San Francisco History

The New San Francisco Magazine
May 1906

image:New San Francisco Magazine CoverDIRECTORY

San Francisco Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
—Early History
—The City of a Hundred Hills
—Market Street
—The Temblor
—The Conflagration
—The Fight Along the Line
—The Campaign from Headquarters
—Martial Law Proclaimed
—In Newspaper Angle
—Chinatown in Ruins
—The Last Stand
—The Relief
—The Golden City

Get Busy!, by Honorable George C. Pardee, Governor of the State of California
Earthquakes and the Weather Bureau, by Professor Alexander G. McAdie, Chief of United States Weather Bureau, Pacific Coast
The Work of the Regulars, by Brigadier General Frederick Funston, Commanding the Department of California, U.S.A.
The Army and Navy in Times of Peace, by Burleigh Davison
A Glimpse Into the Future, by Arthur R. Briggs, Manager California State Board of Trade

Launching the New San Francisco Magazine, by Frederick S. Burrows, President
—Two Hundred Million Dollars
—Our Sisters on the Shore
—In Memoriam
—Important to Subscribers
—The Burnham Plans

A Lively Town

As Others See Us
—Will Crown Again Her Splendid Hills — Los Angeles Times, April 22
—As Ye Sow, Ye Shall Reap — Oakland Tribune, April 21
San Francisco, April 25
Building of New City
—Tribute to Womanhood — Los Angeles Express, April 20
—The Earthquake — Atlanta Constitution
—Calamity at the Golden Gate — St. Louis Globe-Democrat
—The Stricken City — Indianapolis Morning Star
—San Francisco — Placerville Mountain Democrat


01. Night Scene Of Burning City From Mainland, C. P. Moganos
02. Last Hours of The Famous Palace Hotel
03. The Palace Hotel As It Looks Today
04. Flames And Debris In The Wholesale District
05. Crossley Building--Property of Mrs. Oelrichs--In Flames
06. U.S. Mint Stood Solid Through All
07. Effects of The Temblor on New Postoffice
08. Walls Of Examiner Building Across Newspaper Angle
09. Down Montgomery Street Toward Market
10. Ruins of City Hall Across Market Street
11. California Street Showing Merchants' Exchange on Left
12. Dynamiting of The Phelan Building
13. "The Restless, Homeless Thousands" on Grant Avenue
14. Hibernia Bank After The Fire
image:torch drawing15. Seven-Million-Dollar City Hall In Ruins
16. Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill
17. "The House Of Mirth"--Tivoli Opera House
18. Fire Seizing The Chronicle Building And Palace Hotel
19. The Beginning of The Holocaust
20. The Business Section When The Flames Had Passed
21. A View From The Top of Nob Hill
22. St. Francis Hotel And Union Square
23. Presidio Tent City And Hospitals
24. How They Came Back
25. Why They Left
26. View From Rincon Hill Before The Fire
27. Dr. David Starr Jordan, President of Leland Stanford Jr. University
28. Brig. Gen Frederick Funston U.S.A.
29. One Of Chicago's Methods of Securing Funds For San Francisco
30. Governor George C. Pardee

31. Van Ness Avenue--The Salvation of San Francisco
32. Vicinity Of City Hall And Post Office--Swept Bare And Clean
33. Donohoe Monument, Corner Bush And Market Streets
34. Down Market Street, Showing James Flood And Emporium Buildings
35. Down Powell Street, Showing St. Francis Hotel And Union Square
36. The Entrance To The "Tenderloin"--Ellis And Market Streets
37. Temple Beth Israel And Adjacent Buildings In Ruins
38. First Glimpse of The Stricken City From The Ferry Building
39. Panorama of The Golden City--Fairmont on Extreme Left And Newspaper Angle On Extreme Right
40. Looking North Through the Mission from Rincon Hill before the Flames Swept It Clean
41. The Flames From Hopkins Institute At 10 A.M. On The First Day Of The Fire. The District Shown Was Fully Destroyed
42. The Business Section, Worth One Hundred Million Dollars, Feeding The Flames of April 18th
43. A Mile of Flames As Seen From The Roof of The St. Francis Hotel Before The Fire Reached It

44. Comparative Areas of Recent Conflagrations [San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore]
45. Map of San Francisco Showing Burned District
46. Map of San Francisco And Thereabout

47. Polytechnic Business College
48. Real Estate
49. Allis-Chalmbers


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