San Francisco History

1910 City Street Guide

(now Balboa), from Arguello Blvd S of Anza, W to the ocean
Cross Sts. N. S.
Arguello Boulevard 2 1
Second Avenue 100 101
Third Avenue 200 201
Fourth Avenue 300 301
Fifth Avenue 400 401
Sixth Avenue 500 501
Seventh Avenue 600 601
Eighth Avenue 700 701
Ninth Avenue 800 801
Tenth Avenue 900 901
Eleventh Avenue 1000 1001
Twelfth Avenue 1100 1101
for nos. West of Twelfth see Clement
B South (now Boalt)
Bache (Bernal Heights), from S s Crescent Av bet Andover and Porter
Bacon (University Homestead), from La Grande Av E to Combridge and from University to San Bruno Av bet Wayland and Burrows
Bacon Place (now Quincy)
Baden, from Circular Av W to point nr Mangels Av
Badger (Spring Valley Homestead), from Springsdale W of Cotta Av
Bagley Place (now Savings Union Place), N s O'Farrell bet Grant Av and Stockton
Bahama (South S. F.), see Eighth Av South
Baker, from N s Haight bet Broderick and Lyon, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Haight 2 1
Page 100 101
Oak 200 (o)
Fell 300 301
Hayes 400 401
Grove 500 501
Fulton 600 601
McAllister 700 701
Golden Gate Avenue 800 801
Turk (c) (c)
Calvary Cemetery
Geary 1300 1301
Post 1400 1401
Sutter 1500 1501
Bush 1600 1601
Pine 1700 1701
California 1800 1801
Sacramento 1900 1901
Clay 2000 2001
Washington 2100 2101
Jackson 2200 2201
Pacific Avenue 2300 2301
Broadway 2400 2401
Vallejo 2500 2501
Green 2600 2601
Union 2700 2701
Filbert 2800 2801
Greenwich 2900 2901
Lombard 3000 3001
Chestnut 3100 3101
Francisco 3200 3201
Bay 3300 3301
North Point 3400 3401
Beach 3500 3501
Jefferson 3600 3601
Tonquin 3700 3701
Lewis 3800 3801
Baker Avenue (now Barton, South S. F.), E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Balance, from N s Jackson bet Sansome and Montgomery, N to Gold
Balboa, from Arguello Blvd S of Anza W to the ocean, for nos. see Clement
Baldwin Court, from N s Folsom bet Fremont and First
Balmy, from S s Twenty-fourth bet Harrison and Treat Av, S to Twenty-fifth
Bancroft Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Thornton Av
Banks (Bernal Heights), from Esmeralda Av bet Prentiss and Folsom
Bannam Place, from N s Green bet Grant Av and Stockton, N to Union
Barbadoes (South S. F.), see Thirty-ninth Av South
Barneveld Avenue (late Railroad Av), from Islais Creek S to Silver Av
Barry (now Campbell Av)
Barstow, from Sixth bet Daggett and Yuma
Bartlett, from S s Twenty-first bet Mission and Valencia, S to Army
Cross Sts. W. E.
Twenty-first 2 1
Twenty-second 100 101
Twenty-third 200 201
Twenty-fourth 300 301
Twenty-fifth 400 401
Twenty-sixth 500 501
Army (e) (e)
Bartlett Alley (now Beckett), from N s Jackson bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Pacific
Bartol, from Broadway bet Sansome and Montgomery, to point N of Vallejo
Barton (South S. F.), E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Battery, from N s Market bet Front and Sansome, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Bush 2 1
Pine 100 101
California 200 201
Sacramento 300 301
Clay 400 401
Washington 500 501
Jackson 600 601
Pacific 700 701
Broadway 800 801
Vallejo 900 901
Green 1000 1001
Union 1100 1101
Filbert 1200 1201
Greenwich 1300 1301
Lombard and The Embarcadero (e) (e)
Bauer (Academy Tract), from N W s Mission nr Norton
Bay, from the bay bet Francisco and North Point, W to Presidio Reservation
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero 2 1
Kearny 50 51
Grant Avenue 100 101
Stockton 200 201
Powell 300 301
Mason 400 401
Taylor 500 501
Jones 600 601
Columbus Avenue
Leavenworth 700 701
Hyde 800 801
Larkin 900 901
Polk 1000 1001
Van Ness Avenue (o) 1101
Franklin (o) 1201
Gough (o) 1301
Octavia (o) 1401
Laguna 1500 (o)
Buchanan 1600 (o)
Webster 1700 1701
Fillmore 1800 1801
Steiner 1900 1901
Pierce 2000 2001
Scott 2100 2101
Divisadero 2200 2201
Broderick 2300 2301
Baker 2400 2401
Lyon (e) (e)
Bay Shore Avenue (Bay Shore Tract), from point nr San Bruno Av to point nr County Line
Bay View (late Parnassus Av), from W s Raliroad Av at Revere Av
Bay View Place (now Black Place), from N s Union bet Jones and Leavenworth
Beach, from the bay bet North Point and Jefferson, W to Presidio Reservation
Cross Sts. N. S.
