San Francisco
Divorces (1884)


A Bad Year for Matrimonial Vows.


The Various Causes Which Led to the Cutting of the Nuptial Knots.

During the past year more divorces have been granted in the Superior Courts of this county than for any of the five years preceding it. Since 1878 the divorces granted in San Francisco have been continually on the increase, and as the record shows, if they continue to augment in the same ratio, this city will soon rival Chicago in its fame for sundering the solemn hands of matrimony. During 1884 the Superior Judges rendered 392 decrees of divorce, thus allowing 784 people to again enter upon a search for a congenial spirit. This number is an increase of fifty over 1883 and twenty-six more than the number granted in the previous year. In 1881 there were 363 divorces; in 1880, 333; and in 1879 only 323 couples were separated. Desertion seems to be the most prevalent assigned cause of divorce, although intemperance, cruelty and failure to provide also figure prominently, while conviction of a felony is given as the ground of action in several cases. The principle of women’s rights seems to have permeated the women of this community for of the 392 divorces granted a large majority were ostensibly for the benefit of the weaker half. Below will be found an alphabetical list of the names of the people who during the year were separated from their lawful companions and who now count their souls as their own exclusive property, provided that they have not again enlaced themselves in Hymen’s bonds. — San Francisco Chronicle. 


A Rapidly-Growing Annual List of Divorces.


Four Hundred and Twelve Couples Judicially Separated for a Number of Causes.

It is well known that divorces here are continually on the increase, but the jump that they made during the year just ended is very noticeable. As shown in the following table, 412 were granted during 1884. The aggregate in 1883 was 371, which was then considered large. This list does not include suits begun and those wherein decisions will soon be rendered. Very few prayers for separation have been denied here. Desertion looms up most frequently as a cause for which to divorce parties. The number of divorces granted for each ground were as follows: Adultery, 32; cruelty, 94; desertion, 147; failure to provide, 34; conviction for felony, 2; intemperance, 43; and various other combined causes, 33. — San Francisco Examiner. 

Abbott—Nancy A. from William; neglect; March 20.
Abrams—Nettie L. from Thomas C.; failure to provide; March 5.
Alisaetz/Alsaetz—Wilhelmina from Meinrodt; desertion; April 9.
Allen—Marion R. from George B.; neglect; April 1.
Allingham—Agnes J. from William; willful neglect; March 14.
Alradovich—Geroge from Anna W.; desertion.
Amy—Sarah from Gustav; desertion.
Angelapaulo—Mary from Angelo; cruelty.
Aslachsen—Betsy from Robert S.; cruelty; January 24.
Astorg—Mary from Alphonsus; desertion and failure to provide; August 14.
Avignon—Leon from Josephine; adultery; February 14.
Bagley—Perkins B. from Alice A.; cruelty; January 5.
Bailey—Maria from Joseph J.; cruelty; October 20.
Bareilles—Sarah M. from Thomas; desertion and failure to provide; February 11.
Barnett—Martha E. from Godesdeu/Gadesden; cruelty/desertion; November 7.
Barrellao—Lena from Camelo; desertion; December 8.
Barteis/Bartels—Lucinda from John; cruelty and failure to provide; January 8.
Bartlett—Susan from Horace D.; failure to provide; February 2.
Barton—Louise from Hugh; cruelty; September 30.
Bates—Ella from Daniel S.; extreme cruelty; February 12.
Baumann—Bertha from Herman/Hermann; failure to provide; November 14.
Bayton—Mary E. from Calvin W.; extreme cruelty.
Beatty—Emily from William H.; cruelty; January 18.
Beckwith—Ida A. from Thomas W.; failure to provide; January 14.
Bell—Delia A. from John C.; desertion and failure to provide; October 1.
Bellegarde—Margaritta from Jean B.; extreme cruelty; March 3.
Benjamin—Orson C. from Eleanor; habitual intemperance; February 20.
Bentley—William F. from Frances M.; desertion; September 3.
Bernard—Jane from Abram C.; cruelty; December 1.
Bernin/Berwin—Lizzie from Simon; desertion; July 22.
Berthier—Adelaide from Albert C.; cruelty; February 4.
Beryland/Bergland—Andrew from Gunner L.; failure to provide/desertion; November 19.
Bettis—Ida L. from John; neglect and intemperance; February 14.
