San Francisco History

1910 City Street Guide

(now Cabrillo), from Arguello Blvd S to Balboa, W to the ocean
Cross Sts. N. S.
First Avenue 2 1
Second Avenue 100 101
Third Avenue 200 201
Fourth Avenue 300 301
Fifth Avenue 400 401
Sixth Avenue 500 501
Seventh Avenue 600 601
Eighth Avenue 700 701
Ninth Avenue 800 801
Tenth Avenue 900 901
Eleventh Avenue 1000 1001
Twelfth Avenue 1100 1101
for nos. West of Twelfth see Clement
C South (now Coleman), from Water Front S W to County Line
Cabot (Bernal Heights), from Franconia N W to Peralta Av
Cabrillo, from Arguello Blvd S of Balboa, W to Ocean
Cadell Alley, from N s Union bet Grant Av and Stockton
Caine Avenue, bet Sen Jose and Majestic Avs, Crossing Lake View Av
Calaveras (South S. F.), from the bay bet Amador and Mendocino, W to Arthur Av
Caledonia Alley (now Street), from Fifteenth bet Julian Av and Valencia, S to Sixteenth
Calhoun, from N s Green bet Sansome and Montgomery, N to Union
California, from junction Market and Drumm bet Pine and Sacramento, W to Thirty-third Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Market and Drumm 2 1
Davis 100 101
Front 200 201
Battery 300 301
Sansome 400 401
Montgomery 500 501
Kearny 600 601
St. Anne
Grant Avenue 700 701
Sabin Place
Grace Terrace
Stockton 800 801
Ellick Lane
Miles Court
Powell 900 901
Mason 1000 1001
Taylor 1100 1101
Jones 1200 1201
Leavenworth 1300 1301
Hyde 1400 1401
Larkin 1500 1501
Polk 1600 1601
Van Ness Avenue 1700 1701
Franklin 1800 1801
Gough 1900 1901
Octavia 2000 2001
Laguna 2100 2101
Buchanan 2200 2201
Webster 2300 2301
Fillmore 2400 2401
Steiner 2500 2501
Pierce 2600 2601
Scott 2700 2701
Divisadero 2800 2801
Broderick 2900 2901
Baker 3000 3001
Lyon 3100 3101
Presidio Avenue 3200 (o)
Walnut 3300 (o)
Laurel 3400 (o)
Locust 3500 (o)
Spruce 3600 (o)
Maple 3700
Barton 3701
Commonwealth Avenue
Cherry 3800
Jordan Avenue 3801
Michigan Avenue
Arguello Blvd 3900 3901
Second Avenue 4000 4001
Third Avenue 4100 4101
Fourth Avenue 4200 4201
Fifth Avenue 4300 4301
Sixth Avenue 4400 4401
Seventh Avenue 4500 4501
Eighth Avenue 4600 4601
Ninth Avenue 4700 4701
Tenth Avenue 4800 4801
Eleventh Avenue 4900 4901
Twelfth Avenue 5000 5001
Thirteenth Avenue 5100 5101
Fourteenth Avenue 5200 5201
Fifteenth Avenue 5300 5301
Sixteenth Avenue 5400 5401
Seventeenth Avenue 5500 5501
Eighteenth Avenue 5600 5601
Nineteenth Avenue 5700 5701
Twentieth Avenue 5800 5801
Twenty-first Avenue 5900 5901
Twenty-second Avenue 6000 6001
Twenty-third Avenue 6100 6101
Twenty-fourth Avenue 6200 6201
Twenty-fifth Avenue 6300 6301
Twenty-six Avenue 6400 6401
Twenty-seventh Avenue 6500 6501
Twenty-eighth Avenue 6600 6601
Twenty-ninth Avenue 6700 6701
Thirtieth Avenue 6800 6801
Thirty-first Avenue 6900 6901
Thirty-second Avenue 7000 7001
Thirty-third Avenue (e) (e)
California Avenue (now Coleridge, Bernal Heights), from Coso Av bet Mission and Prospect Av, S W to Cortland Av
California South (now Cornwall), from Arguello Blvd bet Clement and California, W to Fourth Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Arguello Blvd 2 1
Second Avenue 100 101
Third Avenue 200 201
Calumet Place, from W s Fillmore bet Pine and California
Cambridge, from S s Silver Av bet Yale and Oxford
Cameron Alley, from N s Washington bet Grant Av and Stockton
Camp, from W s Albino Av bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth, W to Guerrero
Campbell (Reis Tract), bet Teddy Av and Wilde, from Hoyt to Alpha
Campbell Avenue, from W s San Bruno Av nr County Line
Campton Place, from W s Grant Av bet Post and Sutter, W to Stockton
Canal, from E s Mission nr Silver Av
Canning Court, from E s Buchanan bet O'Farrell and Geary
Cannon, see Hampshire
Capitol Avenue, from Palmetto Av bet Plymouth and Orizaba Avs, N to Ocean Av
Capp, from S s Fifteenth bet Howard and Mission, S to Serpentine Av
Cross Sts. W. E.