Grant Av and The Embarcadero 2 1
Stockton 100 101
Powell 200 201
Manson 300 301
Taylor 400 401
Jones 500 501
Leavenworth 600 601
Columbus Avenue
Hyde 700 701
Larkin 800 801
Polk 900 901
Van Ness Avenue (c) (c)
Government Reservation
Laguna 1400 1401
Buchanan 1500 1501
Webster 1600 1601
Fillmore 1700 1701
Steiner 1800 1801
Pierce 1900 1901
Scott 2000 2001
Divisadero 2100 2101
Broderick 2200 2201
Baker 2300 2301
Lyon (e) (e)
Beacon (Fairmount Tract), from Castro S of Thirtieth
Beale, from S s Market bet Main and Fremont, S E to the bay
Cross Sts. W.
Market 2 1
Mission 100
Howard 201
Folsom 300
Beale Place
Harrison 400
Bryant 500
The Embarcadero (e)
Beale Place, from E s Beale and W s Main bet Folsom and Harrison
Beaver, from W s Noe bet Fifteenth and Sixteenth, W to Castro
Beckett, from N S Jackson bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Pacific
Bedford Place, from N s Jackson bet Stockton and Powell
Beldeman, from N s Ellis bet Scott and Divisadero, N to O'Farrell
Belcher, from S s Duboce Av bet Church and Sanchez, S to Fourteenth
Belcher Court (now Boynton Ct)
Belden, from N s Bush bet Montgomery and Kearny, N to Pine
Belgrave Avenue (Clarendon Heights), from Burnett Av N of Clarendon Av, W to Stanyan
Belknap Place, from N s Sutter bet Laguna and Buchanan
Bellair Place, from N s Chestnut bet Grant Avenue and Stockton, N to Francisco
Bellevue, from Eliazbeth W of Hoffman Av, S to Thirtieth
Bellevue Avenue (now Burnham), S E of Mission nr County Line
Belmont Avenue (now Willard), from Edgewood Av nr Willard, S E to Woodland Av
Belmont Place, from E s Seventh bet Bryant and Brannan
Belvedere, from S s Haight bet Clayton and Cole, S to Frederick and from Parnassus Av, S to Carmel
Bemis (Fairmount Tract), from Beacon to Castro
Bennington (Bernal Heights), from junction Bocana Av and Eugenia Av, S to Highland Av
Benton Avenue (Bernal Heights), from W s Andover S of Crescent Av
Benton, from Octavia to Laguna bet Francisco and Bay
Bergin Alley, from W s Hyde bet Bay and North Point
Berkeley (Glen Park Terrace), from Arbor S E to Diamond
Berkeley Avenue (now Treat Av), from Precita Av bet Folsom and Harrison
Berkshire (now Bosworth)
Berlin (University Homestead), from Silver Av bet Girard and Goettingen S
Bermuda (South S. F.), see Twenty-fourth Av South
Bernal (now Shotwell), from Twenty-sixth nr Howard, S to Precita Av
Bernal Avenue (Bernal Heights), from Coso Av nr Coleridge Av, E to Shotwell
Bernard, from W s Taylor bet Pacific and Broadway, W to Leavenworth
Cross Sts.