Betz—M. from Julius; January 17.
Beyersdorf—Louis from Mary; August 20.
Birdsail/Birdsell—Margaret L. from Samuel T.; habitual intemperance; January 21.
Blanchard—A.C. from Emma R.; desertion; March 27.
Blanchard—Mary J. from James B.; desertion and failure to provide; November 19.
Blaney—Mary from James; intemperance; December 8.
Bleibtray/Bleibtrey—Mary G. from Charles; desertion; December 1.
Blum—John from Johanna; desertion; April 5.
Bock—Emily T. from Carlo F.; desertion; April 25.
Boisson—Feltate/Falicite from Jean; cruelty; June 2.
Bones—Clara from William D.; adultery; November 21.
Boothe—Arthur E. from Maria; adultery; July 29.
Bowley—Kate from Samuel C.; intemperance; March 6.
Bowman—Mary C. form Noah M.; neglect; November 10.
Boyd—David A. from Maria; desertion; May 5.
Brady—Mary from James; desertion and failure to provide; September 22.
Bremberg—Bernard S. from Heloise A.; desertion; May 22.
Briz—Georgia from Frank J.; adultery.
Broodfield/Broadfield—Anna R.D. from Peter; habitual intemperance; September 17.
Brooman—Alice A. from George H.; neglect; March 13.
Browell—Sophia C.M. from Frank; extreme cruelty; November 21.
Brown—Mary E. from Edward F./T.; failure to provide; February 25.
Brown—Mary J. from Joseph C.; desertion; December 13.
Brown—Mollie B. from Henry M.; desertion; October 23.
Bryant—Jennie A. from James G.; failure to provide/neglect; December 31.
Burbank—Caroline/Cornelia from Albert E.; cruelty; July 30.
Burnett—Absalom J. from Hattie W.; desertion.
Burnett—William M. from Harriet M.; desertion; October 31.
Burns—Anna G. from George W.; neglect.
Butler—Bessie from William J.; failure to provide; June 22.
Buzenet—Alexander from Josephine; adultery; May 27.
Caffrey—Mary from Peter J.; neglect.
Calhun—David from Carrie; desertion; April 15.
Callie—Jane from William H.
Calvert—May from William; December 12.
Capen—William F. from Mary L.; desertion; April 24.
Carey—Catherine from James; neglect; May 24.
Cark—Mary from James F. R.; cruelty.
Carman—Mary M. from F.R.; habitual intemperance.
Carpenter—Adelaide E. from Warren W.; neglect; November 22, 1883—recorded February 19, 1884.
Casey—Elizabeth from Patrick; habitual intemperance and failure to provide; August 4.
Castro—Eliza from Frank; February 6.
Cerisola/Cerasola—Nicola from Madelaine/Adelaide; desertion; August 13.
Chamberlin—Mary from Edwin; failure to provide.
Clarke/Clark—Georgia A. from Joseph B.; desertion and failure to provide; October 20.
Clay—Almira L. from William H.; desertion; February 18.
Cohen—Mary from Albert; adultery.
Collier—jane from William H.; October 31.
Collins—Benjamin from Emma M.; desertion; July 2.
Cone—Louisa/Louise D. from Charles D.; desertion and neglect; February 26.
Conle—Jesse from Rachel E.; desertion.
Conley/Cooley—Agnes from Charles H.; neglect; August 18.
Connoly/Connelly—James from Elizabeth; adultery; October 10.
Conrad—Marie from Fridolin; desertion; May 17.
Conway—Mary from E.T.; March 10.
Cook—Mary from G.F.W.; neglect; January 19.
Cook—Mary W. from Orlando; January 15.
Cook—Olive/Oliva from Edgar F.; desertion; August 5.
Cook—Walter H. from Lily C.; neglect.
Cooke—Mary E. from James F.R.; cruelty; August 18.
Coste—Simon from Antoinette P.; adultery; March 11.
Cotler/Cotter—Ann from Nicholas; cruelty; October 25.
Cowan—Annie from W.H.; cruelty.
Cowles—Emma from James; cruelty; April 19.
Cox—Mamie J. from William G.; cruelty.
Coyle—Mary from James; adultery.
Crane—Eliza from John; cruelty.
Crawford—Nellie from William; adultery; January 23.
Cromwell—Emma from Stoken; married by duress and threats; March 1.
