Augusta) E. from Frank (Frank L.); September 13th.
(Gould, Addie E. from Walter, desertion; August 17.)
Graham, M.A. from Ruth (Ruth A.), desertion; August 3d.
(Grant, Rebecca V. from Louis T., desertion; December 26.)
Grant, S.A. from George B., neglect; January 24th.
Gratto, Johanna from Richard, failure to provide; September 24th (25).
Gray, Florence G. from Dudley M., extreme cruelty; November 9th.
(Gregurevich, Antonio from Hattie, various causes; annulled August 8.)
Green, Ellen from Charles, cruelty; May 16th.
Grey, John T. from Josephine, desertion; November 8th.
Guthrie (Guthiel), Evaline (Eveline) from C. R. (C. E.), adultery; June 1st.
Haack, Kate from Charles, neglect (intemperance and neglect); April 20th (19).
(Haas, Cecelia from Abraham, cruelty; November 2.)
Hafky, Pauline from Isaac, desertion; August 28th.
(Haines, Byron W. from Hannah R., cruelty; July 19.)
Hall, Lucille from Eldridge B., neglect; January 31st.
(Haley, Mrs. M. C. from W. M., cruelty; January 30.)
Hammond, O. C. from Nora C., desertion; May 8th (7).
(Handley, Rose from H. C., desertion; April 12.)
(Hanson, Louisa R. from Richard, cruelty; September 3.)
(Hanson, Solon H. from Mary J., intemperance; April 23.)
Harris, Byron W. from Hannah R., extreme cruelty; July 20th.
Harrison, Fannie M. from William P., adultery; April 15th (4).
(Harte, Julia L. from Gregory P., failure to provide; March 6.)
(Hartshorn, E. F. from Julia B. H., desertion; May 4.)
Hartshorn, Leonora (Laura) from Jonathan, adultery; September 15th (14).
(Haskell, Clara A. from Charles E., intemperance; February 5.)
Hatch, A. M. (Mrs. A. M.)  from W. O., cruelty; December 15th (14).
Hatey, M. C. from William M., cruelty; January 30th.
Hauk (Hank), Mary A. from William, cruelty; September 1st (August 31).
Hayden, Lucinda from Robert, neglect; September 19th (18).
(Healy, Ellen from Fred H., cruelty; July 19.)
(Hebbard, Mrs. N. A. from J. C. B., failure to provide; October 5.)
(Heitmann, A. from W., desertion; January 16.)
Held (Hild), Catherine (Kathrina) from Joseph, extreme cruelty; July 30th.
Herringer, L. L. (Salome L.) from Henry (Henry A.), cruelty; January 28th (29).
Hertman (Heitman), E. T. (Mrs. E. T.) from H. H., extreme cruelty; November 14th.
Hession, Maggie from Patrick, desertion; March 9th (8).
Hibbard, Rennie L. (Renie L.) from Charles W., cruelty; June 8th.
Higgins, Mary E.  from Jesse, failure to provide; September 1st.
(Higgins, Mary Ellen from Albert J., desertion; July 23.)
Higson, Margaret from Frederick D., failure to provide; January 24th (23).
Hildebrand, Nellie (Nettie) from Herman, desertion; September 13th.
(Hilliards, Carrie B. from Samuel, desertion; August 13.)
Hodgers, Johanna C. from John T., extreme cruelty; July 19th.
(Hodman, Annie from Bernard, conviction of felony; March 6.)
Hoffman, Annie from Bernard, desertion; March 6th.
Holden (Holder), Mary A. (Mary M.) from Daniel J., cruelty; December 28th (27).
Honrager (Homager), Sara A. from Henry, adultery; September 7th.
(Hort, Rose from Joseph, cruelty; April 12.)
Howes, Henry A. from Margaret (Margaret from Henry A.), desertion; September 1st (August 31).
(Hurd, Belle W. from Josiah M., desertion; January 30.)
Hughes, Mary from Daniel, failure to provide; March 16th.
Huntly, Rose from Charles C., adultery; March 23d (22).