Bernice, from S s Twelfth bet Folsom and Harrison, S W to Thirteenth
Berry, from the bay bet King and Channel, S W to De Haro
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcardero
Second 2 1
Third 100 101
Fourth 200 201
Fifth 300 301
Sixth 400 401
Seventh 500 501
De Haro (e) (e)
Berry Place (now Harlan Pl), from W s Mary Lane bet Sutter and Bush
Berwick Place, from point nr Heron bet Seventh and Eighth, S E to Harrison
Bessie Avenue (now Street), extension of Precita Av from Folsom W to Montesuma
Beta (now Rutland, Reis Tract), from Leland Av N to Harkness Av
Beulah, from Cole bet Waller and Frederick, W to Stanyan
Beverly, W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Bigelow, W of Ban Bruno Av nr County Line
Biggs, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Billings Place (now Napier Al), N s Filbert bet Sansome and Montgomery
Birch Avenue (now Street), from W s Larkin bet Grove and Fulton, W
Cross Sts. N. S.
Larkin 2 1
Polk (c) (c)
Van Ness Avenue 200 201
Franklin (c) (c)
Gough (c) (c)
Octavia 500 501
Laguna 600 601
Buchanan 700 701
Bird Avenue (now Street), E from Dearborn bet Seventeenth and Eighteenth
Bishop, from Harkness Av N to Ankeny
Bismarck, from San Jose Av nr County Line
Bixbee, see Byxbee
Black Place, from N s Union bet Jones and Leavenworth
Blackstone, from Franklin bet Greenwich and Lombard
Blaine (Bernal Heights, now Eugenia Av), from Prentiss nr Cortland Av
Blake (late Ferrie), from Laurel Hill Cemetery bet Collins and Cook, S to St Rose's
Blanche Alley (now Street), from point N of Twenty-third bet Vicksburg and Sanchez, S to Elizabeth
Bluxome, from First to Japan and W s Fourth bet Brannan and Townsend, to Sixth
Boalt, from Third Av S to County Line
Boardman Place, from S s Bryant bet Sixth and Seventh, S E to Brannan
Bocana (Bernal Heights), from Coso Av, S W to Holly Park
Boise (Bernal Heights, now Peralta Av), from S s Powhattan nr Holladay Av
Bolivia (South S. F.), see Forty-ninth Av South
Bond, from E s Mission bet Twelfth and Thirteenth to Glen Park Av
Bond Alley (now Brand Alley), from S s Greenwich bet Stockton and Powell
Bone Alley, see Green Place
Bonita, from W s Polk bet Vallejo and Green
Bonview (Bernal Heights), from Coso Av bet Elsie and Bocana S W to Cortland Av
Boston Place, from E s First bet Folsom and Harrison
Bosworth, from W s Mission S of Crescent Av
Bourbin Place (now Street), from N s Eddy bet Steiner and Pierce, N to Ellis
Bourbon (now Bristol), E of San Bruno Av nr Precita Creek
Bourne, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Boutwell (South S. F.), from Islais Creek, S to Augusta
Bow (Reis Tract), from Cambridge, N to Hoyt
Bowdoin (University Homestead), from S s Silver Av W of Hamilton
Bowie Avenue (now Kissling), from E s Eleventh bet Howard and Folsom
Bowles Place (now Tonningsen Place), from W s Howard bet Twelfth and Thirteenth
Boyce, from Laurel Hill Cemetery bet Cook and Park Av, S to St. Rose's
Boyd, from Chesley bet Harrison and Bryant
Boylston, from S s Rickard W of Merrill to Silver Av
Boynton Court, from S s Fourteenth bet Church and Sanchez
Bradford (Bernal Heights), from Esmeralda Ave E of Carver, S to Crescent Av
Bradley Court (off Bryant), bet Stirling and Rincon Pl
Brady, from S s Market bet Twelfth and Valencia, S E to Otis
Brady Place, see Rockland
Brannan, from the bay bet Bryant and Townsend, S W to Potrero Av
Cross Sts.