Crowell—Juanita from Walter; cruelty.
Croyer—Carlos from Virginia; desertion.
Curtis/Curtin—Julia from Patrick; desertion; August 23.
Cutler—Anna M. from Acoras S.; desertion; October 8.
Dallard—Mary E. from Patrick G.; cruelty.
Daly—Maggie from Henry; desertion and neglect; October 30.
Dammann—Maria from Andrew; May 20.
Damon—Melvina E. from Albert; cruelty; September 26.
Dann/Danu—James from P.P.; desertion; July 18.
Darland—Sarah E. from Thomas G.; desertion.
Darnal—Anna E. from John C.; intemperance and failure to provide; July 29.
Dauban/Danbau—Marie from Bertrand; cruelty; May 23.
Davies—William H. from Elizabeth G.; desertion; July 29.
Davis—Margaret/Mary A. from Benjamin; failure to provide; July 26.
Davis—Mary G. from William G.; cruelty; January 28.
Davis—Minnie from Walter; desertion; August 21.
Dayton—Mary E. from Calvin W.; cruelty; May 21.
De Lap—Minnie from Charles; cruelty; November 19.
Dell—Isabella S. from Walter K.; failure to provide; June 23.
Delosse—Florence from Theodore; cruelty.
Demorest—Frank W. from Emma M.; desertion; March 24.
Dempsey—Patrick from Bridget; habitual intemperance; April 24.
Denny—Eva T./F. from Orion O.; failure to provide; September 5.
Dolan—Louisa E. from Luke; February 15.
Donohoe—Emma from John; desertion; May 15.
Dorland—Sarah E. from Thomas G.; desertion; February 4.
Doscher—Marie L. from Ernest A.; cruelty and intemperance; September 26.
Dugan—Mary A. from E.W.; failure to provide; January 24.
Dunbar—Robert W. from Eliza A.; desertion.
Dunphy—Margaret M.L. from James C.; cruelty; February 21.
Dupont—August from Maggie/Mage; desertion; September 19.
Durham—Dorothea from Joseph; cruelty; October 27.
Earl—James C. from Mary; desertion; April 7.
Earle—Frances N./M. from William; intemperance; July 17.
Eddy—Edward from Theresa; December 6.
Edwards—Eliza from William A.; adultery; November 10.
Egbert—Cornelia I./C. from Louis H.; desertion; January 30.
Ehmann/Ehrmann—Emma H. from George E.; desertion and failure to provide; May 29.
Ellensworth/Ellingsworth—Robert from Annie; adultery; September 29.
Fagundes—Febmama/Felimansia S. from Jose L.; desertion; January 29.
Fahey—Martin from Anna; adultery and habitual intemperance; June 16.
Fasett/Fassett—Josephine from Charles D.; desertion and neglect; April 4.
Fellows—Hollis C. from H.E.; desertion; July 25.
Fernie—Isabella from Andrew; willful neglect; June 5.
Fietcher—Sarah from John G.; failure to provide.
Fink—Frederika from Engelbert; neglect; February 14.
Finley—Losiella/Lou Ella from Joel Knight; neglect; February 16.
Fish—Eliza Jane from Frank H.; neglect and cruelty; December 19.
Flannigan/Flanagan—Catherine from James B.; cruelty; November 26.
Flynn—Sarah from John L./D.; desertion; October 20.
Folger—Anna F. from George B.; failure to provide/desertion; July 9.
Ford—James H./B. from Ella F.; habitual intemperance; May 21.
Fortioula/Fortlouis—Albert from Alice M.; adultery; August 23.
Foster—George E. from Jeanie; desertion.
Fowler—Susan A. from James H.; failure to provide.
Fox—Annie S. from George W./Andrew W. from Annie M.; desertion; August 12.
Franklin—Lettie A. from George W.; cruelty; March 19.
Friel—Patrick from Mary; adultery.
Gable—Margaret E. from William; cruelty; February 7.
Gamble—Augusta H. from George S./T.; desertion; May 28.
Garrett—Elizabeth F. from William T.; cruelty; August 19.
Garrett—Susan H. from Samuel T.; failure to provide; March 1.
Gaucher—Sarah A. from Charles; cruelty; April 3.
Gaurier—Candeleria from Emil; cruelty.
Geisel—Pauline from William; failure to provide and extreme cruelty.
