San Francisco History

Seventy-five Years in San Francisco


For those wishing to acquire a more detailed knowledge of early California days the following books are recommended. Many have appeared in reprint, although the original edition is preferable. The dates given indicate the first edition.

Bancroft, Hubert H., History of the Pacific States. 1882-91.

Barry and Patten's, Men and Memories of San Francisco. 1873.

Bryant, Edwin, What I saw in California. 1848.

Century Magazine, Vols. XVII and XIX.

Colton, Walter, Three Years in California. 1850.

Colton, Walter, Deck and Port. 1850.

Dana, Richard H., Jr., Two Years before the Mast. 1840.

Eldredge, Zoeth, The Beginnings of San Francisco. 1912

Frémont, John C., Memoir of my Life. 1887.

Kotzebue, Otto von, New Voyage Around the World. 1821.

Palóu, Life of Junípero Serra. 1787.

Revere, Joseph Warren, A Tour of Duty. 1849

Robinson, Alfred, Life in California. 1846.

Sherman, Wm. T.,, Memoirs. 1875.

Soulé, Frank et al., Annals of San Francisco. 1855.

Taylor, Bayard, El Dorado. 1850.

Wise, Lieut. Henry A., Los Gringos. 1849.

The Life of Junípero Serra may be read in the English translation by George Wharton James.

Source: Davis, William Heath. Seventy-five Years in San Francisco. 1929: San Francisco.

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