The Embarcadero
Center Place
Boardman Place
Butte Place
Potrero Av
Brand Alley, from S s Greenwich bet Stockton and Powell
Brannan Place (now Butte Pl)
Brazil Avenue (Excelsior Homstead), from Mission S of China Av
Breen Place, N from McAllister bet Hyde and Larkin
Brenham Place, from N s Clay bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Washington
Brewery Alley, see Enterprise
Brewster (Bernal Heights), from Rutledge, S W to Esmeralda Av
Brice Terrace, from W s Bryant bet Twentieth and Twenty-first
Bridge Place, from S s Broadway bet Leavenworth and Hyde
Bright (City Land Association Tract) W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Brighton Avenue (Lake View), from Lake View Av N to Ocean Av
Bristol, E of San Bruno Av nr Precita Creek
Britton, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Broad (Railroad Homestead), W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Broad's Place, from N s Bush bet Hyde and Larkin
Broadway, from the bay bet Pacific and Vallejo, W to Presidio Reservation
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero 2 1
Front 100 101
Battery 200 201
Stevens Alley
Sansome 300 301
Ohio Place
Montgomery 400 401
Kearny 500 501
Pinckney Place
Columbus Avenue
Grant Avenue 600 601
Pelton Place
Duncan's Court
Stockton 700 701
Powell 800 801
Wayne Place
Mason 900 901
Himmelman Place
Taylor 1000 1001
Jones 1100 1101
Leavenworth 1200 1201
Cyrus Place
Bridge Place
Hyde 1300 1301
Morrell Place
Larkin 1400 1401
Polk 1500 1501
Van Ness Avenue 1600 1601
Franklin 1700 1701
Gough 1800 1801
Octavia 1900 1901
Laguna 2000 2001
Buchanan 2100 2101
Webster 2200 2201
Fillmore 2300 2301
Steiner 2400 2401
Pierce 2500 2501
Scott 2600 2601
Divisadero 2700 2701
Broderick 2800 2801
Baker 2900 2901
Lyon (e) (e)
Broderick, from N s Waller bet Divisadero and Baker, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Waller 2 1
Haight 100 101
Page 200 201
Oak 300 301
Fell 400 401
Hayes 500 501
Grove 600 601
Fulton 700 701
McAllister 800 801
Golden Gate Avenue 900 901
Turk 1000 1001
Eddy 1100 1101
Ellis 1200 1201
O'Farrell 1300 1301
Geary 1400 1401
Post 1500 1501
Sutter 1600 1601
Bush 1700 1701
Pine 1800 1801
California 1900 1901
Sacramento 2000 2001
Clay 2100 2101
Washington 2200 2201
Jackson 2300 2301
Pacific Avenue 2400 2401
Broadway 2500 2501
Vallejo 2600 2601
Green 2700 2701
Union 2800 2801
Filbert 2900 2901
Greenwich 3000 3001
Lombard 3100 3101
Chestnut 3200 3201
Francisco 3300 3301
Bay 3400 3401
North Point 3500 3501
Beach 3600 3601
Jefferson 3700 3701
Tonquin 3800 3801
Lewis 3900 3901
Bromley Place, from E s Webster bet Jackson and Pacific Av
Brompton Avenue, from point nr Bosworth S to point nr Mangels Av
Bronte (Bernal Heights), from S s Cortland Av bet Bradford and Putnam
Brook, from W s Mission nr Cortland Av
Brooklyn Place, from S s Sacramento bet Grant Av and Stockton
Brosnan, from W s Valencia bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth, W to Guerrero
Brown, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Brown's Alley (now Breen Place)
Bruce Avenue (Lake View), from Harold Av E
Bruce Place (now Brush Pl), from Hallam nr Folsom
Brunswick (West End Homestead), S E of Mission nr County Line
Brush Place, from Hallam nr Folsom
Bryant, from the bay bet Harrison and Brannan, S W to Eleventh, thence S to Army
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero
Spear 2 1
Beale 100 101
Fremont 200 201
First 300 301
Rincon Place
Sterling Place
Second 400 401
Center Place
Third 500 501
Fourth 600 601
Fifth 700 701
Oak Grove
Sixth 800 801
Boardman Place
Seventh 900 901
Eighth 1000 1001
Ninth 1100 1101
Tenth 1200 1201
W. E.
Eleventh 1300 1301
Division 1400 1401
Alameda 1500 1501
Fifteenth 1600 1601
Sixteenth 1700 1701
Seventeenth 1800 1801
Mariposa 1900 1901
Eighteenth 2000 2001
Nineteenth 2100 2101
Twentieth 2200 2201
Brice Terrace
Twenty-first 2300 2301
Twenty-second 2400 2401
Twenty-third 2500 2501
Twenty-fourth 2600 2601
Twenty-fifth 2700 2701
Twenty-sixth 2800 2801
Army (e) (e)
Bryant Avenue (now Street), from Division S to Army
Bryant Court (now Bradley Court)
Bryant Terrace (now Brice Terrace)
Buchanan, from N s Market and Thirteenth bet Laguna and Webster, N to the bay
Cross Sts. E. W.