Genaler/Gensler—Maria from Michael; intemperance; May 9.
Gibson—J.W. from Frances/Francis from J.W.; desertion; August 1.
Gleeson—Thomas from Kate; cruelty; February 25.
Godfrey—Sarah J. from Joseph; intemperance; May 23.
Goodwin/Goodman—Henry from Ella/Ellen; desertion; July 30.
Gorter—Henry H. from Mary B.; desertion; March 29.
Gowan—Alice from Benson; October 8.
Graham—Nellie H. from Lemuel L.; desertion and neglect; October 29.
Green—Josephine A. from Henry D.; neglect; December 4.
Green—Sarah J. from George W.; neglect/desertion; October 21.
Greenleaf—M.M. from H.H.; desertion; November 14.
Gresel—Paulina from William; failure to provide; May 27.
Griffith—E.M. from Kate M.; desertion; July 7.
Griswold—Alcott/Walcott H. from Jerusha F.; desertion; February 15.
Griswold—Gertrude M. from Norman H./R.; neglect and failure to provide; December 8.
Groom—Bertha from Joseph; March 26.
Gross—Ellen/Helen F. from Lewis/Louis; willful neglect; October 7.
Guitmann/Guttman—Eliza from Samuel; willful neglect; July 24.
Hackett—Maria A. from Thomas W.; desertion; December 19.
Hale—Mary E. from Orrin F.; cruelty; April 30.
Halladay—Fannie M. from Benjamin Jr.; desertion
Hallowell—Caroline A. from Caleb; desertion and failure to provide.
Hamilton—David from Carrie A.; desertion; April 5.
Hamilton—Virginia E. from William W.; failure to provide/neglect; August 21.
Hardy—Gertrude from Thomas; desertion.
Harlow/Hanlon—James G./F. from Cora; desertion; May 6.
Harrigan—Norah from Daniel; defendant’s conviction of felony; October 6.
Hart—Dora from Heiman; failure to provide; October 24.
Harte—Julia P. from Gregory P.; desertion; February 16.
Hatch—Anna M. from Willard O.; cruelty; February 23.
Hatfield—Mandana from G.R.; neglect; August 9.
Hatton—Eunice from Henry; desertion; January 2.
Hattou—Elizabeth M. from Francis J.; extreme cruelty.
Hay—Ida K. from Charles C.; desertion; January 18.
Hayden—Theresa J. from Patrick; failure to provide; January 22.
Healy—Katie C. from Henry; failure to provide.
Heermans/Hearmans—Delia M. form Benjamin M.; failure to provide; January 11.
Heinze—Charles A. from Julia; cruelty.
Helm/Heim—Josefa from Martin; failure to provide; December 3.
Henderson—Susan M. from Richard W.; desertion; February 7.
Henrehan—Zue from John; extreme cruelty.
Henrich—Gertrude from Joseph; cruelty; July 26.
Henry—Minnie from Charles A.; adultery; June 24.
Heron—Mary J. from George; cruelty/desertion; July 17.
Hicks—Adalina/Adelina L. from Charles W.; desertion; January 21.
Hildebrand—Ida from William; cruelty; May 13.
Hinds—Mary L. from William J.; cruelty.
Hinke—Catherine from Ferdinand; March 18.
Hinkle—Mary M. from Charles A.; desertion/neglect; April 2.
Hitchcock—Nancy E. from Courtland N./M.; habitual intemperance; May 28.
Hiunham—Zue from John; cruelty; December 4.
Hoadley—Milo from Mabel E.; cruelty; August 2.
Hobach—Anna from Ignaz; cruelty.
Hofmann/Hopmann—Dorothea from Adam; desertion; July 24.
Hofmann—J. from Tina; desertion.
Holladay—Fannie M. from Ben. Jr.; desertion; August 15.
Hollowell—Caroline from Caleb; desertion; December 10.
Hord—Sadie A. from G.L.; desertion.
Hori/Horl—Emma from Albert; cruelty; September 26.
Horon—Mary J. from George S.; desertion.
Hoyt—Mary A. from Walter; neglect and desertion; October 20.
Huff—James A. from Mary F.; cruelty; October 9.
Huft/Huff—Sarah from Blon/Bion; failure to provide; November 19.
Hughes—Ann from Ellis; desertion; May 15.