Fifteenth 2 1
Sixteenth 100 101
Seventeenth 200 201
Eighteenth 300 301
Nineteenth 400 401
Twentieth 500 501
Twenty-first 600 601
Twenty-second 700 701
Twenty-third 800 801
Twenty-fourth 900 901
Twenty-fifth 1000 1001
Twenty-sixth 1100 1101
Card Alley, from W s Stockton bet Vallejo and Green
Carl, from Clayton S of Frederick, W to First Av
Carlos, from S s O'Farreil bet Powell and Mason
Carmel, from Clayton bet Seventeenth and Eighteenth W
Carmelita (late Primrose), from Duboce Park bet Pierce and Scott, N to Waller
Carmine Place, from E s Powell bet Jackson and Pacific
Carolina, from Alameda bet Wisconsin and De Haro, S to Tulare
Caroline (now Harriet), from S s Folsom between Sixth and Seventh
Caroline (now Dore), from S s Howard bet Ninth and Tenth
Caroline Place (now Carmine Place)
Carr, from Paul Av bet Railroad Av and Gould, S to Salinas Av
Carrie, from Chenrey opposite Castro, S to Wilder
Carroll Avenue, from County Line N W to Thornton Av
Carson, from W s Douglass bet Nineteenth and Seward, N to Eagle
Carter, W to San Bruno Av nr County Line
Carthagena (South S. F.), see Forty-eighth Av South
Carver (Bernal Heights), from Esmeralda Av, S to Powhattan
Case, from W of San Bruno Av nr head Islais Creek
Caselli Avenue, from Douglass nr Nineteenth to Corbett Av
Castro, from S s Thirteenth W of Noe, S to Chenery
Cross Sts. W. E.
Duboce Avenue 2 1
Fourteenth 100 101
Fifteenth 200 201
Sixteenth 300 301
Seventeenth 400 401
Eighteenth 500 501
Nineteenth 600 601
Twentieth 700 701
Twenty-first 800 801
Twenty-second 900 901
Alvarado 1000 1001
Twenty-third 1100 1101
Elizabeth 1200 1201
Twenty-fourth 1300 1301
Jersey 1400 1401
Twenty-fifth 1500 1501
Clipper 1600 1601
Twenty-sixth 1700 1701
Army 1800 1801
Twenty-seventh 1900 1901
Duncan 2000 2001
Twenty-eighth 2100 2101
Valley 2200 2201
Twenty-ninth 2300 2301
Day 2400 2401
Thirtieth 2500 2501
Sussex 3000
Surrey 3100
Cayuga Avenue (West End Tract), from Ocean Av W of Mission
Cedar (now Ceylon)
Cedar Avenue (now Street), from W Larkin bet Geary and Post, W to Laguna (Some buildings are incorrectly numbered)
Cross Sts.
Van Ness Avenue
Octavia     (400)
Cedar Lane, See Clarion Alley
Center (now Sixteenth), from the bay bet Fifteenth and Seventeenth, W to Harrison
Center Place, from S s Bryant bet Second and Third, S to Brannan
Central Avenue, from Buena Vista Av, W of Lyon, N to Calvary Cemetery
Cross Sts. E. W.