Market and Duboce Av 2 1
Hermann 100 101
Waller 200 201
Haight 300 301
Page 400 401
Oak 500 501
Fell 600 601
Hayes 700 701
Grove 800 801
Fulton 900 901
McAllister 1000 1001
Golden Gate Avenue 1100 1101
Turk 1200 1201
Eddy 1300 1301
Ellis 1400 1401
O'Farrell 1500 1501
Canning Court
Geary 1600 1601
Post 1700 1701
Sutter 1800 1801
Bush 1900 1901
Pine 2000 2001
California 2100 2101
Sacramento 2200 2201
Clay 2300 2301
Washington 2400 2401
Jackson 2500 2501
Pacific Avenue 2600 2601
Broadway 2700 2701
Vallejo 2800 2801
Green 2900 2901
Union 3000 3001
Filbert 3100 3101
Greenwich 3200 3201
Lombard 3300 3301
Chestnut (c) (c)
Lobos Square
Bay 3600 3601
North Point 3700 3701
Beach 3800 3801
Jefferson 3900 3901
Tonquin 4000 4001
Lewis (e) (e)
Buchanan Alley, see Maiden Alley
Buckman, from N s Fifteenth E of Dolores
Buell (University Homestead), from La Grande Av, S to Dwight
Buena Vista (now Bonview, Bernal Heights), from Coso Av bet Elsie and Bocana, S W to Cortland Av
Buena Vista Avenue (late Park Road), surrounding Buena Vista Park
Buena Vista Park, S of Haight bet Broderick and Central Av
Buena Vista Square, bet Twentieth, Twenty-first, Vermont and Utah
Buena Vista Terrace, from junction Buena Vista Av and Doboce Av, S
Bulah, See Beulah
Burcham Place, from W s Leavenworth bet Golden Gate Av and Turk
Burgoyne Place, from S s Pacific bet Leavenworth and Hyde
Burke, from Water Front N W to Islais
Burnett Avenue, from Belgrave Av nr Clarendon Av, S to Melrose Av
Burnett Place (now Treasury Pl), from N s Bush bet Sansome and Montgomery
Burnham, S E of Mission nr County Line
Burns Place, W s Eleventh N of Folsom
Burnside (now Bishop, Reis Tract), from Harkness N to Ankeny
Burnside Avenue, from Glen Av S across Bosworth to Mangels Av
Burritt, from S s Bush bet Stockton and Powell
Burrows (University Homestead), from W s Charter Oak Av S of Felton
Bush, from N s Market bet Sutter and Pine, W to Presidio Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Battery 100 101
Sansome 200 201
Treasury Place
Montgomery 300 301
Rum Alley
Kearny 400 401
St. George Alley
Claude Lane
Mark Lane
Grant Avenue 501
Chatham Place  
Stockton 600 601
Chelsea Place
Powell 700 701
Bush Street Place
Mason 800 801
Taylor 900 901
Jones 1000 1001
Leavenworth 1100 1101
Hyde 1200 1201
Broad's Place
Larkin 1300 1301
Polk 1400 1401
Van Ness Avenue 1500 1501
Franklin 1600 1601
Gough 1700 1701
Octavia 1800 1801
Laguna 1900 1901
Buchanan 2000 2001
Webster 2100 2101
Cottage Row
Fillmore 2200 2201
Steiner 2300 2301
Pierce 2400 2401
Steiner 2500 2501
Divisadero 2600 2601
Broderick 2700 2701
Baker 2800 2801
Lyon 2900 2901
Presidio Avenue (e) (e)
Bush Street Place, from N s Bush bet Powell and Mason
Butler Avenue (now Street) (Bernal Heights, now Folsom), from Esmeralda Av bet Banks and Gates, S to Cortland Av
Butte Place, from S s Brannan bet Sixth and Seventh
Byington Avenue (now Street), from W s Webster bet Ellis and O'Farrell, W to Fillmore
Byrne, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Byron (Bernal Heights, now Brewster), from Isabel S W to Rutledge
Byxbee (City Land Association Tract), W of San Jose Av nr County Line

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