Hulen—Mary M. from Benjamin; desertion; January 3.
Hunk—Frederick P. from Ruth; cruelty; August 20.
Hunter—Jean from David; intemperance; August 16.
Husing—Lena from Henry; desertion; March 31.
Huxley/Hurley—Sarah from Philip; cruelty; March 13.
Ingram—John W. from Mary E.; cruelty.
Iredale—Cora Etta from Alfred S.; neglect; January 19.
Irwin—Annie from Charles; defendant’s conviction of a felony; October 20.
Jackson—Alexander from Susan; cruelty.
Jacott—Rowena J. from David M.; neglect; December 16.
Jagel—Margaret from Charles; cruelty; May 24.
Johnson—Maggie from Charles; failure to provide; October 21.
Johnston/Johnson—Alice from Joseph; cruelty and failure to provide; June 18.
Jones—Anna M. from David E.; willful neglect; March 28.
Jones—Elizabeth P. from Albert B.; desertion and failure to provide; October 23.
Judge—Annie from James; February 12.
Kablin—Z.W. from C.N.; desertion and failure to provide.
Karcheval—James L. from Hattie; desertion.
Keane—Charles H. from Ellen D./L.; desertion; October 28.
Kemler—H. from Sarah; cruelty; November 21.
Kennedy—Mary L. from William H.; failure to provide; December 4.
Kercheval—Jas. L. from Hattie b.; desertion; March 31.
Kern—Katie P. from Benjamin F.; cruelty.
King—Lizzie from Charles S.; cruelty; November 5.
Knapp—Steward/Stewart M./W. from Minnie; desertion; June 9.
Koehucke/Kohnecke—Emma from Christian R./H.; desertion; February 8.
Koennicke/Koennecke—Anna from Richard; neglect; April 8.
Kohn—Joseph S. from Catherine E./Catherine E. from J.S.; desertion; December 19.
Kosier/Koster—Catherine M. from Friedrich A.; neglect; December 9.
Kramer—Pauline E. from Phillip J.; habitual intemperance; December 17.
Krantz/Krautz—Anna E.A. from John/Joham F.H.; cruelty; November 13.
Kuhirst/Kuhirt—Charles W. from Madeline/Magdelena L. from Charles H.; cruelty; April 4.
Lacome—Catherine from Jean; cruelty; December 29.
Lambert—Barbara from John; cruelty.
Lang—Catherine from Charles E.; failure to provide, cruelty and desertion; March 17.
Larseneur—Charles T. from Nellie A.; adultery and cruelty; May 10.
Lawrence—Elizabeth R. from De Witt C.; cruelty; October 22.
Lea—Catherine from Raymond; adultery and cruelty; December 4.
Lee—Louise from David McC.; desertion; July 12.
Leen/Lein—Parmia/Fannie from Robert; cruelty; November 13.
Leewenfels/Lorwanfels—Morris/Maurice W. from Elizabeth F./T.; cruelty; August 22.
Leffer/Lefler—Emma from Peter; neglect; May 12.
Lemoine—Elila from Jean M.; adultery.
Leon—Eva S. from Richard R.; desertion; December 11.
Levi—Alexander from May; desertion.
Levieux—Leontine from Paul; habitual intemperance; February 27.
Little—Mary from John McD.; April 9.
Locks—Ida from Richard; desertion and neglect; July 19.
Lopker/Latker—Susie from Matthew; desertion and failure to provide; April 7.
Lumare/Lamare—R./B. from Mary; desertion; May 3.
Luppo—Adelia B. from John; desertion/cruelty; November 18.
Lux—Henry from Delia; habitual intemperance; October 10.
Lynch—Sarah from Edward; desertion and failure to provide; November 18.
Lytton—Maud from Edward J.; desertion; October 7.
Macdonald—Nellie from H.E.; April 28.
Mallette—Laura W. from Henry; cruelty; February 26.
Marchio—Mary from John; cruelty and desertion.
Marggraf—Charles from Nancy A.; intemperance; July 17.
Margot—Joseph C. from Marie; desertion and cruelty; October 8.
Marlette—Pauline/Paulina from George H.; failure to provide; August 25.
Marston—Alonso/Alonzo C. from Delia G.; cruelty; December 19.
Martin—Lizzie from Martin/Malcolm; habitual intemperance; January 26.