Buena Vista Avenue 2 1
Waller 50 51
Haight 100 101
Page 200 201
Oak (c) (c)
Golden Gate Park 300
Fell 400 401
Hayes 500 501
Grove 600 601
Fulton 700 701
McAllister 800 801
Golden Gate Avenue 900 901
Turk (c) (c)
Calvary Cemetery
Central Court (now Conway Ct)
Central Place (now St. Anne)
Ceres (Silver Terrace), from Thornton Av S W to Williams Av
Ceylon, from N s Clay bet Davis and Front, N to Washington
Chambers, from E s Front bet Pacific and Broadway
Chambers Place, see Greenwich Place
Channel, from the bay bet Berry and Hooper, S W to Eighth
Chapultepec (Bernal Heights, now Winfield Avenue) from Coso Av bet Prospect Av and Elsie, S W to Cortland Av
Charity, E of San Bruno Av nr Islais Creek
Charles (Fairmount Tract), from W Mission nr Highland Av, W to Chenery
Charlestown (late Charles Place), from N s Harrison bet Hawthorne and Second
Charlton Court, from S s Union bet Laguna and Buchanan
Charter Oak Avenue, from Islais Creek, E of San Bruno Av, S to Paul Tract
Chase Court, from Colusa Place bet Colton and West Mission, W
Chatham Place, from N s Bush bet Grant Av and Stockton
Chattanooga, from S s Twenty-first bet Dolores and Church, S to Jersey
Chatterton Place, from Michigan bet Twenty-first and Twenty-second
Chelsea Place, from S s Bush bet Stockton and Powell
Chenery (Fairmount Tract), from Thirtieth nr Church, S and S W
Cherry, from Presidio Reservation bet Maple and Arguello Blvd, S to California
Cross Sts. E. W.
Presidio Reservation 2 1
Jackson 100 101
Washington 200 201
Clay 300 301
Sacramento 400 401
California (e) (e)
Cherubusco (Bernal Heights, now Elsie), from Coso Av S W to Cortland Av
Chesley, from S s Harrison bet Seventh and Eighth, S E to Bryant
Chestnut, from the bay bet Lombard and Francisco, W to Presidio Reservation
Cross Sts. N. S.
Sansome 2 1
Montgomery 100 101
Kearny 200 201
Grant Avenue 300 301
Bellair Place
Stockton 400 401
Chestnut Alley
Powell 500 501
Mason 600 601
Columbus Avenue 700
Taylor 701
Jones 800 801
Leavenworth 900 901
Hyde 1000 1001
Larkin 1100 1101
Polk 1200 1201
Van Ness Avenue 1300 1301
Franklin 1400 1401
Gough 1500 1501
Octavia 1600 1601
Laguna (o) 1701
Buchanan (o) 1801
Webster 1900 1901
Fillmore 2000 2001
Steiner 2100 2101
Pierce 2200 2201
Scott 2300 2301
Divisadero 2400 2401
Broderick 2500 2501
Baker 2600 2601
Lyon (e) (e)
Chestnut Alley, from N s Chestnut bet Stockton and Powell
Child, from Telegraph Place bet Kearny and Grant Av, N to Lombard
Chilton Avenue, S of Glen Av nr Arcadia Av
China (South S.F.) from Water Pont nr Coleman, to Custer Av
China Avenue (Excelsior Homestead), see Excelsior Avenue
Chula Lane, from W s Dolores bet Sixteenth and Seventeenth, W to Church
Church, from Hermann bet Dolores and Sanchez, S to Thirtieth
Cross Sts. W. E.
Hermann 2 1
Duboce Avenue 100 101
Fourteenth 200 201
Fifteenth 300 301
Sixteenth 400 401
Chula Lane
Seventeenth 500 501
Eighteenth 600 601
Nineteenth 700 701
Twentieth 800 801
Twenty-first 900 901
Twenty-second 1000 1001
Twenty-third 1100 1101
Twenty-fourth 1200 1201
Twenty-fifth 1300 1301
Twenty-sixth 1400 1401
Twenty-seventh 1500 1501
Twenty-eighth 1600 1601
Twenty-ninth 1700 1701
Thirtieth (e) (e)
Church Alley (now Cameron Alley)
Church Avenue (now Churchill), from N s Broadway bet Stockton and Powell, N to Vallejo
Church Lane (now Chula Lane)
Church Place (now Edith), from W s Dupont bet Greenwich and Lombard
Churchill, from N s Broadway bet Stockton and Powell, N to Vallejo
Churchill Court, see Tiffany Place
Circular Avenue (Sunnyside), from Joust Av and Diamond S W
City Hall Avenue (late Park Avenue), from S s McAllister nr Leavenworth, S W to Larkin
City Hall Place, see Brown's Alley
City Hall Square, see Marshall Square
Clairville Place, see Graham Place
Clara, from W s Ritch bet Folsom and Harrison, W to Sixth
Cross Sts.