Hurden, Bella from Fred, adultery; November 1st.
(Hurlbutt, Mary A. from James N., March 20.)
(Hynes, Thomas J. from Matilda, desertion; June 6.)
(Illich, Annie from Jerry, cruelty; December 6.)
Iredall (Iredale), Cora (Cora E.) from Alfred (Alfred S.), wilful neglect; August 28th.
(Jackson, A. A. from Ida H., adultery; January 3.)
Jacquot, V. from J., cruelty; February 15th.
(Janssen, Frederick C. from Sarah, intemperance; September 12.)
Jeanse, A. (Antoinnetti) from A., desertion; December 29th (31).
Jenkins, Maria from William, failure to provide (desertion); August 30th.
(Jenkins, Medora from Philip, desertion; October 8.)
Jennings, Lydia C. from Lewis J., desertion; February 1st.
Jewell, Mary D. from John F., desertion and failure to provide (no cause given); August 2d.
Johnson, Catharine (Catherine) from Henry, extreme cruelty; July 19th.
Jones, William A. from Louisa, desertion; May 16th.
Kaxter (Kaster), Salvnie (Salome) from Frederick, desertion; April 3d.
(Keehn, Sarah J. from Henry, adultery; August 14.)
Kellogg, Fannie from George C., desertion; January 12th.
Kelly, Annie from John, desertion; November 13th.
Kelly, Catherine E. from Stephen T., failure to provide; October 3d.
Kennedy, Mary from C. W., desertion; October 26th.
Kien, Josephine from John A., failure to provide; May 22d.
(Kiep, Josephine from John H., neglect; April 27.)
Kimball, Emma I. (Emma L.) from Matthew H., desertion; July 26th.
King, Fanny (Fannie) from Matthew, desertion and failure to provide; July 27th.
(Kirk, Emma from Robert F., failure to provide; December 21.)
Kirk, Margaret from A. L., adultery; December 7th.
(Kleson, Eliza from Charles, cruelty; September 3.)
Kroscher (Krascher), Marie from H. J. (Hugo J.), desertion; December 7th (October 25).
La Vine, Fannie A. from Frank, mutual separation; April 17th.
Lambert, Emma H. (Emma A.) from John S., failure to provide; November 6th (5).
Lang, J. A. C. (Mrs. J. R. C.) from Joseph A. (Jas. A.), desertion; February 15th.
(Lasker, Mary B. from Julies, desertion; September 17.)
Lassuier (Lasnier), Louisa M. from Ernest; failure to provide; April 11th.
Lattin, J. E. from W. H., neglect; February 13th.
Laufenberg (Laufenburg), Michael (Michael W.) from Ellen E., cruelty; January 31st.
Leaver, Daniel W. from Helen M., desertion; February 6th.
Lehman, Polly from August, desertion; September 17th.
(Leveque, Gustave from Josephine, intemperance; June 26.)
Levy, Pauline from Lewis, extreme cruelty; July 31st (3).
Linder, S. S. from Florence E., desertion; January 2nd.
(Lindsley, Frank H. from Lean, desertion; February 20.)
Lohman, Sophie from Henry, cruelty; July 3d.
(Lord, Mattie A. from Edwin, cruelty; October 4.)
Loveland, Mary T. from Lafayette, cruelty; July 11th.
(Lovely, Amelia A. from George S., cruelty; June 8.)
(Lovely, Amelia M. from M. C., cruelty; May 17.)
(Low, Mrs. B. L. from Charles A., desertion; May 28.)
Marchane (Marchand), Florent from Anna, adultery; March 28th.
Margary, Fanny from Albert M., intemperance; August 9th.
(Marsh, Laura from Chas. P., neglect; April 25.)
Martin, Maggie from John, failure to provide; October 30th.
(Martin, Sarah from James D., desertion; August 17.)
Maryloff (Marzloff), Helena (Helena H.) from John, intemperance (failure to provide and intemperance); June 12th.
Mattison, Nellie G. from R. S., desertion; September 1st (August 31).
McCallister, Minnie from Henry G., wilful neglect (failure to provide); August 27th.