Martins—Joseph from Kathrina; desertion; June 18.
Matthews—Carmelita from John M.; neglect and adultery; April 7.
Matzer—Alice from Robert L.; failure to provide.
Mauret—Marcelin from Josephine; adultery.
Mayers—Agnes from Alfred; cruelty; February 29.
McBlain—John F. from Sarah; cruelty; October 27.
McCaffrey—Elizabeth from Edward; desertion; July 15.
McCaughey— from Mary E.; adultery; March 6.
McCloud—Frank from Daniel; cruelty.
McClure—Frank from Hattie; desertion; February 5.
McFadden—James T. from Mamie M.; desertion.
McIntyre—Mary E. from William; neglect; October 16.
McKay—Emma Josie from Angus; adultery; June 15.
McKnight—Peter from Annie; adultery, intemperance and desertion.
McLean/McLeon—Ellen from William H.; desertion/cruelty; December 24.
McLeod—Frauk from Daniel; cruelty; October 10.
Meehan—Mary E. from James; desertion; March 8.
Meilck—A.J.R. from Maria F.L.; desertion; October 3.
Merkel—Eleonora from Sebastian; cruelty; July 14.
Michael—Jennie from Manuel; cruelty; April 11.
Miller—Belle from Henry N./W.; adultery; March 7.
Miller—Ellen from John J.; cruelty and failure to provide.
Miller—Mary E. from George; cruelty; July 16.
Miller—Minnie from John H.; extreme cruelty.
Millman—John H. from Mary E.; desertion; September 22.
Mint—Anna M. from George P.; cruelty; October 7.
Mitchell—Charlotte from Andrew McNab; neglect; November 17.
Mollaly—Mary E. from John H.; cruelty; October 7.
Mollette—Laura W. from Henry; cruelty and failure to provide.
Monroe—Catherine from John A.; desertion; February 6.
Morrisey—Charity J. from James W.; desertion; September 3.
Morris—Ida from Alonzo H.; adultery; March 7.
Motzer—Alice from Robert L.; failure to provide; October 8.
Mouret—Marcellin from Josephine; adultery; November 25.
Mullaly—Mary E. from John H.; cruelty.
Murphy—James J. from Catherine; habitual intemperance; February 11.
Naye—Thomas R. from Rebecca; desertion.
Neary—Annie from Nicholas; cruelty.
Nelson—Matthew from Emma C.; desertion, January 16.
Nestell—Annie from William; cruelty; February 1.
Nicholaws/Nicholas—Rasiue/Rosine from Franz E.; adultery and cruelty; December 17.
Nilev—Mary J. from Peter W.; cruelty.
Norman—Mary L. from Jeremiah; cruelty; August 25.
Norton—Ida from Henry; neglect; December 1.
Norton—Josephine F. from Edward A.; adultery; August 16.
Noye—Thomas R. from Rebecca; desertion; October 20.
Nutter—Mary B. from John L./Q.; failure to provide; March 31.
O’Brien—Catherine from William; intemperance; December 20.
O’Connor—Helena E. from Daniel; desertion and failure to provide; November 17.
O’Day—Hannah from Robert; neglect and intemperance/cruelty; November 25.
Ogden—Elvina/Elvira from Frederick; desertion; November 24.
Oliver—Julia E. from Mariano; cruelty; April 29.
Onlado—Concepcion from Vincente; desertion.
Oradovich—George from Hannah W.; desertion; November 8.
Ostertoh—Rebecca from Conrad; desertion; September 10.
Oviedo—Concepcion from Vincent; desertion; November 20.
Ozauna/Ozanne—Eliza from Alfred; neglect; August 29.
Packard—Caroline M. from A.K.; cruelty; March 21.
Page—Annie from B. Frank; desertion; February 8.
Pape—Mary A./H. from Christian H.; neglect; April 1.
Paralow/Parslow—George W. from Addie J.; desertion; November 5.
Parsons—Naomi L. from Sylvanus M.; failure to provide; January 23.
Patterson—Emma from James; cruelty; June 21.
Payne—Elizabeth J. from Emmet C.; neglect; February 21.
Perrault—Emma J. from Eldred/Edward L.; desertion; March 24.
Peterson—John E. from Pauline; desertion; November 19.
Pfile—Wilhemina from John F.; cruelty; March 14.