Hulbert Alley
Clara Avenue (now Ord)
Clara Lane (now Claude Lane)
Clarence Court (now Canning Court)
Clarence Place, from N s Townsend bet Second and Third
Clarendon Avenue (Clarendon Heights), from Clayton nr Seventeenth, S W and W to point W of Stanyan
Clarion Alley (late Cedar Lane), from W s Mission bet Seventeenth and Eighteenth, W to Valencia
Clark, from W s Drumm bet Jackson and Pacicfic, W to Front
Clarke, see Clarkson
Clarkson (late Clarke), from Lincoln Av nr Thirtieth, W to Fowler Av
Clary (now Clara)
Claude Lane, from N s Sutter bet Kearny and Grant Av N to Bush
Claussen Court (Fairmount Tract), from Arlington bet Mateo and Miguel to S.P.R.R.
Clay, from the bay bet Sacramento and Washington, W to First Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero 2 1
Drumm 100 101
Davis 200 201
Front 300 301
Battery 400 401
Sansome 500 501
Montgomery 600 601
Kearny 700 701
Brenham Place
Grant Avenue 800 801
Waverly Place
Stockton 900 901
Parkhurst Alley
Powell 1000 1001
Freeman Court
Wetmore Court
Mason 1100 1101
Taylor 1200 1201
Jones 1300 1301
Leavenworth 1400 1401
Hyde 1500 1501
Torrens Court
Larkin 1600 1601
Polk 1700 1701
Van Ness Avenue 1800 1801
Franklin 1900 1901
Lafayette Park
Laguna 2200 2201
Buchanan 2300 2301
Webster 2400 2401
Fillmore 2500 2501
Steiner (o) 2601
Pierce (o) 2701
Scott 2800 2801
Divisadero 2900 2901
Broderick 3000 3001
Baker 3100 3101
Lyon 3200 3201
Presidio Avenue 3300 3301
Walnut 3400 3401
Laurel 3500 3501
Locust 3600 3601
Spruce 3700 3701
Maple 3800 3801
Cherry 3900 3901
Arguello Boulevard (e) (e)
Clay Avenue (now Collier)
Clayton, from Fulton bet Ashbury and Cole, S to Asbbury nr Seventeenth
Cross Sts. E.
Fulton 2
Grove 100
Hayes 200
Fell (c)
Oak 400
Page 500
Haight 600
Waller 700
Frederick 800
Carl 850
Parnassus Avenue 900
Seventeenth 1000
Clarendon Av and Carmel
Moss Avenue
Eighteenth 1100
Corbett Avenue (e)
Clement, from First Av bet Point Lobos Av and California, W to Forty-eighth Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Arguello Boulevard 2 1
Second Avenue 100 101
Third Avenue 200 201
Fourth Avenue 300 301
Fifth Avenue 400 401
Sixth Avenue 500 501
Seventh Avenue 600 601
Eighth Avenue 700 701
Ninth Avenue 800 801
Tenth Avenue 900 901
Eleventh Avenue 1000 1001
Twelfth Avenue 1100 1101
Thirteenth Avenue 1200 1201
Fourteenth Avenue 1300 1301
Fifteenth Avenue 1400 1401
Sixteenth Avenue 1500 1501
Seventeenth Avenue 1600 1601
Eighteenth Avenue 1700 1701
Nineteenth Avenue 1800 1801
Twentieth Avenue 1900 1901
Twenty-first Avenue 2000 2001
Twenty-second Avenue 2100 2101
Twenty-third Avenue 2200 2201
Twenty-fourth Avenue 2300 2301
Twenty-fifth Avenue 2400 2401
Twenty-sixth Avenue 2500 2501
Twenty-seventh Avenue 2600 2601
Twenty-eighth Avenue 2700 2701
Twenty-ninth Avenue 2800 2801
Thirtieth Avenue 2900 2901
Thirty-first Avenue 3000 3001
Thirty-second Avenue 3100 3101
Thirty-third Avenue 3201
Thirty-fourth Avenue 3301
Thirty-fifth Avenue 3401
Thirty-sixth Avenue 3501
Thirty-seventh Avenue 3601
Thirty-eighth Avenue 3701
Thirty-ninth Avenue 3801
Fortieth Avenue 3901
Forty-first Avenue 4001
Forty-second Avenue 4101
Forth-third Avenue 4201
Forty-fourth Avenue 4301
Forty-fifth Avenue 4401
Forty-sixth Avenue 4501
Forty-seventh Avenue 4601
Forty-eighth Avenue (e) (e)
Clementina, from W s First bet Tehama and Folsom, S W to Ninth
Cross Sts.