McCarthy, John from Mary, extreme cruelty; August 13th.
(McCarty, Matilda from W. C., cruelty; October 4.)
(McClure, Jennie R. from William E., desertion; December 4.)
McCoughley (McCoughey), Owen from Mary E., adultery; December 21st.
(McFeely, Sarah A. from Frank W., desertion; March 26.)
McGuirk, Thomas from Hattie, desertion; October 16th.
McKeon, Mary J. from Alexander, cruelty; March 27th.
McLaughlin, Mary C. from Charles, neglect (desertion); January 30th.
McWorthy, A. (Edwin) from Phoebe Amelia; already married; (annulled) January 24th.
Mellus, Helena (Helen) from Joseph, neglect; January 31st (30).
Meyer, Carrie from Martin (Martin S.), cruelty; December 21st.
Meyer, Dora from Johann, failure to provide (desertion); April 3d (2).
Meyer, Mary from B. W. F., extreme cruelty; November 12th (9).
(Miller, James R. from Annie, desertion; December 22.)
Miller, Julia E. from Charles E., failure to provide; May 17th.
Miller, M. J. from Orin H. (Orrin), failure to provide; January 26th.
Mindham, Jane M. from James, cruelty; September 19th.
Molloy, Maggie (Maggie J.) from John L. (Charles L.), desertion; February 2d.
(Moon, Rosa C. from Andrew J., cruelty; October 18.)
(Morgan, Catherine from J. S., intemperance; September 28.)
(Morey, Josephine from Charles H., cruelty; March 23.)
(Morey, Nettie M. from Charles H., desertion; April 4.)
Morris, Kate from H. J. (W. J.), intemperance; May 25th.
Mullin, Annie from John, cruelty; March 19th.
(Murphy, Sarah C. from Edw. H., failure to provide; January 18.)
Nagel, Fannie from J. C., cruelty; February 21st.
(Napthaly, Mary A. from Benj. F., adultery; September 24.)
Nellson (Nielson), Emil H. from Mary C., desertion; July 25th.
Nelson, Fannie E. from G. H., intemperance; March 16th.
(Nesteil, Annie from E., cruelty; October 20.)
Nichols, Johanna from J. P., adultery; March 23d (21).
(O'Brien, Henrietta C. from Michael,  no cause given; July 31.)
(O'Connor, Mary F. from John T., failure to provide; October 1.)
O’Neil, Jane from John, failure to provide; May 16th (15).
(Olcovich, Bernard from Carrie, desertion; May 18.)
(Oliver, Alice from James G., cruelty; October 4.)
(Olsen, Amelia E. from Anton, failure to provide; May 2.)
Orcier, Alexander from Juliette; May 22d (21).
Orr, Margaret from Cornelius, cruelty; April 20th.
Packard, Albert G. (Albert George) from Mercedes (Mercedes R.), desertion; March 14th.
(Packard, Caroline M. from A. K., cruelty; September 20.)
(Page, Grace H. from F. W., adultery; January 11.)
Parry (Pavy), Victoria (Victorine) from E. H., cruelty (failure to provide); January 31st.
(Patridge, Minnie from Charles, failure to provide; December 7.)
Patterson, Minnie from Charles, failure to provide; December 6th.
(Pena, Etha from David,  neglect; September 24.)
Peralta (Perate), Adelaide (.A) from Gaetano (G.), intemperance; August 16th.
Perks, Edward C. from Emma, desertion, November 23d.
Perriman, Flora C. from William R., cruelty; September 4th (3).
Pettit, Susan from Terry (Ferry), cruelty; April 10th.
(Philpot, Marie from W. H., cruelty; September 28.)
Piloeam (Pillbeam), Carrie (Carrie A.) from George W., December 19th.
(Poor, Lizzie S. from F. H., desertion; February 9.)
Porter, Lillie C. (Lillie E.) from Theodore C., desertion; April 4th.
Pratt, James W. (James N.) from Claribl (Claribel), desertion; June 11th.
(Prescott, Julia from Jacob, no cause given; July 31.)