Phelps—Emily F. from John F.; neglect; October 3.
Phelps—George R. from Jane J.; desertion; July 24.
Philbrook—Emma from A.K.; desertion.
Phillips—Robert V. from Martha E.; cruelty; May 8.
Pigott—Adah A. from Robert; failure to provide; February 5.
Pilkeam/Pilbram—Carrie W. from George W.; desertion; January 7.
Pradel—Valentine J. from Hippolite/Hypolite; cruelty; June 17.
Price—Clara from Lyttleton; neglect; May 16.
Quinn—Emma from Charles; desertion and neglect.
Ratto—Giovanni from Paulina; desertion; June 17.
Rice—Frank S. from Alice; desertion; April 8.
Robbins—Anna A. from Mark M.; cruelty; December 16.
Robert—Rosalie from August/August from Rosalie; desertion; October 17.
Roberts—Lizzie from James H.; desertion; May 12.
Robinson—Tillie from Charles; neglect; March 7.
Roe/Rae—James from Alexanderina; habitual intemperance, April 11.
Rogers—Mary M. from Charles D.; July 18.
Rollins—Margaret L. from Harry B.; intemperance; October 17.
Rollins—W.H. from Lulu; cruelty; December 24.
Romer—Marion from John L.; desertion; January 19.
Romero—Margaret L. from Joseph A./Joseph A. from Margaret L.; neglect; January 15.
Rosin—Anna from Carl; desertion; February 18.
Roth—Theresa from Charles; intemperance; April 22.
Rowe—Richard D. from Elizabeth V.; desertion; June 5.
Rue—Lizzie I. from Harry H.; neglect; March 7.
Ruhling—F.W.E. from Catherine; desertion; August 9.
Ryninger—George W. from Mary; August 1.
Saal/Seal—Joseph from Philipina; adultery; July 19.
Sammer—Lena from Henry; adultery.
Sanborn—Georginia W. from Theodore C.; April 10.
Saveniers—Marie from John; neglect; January 9.
Saylor—Henry B. from Fannie; desertion; September 1.
Schendel—Anna R. from John; cruelty and failure to provide; December 23.
Scheritalein/Schmitzlein—Theodore from Elizabeth; desertion; October 17.
Schmalz—Esther from William; desertion.
Schneider—Amelia N. from Martin; desertion.
Schroth—Anna/Annie from George; desertion; May 19.
Schuhrer—William from Carolina; desertion.
Schultze/Schultz—Katie G. from E.H.; cruelty; August 11.
Schulze—Charles from Albertina; desertion.
Scott—Cora from W.B.; desertion; December 6.
Scott—Catharine/Catherine M. from Axel M.; failure to provide; June 28.
Scott—Eleanor/Eleonora from John H.; desertion; August 5.
Scott—Sadie B. from Thomas A.; adultery; September 3.
Scott—Sarah J. from George A.; intemperance; August 9.
Seip/Scip—Henry F. from Henrietta; desertion; August 21.
Senton/Seaton—Sarah C. from George R.; intmperance and failure to provide; September 10.
Sharon—Sarah A. from William; desertion.
Sherry—Fanny A. from Bernard D.; desertion and neglect; February 19.
Shuhrer—William from Caroline; desertion; April 30.
Shutz—Matilda from Charles B.; desertion; May 27.
Skelton—J.P. from Fannie H./Fanny M.; cruelty; November 19.
Small—Henry H. from Alice; intemperance.
Smith—Celia from J.S.; cruelty; December 5.
Smith—E.C.A. from William; cruelty.
Smith—Frances M. from Elijah P.; desertion; October 7.
Smith—Henry from Elizabeth H.; desertion; August 21.
Snell—Mary from Ansell; desertion; October 31.
Soares—Joseph W. from Minnie W.; adultery; December 23.
Southwick—Tabitha C. from Willit; February 28.
Spencer—Josephine M. from Thomas M.; adultery; August 26.
Spencer—Sadie from Carlington T.; failure to provide; August 11.
Spiro/Skiro—John from Petro/Petra M.; desertion; June 21.
Sprowl—Jessie E. from Edward G.; cruelty; October 21.
Staffelbach—Edward from Elizabeth; adultery; April 23.
Stankenritz/Stankenwitz—Augusta from Johann/Johaner; desertion; April 3.
Staples—Alice M. from John C.; cruelty.