Oscar Alley
Cleveland, from W s Sherman bet Folsom and Harrison, W to Seventh
Cliff Avenue (now Point Lobos Av), from Geary and Fortieth Avs, W and S W to Ocean
Clinton (now Harriet), from S s Bryant bet Sixth and Seventh, S E to nr Townsend
Clinton Avenue (Glen Park Terrace), bet Hamilton and Lippard Avs, from Glen Av S, thence N E to Surrey
Clinton Park, from E s Stevenson bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth, W to Dolores
Clipper, from W s Dolores bet Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth, W to Fowler Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Dolores 2 1
Church 100 101
Sanchez 200 201
Noe 300 301
Castro 400 401
Diamond 500 501
Douglass 600 601
Clover Avenue (now Street), from Eighteenth W of Ord, S to Caselli Av
Clyde (late Liberty), from Lusk Alley bet Third and Fourth, S to Townsend
Codman Place, from S s Washington bet Powell and Mason
Cohen Place, from S s Ellis bet Leavenworth and Hyde
Cole, from Fulton bet Clayton and Shrader, S to Eighteenth
Cross Sts. E. W.
Fulton 2 1
Grove 100 101
Hayes 200 201
Fell (c) (c)
Oak 400 401
Page 500 501
Haight 600 601
Waller 700 701
Frederick 800 801
Carl 900 901
Parnassus Av 1000 1001
Grattan 1100 1101
Alma Avenue 1200 1201
Rivoli Avenue 1300 1301
Seventeenth 1400 1401
Eighteenth (e) (e)
Coleman, from Water Front S W to County Line
Coleridge (Bernal Heights), from Coso Av bet Mission and Prospect Av, S W to Cortland Av
College Avenue, from Mission bet St. Mary's and Richland Avs, S and E
College Avenue (University Homestead, now Bacon)
Collier, from N S Clay bet Stockton and Powell
Collingwood (late Sherman), from S s Seventeenth bet Castro and Diamond, S to Twenty-second
Cross Sts. W. E.
Seventeenth 2 1
Eighteenth 100 101
Nineteenth 200 201
Twentieth 300 301
Twenty-first 400 401
Twenty-second (e) (e)
Collins, from Laurel Hill Cemetery bet Wood and Blake, S to St. Rose's
Colorado, from the bay S to India Basin
Colton, from Colusa Place bet Market and West Mission, W to Crocker
Colton Court (now Chase Court)
Colton Place (now Colusa Place)
Columbia, bet Wood and Collins off St. Rose's Av, S
Columbia Place (Bernal Heights, now Alabama), from Precita Av, S to Esmeralda Av
Columbia Square, from S s Folsom bet Sixth and Seventh, SE to Harrison
Columbia Square (Park), bet Folsom, Harrison, Columbia Square and Sherman
Colusa Place, from Colton bet Twelfth and Brady, S to Chase Court
Commerce, from W s Front bet Green and Union, W to Battery
Commercial, from the bay bet Sacramento and Clay, W to Dupont
Cross Sts. N. S.