Price, Christina (Christiana) Scherberg from George (George W.), adultery; August 11th.
(Rattigan, C. from J. G., cruelty; January 12.)
Renault, Meta from J. F., wilful neglect; October 25th
(Renter, Isidra B. from Max J., failure to provide; August 7.).
(Requa, Lilly E. from A., failure to provide; April 23.)
Reuter, Isadore B. from Max Joseph, failure to provide; August 9th.
(Rhodes, Herbert from Catherine E., adultery; December 21.)
Richards, Sarah from Amb. (Ambrose), ------- (no cause given); May 22d (21).
Richardson, Celeste A. from Cornelius, desertion; April 30th.
Richat (Ritchat), Margarita H. from Charles, neglect (failure to provide); January 12th.
(Rising, Ida F. from A., intemperance; January 27.)
(Roberts, Edward M. from Anna M., desertion; August 2.)
Roberts, Robert T. from Margaret P., intemperance (adultery and intemperance); September 18th (21).
Robinson, Sarah (Sarah A.) from Henry H. (Henry K.), desertion; October 12th.
(Rosenthal, Morris from Rebecca, desertion; September 24.)
(Rosin, Anna from Carl, desertion; August 15.)
(Roth, Theresa from Charles, intemperance; September 20.)
Russel, Kate from Thomas, desertion; August 28th.
Russell, Kate from Thomas, desertion; October 10th.
Rutan, Paralee from C. L., cruelty; March 5th.
Ruth, Theresa from Thomas, intemperance; September 19th.
Ryley, Emma E. from George W., desertion; November 1st.
Sanborn, Georgiana from T. C., cruelty; January 24th (25).
(Sawtelle, Mary P. from M. C., failure to provide; April 11.)
Sawyer, H. F. from C. H. (E. H.), desertion; April 23d (24).
(Schafer, Frances A. from Henry C., failure to provide; March 7.)
Schaffer, Theresie from George, desertion; February 20th.
(Schearer, Kate from Joseph, failure to provide; April 13.)
(Schmidt, Louise from Henry, failure to provide; March 1.)
Schneider, Julia C. from Edward W., habitual intemperance; August 28th.
Schneider, William from Lydia, intemperance; September 18th.
(Schwab, Anna M. from Jacob F., desertion; October 11.)
(Scott, Nellie V. from M. A., cruelty; January 19.)
(Seaver, Daniel W. from Helen M., desertion; February 6.)
Sewell, Margaret from Thomas, cruelty; October 22d.
Shannon, Mary from J., cruelty; December 5th.
(Sheldon, F. N. from Mary A., adultery; October 31.)
Sheerin, Mary from James, intemperance; October 4th (5).
Shoulter, Mary V. (Mary V. R.) from Seneca, cruelty; November 13th.
Smith, Annie from William F., on account of defendant having been convicted of a felony; March 16th.
(Smith, Eunice E. from Geo. G., desertion; October 25.)
Smith, Mary A. from Fred A., cruelty; November 1st.
(Smith, Luiu E. from George O., intemperance; January 24.)
Solomon, Mary K. L. from Burnet (Barnet), cruelty (desertion); March 6th (5).
Souther, Anna B. from John L., desertion; March 14th.
(Spence, William A. from Ellen, intemperance; July 12.)
Spiney, Mary from Henry, desertion; January 11th.
Spitze, Mary O. (May O.) from Paul, cruelty; January 21st (22).
Spooner, Sarah M. from George C., desertion; April 3d.
Staats, Thomas from Emma (Anna), desertion; January 11th (9).
(Stanton, John from Delia, intemperance; August 9.)
(Stepney, Mary from Henry, desertion; January 11.)
(Stevenson, Mary A. from Jas., desertion; December 13.)
Stewart, Matthew H. from Sarah (Sarah E.), desertion; September 13th.
(Stone, Brenda H. from Thomas N., failure to provide; August 17.)
Stone, Eleanor B. from V. R. (Verturan R.), desertion; February 20th.
Stone, Emma from Jacob, neglect; December 15th (14).