Stevens—James R. from Clara; adultery; August 4.
Stevens—Rebecca A. from Henry H.; cruelty; August 11.
Stone—Emma from Jacob; neglect; February 7.
Strange—Delia from Frank L.; December 2.
Stucke—Anna A./H. from Casten/Carsten; desertion; December 31.
Tansig/Tausig—Louis from Eugenie; adultery; March 7.
Tate—Eliza A. from John H.; desertion; November 17.
Taylor—Elizabeth Y./B. from Robert B.; failure to provide; March 17.
Techantz—Frederico from Jacques; cruelty.
Thilo—Julia A. from Charles A.; cruelty; September 13.
Tiegnakis/Tregnakis—Elizabeth J. from Richard; desertion and intemperance; November 28.
Tirney—Delia from James; failure to provide; January 8.
Tirus—Millie from Frank R.; desertion; August 4.
Todd—Sarah E. from Charles W.; neglect; June 9.
Townsend—Annie E./K. from William E.; failure to provide; July 16.
Tranner—Barbara from Casper E.; cruelty and intemperance; July 29.
Treche—Louisa from Michelana; desertion.
Tripp—Nickerson M. from Louisa A.; desertion; March 26.
Troy—Margaret from Michael; desertion.
Troyer—Carlos from Virginia; desertion; December 5.
Tschantz—Fralerika from Jacques; cruelty; December 27.
Tyson—Andrew J. from Ida F.; adultery; September 25.
Underwood—Catherine E. from Henry E.; cruelty; August 26.
Urback—Anna from Ignatz; cruelty; March 24.
Urban—Eliza from Jacob; cruelty; December 15.
Van Kluck—Delia from Martin N./Morton M.; cruelty; April 4.
Vanderbrook—Celestine from Jean F.; March 3.
Vanderpool—Mary F. from Willard/William L.; desertion and neglect; July 22.
Varberg—Arabella B. from Henry W.; cruelty; June 24.
Veo—Emma F. from Charles; desertion; November 17.
Vincent—Delia from Robert M.; desertion; March 19.
Volk—Eva from Adam; extreme cruelty; August 7.
Von Forchenback/Forckenbeck—Martha from Alfred; cruelty; June 11.
Vosborg—Arabella B. from Henry W.; cruelty.
Wager—Dora S. from George; desertion; March 28.
Wagner—Robert A. from Eliza M.; cruelty; August 19.
Wales—Catherine from Louis B; adultery; August 29.
Walton—John from Mary; intemperance; August 2.
Warburton—Mary from William F.; desertion.
Ward—Harriet from Andrew J.; desertion.
Warnock—W.G./William O. from Laura B.; desertion; December 5.
Washington—Mary from William F.; desertion; April 25.
Webb—Euphemia from Samuel E.; cruelty; September 12.
Webb—Nellie/Mellis from Henry I.; desertion; October 29.
Weika/Weeks—Carrie H. from Charles L.; desertion; May 8.
Welland—Maria from Frank; cruelty.
Wernar/Werner—Louise/Louisa from J.F.A.; cruelty; April 10.
West—Jane from Charles C.; cruelty; June 4.
Wheeler—Clarence E. from Fannie N./M.; desertion; November 21.
White—J.L. from Jennie; desertion; November 3.
Whitney—Sumner from Lottie; refusal to cohabit.
Wieland—Maria from Frank; cruelty; July 24.
Wilhams/Williams—Frances S. from Peter; cruelty; March 27.
Williamson—Emily from Martin; cruelty and failure to provide.
Wilson—Jennie from Robert H.; failure to provide/cruelty; August 7.
Wirtner—Franziska/Franzeska from Adolf; desertion and failure to provide; May 16.
Wissing—Carrie M. from Charles H.; cruelty; October 23.
Witt—Catherine/Catherina M. from Hinrich; neglect/failure to provide; August 12.
Wood—Arabella S. from Clement F.; failure to provide; August 27.
Wood—May E. from John; failure to provide; February 13.
Wright—Sarah from Frederick; desertion, and defendant’s conviction of a felony.
Young—John P. from Sadie P.; desertion; September 16.
Zimmerman—Esther from John; impotence; September 12. 
Sources: San Francisco Chronicle. 1 January 1885. 11.
San Francisco Examiner. 1 January 1885. 3. 
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