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Laurel Hill Cemetery

Dates of Existence: 1854 to 1941
Location: approximately 55 acres between California & Geary streets, and Presidio Ave. & Arguello Blvd.
Number interred: 7,000 (1862), approximately 35,000 (1941)
Moved to: Cypress Lawn, Japanese, Serbian Cemeteries, Colma
Notes: was originally a subdivision of the Lone Mountain Cemetery
"LAUREL HILL CEMETERY. Lone Mountain Cemetery has ceased to exist, at least in name, as articles of incorporation were filed yesterday by several prominent citizens by which a certain portion of Lone Mountain Cemetery has become legally into possession of the name of Laurel Hill Cemetery. The latter is a much prettier name, but it will be a long time before this generation will consent to the change. Many of the incorporators have built expensive tombs in these grounds, under the impression that the Cemetery would forever remain sacred to the dead. The change in management will no doubt be very acceptable to the present lot holders, and small parcels of ground will probably not be held at exorbitant prices.  This spot is capable of being highly ornamented and beautified, and there is no doubt but the gentlemen having control of the Cemetery will make it an appropriate resting place for the departed. The names of the incorporators are John Parrott, Nicolas Luning, H. H. Haight, H. M. Newhall, James Otis, A. Hayward, W. C. Ralston, and F.C. Butler."

Source: Daily Alta California, 12 April 1867.


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