San Francisco History

Seventy-five Years in San Francisco


San Francisco in 1846-47 (in color).
Seal of San Francisco (in color).
San Francisco 1849 (in color).
Great Seal of the State of California.
Portrait of William Heath Davis.
Crowning of Drake by the King of New Albion.
Map of California 1597. From Descriptionis Ptolemaicae Augmentum.
California as an Island, 1666. Psalm and Marginal Note from Bishop’s Bible 1568 referring to location of Land of Ophir.
Presidio in 1816, by Louis Choris, attached to von Kotzebue’s Expedition.
Plan del Gran Puerto de San Francisco made by Don José de Cañizares 1781.
Jacob Primer Leese’s “Dam Fine Triad” letter reproduced by courtesy of Templeton Crocker, Esq.
Celebration of Completion of Jacob Primer Leese’s House, July 4, 1836.
Elk swimming Carquinez Straits.
The Port of San Francisco, June 1, 1849.
A California Wedding Party 1845.
Author’s Grizzled Hairs due to Grizzly Bears.
Extracts from the Papers of the Schooner “Julia Ann.”
Letter from Robert Semple to William Heath Davis.
Letter from Thomas O. Larkin to William Heath Davis.
Portrait of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and autograph.
San Francisco, April, 1850, by William B. McMurtrie.
Autograph letter of Capt. John A. Sutter introducing John Bidwell to Archibald C. Peachy; July 4, 1849.
John Bidwell’s autograph letter to William Heath Davis, April 13, 1895.
Sutter’s Saw Mill at Coloma where James Marshall Discovered Gold, Jan. 24, 1848.
Alcalde Grant, signed by Jesus Noé, last Mexican Alcalde, and by Washington A. Bartlett, first American Alcalde, 1846.
Letter of Montgomery to Leidesdorff regarding safety of Vice-Consul.
Letter from Samuel Brannan to William Heath Davis.
Sacramento in 1848, showing Store of S. Brannan & Co.
Juan Bandini’s Jurupa Ranch House, Riverside, California.
Prison Ship “Euphemia.”
Commodore John D. Sloat’s general order of July 7, 1846.
Portrait of J. C. Frémont and autograph.
Portrait of Commodore Robert F. Stockton.
City of Los Angeles 1854.
Captain Montgomery’s request, “See him pleasant.”
Report upon selection of San Francisco’s first school teacher, and bill in full for San Francisco’s first Public School house.
First Public School House in San Francisco.
City of Benicia 1854.
U. S. Custom House owned by William Heath Davis.
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, after the fire of May 4, 1851.
The California Star, of April 3, 1847 (photographic reproduction)
Appointment of William E. Leidesdorff as Vice-Consul at Yerba Buena, Oct. 29, 1845, signed by Thomas O. Larkin. Lieutenant Joseph Warren Revere’s Letter of Instructions to Mr. Kern at Sutter’s Fort, July 9, 1846.
Draft of San Francisco’s First Directory in handwriting of William Heath Davis.
Facsimile of “The Californian” of March 15th, 1848, containing advertisement of William Heath Davis and the first local mention of the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill, January 24, 1848.
Sixty-eight original sketches and decorations by Douglas Rodger appearing as Chapter Headings.
Reproduction in three colors of Diego Trancoso’s map of California and the Missions Fr. Junípero Serra founded. From Francisco Palóu’s Life of Serra published in 1787. 

Source: Davis, William Heath. Seventy-five Years in San Francisco. 1929: San Francisco.

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