Street, Louisa from Peter, -------- (no cause given); October 31st.
Sweeney, Catherine from Alexander, on account of his having been convicted of a felony; February 19th.
Swineford, Kittie from Newton, cruelty; March 24th (23).
(Taggart, Sarah J. from David, desertion; December 7.)
(Tanner, Emma S. from Wm. J., desertion; April 13.)
(Tapper, Emelie from August W., cruelty; December 13.)
Teague, Annie (Anne) from Ezra, habitual intemperance (desertion); November 8th.
Teresa, Juna (Juana) from Vincent, desertion; December 27th.
Ternes (Tewes), Hulda from Frederick, desertion; July 13th (12).
Thanwald, Auguste (Augusta) from Herman, desertion; February 28th.
Tichshara (Tichard), Mary L. from Frank, extreme cruelty; July 25th (24).
Townsend, Cynthia from Joseph, desertion; July 24th.
Toypiano, F. J. from Frank, intemperance; December 7th.
Tracy (Tracey), Laura A. from Thomas G., failure to provide; August 29th.
(True, Rosalie W. from Cyrus S., desertion; October 8.)
Truelson, Theodore from Regina, cruelty; September 14th.
(Turley, Susan from John, cruelty; July 12.)
(Tuttle, Jane K. from Joseph,  no cause given; July 31.)
Tyler, Carrie E. (Carra E.) from James L., cruelty; November 9th.
Van Tassel, Julia E. from Charles A. (Chas. J.), extreme cruelty; November 19th.
Vanderander, Catharine from Colbert, failure to provide; September 14th.
Vaughn, Mary F. from Federick, desertion; March 21st.
Veechl, Ida from Giuseppi, neglect; April 30th.
(Veggi, Ida from Giuseppi, failure to provide; April 30.)
Veirs, Maybel (May Belle) from Albert S., failure to provide; February 15th (13).
Voisenar, Lena L. from Jules; November 6th.
Waller, Walter C. from Nellie F., adultery; August 21st.
Wangaman (Waugaman), Lizzie from Asa L., neglect; October 26th.
Wansganz (Wamaganz), Kate from Lorinz (Lorenz), extreme cruelty; July 30th.
Warren, Hannah from Edward (Howard), desertion; August 14th (10).
(Webb, Edward Cook from Mary Jane, desertion; September 3.)
(Webb, Jennie from Arthur E., cruelty; March 16.)
Webster, Lemuel from Mary (Annie), adultery; Otober 26th.
(Weinberger, S. M. from Charles F., failure to provide; August 27.)
Weinburg, Sophia M. from Charles, failure to provide; April 26th.
Welch, Louisa from J. M., cruelty; April 10th (11).
Wheelan, John from Mary, desertion; May 31st.
(Whisler, William H. from Levina J., desertion; March 26.)
(Whitney, Sumner from Mrs. L. P., refusal to cohabit; December 19.)
Wilbur, Emma P. from Joseph (Joseph H.), desertion; July 9th.
(Wilkinson, Anna H. from William H., desertion; February 7.)
(Willcock, John from Jennie, adultery; October 26.)
Williams, Mary from Oscar (Oscar F.), on account of his having been convicted of a felony; May 25th.
Wilmersdorfer, Lena from Aaron, cruelty; January 24th.
Wilmore, Agnes from Wm. H. (W. N.), extreme cruelty; July 19th.
Wilsey, Ezekiel J. from Anne M., desertion; January 24th.
(Wiswell, Alice A. from Chas. H., cruelty; December 6.)
(Wissing, Carrie H. from Chas. H., cruelty; July 9.)
Witzel, Conrad from Elizabeth, adultery; October 27th (26).
Wood, Arabella S. from Clement F., failure to provide; August 27th.
Woodleigh, E. G. (Eliza S. A.) from A., desertion; April 25th.
(Woosley, Florence B. from Douglass, desertion; July 24.)
Zvietich (Ziretich), E. M. (Elijah M.) from Mary (Mary M.), adultery; August 27th. 
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