The Embarcadero 2 1
Drumm 100 101
Davis 200 201
Front 300 301
Battery 400 401
Sansome 500 501
Montgomery 600 601
Kearny 700 701
Grant Avenue (e) (e)
Commonwealth Avenue (late Chase), from S s California bet Parker and Jordan Avs, S to Geary
Concord Avenue (now Street, West End Tract), from E s Mission nr County Line
Condon Avenue, S from Army bet Folsom and Harrison
Congdon (College Homestead), from Canal to Silver Av
Congo (Sunnyside), from Circular Av N to Mangels Av
Congress, from Buena Vista Av S W
Conkling (South S. F.), from Silver Av nr Augusta
Connecticut, from Sixteenth bet Missouri and Arkansas, S to Tulare
Conrad, (Glen Park) W of Diamond from Sussex N
Contra Costa Avenue, from Peru Av to S E to Water Front
Converse, from N and S s Bryant bet Eighth and Ninth
Conway Court, from S s Haight bet Gough and Octavia
Cook, from Laurel Hill Cemetery bet Blake and Boyce, S to St. Rose's
Coolidge Place, from N s Jackson bet Leavenworth and Hyde
Cooper Alley, from S s Jackson bet Kearny and Grant Av
Copper Alley, from Falcon Av nr Eagle, S W to Lincoln Av
Cora, W of San Bruno Av nr County Line
Corbett Avenue, from Seventeenth and Ord, S W to Ocean Av
Cordelia, from N s Pacific bet Stockton and Powell, N, to Broadway
Corea (South S. F.), see Ninth Av South
Cornwall, from First Av bet Clement and California, W to Fourth Av
Cross Sts. N. S.
Arguello Blvd 2 1
Second Avenue 100 101
Third Avenue 200 201
Fourth 300 301
Cortez (Bernal Heights, now Rutledge Av), from Franconia Av, S W
Cortland Avenue (Bernal Heights), from Mission nr Thirtieth, E to San Bruno Av
Cosmo Place, W s Taylor bet Post and Sutter, W to Jones
Coso Avenue (Bernal Heights), from Precita Av nr Mission, S E to Bocana Av
Costa, from Holladay Av nr Rutledge Av, W to Brewster
Costa Rica (South S. F), see Thirty-sixth Av South
Cotta (now Lamartine, Spring Valley Homestead), from Springdale W of Danton, N
Cottage Place (now Colin Place)
Cottage Row, from N s Sutter bet Webster and Fillmore, N to Bush
Cotter (Academy Tract), from N W s Mission bet Theresa and Francis
Cowden (Reis Tract) from Wilde Av, N to Ankeny
Cowell Place, from Vallejo bet Battery and Sansome
Cram Place, from N s Golden Gate Av bet Buchanan and Webster
Crane, from Paul Av bet Exeter and Wheat, S to Salinas Av
Craut (College Homestead), from Canal S to Silver Av
Creek Lane (now Erie), from Folsom bet Thirteenth and Fourteenth
Crescent Avenue, from Mission S of Richland Av, E to San Bruno Av
Crocker, from Stevenson bet Brady and Hermann, S to West Mission
Crocker Avenue (now Clipper), from W s Douglass bet Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth
Croke (Academy Tract), from N W s Mission bet Francis and Harrington
Cronogue Alley, from S s Twenty-first bet Guerrero and Fair Oaks to Twenty-third
Crooks, from Lusk Alley bet Third and Fourth St to Townsend
Cross, from Pope W nr County Line
Croton Avenue (now Diamond), from Chenery, S to Circular Av
Crow Terrace, S s Clarenton Av, S to Pemberton Pl
Crystal (late Milton), W of San Jose Av nr County Line
Cum Cook Alley, from W s Grant Av bet Jackson and Pacific
Cumberland (late Columbia), from W s Guerrero bet Nineteenth and Twentieth, W to Noe
Cumberland Place (now Cunningham Place)
Cunningham Place, from W s Valencia bet Nineteenth and Twentieth, W to Angelina
Curtis, from Morse bet Pope and Newton S
Cushman, from N s California bet Mason and Taylor, N to Clay
Custer Avenue, from Water Front, N W to Islais
Custom House Place, from N s Washington bet Battery and Sansome
Cuvier (Spring Valley Homestead), from S.P.R.R. bet Marsilly and Milton, S to Mission
Cypress Alley (now Street), from S s Twenty-fourth bet Howard and Capp, S to Twenty-Sixth
Cyrus Place, from S s Broadway bet Leavenworth and Hyde

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